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How to: Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
How to Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Understanding the Importance of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds today fulfill a great function and have great value. In this guide we are going to see how to grow feminized cannabis seeds.

Thanks to feminized weed seeds, growers have seen more success in their crops since they do not have to worry about wasting entire crops because they ended up growing male plants, which do not flower. Feminized weed seeds are a revolution within the cannabis industry because the pioneers had to deal with males appearing in the crops since they only had regular type seeds, where the sex of the plants is undefined.  

But not only for the value of obtaining female plants, feminized seeds have great value but also for their genetic contribution since in order to develop these seeds, breeders must stabilize various genetics and also navigate between different genetics until achieving the final product that they want.

The Benefits of Using Feminized Cannabis Seeds

There are numerous benefits and advantages that define the cultivation of feminized cannabis seeds, making them the most traded, sought after, and utilized by cannabis growers, both beginners and experts, for both personal cultivation and commercial purposes. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the ease of cultivation, as there is no need to identify and remove male plants to ensure a predominantly female crop.

Due to their clear dominance in the market over the last three decades the catalog of feminized seeds, also known as seedless marijuana, is much more extensive and diverse than that of regular seeds.

They are known for their stable and uniform development, allowing for efficient space utilization in various growing environments, including tents, indoor rooms, greenhouses, or outdoor settings. It’s also worth noting that they come in different genetic codes, chemical compositions, and morphologies, with a focus on autoflowering varieties and those derived from CBD seeds, which are ideal for therapeutic purposes.

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High-Yield Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the most productive marijuana is the one with the ability to yield more dense and heavier buds than its counterparts, all while considering its ability to do so within the least possible space, as indoor cultivation needs to maximize space utilization. This is in contrast to outdoor cultivation, where larger plants are typically preferred.

Among the most productive marijuana strains, you can find varieties that are larger which are better suited for outdoor environments, as well as those that are smaller and more compact, ideal for indoor cultivation. There are also some strains that perform exceptionally well in both settings. Let’s get started!

Reduced Risk of Male Cannabis Plants

Without a doubt, feminized seeds are the best choice if you want to cultivate female plants in a completely secure manner. By growing feminized cannabis seeds, you will obtain only female plants and avoid the risk of having males in your cultivation.

These feminized seeds are properly stabilized to provide abundant and flavorful harvests, both indoors and outdoors, and you can purchase them now at This is why these cannabis seeds can be classified as one of the most significant milestones achieved in the cannabis industry over the past few decades, as they have allowed the introduction and facilitation of the work of a large number of cultivators around the world.

How to make feminized cannabis seeds:

Many gardeners wonder how to make feminized cannabis seeds, this is a relatively simple process. It involves its fair share of challenges and a learning curve, but it is within the reach of ordinary people like us.

Additionally, novice growers generally don’t know where to buy feminized cannabis seeds, which is why we pay attention below. Explore the finest collection of feminized seeds now available to you at, or continue reading to discover everything you need to know about obtaining your own cannabis feminized seeds.

Method 1: Colloidal Silver for Cannabis Seed Feminization

This method is one of the most well-known among professional growers and, as a result, one of the most commonly employed. It is a fairly reliable process.

To begin, we should securely attach silver coins, one on each clamp, and connect the two ends of the clamps to the battery. Next, we’ll fill the glass with 75% distilled water. Finally, we’ll carefully submerge the coins into the distilled water, being cautious not to wet the clamps or let the coins touch each other.

It should be positioned properly without the need for constant support because the setup must remain undisturbed for about 15 hours. After this time, you will notice particles beginning to float, indicating that Colloidal Silver has been achieved. Then, you will need a quantity of 30 mg/L to spray on the plants. Simply spray them thoroughly from top to bottom with the lights off for 15 days until you start to see male flowers.

You can store the colloidal silver in a cool, dark place.

Please note that the plants treated with the spray should not be smoked.

Method 2: Rodelization Technique for Feminizing Cannabis Seeds

It’s the natural way to obtain feminized seeds. As natural as nature itself taking charge. This process has existed for a long time and has been researched and perfected in the Netherlands, the country where the first officially known cannabis seed banks in the market emerged. It’s a natural phenomenon possessed only by a few certain species, and marijuana is one of them.

So, you need to understand the exact life cycle and wait to see if some strains develop male flowers toward the end of their days.

You should collect the pollen and use it to pollinate other female strains in the early stages of flowering to achieve a high success rate.

How to feminize cannabis seeds: Natural vs. Chemical

Feminization of marijuana seeds is a process that involves the production of seeds that will only generate female cannabis plants, which is valuable for growers since female plants are the ones that produce cannabinoid-rich flowers.

The question has always been how to feminize cannabis seeds. Well, there are several methods to feminize marijuana seeds, including natural methods and chemical methods. Here are some pros and cons of using a natural method to feminize marijuana seeds:

Pros and Cons of Natural Feminization


Safety and health: Natural methods are generally less toxic and harmful to health than chemical methods, which is important for growers who want to avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Sustainability: Natural methods are often more sustainable and environmentally friendly, which can be important for growers concerned about conservation and ecology.

