Please follow our germination instructions below very carefully to achieve the best results possible.

Please ensure that you document, through the use of photography or video, your germination attempts as we may ask for supporting material when assessing any claims for replacement products.

Remember that it is vital to keep seeds in a dark place and minimize exposure of seeds to light (less than 1 minute) during germination and preparation for planting. Ensure you have all required materials on hand before beginning each stage of the process.

The germination guarantee will only apply if you follow all 9 steps of our germination guidelines and do not cover seeds treated with another germination method (ex. water bottle, directly into the soil, etc.)

Best method to germinate cannabis seeds


Prepare the following items before starting the germination process: purified or bottled room-temperature water, sterilized tweezers, paper towels, the seeds,  an opaque flat plate or opaque casserole dish.

Do not manage the seeds with your hands. You can use medical gloves if you don’t have sterile tweezers.


Moister two paper towels and carefully remove the excess water. Please use purified or bottled water with a pH level between 5.5 and 7.


Place a damp paper towel on the plate or casserole dish.


Use tweezers to place the seeds on the paper towel, separating them by about 2 cm (0.7 inch). Always handle the seeds with care, avoiding excessive pressure.


Place the other paper towel over the seeds, and gently spray water to keep everything moist.


Make sure there is no stagnant water by removing the paper towel.


Cover the plate with another one or cover the casserole dish with a lid and store it in a warm dark place, such as a cupboard or drawer. Make sure the seeds are not exposed to any temperature changes.


The process can take between 24 to 120 hours.  Please check every 4 to 6 hours if the seeds are moist and do not let the napkins dry out. Remember that seeds are not able to germinate in stagnant water and you can only moisten the napkin by spraying room-temperature water


Once the seeds develop a healthy taproot, they are ready for planting. Dig a hole approximately 0.4-0.7 inch /1-2 cm deep and place the seeds with the white root downwards and the seed shell on top.. Cover the seeds with soil and water the surrounding area to keep the soil moist. It can take 2 weeks until the plants sprout

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