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When buying Sativa seeds online at Blimburn Seeds, we guarantee you the highest quality in each strain, with stabilized genetics, so you won’t have any problems in your crop. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe and fast shipping, with the best offers for you.

You can also buy Autoflowering seeds, you have the possibility to grow large and fast plants that produce good yields in a short time. Another advantage is the flavor profile, aroma and great effect that autoflowering seeds have. Buy now Sativa seeds by Blimburn Seeds.


Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Did you know that the first marijuana Sativa plants were discovered by the scientist Carl Linnaeus in 1753 and you think it is only a few years ago? For centuries, Marijuana Sativa strains were originally cultivated for their hemp fiber, medicinal and psychoactive properties that interacted with the body.

It is said that the best strains of marijuana are Sativa strains as they are better adapted to warmer climates and we get better yields. The best sativa seeds originate from tropical countries in Central and South America and Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, India, Mexico and Colombia. But we know that since 1973 until today there are numerous sativa seeds for sale which have been genetically improved thanks to seed banks such as

Also, a fact to take into account and which the great majority of breeders confuse is the denomination of Sativa. Everybody assimilates Sativa with the psychoactive effects generated by the big resinous buds full of trichomes and the real denomination is given by its structure.  The structure of the marijuana sativa plant is built to reach heights of up to six meters and thrives in humid atmospheres and tropical climates.

One of the main characteristics of cannabis sativa plants are the leaves and the flowers will also look different, as sativa strains have long, thin foliage and long, cylindrical buds, compared to indica strains with wider leaves.

But what all breeders really like is the high THC contained in all Sativa marijuana plants. Remember, always buy sativa seeds at with different payment methods. We also have 24/7 customer service and the best stealth shipping for feminized, regular, fast version, autoflowering, CBD or CBG seeds. You choose if you want sativa, indica or hybrid strain with unique flavors and effects for all tastes.


Best Sativa Seeds for Sale

Before telling you like all seed banks which are the best marijuana sativa strains, you should be clear about their effects and benefits:

We know that this type of cannabis plant has been used even in the Chinese dynasty through the mythical founder of Chinese herbal medicine (Shen-Nung) mentions hemp in 2737 BC.

It has always been known from history books and illustrations that marijuana sativa plants have been used for therapeutic properties and also recreationally as we do today.

CBD seeds is revolutionizing the cannabis market and also the way pharmaceutical companies view this herb. Now that most countries approve the sale of CBD. There are many medicinal benefits that this plant brings us against cancer, childhood epilepsy, chronic pain and many more that are still being investigated.

Having all this information, from we recommend you to buy sativa seeds. Not just any seeds, they are feminized seeds with an amazing genetic certification and a high THC. The most demanded cannabis sativa seeds in US and part of the world. Some of our sativa seeds are in the best auctions.


Buy Ghost Train Haze X Pellezino Strain Online

Ghost Train Haze x Pellezino Sativa strain crosses Ghost Train Haze x Pellezin. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It does not get too big, but it does deliver big returns. Is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow, adapting to any growing environment. It produces about 600 grams/m2 indoors and 400-600 grams/m2 outdoors. The buds are ready to be harvested within 8 – 9 weeks of flowering, finishing fully loaded with resin.

The process is beautiful, from sativa seeds we obtain a marijuana plant ready to harvest in about 9 weeks with THC levels of 28-30% being a weed not suitable for novice consumers.


Buy Green Crack Strain Online

The origin of Green Crack feminized seeds is controversial. Originally bred in Athens, GA in the 70s, it descended from the ever popular Skunk #1, but may also have some indigenous Afghani indica in her background. Most surprising though, was her original name Cush, this strain was renamed “Green Crack” by none other than cannabis connoisseur, Snoop Dogg, after he tested its intense sativa effects.

Green Crack is a relatively easy strain to grow and a good choice for newcomers to cultivation. It can thrive indoors or outdoors, although growing outdoors requires a stable source of sunlight and constant temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is easiest to grow indoors where conditions can be controlled. Plants can reach 3 – 4 feet tall with strong lateral branching.

Our Green Crack seeds are the result of years of hard work and the best selection of the Sativa phenotype for this cannabis plant.

The most important thing about growing this strain is not its 21% THC but its amazing terpene profile which is reflected in aromas that penetrate to the soul and effects that give us a good dose of creativity and energy. The parental result between two Green Crack could not be any other than a powerful Sativa that brings you to a state of euphoria and excitement. Being a true Sativa, it will also provide an ideal energy state for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Its terpene profile makes it a very exotic strain. In other words, fruity aromas and flavors with an earthy touch make it one of the most demanded strains in the United States.