Low cost: Natural methods are often less expensive than chemical methods, as they do not require the purchase of specific chemicals.

Less Equipment Needed: Natural methods typically require less specialized equipment, making them easier for beginner growers to implement.


Less control: Natural methods can have a variable success rate and are less predictable than chemical methods. This can result in a higher number of non-feminized seeds, which could be a disadvantage for commercial growers looking for uniform production.

Less efficient: Natural methods often have a lower success rate compared to chemical methods, which can result in lower production of feminized seeds.

Slower process: Natural methods can take longer than chemical methods, which could delay the process of producing feminized seeds.

Risk of contamination: There is a risk that naturally produced feminized plants may interbreed with male plants in the vicinity, which could result in non-feminized seeds in future harvests.

In summary, the choice between a natural method and a chemical method for feminizing marijuana seeds will depend on the needs and preferences of the grower, as well as their health, sustainability and efficiency considerations. Each method has its own pros and cons, and it is important to do your research and consider which is best suited for your particular situation.

Pros and Cons of Chemical Feminization


Gender control: The main benefit of using a chemical method to feminize seeds is that a high percentage of female plants can be guaranteed. This is essential for growers who want to maximize marijuana flower production, as only female plants produce high-quality buds.

Saving time and space: By knowing with certainty that all seeds will produce female plants, you save time and space by avoiding growing male plants that have no value in terms of bud production.

Harvest Consistency: Chemical feminization ensures a more consistent harvest, making it easier to plan and achieve predictable results.


Risk of genetic contamination: Some chemical feminization methods can introduce stress to plants, which in turn can cause genetic mutations or genetic weakening. This can reduce plant health and resistance, which is a long-term problem.

Chemicals: The use of chemicals can raise environmental and health concerns if not handled properly. Chemicals used in feminization must be handled with care and follow local regulations.

Costs: Some chemical feminization methods can be expensive, requiring the purchase of specific chemicals. This can increase production costs for growers.

Complexity: Chemical feminization can be a complicated process that requires technical knowledge and experience. Novice growers may face difficulties in mastering this technique.

In summary, chemical feminization of marijuana seeds has its advantages in terms of gender control and efficiency, but it also carries risks related to genetics and plant health, as well as environmental concerns. Growers should carefully weigh these pros and cons before deciding if this method is right for their particular situation. Additionally, it is important to follow local regulations regarding growing marijuana and using chemicals.

Tips for Successful Cannabis Seed Feminization

feminized cannabis seeds

Selecting the Right Cannabis Strain

The process of selecting marijuana seeds for indoor growing is relatively well-known, and below we present the key characteristics that you should consider. In our seed store, you can use a filter to explore various varieties based on their gender, flowering period, effect, potency, flavor and other qualities.

When choosing your marijuana seeds to grow indoors, it is crucial to consider the type of effect you are looking for, beyond the intensity of the high. This involves evaluating the specific effect that each variety produces, which is determined by the concentration of cannabinoids and the terpene profile.The seed descriptions will provide information on the effects of each variety. Below, we will highlight the main effects of THC-dominant strains.

If you prefer an active, mental, stimulating and creative psychoactive experience, you can opt for classics like Exodus Cheese, Lemon Tree or Super Silver Haze. These sativas are excellent to consume during the day and participate in outdoor recreational activities, among other things.

For those looking for an even more energetic and hyperactive effect, strains like Amnesia F1, Cherry AK or Chocolate Fondue are suitable options.

Mac Burger
Mac Burger

If you are looking for a euphoric effect with a more pronounced physical high, we recommend varieties such as Neville’s Haze, Moby Dick or Jack Herer.

The most balanced effects usually occur in varieties such as Fat Bastard Auto, Gelato 33 or Mac Burger, which are hybrids with approximately 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica genetics.

If you’re looking for relaxation along with a mild euphoria and a powerful physical effect, you should consider indica-dominant hybrids with some sativa, such as Purple Punch F1, Skunk Kush Autoflower, orGorilla Glue Purple.

These genetics usually provide pleasant experiences, as they relax without causing immediate drowsiness. They are ideal for releasing stress at the end of the day and enjoying pleasant sensations.

Aromas and fragrances (terpenes)

The proportion of terpenes in cannabis buds determines the taste and smell of each variety. These compounds, in addition to influencing the effects of cannabinoids, offer unique experiences in each inhalation by providing a wide range of aromatic combinations.

Consumers value their terpenes and oftentimes choose their strains based on the flavor and aroma associated.

To preserve the original flavor of each variety, we recommend using biological or bio-mineral fertilizers to cultivate exceptional flavor.

The main fragrances of wine and coffee are also used to describe the nuances of cannabis aroma.

Citrus flavors are common in many marijuana strains, as they share a large number of terpenes.

Here are some examples:

Lemon: Found in many stimulant strains (classified as Sativa dominant) such as Lemon Auto, Amnesia Lemon or Gorilla Lemon Auto.

