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The 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Hot and Humid Weather

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
Hold and humid

We want you to reach the fullest potential of your harvests. We hope that each harvest is bigger and bigger and that in each puff you feel the power of the flowers that are born from the seeds of Blimburn Seeds Bank. This is why we decided to share the 5 strains that are most resistant to hot weather and high humidity.

It is important to highlight this because in high-temperature weather, plants tend to suffer some type of stress in indoor and outdoor cultivation. On the other hand, humidity affects plants, mainly allowing the proliferation of different types of fungi and the appearance of some pests. From this point, it is relevant to note that some strains do not support this, therefore, gardeners often lose their crops.

What kinds of diseases affect cannabis plants?

There is a wide variety of diseases that can affect plants including fungi and viruses. In addition, there are insects, animals, and pests. In this article, we are going to tell you about the strains that resist hot and humid weather and the main diseases that affect marijuana plants as a result of these environmental factors.

If you are from warm, tropical areas such as Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, Central America, Australia, and ​​Florida (USA) or in a growing area where these factors are present, then pay attention!

Allien OG

Alien OG is a high-flying indica strain that belongs to our Cultivars with Character Line. These extraordinary feminized cannabis seeds were developed between Blimburn Seeds and our great colleague Steve`s DeAngelo, who is known as “The father of the legal cannabis market in the USA” due to his long career as an activist within the cannabis world. Alien OG should be highlighted because its Alien Kush x Tahoe Kush lineage allow us to grow a cannabis plant that is super resistant to humidity and high temperatures. This variety can be cultivated in temperatures of 20ºc – 27ºc, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it supports amazing levels of humidity.

alien og min
alien og

During its first growth phase, Alien OG can withstand the humidity of up to 62%, decreasing until it reaches between 50% to 58% approximately. This quality allows it to support fungi such as powdery mildew or mold, thus preventing the harvest of each plant from being lost. For beginning growers, this variety is essential because it is easy to grow, allows various cultivation techniques to be applied, and only needs basic care to surprise you with an incredible harvest. The most advanced gardeners can get between 400gr – 500gr / plant outdoors and indoor farmers can get up to 500gr / m2. To all the above, it must be added that Alien OG is fast in flowering with indoor cultivation only taking 8 – 10 weeks. Meanwhile, outdoor farmers will be able to harvest their heavy crops.

Another major fact is that the structure of the plant, although compact, allows good air circulation between its branches and flowers. In spite of that, we recommend defoliation in the lower part of the plant, both in growth and in flowering, as it tends to accumulate many leaves.

Silver Surfer Haze

If we are talking about sativa genetics, then we must point to Silver Surfer Haze. These sativa-dominant cannabis seeds are true champions. Feminized Silver Surfer Haze plants have been tested showing high resistance to fungi such as mold, powdery mildew, and diseases that affect marijuana plants and are produced by high temperatures and humidity. For this reason, we recommend this wonderful variety if you live in a climate with these characteristics so that you can ensure large crops and avoid all kinds of problems. We must add that her flowering time, which goes from 80 – 90 days indoors or in October outdoors, does not influence the incredible resistance of this girl.

Silver surfer Haze min
Silver surfer Haze

We must mention that the above is possible thanks to its phenotype and structure, which stands out because of its middle-distance internodes with medium-thin leaves. On the other hand, the buds tend to be more open and round in shape, allowing excellent aeration.

You will definitely be amazed when you see how the pistils of this beautiful cannabis strain begin to clump together and form those fat buds. In addition, when they mature around 5 or 6 weeks, the flowers begin to be covered with a sticky and intense glossy resin that reaches every corner of the flowers.

Lemon OG

Lemon Og  is an American strain that is part of our Cultivars with Characters line. This variety was developed by Nikki and Swami`s, two activists and cannabis gurus in the USA. Our Friends, Nikki and Swami`s, gave a unique character to this strain that is characterized by being very easy to grow, amazing gardeners with big harvests. You can produce heavy yields of 450 – 500 gr / m2 indoors, while outdoors, you can collect 400gr – 600gr / plant.

lemon og min
lemon og min

You can find this very resistant variety of cannabis at Blimburn Seeds Bank in feminized seed format. Lemon OG is characterized by delivering fat and moderately open flowers, which allow excellent air circulation.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that the internodal space of this weed strain is medium, therefore, it leaves space for the air to filter between the branches and leaves during growth and flowering. Everything mentioned here is of vital importance because if a plant has good air circulation, it prevents factors such as humidity from spreading fungi and mold which damage your crops.

It must be added that this strain is ideal for new farmers because it does not require too much care or attention. By the same token, yard work looks a bit easier for beginning gardeners. We must emphasize that we have received reports of gardeners from Colombia, a country with a warm and humid climate, that it withstands the high temperatures of the crop with 600w HPS. These growers tell us that the average temperature with the light on was 26ºc – 28ºc with a humidity of 68% – 70%. These are typically high temperatures and humidity that any plant cannot support, but did not prevent the great growth and flowering of Lemon OG.

