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Is your Weed Female or Male?

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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One of the typical questions from novice marijuana growers is to know if their cannabis plant is male or female, which is why here we bring you this guide where you can learn everything about the sex of cannabis plants so that you learn to distinguish between males and females. Undoubtedly, these types of questions may sound somewhat basic for a medium or advanced grower, but we should not let them go since we all start cultivating from scratch, therefore, sharing this knowledge is always something positive if we want the community of cannabis growers grow all over the world.

The pre-flowering phase. Pollen bags and stigmas

During the pre-flowering phase, cannabis plants begin to show the first signs of their sex. On the one hand, the males show sacks where they collect pollen, which is used to pollinate the females and thus produce new seeds. For their part, the female weed plants show some stigmas from where they begin to produce the beloved buds, in both cases both the stigmas and the pollen bags are born from the internodes between the central stem of the plant and the lateral branch.

You will see the flowers develop after 4 to 6 weeks of growth in the plants that are born from fast blooming, feminized, fast version, and regular marijuana seeds, after the light cycle change from 18/6 to 12/12. On the other hand,  autoflowering, feminized varieties will automatically declare their sex after week 4 or 6 of growth.

Male Cannabis plant

So, to quickly discover if the plant is female or male, just analyze each specimen that you have in your garden on a daily basis and thus you will be able to distinguish the sex. However, that is not all, so stay here because we have much more to tell you about the sex of cannabis plants and each of its benefits.

Male Weed

As you can see in the photo, it is how the sex of a male cannabis plant is expressed, the pollen bags begin to grow little by little, and after 6 to 8 weeks of growth, they begin to release pollen, you must take into account that the maturation time depends on each genetic, since in the purest sativa varieties, the male plants take a little longer to flower and mature, it is the same thing that happens with the female cannabis plants that flower more slowly and that therefore they require more patience on the part of the grower.

When the male has matured, the pollen bags tend to turn yellow to brown, they open and release all the pollen inside as you can see in the photo. Pollen, being somewhat heavy too, tends to accumulate in the lower leaves of each bag and in the stem and branches of the cannabis plant and is obviously collected by pollinating agents such as bees and small insects and birds that help us. to maintain cannabis genetic biodiversity. 

The importance of males lies in the fact that they are agents that help create new genetics, this is the reason why professional breeders are always hunting male cannabis plants since they help them in their new creations. So, the males contribute half of the genetic composition inherited by the seeds.

For this reason, it is important to analyze the qualities of the male parents when making a genetic cross, and therefore, it is necessary to know what the resistance to humidity is, to pests, the time it takes to grow and flower, the tolerance to stress that he has, among other factors, since his descendant will have part of his DNA and therefore will replicate certain types of qualities and behaviors in the face of certain factors or cultivation situations.

Cannabis males are also important because they are used to produce various types of industrial products such as hemp fiber ropes, since their fibers are usually softer, unlike female plants that deliver a thicker and more resistant material, this leads to the fibers of the males being highly desired in the clothing and apparel market. The extracts made with the males are also another way to make the most of the qualities of these plants since they produce very little THC, so they do not tend to be psychoactive. Due to this, they are generally used to make hashish and essential oils.

Male cannabis plant from Regular cannabis seeds.

If you want to obtain males to carry out your own genetic cross, we recommend that you buy regular cannabis seeds, since with them you can obtain male plants to extract the much-desired pollen and, in addition, you get female plants with which you can pollinate their buds. Here we are going to recommend the best regular cannabis seeds, so that you can select a male that provides great power, with exquisite flavors, delicious aromas, and also a great structure.

Banana Kush

If you want to have your own variety of tropical fruit flavors, then Banana Kush is one of the genetics that works for you because its flavors and aromas have a taste of tropical fruit, apple, and banana and are mixed with a subtle sweetness and earthy tones, typical of its parent Kush. With these regular seeds you can make a great selection of both male and female plants, to extract pollen and create new varieties.

Banana Kush Regular

In general Banana Kush is a fast flowering strain as it takes 60-70 days in total, so the males you get from these regular seeds will not take long to flower and mature, providing genetic traits such as the potency of 16%-19% THC. It is a good variety for people who need a little relaxation or who feel stressed too, users who suffer from insomnia thank Banana Kush for the possibility of being able to sleep comfortably, after a puff.

California Orange

We present you the regular version of California Orange, a mythical strain that every connoisseur grower will surely fall in love with, due to its forcefulness, since outdoors it delivers harvests of 600gr-700gr/plant as well as indoors where it can be harvested from 400gr-450gr/m2.

