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The 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Cold and Humid Weather

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
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Now, we want to show you the 5 strains that are best adapted to cold and humid climates. We know that it is a challenge to grow outdoors and all the more unique when you have to deal with a climate of high humidity and low temperatures. Therefore, here we leave you these 5 genetics that respond well to your needs as a grower. Also, we invite you to visit our website where you can buy these incredible strains in 99% feminized seed format.

This incredible group is made with classic strains from the world of cannabis as well as with American strains that are trending today. In addition, we introduce new Fast Blooming strains, which ensure great harvests in less time than the feminized version, but much more productive and with a better punch than an auto-flowering strain.


Critical is a true champion, adapting to all types of crops. Its vigor is demonstrated in the great growth it has in outdoor crops, where it reaches 2 meters in height. To the above, it must be added that it is a marijuana plant with vigorous growth that is strong and easy to grow. Another point in favor of Critical is that you do not have to deal with the first post-summer rains because the flowering is short and fast, therefore, you will have guaranteed heavy yields. Outdoor gardeners should worry about caring for this plant throughout the cycle as they do with the rest of the garden because Critical does not ask for much. In exchange, he can give you 650g – 750 / m2 indoors and 600g – 700g / plant outdoors of the most dope buds.

When grown outdoors, this strain can be harvested in mid-September or early October, avoiding the first frosts in a masterful way. Of course, you must be careful during the drying process to avoid humidity of the bud plus that of the environment affecting your harvest. Everything mentioned is due to Critical’s parents, Afghan x Skunk.

Do you understand why we say this?

Don’t worry, we will explain it to you here! In the first place, the Afghani parental provides resistance to cold and humid climates because it comes from a mountainous area known for these characteristics. The Skunk parent gives it the character of high bud production, which makes this strain unique.

When you add the classic AK47 to these parental bases, you get an amazing ganja plant that is characterized by its speed, easy cultivation, and resistance to humidity and cold. It is also known for being a super stable strain that delivers delicious flavors and aromas that are mixtures between sweet and citrus

Skywalker OG

These mostly indica genetics called Skywalker OG can withstand the humid and cold climates of Canada or the USA. However, these plants do require some care when grown outdoors.

We want to leave you with some tips for growing this marijuana plant:

1- At each watering, we recommend using a stimulant that protects the roots to prevent them from being damaged by the effects of moisture. You can find root protective liquids that lower stress levels or deliver certain nutrients to the plant to strengthen and care for the roots. In case you want to use a stimulant or homemade fertilizer, you can use compost tea or hummus tea, which deliver specific nutrients that are processed by the roots of the plant allowing it to grow stronger.

2- Be careful with the amount of water you give this plant. If you notice that the substrate is still wet at the bottom of the pot after 3 or 4 days of being watered, let it rest from the water for a few more days. It is necessary that you always check the water and humidity levels in the substrate so that the roots do not rot.

3- We suggest that you use a soil that is rich in nutrients and contains mainly trichoderma and mycorrhizae. This type of fungi will make the roots grow more abundantly and powerfully, which translates into a healthier plant that is resistant to humid and cold climates.  Also, other types of microbes can be utilized including those that can be found in products sold in grow stores. The purpose of these microbes is to decompose mineral nutrients to transfer them to the root. This ensures that the root of the plant will receive its food in a better way, promoting protection and root development.

4- For indoor farmers, you can practice Low Stress Training with Skywalker OG plants. We recommend this type of cultivation technique to help develop large lateral arms that are filled with buds. In addition, it helps the plant to have good ventilation, allowing the air to circulate in an efficient way, preventing the emergence of fungi, mites, or similar diseases that affect weed plants.

5- When you grow these indica genetics indoors, you must maintain an optimal ventilation system to avoid the humidity from the outside affecting the indoor crop. Having air extractors, filters, an air inlet, and fans is essential for good oxygen circulation. We share these 5 cultivation tips and we continue with the following strains that will surely surprise you.


 Why do we recommend Orka for cultivation in cold and humid places?

Well, because this mostly sativa variety is a true gladiator, resisting both high and low temperatures and also good humidity levels. It can withstand between 50% – 60% humidity during its cultivation. The resistance of this variety comes from its parents, Haze x White Widow. The Haze side gives it the typical sativa characteristics of great growth and high mental punch. On the other hand, the White Widow side gives it the necessary resistance to withstand wet and cold climates.