Buy Girl Scout Cookies Strain Online

The origin of this feminized strain and great resin producer comes from the San Francisco Bay area, also known as the cradle of cannabis in North America. Our renowned Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the United States.

This strain began with the parental cross between two legendary strains including Durban Poison. This strain originated in 1970 from an American breeder, Ed Rosenthal, who selectively bred various plants from a South African seed bag that he brought to the U.S. On the other hand, we have OG Kush, a legendary strain with a name recognized even outside the world of cannabis.

Due to its high THC, ranging between 18% and 25%, Girls Scout Cookies will provide you with a euphoric, happy high full of energy that is distinctive of sativa strains. Its effects end in a nice relaxation and it is not like a stone, but sweeter where you can have good social conversations.

Finally, and no less important are its unique aromas and flavors: totally earthy, accompanied by citrus, creamy and sweet notes.


Buy Blue Dream Strain Online

The origin of this high quality feminized strain stems from a powerful cross between the popular classic Blueberry and Haze strains. This union gives its name to a strain with a unique and exotic flavor.

Since its inception, it was widely accepted in the medical community due to the great impact on muscle pain, stress and body relief. In addition, its name, Blue Dream, is representative of the effects that this strain provided. At first, this powerful strain that reaches values of 24% THC, sends you into a happy, euphoric state of full body relaxation.

You will delight in the freshness of these sweet buds with berry, blueberry and mango flavors. Also, it contains 2% CBD and 1% CBN that make its psychoactive effects more balanced. In conclusion, this strain is a true jewel that should not be missing from your grow.


Buy Mimosa Strain Online

Mimosa Sativa strain crosses Purple Punch x Clementine. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It does not get too big, but it does deliver big returns. Mimosa is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow, adapting to any growing environment. It produces about 700 g/plant indoors and 1700-2000 g/plant outdoors. The buds are ready to be harvested within 65 – 70 days of flowering, finishing fully loaded with resin.

If we highlight some of the most important qualities of this feminized sativa strain, we can highlight multiple traits which make it unique. It is a marijuana plant that produces up to 2000 g/plant when grown outdoors. In addition, reaching up to 30% THC. Its high THC and its attractiveness when growing this cannabis plant makes this strain to be in the top 10 of the most demanded in the last years.

If high THC is not your thing, you will find the best Low THC marijuana seeds at because we have a catalog with more than 700 varieties, certified, unique.


Buy Sour Diesel Strain Online

The origin of this feminized strain with a high THC range comes from the crossing of Skunk with Northern Lights with Chemdawg, three renowned strains in the world of cannabis.Is a plant of marijuana in which 3 different phenotypes can be observed. You may be interested in having more than one mother plant because all 3 phenotypes are very good and worth keeping.

From its first day, this plant is vigorous and leafy. These plants tend to flower around 70-75 days and are real beauties to behold as they grow. The leaves are colored a rich magenta hue, dancing vividly on the bright green buds and red hairs. The buds are generously filled with large head trichomes. Sour Diesel tends to produce higher yields than typical marijuana plants, making it a great choice for more experienced growers.


Sativa Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Buy Sativa seeds online in! Home growers choose to grow their own marijuana to get a wide variety of seeds. However, not everyone takes the risk of buying male seeds since it requires expert hands in the cultivation of marijuana, but at we make it easy for you with information about each variety, genetics, flavors, effects, terpenes and a blog with numerous articles for you to become a master of cannabis cultivation.

Remember, always buy sativa seeds at with different payment methods. You have free advice to start growing your weed step by step with us. In addition, numerous posts related to the cultivation. We also have 24/7 customer service and the best stealth shipping of feminized, regular, fast version, autoflowering, CBD or CBG seeds. You choose if you want sativa, indica or hybrid strain with unique flavors and effects for all tastes.

Also, most indica are a rich source of the cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN. Although sativa weed often produces a higher amount of THC than other cannabinoids, Cannabis indica often contains significant levels of all three types.

Indica marijuana plants tend to produce more body centered effects than sativa. This is why indica strains are associated with feelings of body relaxation. This does not mean that indica strains do not have psychoactive effects, but simply that they also have noticeable physical effects so we encourage you to buy indica, indica and hybrid seeds online for your selection.

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