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When buying feminized seeds online at Blimburn Seeds, we guarantee you the highest quality in each strain, with stabilized genetics, so you won’t have any problems in your crop. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe and fast shipping, with the best offers for you. For growers who require both a quick and easy growing and flowering process, these seeds are the ideal choice. Another advantage is the flavor profile, aroma and great effect that Feminized Seeds have.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds are marijuana seeds that produce only genetically female seeds. The creation of feminized seeds in the 1990s revolutionized cannabis cultivation. The hard work of growers in sorting and selecting only feminized seeds today means that growers can be sure that all their plants will be female, no longer need to distinguish between male and female plants and no longer have to eliminate males that could ruin the marijuana crop.


All seeds from feminized seeds have only female chromosomes (XX), stable genetics with a germination rate over 90%.

Save Money

No more planting more plants than you want to get only weeds with big buds. No male marijuana plant will ruin our harvest by pollinating the other plants.

Feminized seeds are usually developed to produce photoperiodic plants that develop flowers or buds rich in cannabinoids which are THC, CBD and CBG. Photoperiodic marijuana flowers depending on the hours of light/dark of the day, that is to say, it needs a time of light and a time of darkness. When we cultivate feminized seeds outdoors, they begin to bloom at the end of summer when the days begin to become shorter.

Growers new to feminized seeds often believe that marijuana seeds require expert growing conditions. Nothing could be further from the truth, as seeds have been cultivated for millions of years. Also, feminized cannabis seeds can be stored along with autoflowering or regular seeds, as both should be kept in a dry, dark place where the temperature is maintained between 41º and 45º F. The best option for storing your seeds is a cool cupboard so that the temperature doesn't go up and down all the time.

Did you know that American feminized seeds are not genetically modified as many people believe. Weeds hybrids are those genetic crosses that are modified to obtain new strains, which means that they have been created using selective breeding techniques that can also occur in nature. In contrast, genetic engineering involves the infusion of DNA from one species into another species. For veteran breeders buying quality seeds with pure genetics is important.

Best Feminized Seeds for Sale

Everyone wonders which are the best cannabis strains. Best feminized seeds online selection. The demand for certain marijuana strains makes them rise to the top of the best seller feminized seeds. During the last years these five strains are the most demanded in the Blimburn Seed Bank and also some of them are considered Best feminized seeds USA:

Blackberry Moonrocks Strain Online

Blackberry Moonrocks is a feminized seed with High THC strain that was developed from a carefully selected and extremely potent Blue Moonrock female and a Blackberry Kush male, which has a particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile. Both mother plants were selected in a long and lengthy process for their taste and potency in THC.

Buy Feminized Cafe Racer Strain Online

The origin of Café Racer feminized seeds comes from a cross between Grandaddy Purple, one of the most popular Indica strains on the West Coast and perhaps the best known purple cannabis strain in the United States, with Girl Scout Cookies, one of California’s most popular strains that has won awards from the Cannabis Cup USA for its extraordinary taste, ease of smoking, and long-lasting high on the mind and body.

Buy Feminized Godfather OG Strain Online

Godfather OG Indica this is a female weed seeds strain crosses Alpha OG xOG Kush. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is not too space intensive, but provides big returns, making it one of the most popular strains worldwide. Also, gives off an amazing terpene profile with Pungent, Skunk, Spicy, and Sweet flavors. Its effects can be described as Euphoric, Cerebral, Relaxing, and Pain.

Buy Feminized Grandaddy Purple Strain Online

The feminized seeds of Grandaddy Purple, this is a female weed seed, are born from the crossing of two legendary indica varieties, Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Grower Ken Estes introduced this strain to the California cannabis market with a bang in 2003.

These famous lines have been a staple in the marijuana community since the 1980s, winning multiple awards over the years and forming the basis for countless other hybrids. Its strong indica dominance is the reason this particular strain is also known as feminized Grandaddy Purple Kush.

Buy Feminized Zombie Death Fuck Strain Online

The origin of Zombie Death Fuck this feminized strain and great resin producer comes from the crossing of our renowned Girl Scout Cookies grown in the San Francisco Bay area with a magnificent selection of female weed seeds OG Kush from Los Angeles, California. In other words, this strain is one of our most recent creations that is aimed at growers who love Rosin Tech, BHO, Wax or Shatter extractions.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Buy feminized seeds with triple guarantee, fast and discreet shipping is only possible at Blimburn Seeds. We have more than 500 feminized seeds, sativa, indica or hybrid on our website. Find unique and stable genetics high quality seeds. Discreet and fast shipping. Also, our feminized seeds when grown give off an amazing terpene profile, with aromas that awaken from the first days of flowering. Marijuana plants with large resinous buds, with unique flavors and effects.

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