Orka plants tend to be robust and tall, reaching up to 3m. Its lateral branches are filled with flowers that are covered with an intense resin, which begins to appear during week 4 of flowering. For this reason, if you want to stimulate the production of trichomes, you can use some liquid stimulating resin from week 3 of flowering so you can see a trichome explosion during week 8 or 9. It should be noted that the flowering of this strain is fast and only takes 60 – 70 days, therefore if you grow outdoors, you can avoid the first rains after summer. Another important feature is that it is easy to grow for new breeders. Now, we are going to share some tips to optimize the cultivation of Orka. If you grow outdoors or indoors, the best technique you can use is SCROG to control the size of the plant, allowing good air circulation and temperature control. Otherwise, you can suffer problems due to the great size it reaches. Also, you will get the buds to be denser, fatter and when cured, they will end up hard and compact as a rock. As you can see in the image, this Orka plant has reached a monumental size growing outdoors.

This report comes to us from Argentina, a country that has a hot and humid climate in summer and then goes on to a long season of cold and humidity. This specimen of Orka has had to withstand the heat and humidity of the summer and then the humidity and cold of the first days of fall, before being harvested.

Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte is our star sativa, which originates from the crossing of an Original Haze x Oaxaca Mexicana. The rough and straightforward style of this strain is visible in both its cultivation and its effect. Lovers of outdoor cultivation can rest assured that this variety is perfect for that because it resists the high temperatures, typical of the summer season. In addition, it also withstands drops in temperature and humidity, resisting the first drops that fall after the summer. One of the points in favor of Santa Muerte is its average flowering, which takes from 70 – 75 days indoors. Outdoor breeders can harvest it in mid-October. This plant produces fat flowers with a rather round structure with good openings that allow excellent aeration.

To the above, we must add that the lateral arms have to open in flowering due to the weight of the buds. This allows the air to circulate greatly throughout the plant. The leaves tend to be more thin than wide, therefore this also helps the air to pass through the plant in an effective way, preventing the emergence of fungi and pests. If you are going to cultivate directly in mother Earth, we recommend that you prepare the land in advance, removing the first layers of soil that are usually dead and creating a hole where you can deposit the substrate or compost and then transplanting your cannabis plant.

With the above, you ensure the growth and subsequent flowering of a strong, robust plant that will surely make you fly through the air. Another tip that we can give you is to use some type of protective mesh so that the plant is not affected by domestic animals such as cats or dogs, who love to eat cannabis. Do preventive irrigations with diatoms to avoid pests or fungi and also use mixtures of homemade liquid fertilizers, such as garlic with onion to prevent the emergence of some fungi.

In the image, you can see a gardener from Chile, a country where after the summer, some raindrops tend to fall, affecting the plants. This plant is a Santa Muerte, which has resisted the entire outdoor maturation process to a great extent, enduring the intense heat and the change in colder temperatures due to the arrival of Autumn combined with good humidity and some rains.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is an indica that is part of the cannabis hall of fame. The popularity of this strain is unsurpassed and today, it enjoys worldwide respect from gardeners. This strain is characterized by having a monstrous size outdoors and by the large colas that are filled with dense, fat, tight like a rock, and covered in resin. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that it is an easy variety to grow for beginner breeders both indoors and outdoors because it adapts to all types of cultivation. It is fast flowering and has a unique resistance to cold and humid climates, therefore its flowers are not affected by mold or powdery mildew, two typical fungi that appear in this type of climate.

For outdoor and indoor cultivation, we leave you with some recommendations. It is necessary that the doses of fertilizers are slightly increased during the beginning of flowering so that the plant produces a more abundant harvest because it is a strain that likes to eat a lot. Concentrated NKP type fertilizers are ideal for this strain because they help exploit your flowers to the fullest. Performing apical pruning is essential to control its apical dominance because it tends to grow upwards like a Christmas pine. Outdoors, it is good if you do LST because you will help the side arms to open and allow the air to circulate better between the plant, preventing moisture from accumulating.

As you can see in the photo, the growth of Grandaddy Purple is exuberant and its tails are dense, creating an authentic jungle. Reports from outdoor gardeners tell us that they have heavily harvested up to 500g / plant of pure, dry bud. Indoor farmers can harvest 450g – 500g / m2 of delicious flowers.

Strains featured in this article:

Dani Walton

Dani Walton is a highly accomplished cannabis expert and entrepreneur hailing from the Bay Area. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Dani has amassed a wealth of experience in the cannabis industry. Her journey has taken her across the globe, as she traveled with the executive team of Harborside for more than 11 years, passionately advocating for the positive impacts of the cannabis plant.

During her tenure at Harborside, Dani excelled in managing wholesale and distribution for Harborside's farm, while also playing a pivotal role in the development of their in-house brand, Key. Following her departure from Harborside, Dani embarked on a new venture, co-founding NXTLVL, a women-owned concentrate delivery service that quickly gained recognition and Agris Farms. A beautiful 5 acre light dep farm located in Woodland, near Sacramento.

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With her remarkable background and unwavering commitment to advancing the cannabis industry, Dani Walton stands as a true pioneer and an influential figure in the field.

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