California orange Regular

But that’s not all because in California Orange regular you can also find male parents to develop your next crosses, being those males the ones that deliver characteristics such as the speed in flowering since it is only 60-70 days as well as the flavors and aromas with citrus notes of orange and fruity touches. There is no doubt that with regular California Orange, you can obtain first class males worthy of being used to pollinate any of the females in your garden, in order to obtain a new first line cannabis variety.


Pineapple Skunk

Another cannabis jewel is Pineapple Skunk, a variety from which you can obtain great males due to its incredible genetics that deliver heavy harvests from 1k to 3k of dry buds outdoors, while indoors 300gr-600gr/m2. There are different genetics of the new generation that use Pineapple Skunk as a base and that is due to its unmatched characteristics, both in production and organoleptic because its aroma and flavor are really exotic with notes of tropical and citrus fruits with herbal and earthy touches.

Pineapple Kush Seeds

There are different genetics of the new generation that use Pineapple Skunk as a base and that is due to its unmatched characteristics, both in production and organoleptic because its aroma and flavor are really exotic with notes of tropical and citrus fruits with herbal and earthy touches.

Other different between male and female cannabis plants

There are other differences between marijuana plants of different sexes, for example, males can be tall and spindly, and of a slimmer physical structure, have fewer fan-shaped leaves and a greater space between the branches, also known as greater internodal space.  On the other hand, female cannabis plants are usually more compact and leafy than male plants, highlighting their structure when flowering begins.

We say the above because during flowering, the female plants tend to extend their size towards the sides, then they widen and when they already have armed and mature flowers, they tend to go to the sides or down due to the weight of the buds of the lateral branches. Unlike male plants, they maintain their structure more throughout the cycle, they do not widen and neither do their lateral branches or the central stem falls, yes, in some cases they require extra care, especially if it is about growing large varieties, such as a pure sativa, because they demand space in the pots and require good abundant watering.

Blue Dream Indoor

Blue Dream feminized seeds from Blimburn.

We all know that female cannabis plants produce buds that contain trichomes that generate high concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, that is the big difference with a male. If you only want female plants in your cultivation, then the feminized seeds that you can buy here at Blimburn Seeds are the ones for you, since you have the certainty of acquiring seeds that are up to 99% female.

When flowering begins, the plants develop a series of stigmas or pistils, which take shape as flowering progresses until the flower is fully formed. As can be seen in the photo, this is a bud in formation which, as it matures, will take its final shape and in its final phase it will be covered with resin and trichomes, glands that are responsible for concentrating a large part of the THC produced by the plant.

In the photo you can see a feminized Blue Dream from Blimburn seeds grown in a hydroponic system, showing the first weeks of flowering with stigmas that gradually shape the final flower. Blue Dream feminized when it reaches its maximum point of maturation, it is completely covered with sticky resin and begins to release an intense smell, reaching the maximum point of the buds, once cured for at least 6 weeks.


What happend with the hermaphrodite cannabis plant?

Now, it is also good to refer to hermaphroditic cannabis plants, since they are also a special case of sex in marijuana and in many other types of plants and even insects. Well, a hermaphrodite plant is a plant that has reproductive parts of both males, that is, it produces pollen bags as well as females, that is, it generates pistils that later form buds. So hermaphroditic plants are complex because they can pollinate a crop of flowering female plants completely.

As you can see in the photo, the plant has female pistils and produces buds, but at the same time, it also makes pollen bags like a male. This generates that this type of plants these plants can sometimes self-pollinate, but this is usually bad, since it will create buds with seeds to which the hermaphrodite genes are transmitted. Some of the reasons for a plant to hermaphrodite are as follows:

hermaphrodite weed

One of its parents was a hermaphrodite, therefore within it genetics, the offspring inherited those traces and flourished as a hermaphrodite. Also, there are other factors such as the plant being exposed to excess stress such as poor nutrition, excess heat, lack of water or hydric stress, radical changes in lighting, excess cold or wind, among others. Therefore, if you see pollen bag or anthers anywhere on your plants, remove that specimen from your garden immediately to prevent pollination by female plants.

You already know how to distinguish between a female plant and a male cannabis plant as well, you are a connoisseur of the hermaphrodite plants that appear in marijuana, for the same reason it is up to you to venture to cultivate the varieties that you want, whether they are feminized or regular. From here we wish you the best and well, if you want to be a home breeder, don’t hesitate to buy our regular marijuana seeds with which you can select the best males, for your personalized cannabis strain crosses.

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