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Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow Outdoors in the UK

Blimburn Seeds brings you a compilation of our best feminized cannabis seeds for outdoor growth in the UK.

Can I grow outdoors in the UK?

First of all, the UK is a large island and has an oceanic climate. In addition, its geographical location makes its climate change. Moreover, depending on the region of the UK where you live, you will have a different climate. Therefore, we will describe the four regions and their different climates:

– Southeast :

This is a perfect area to grow MAMBA NEGRA FBV. First of all, this area has cold winters. However, the summers are sunny, dry, and pleasant with lots of heat. In other words, ideal temperatures for outdoor cultivation. Summers are sometimes warmer because of the warm air masses coming from Europe.

We advise you to select MAMBA NEGRA FBV because our most legendary MAMBA NEGRA has been crossed with a highly genetically qualified secret hybrid to shorten the flowering time of our plant and take this magnificent quality strain to the next level. This marijuana plant is ready in early September, making it ideal for this type of area where the cold arrives earlier.

Also, the fruity, woody aromas and citrus notes stand out in this great variety from its first days of flowering.

– Southwest:

This is another perfect area in the UK to grow KABRALES. First of all, winters are mild, but wet. Also, summers are usually warm, but with lots of Atlantic weather with clouds and rain. Therefore, the mild conditions allow for a longer growing season than in the far northern regions.


The best choice for this area of the UK is undoubtedly our KABRALES strain which is in our catalog of certified feminized seeds. First of all, no grower wants to have their flowers affected by mold. In other words, humidity is one of the main problems in cannabis growing as it can ruin our crop or harvest.

Secondly, thanks to the genetic cross, it has a good resistance to cold and humidity. In addition, it is a plant that will be ready to harvest in mid-October. Therefore, we should only protect our crop with some tarpaulin in case of rainfall.

– Northwest:

In this area, cannabis growers experience cold winters and summers. Therefore, they tend to be colder and grayer than those in the south. In addition, the prevailing Atlantic air masses can bring rain and wind almost year-round. In other words, growers and cannabis lovers in this region may find the late September and October weather less conducive to cultivation.

In conclusion, our GELATO FBV is a perfect strain for this area because at the end of September you can harvest your crop.

We advise you to select GELATO FBV because our most legendary GELATO has been crossed with a highly genetically qualified secret hybrid to shorten the flowering time of our plant and take this superb quality strain to the next level. In other words, this marijuana plant is ready at the end of September, making it ideal for this type of area where the cold arrives earlier.

It is also perfect for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, or eating disorders.

– Northeast :

In this area, producers must take into account climatic constraints. In addition, the growing season is shorter compared to growers in the south. Therefore, winters can be cold, spring can take a while to arrive, and summer is short. Finally, we must grow vines with a short flowering period. In conclusion, SANTA MUERTE FBV has a fast flowering period almost comparable to any autoflowering seed.


Firstly, this powerful strain with Mexican origins and a high sativa influence is a majestic, beautiful, and vigorous plant with a large internodal distance and long emerald leaves that highlight its large flowers that gives off strong earthy aromas and provide a great harvest.

Secondly, it is one of our new Fast Blooming strains with a flowering time of approximately 55 days. In other words, as fast as any auto on the market with the advantage of producing up to 550 gr/plant when grown outdoors.

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