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Indica Marijuana Seeds

If we are going to talk about indica seeds, we must first start with Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a naturalist who in 1785 unveiled a new type of cannabis different from the already discovered sativa species.

This naturalist and lover of flowers and plants realized that this type of cannabis was different from cannabis sativa in size and shape. Cannabis indica originates from the rocky mountains of the Hindu Kush, in Central Asia, India, Turkey and Morocco. Visually, indica plants are short in size, reaching 3-4 feet tall and are densely branched with wide leaves.

Marijuana plants from indica seeds are plants that are more resistant to the environment since they have been developed in places where not even weeds grow. Her buds are compact and dense because her flowers tend to stick closer to the stem nodes when they bloom. As a result, indica buds resemble large pineapples.

Cannabis indica plants generally have a shorter flowering period, making them a popular choice for many experienced growers; indoor growers can have more annual cycles when growing, and outdoor growers can confidently grow in climates where fall quickly turns to winter.

The flowering period for indica varieties is usually around eight weeks. Furthermore, this weed is easy to grow even for novices just starting out in the wonderful world of cannabis cultivation.

When we talk about Indica and Sativa, the vast majority of people associate these two types of cannabis plants with the effects produced by the strains. The most experienced breeders who have been growing marijuana for years know that

indicas are short cannabis plants with wide leaves, while sativa are essentially the opposite. The buds of indica are dense and compact, and produce a characteristic effect on them. A body relaxation effect. However, sativa usually produce an energetic effect in our body.

Keep in mind that while these differences between indica and sativa are generally accepted in the growing community, there are exceptions to the rules with some strains. But what breeders really like when growing indica plants are their compact buds full of resinous trichomes.

Best Indica Seeds for Sale

As mentioned, indica strains are often distinguished from sativas by their short size and wide leaves. Sativas, on the other hand, tend to be much taller and have noticeably thinner leaves. There are also differences in the buds produced by each variety: Indica buds tend to be more compact than the fluffy flowers of sativas. Also, the differences become even more noticeable when you try some of this weed.

If you have ever tried 100% indica and 100% sativa strains with your friends, at home or in a coffee shop, you will have noticed how one type of variety leaves you relaxed without wanting to get up from the sofa and, on the contrary, sativa varieties fill you up. of energy creating a more active environment.

Another big difference why breeders grow more varieties indicates that sativas is for a simple reason of time. The short harvest period and the high yield make indica seeds the queens of online sales. Everyone wants to get big, high THC buds in no time.

We believe that you are already clear about the differences between a cannabis indica plant and another cannabis sativa plant. At we have selected some of the best feminized indica strains for you to enjoy easy cultivation and certified seeds. In addition, we have different payment methods for you to buy seeds online at

Buy Platinum Bubba Strain Online

Platinum Bubba Indica strain crosses Platinum OG Kush x Bubba Kush. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It is not too space intensive, but it does deliver big returns. This weed gives off an amazing terpene profile. Its flavors are sweet, earthy, kush, spicy, hashish, and nutty. Also, it gives us effects that are creative, happy, euphoric, relaxing, and powerful.

Also, Platinum Bubba is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow, adapting to any growing environment. It produces about 400 gr m2 indoors and 350 – 400 gr. plant outdoors. The buds are ready to be harvested within 60 – 65 days of flowering, finishing fully loaded with resin.

Buy Mk Ultra Strain Online

MK Ultra is a mostly indica strain named after Project MK Ultra where the CIA conducted mind manipulation experiments on civilians and government officials during the 1950s.

This weed is ranked as one of the heaviest Indica hybrids out there and induces VERY powerful and hypnotic brain effects. In fact, it’s so good that it came in first place in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and second in the following year.

MK Ultra is a quality strain that exudes earthy aromas, wrapped in a fragrance of fresh forest pines. When smoked, its earthy and woody mixed flavors blend into a creamy, sweet sensation.

The hypnotic head high is a gift from the plant’s high THC content and is completely surreal. It is sleepy yet relaxing with a subtle boost of Sativa euphoria that helps keep things interesting for a while.

Known as one of the most potent Indica strains in the world, a single hit is all it takes to make even seasoned smokers sit on the couch. Once reclined, they will spend hours smiling from ear to ear as they lose themselves in a peaceful reverie.

Buy Ice Cream Cake Strain Online

Ice Cream Cake Indica strain crosses Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake. It is one of the most popular strains worldwide. It does not get too big, but it does deliver big returns. This weed gives off an amazing terpene profile. Its flavors are pine, citrus, and sweet. Also, it gives us effects that are relaxed, sleepy, happy, sedated, and euphoric.

Ice Cream Cake is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow, adapting to any growing environment. It produces about 450 gr/m2 indoors and 700 gr/plant outdoors. The buds are ready to be harvested within 60-65 days of flowering, finishing fully loaded with resin.

Buy Gold Leaf Strain Online

Gold Leaf is a plant of marijuana that does not require expert hands to grow and its fast growth rate is perfect for larger harvests. This plant’s beauty can reach 2 meters in height and its arm extensions require support during cultivation. Gold Leaf is a quality strain that will provide higher yields in outdoor cultivation. Gold Leaf can start flowering over a 4-8 week period. When grown indoors, this strain can easily yield up to 23oz per plant, which is considered impressive by anyone’s standards. Outdoors, the time to harvest is in early October, yielding a potential 28oz per plant. These high yield levels are why this strain is loved by so many growers.

Buy California Hash Plant Strain Online

California Hash Plant indica strain crosses a Hash Plant with a Northern Lights to get a marijuana plant able to withstand cold and humid environments. This fusion resulted in a very indica-leaning strain consisting of 90% indica genetics and only 10% sativa genetics. This weed gives off an amazing terpene profile with Hashish, Earthy and Spicy flavors. Its effects are Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing and Sedative.

California Hash Plant is a cannabis plant that is easy to grow, adapting to any growing environment. It produces about 500 gr/m2 indoors and 1100 gr/plant outdoors. The buds are ready to be harvested within 45-55 weeks of flowering, finishing fully loaded with resin.

Indica Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Buy Indica seeds online in Home growers choose to grow their own marijuana to get a wide variety of seeds. However, not everyone takes the risk of buying male seeds since it requires expert hands in the cultivation of marijuana, but at we make it easy for you with information about each variety, genetics, flavors, effects, terpenes and a blog with numerous articles for you to become a master of cannabis cultivation.

Remember, always buy Indica seeds at with different payment methods. You have free advice to start growing your weed step by step with us. In addition, numerous posts related to the cultivation. We also have 24/7 customer service and the best stealth shipping of feminized, regular, fast version, autoflowering, CBD or CBG seeds. You choose if you want Indica, indica or hybrid strain with unique flavors and effects for all tastes.

Also, most indica are a rich source of the cannabinoids THC, CBD and CBN. Although Indica weed often produces a higher amount of THC than other cannabinoids, Cannabis indica often contains significant levels of all three types.

Indica plants tend to produce more body centered effects than Indica. This is why indica strains are associated with feelings of body relaxation. This does not mean that indica strains do not have psychoactive effects, but simply that they also have noticeable physical effects so we encourage you to buy indica, indica and hybrid seeds online for your selection.

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