Orange: Present in Orange Cake, with a fruity touch also shared with the legendary California Orange x Skunk.

Tangerine: Several varieties classified as “Diesel” have hints of tangerine in their aroma, such as TangieTangie x Chocolope or Mandarine Auto.

Grapefruit: The bittersweet aroma is found in some varieties such as Grapefruit, which also has fruity notes, or Zkittlez x Grapefruit Bubblegum with sugar vibes.

Strawberry: Strawberry flavor is found in certain varieties such as Strawberry Haze Autoflowering F1 or Strawberry Gum Auto.

Banana Split

Banana: In the last decade, popular strains with banana aromas have been developed, such as Banana Split, Apple and Banana or Yumbolt Banana Auto.

Depending on genetics, different aromatic classifications can be identified. For example, Diesel strains have a distinctive fuel aroma, while Haze strains have intense, incensed aromas that are characteristic of these varieties:

Haze: They usually combine citrus aromas (such as lime or lemon) with notes of incense, spices and fruits. Its fragrance quickly fills any space. Examples that best represent this aroma are Lemon Haze Fast Version, with an intense lemon smell and hints of sweet or Lemon Haze Diesel, with a strong lime aroma and notes of diesel.

In these varieties, a common pattern of terpenes is found that includes Terpinolene, Limonene, Pinene and other compounds that give rise to these distinctive aromas.

First of all, the Diesel group is distinguished by its citrus fragrance, often reminiscent of tangerine, combined with fuel or gas nuances. Notable examples of this category include Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel.

Then, we enter the world of Kush, which ranges from earthy aromas to more citrus and pine tones, but all share a deep background, attributable to the high content of the terpene b-Caryophyllene, along with citrus and pungent notes of Limonene and Pinene, among others.

On the other hand, Skunk varieties, belonging to the classic school, are characterized by their intense fruity aroma with citrus touches. Notable European strains such as, Skunk 1, Early Skunk, Triple Skunk x Mazar or Red Skunk Kush are in this category.

Cinderella 99 x Blueberry

The spectrum of aromatic combinations in cannabis is practically inexhaustible with more and more flavors to choose from.

Fruity and sweet flavors, such as the distinctive blueberry flavor of Blueberry Fast Version or the tropicality of Cinderella 99 x Blueberry and Blueberry x Big Bud Auto.

Notes of wood and other dry nuances, which intertwine with different aromas, such as incense in Afghan Kush x Blueberry or Blueberry x Cream Cheese Auto.

Aromas of dried fruits, which are repeated in many strains such as the legendary Northern Lights and Critical x Northern Light Auto.

Lastly, sweet candy or gummy flavors are also popular. Examples include Cream Auto, with its fruit candy flavor, the iconic Cream Caramel, which combines sweet, deep flavors of caramel and fresh earth, or Orange Cream, which delights with its orange and tangerine candy flavor.

apple fritter fast version

In the last decade, numerous breeders have created varieties with flavors that evoke pastry products. In this category, we find sweet creations such as Biscotti Mintz, with tempting chocolate and mint cookie aromas, Purple Gelato, reminiscent of Apple Fritter Fast Version, or  Blueberry x Big Devil Auto, with its blueberry incense flavor.

Maintaining Proper Growing Conditions

When you are considering seed selection for growing marijuana indoors, it is essential to take into account factors such as growth vigor, flowering period, stress resistance ability, and flowering spread. Your choice should be influenced by the growing conditions you are providing, as you will need to opt for the genetics that best suit your requirements. For those who are venturing into cultivation for the first time, we recommend to look for seeds that are practically foolproof, capable of resisting stress and with a short flowering time.

Where to buy feminized cannabis seeds

In the exciting world of marijuana, quality and genetic stability are essential to success. And to achieve your goals, you can’t settle for less than the best. It’s time for you to discover the difference Blimburn Seeds can make to your growing experience.

At Blimburn Seeds, we don’t just sell cannabis seeds, we grow the future! With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our genetics to excellence. Our seeds are the result of years of dedication, passion, and knowledge, and each one of them is a gem waiting to be discovered. Why choose Blimburn Seeds? Here are some compelling reasons:

1. Genetic Stability: At Blimburn Seeds, we know that consistency is key. Our genetics are rock solid, meaning you can count on predictable results with every crop. Genetic stability is essential to maintain the quality and potency of your crops, and we offer you precisely that.

 2. Unmatched Quality: We do not compromise on quality. All our seeds are carefully selected, tested and raised with love. Each variety is unique and grown with the utmost attention to detail. If you are looking for the highest quality cannabis seeds, look no further than Blimburn Seeds.

3. Experience and Track Record: With over two decades of experience in the cannabis industry, we are a name you can trust. We have witnessed the evolution of cannabis genetics and have been at the forefront of innovation. Our reputation speaks for itself, backed by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Where to buy feminized cannabis seeds? We tell you right away that don’t let your next harvest be ordinary when you can elevate it to the exceptional with Blimburn Seeds. Our seeds are the gateway to a world of exciting possibilities, from classic varieties to the newest and most exciting ones on the market.

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