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Amazing Autoflowering yields. Harvests full of lush and resinous buds in a short period of time. Ideal for growers who want to plant sativa, indica or hybrid marijuana in short periods of time. Buy now Autoflowering seeds by Blimburn Seeds.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The Autoflowering Seeds are those marijuana plants whose flowering begins automatically without depending on a photoperiod, that is to say on the light changes day/night of the season, but the growth of the buds occurs naturally regardless of the scenario or context in which the plant is located.  The first Autoflowering plants were discovered in areas with extreme climates such as southern Siberia or Russia and were called Ruderalis.
One of the main characteristics of the ruderalis genetics is its fast flowering, and that the flowering does not depend on the photoperiod, it flowers once it reaches a point of maturity without being affected by the external conditions that surround it. This usually coincides with the seventh node development, usually after a growth period of 3 to 5 weeks.

The Best Tips Autoflowering

From we have prepared the best tips for you to grow quality weed. You will be surprised by the high yields of autoflowering feminized plants and their terpene profile

Light Cycle

You already know that the autoflowering variety does not depend on a light cycle for its growth and flowering, but it is necessary to have as many hours of light as possible to have a great plant and good yields.  It is good to note that the optimal hours of light for autoflowering plants are 20 and 4 hours of darkness in growth. While some specialists say that with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness during flowering, the plant feels comfortable.

Optimal Climate

It is good to say that the adaptability of autoflowering strains is remarkable, however, in Blimburn Seeds we recommend you to start growing your autoflowering cannabis seeds between mid and late spring. This is because in this way your marijuana plants will enjoy a better temperature and more hours of light outdoors, on the other hand, you will prevent the last rains of the season from affecting the growth of the specimens, ensuring an optimal development.

Winter Or Summer Autoflowering growing?

It is necessary to adjust fertilizer and watering levels in hot summer climates, as plants tend to consume more nutrients and therefore more water to grow and flower properly. Another important point is that you will have to apply techniques such as LST to favor good air circulation and avoid the appearance of pests and diseases in plants, which are usually caused by excess humidity.
Now, if you are going to grow in winter autoflowering, you must keep in mind that low temperatures will make your plant grow slower and probably also smaller, you must add that the hours of light are less for the same reason the plant will not reach its peak performance. In addition, it is good to point out that the water temperature is fundamental, because if you water with too cold water that is below 10º C or 50º F, the roots of your plants can suffer and literally block or freeze, highlighting completely your specimens.


As for humidity, it is good that it is always at 60% as small plants prefer a little more humidity for their development, remember that excess humidity affects the seedlings as it prevents them from breathing and therefore from developing.
For this reason, it is recommended to use a thermo hygrometer, a device that measures the humidity and the environmental temperature and also analyzes on the internet the humidity and temperature levels that the place where you want to grow outdoors will have, this will help you to have parameters and to be able to develop a growing  plan to avoid problems in the future.


In general, the autoflowering plant does not have a great development for this reason it is not necessary a great space between plant and regular plant. It is recommended to use a 3 gallon pot and a space of 35-40cm between each plant. If you want you can make a defoliation in the initial phase of flowering to give more power to the top and increase the size of the buds.

Best Autoflowering Seeds for Sale

The Best autoflowering strains to grow, you will definitely find them here! Blimburn Seed has been working hard for years to offer all growers high quality, stable genetics with a germination rate over 90%. Best Autoflowering seeds online selection.
If you had to choose 5 autoflowering strains, we would offer you our top 5 with our eyes closed. Those strains that stand out from the rest, for having a terpene profile that awakens any taste buds from miles away. A genetics that has been working for more than 20 years. Autoflowering 2.0 plants with high yields, resinous buds and high resistance to pests.

Buy Feminized OG Kush Autoflowering

Easy to grow and powerfully effective, this 100% Autoflowering strain is perfect for beginners who want the best cannabis, but may not have the experience to produce the quality desired. OG Kush Autoflowering plants produce potent, tightly packed flowers that have always been a crowd favorite. An award-winning strain, OG Kush pleases even the most discerning tastes. Buds are packed with crystals and are a nice, light green color.

Buy Feminized Mamba Negra Autoflowering Strain Online

This autoflowering girl has genetics that are worthy of any grower. The harvests are bountiful with outdoor growers harvesting 80-120 gr/plant, while indoor gardeners are rewarded with 350-400 gr/m2. If you are looking for genetics with medium THC levels, then this is the one for you! Mamba Negra Autoflowering concentrates 8% – 15% THC. Cannabis connoisseurs fall in love with these percentages.

Buy Feminized Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Strain Online

This strain is the result of the parental cross between two legendary strains including Durban Poison, a strain that originated in 1970 from an American breeder, Ed Rosenthal who selectively bred various plants from a South African seed bag that he brought to the United States of America. On the other hand, we have OG Kush, a legendary strain with a name recognized even outside the world of cannabis.

Buy Feminized Gorilla G4 Autoflowering Strain Online

Gorilla G4 Autoflowering resulted from the cross between our Gorilla Glue #4, a fast-flowering cannabis plant that is a great producer and is resistant to diseases. The conservation of authentic clones in our San Francisco Bay facilities and a Ruderalis Autoflowering has made possible the creation of a quality autoflowering strain that maintains the characteristics of its progenitor.

Buy Feminized Bruce Banner Autoflowering Strain Online

Bruce Banner Autoflowering is a Sativa dominant strain and a perfect blend of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. This strain is based on the award winning original Bruce Banner. The Autoflowering Bruce Banner mixes a third cannabis species, Ruderalis, with this already potent combination. A super strain known in the US for its super big green buds like the dreaded Hulk.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds for Sale

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But if Autoflowering seeds are not your thing, we also have a wide range of feminized CBD seeds. In addition to thinking that you have to enjoy growing, we think of those people with chronic pain or their daily needs to lead a better life.

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