Dama Blanca

(25 customer reviews)

Amazing tropical flavor, easy to grow and White Widow lineage.

THC: 18% – 20%
Phenotype: Feminized
Flavor: Fruit, Pineapple
Day to Flower: 50 – 60 days
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Get 38-533 Blimcoins with this purchase
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18% – 20%



0.6 – 0.8%


White Whidow x White Whidow

Type of Seed



Medium Yield

Yield Indoor

1.31 – 1.47 oz/ft² | 400 – 450 gr/m²

Yield Outdoor

21 – 24 oz/plant | 600 – 700 gr/plant


6.56 ft | 2 m

Flowering Time

8 – 10 weeks

Harvest Month

All Season


For Beginners


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Dama Blanca Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Dama Blancafeminized cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. This strain is mostly Sativa and has high THC.

Our seeds are fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide for best results! 

Origins of Dama Blanca Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Dama Blanca is a mostly sativa strain that was born from the crossing of White Widow x White Widow.

Now, if we talk about potency, Dama Blanca is a strong strain with THC of 18% – 20% and low levels of CBD that are between 0.6% – 0.8%. For this reason, the punch of its genetics feels really strong.


Growing Dama Blanca Sativa marijuana strains

To grow this strain, you don’t need a lot of experience, as it is easy. Dama Blanca is characterized by its rapid growth and flowering. Its great harvests will surely make you float through the air.

Because growth and flowering is fast, we do recommend that you be attentive during each week of cultivation. For optimal growth, it is preferable to feed in a balanced way with fertilizers and with a substrate loaded with nutrients. Also, you can use mycorrhizae and richoderma in the first phase so that it develops solid roots. Entering flowering, defoliation is necessary as well as making sure the lateral branches have some support. If you follow these instructions, you will ensure a healthy plant.

Techniques such as LST, topping, and cropping can be applied without a problem because this plant withstands stress very well. If you grow indoors, using SCROG is optimal to have a uniform plant that occupies a large part of the growing area.

This strain is considered fast flowering, because it can be harvested after 60 to 80 days of flowering indoors or mid-October. Another important point is the great harvests this strain delivers. When grown outdoors, this marijuana plant yields 400gr – 500 gr/plant and indoors400gr – 450 gr/m2.


Dama Blanca Sativa Weed Flavors and Effects

The flavors of tropical fruits like pineapple and spicy touches can be tasted in this strain. If you smell the scent of this white girl, you will notice that she is earthy and herbal with hints of fruit and pine. This is due to terpenes such as alpha-pinene, humulene, isopulegol, acetate, guaiol, and carifiolene. It is the terpenes that give Dama Blanca that special aroma. The effect of this strain is energetic with doses of creativity and euphoria. The vibrations are felt at the mental level in a powerful way.

Final Thoughts

So, you have chosen to grow some Dama Blanca Sativa marijuana seeds of your own? Amazing tropical flavor, easy to grow and White Widow lineage. Now you just need to know where to buy weed seeds online Dama Blanca Sativa. The answer to that quandary is simple. Blimburn Seeds is the most trusted online resource for the highest-quality weed seeds you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our talented pool of seed genetic specialists work day in and day out to bring you the best possible cannabis seeds in nearly every strain known to man. We back all of our seeds with our industry-leading germination guarantee. Our friendly customer care team is just a quick call away or you can visit our online cannabis seed bank by clicking any of the links above. At Blimburn Seeds Bank Store, we are as passionate about home-grown cannabis as you are. We look forward to helping novice growers get started and join experienced cultivators in achieving better crops with better strains!

25 reviews for Dama Blanca


Very pleased Very Impressive Great plants

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