Another point in favor of this variety is its short flowering periods because it only takes 8-10 weeks, which helps prevent the birth of fungi or the arrival of pests on the plant.


Mostly indica strains tend to have shorter flowering periods, therefore, they are suitable for growing in hot and humid places. We recommend Narkosis because it needs between 50 – 60 days of flowering indoor, while outdoors, you can harvest at the end of September.


Why are short flowering genetics ideal?

Well, because they do not have to endure the first autumn rains in places with marked seasons. On the other hand, as they have a fast life cycle, they are not as exposed to fungi, pests, and other types of diseases.

It is important to mention that Narkosis supports temperatures from 21ºc – 26ºc, therefore, it does not suffer from the classic stress due to high temperatures. In addition, the average humidity in flowering can be up to 40%.

For the same reason, you can grow it in humid and hot weather, such as a Mediterranean climate, where it grows like a real monster of 2m outdoors. Do not forget to use fans indoors or in a  greenhouse as this helps the plant to cool down, allowing great growth. In flowering, this is essential so that humidity does not affect the buds. Lovers of exotic colored strains can produce phenotypes of pale green leaves and unique flowers with gray tones. After curing the flowers, you will see the hard, compact, dense resin-covered, and delicious buds that give off exquisite aromas and flavors. Finally, we want to tell you that the Blimburn Seeds family from Colombia tells us that the punch of Narkosis is massive, leaving the entire crew screwed to the sofa.


This is a strain with an amazing quality of terpenes. Its aroma and flavor of old cheese accompanied by fruity notes will delight anyone. Kabrales comes from a great cross between Cheese x Cheese and is a mostly indica strain with excellent punch and is easy-going and relaxing. In addition, it is resistant to botrytis, mold, and pests which occur mostly in hot and humid weather. This strain can withstand temperatures in greenhouses or semi-closed patios from 19ºc – 27ºc. It is necessary to use fans to refresh the air, allow circulation, and also prevent the appearance of pests or fungi.


The above, added to good nutrition, rich in Nitrogen in growth + mycorrhizae + trichodermas and a substrate rich in nutrients, will ensure a healthy plant. Entering flowering, it begins to widen towards the sides, tripling in size and exploding with a large flowering in week 9.

Kabrales harvests are heavy, producing 400g – 500g / plant outdoors. Indoor breeders can collect between 350g – 400g / m2. The buds are tight and emit a very strong smell that elevates your senses. In addition, the rich flavor they leave in your mouth makes each puff amazing. If you give these genetics 60 – 70 days of flowering indoors or wait until mid-October outdoors, you can harvest a massive plant. Thanks to this short flowering process, you can harvest it before if it is affected by a fungus or plague.

What type of fungus affects plants?

1 – Oidium

Let’s start with Oidium, one of the most common fungi in cannabis plants. It is characterized by being a white powder that drops on top of the leaves and covers the stem and even the substrate where the cannabis plant is grown. This fungus makes it difficult for the plant to feed, preventing it from acquiring all the nutrients it needs. For this reason, we recommend eradicating it from your crop. To avoid this fungus, it is necessary to have good ventilation indoors or in the greenhouse.

Oidio Mildew min
Oidio Mildew

2 – Botrytis

This fungus is the headache of hundreds of farmers because it usually manifests itself at the end of flowering inside the flowers and also at the tips of the buds. Some breeders may lose complete crops due to the effect of mold, which is why we advise you to check the plants every day, especially in flowering.

Botrytis min

how do we prevent mold?

We have good news for you, with simple measures you can prevent mold. First, you must keep your growing area disinfected with a good ventilation system and a good distance between each plant. You can prevent this disease by looking at the leaves and stems. The leaves of weed plants will dry out rapidly and the stems will turn brown and dry slowly. This is because the fungus intensely weakens the plant, leading it to death.

3 – Fusarium Wilt & Root Rot

If you want to keep your cannabis plants as healthy as possible, avoid exposing them to this fungus called Fusarium Wilt & Root Rot. Fosarium attacks different plants or species. In this image, a coniferous tree with Forasium is showing its branches and dry leaves that resulted from the fungus.

Fusarium min

What does Fusarium Wilt & Root Rot do the weed plant?

This fungus is so harmful to because it enters the vein system of plants, slowly destroying them by means of intense and rapid drying. You must be careful because this fungus is found in the substrate of the plants and from there, it enters the interior of your ganja plants. Generally, it also generates root rot and turns the stem a reddish color. Also, the curling of the leaves upwards at the tips is visible. We must point out that this fungus is so harmful that it is said that it was used in Florida as a biocontroller to limit illegal marijuana crops.

4 – Mites

Among the diseases that cannabis plants suffer, mites are major destroyers of weed plants. The presence of this pest can be distinguished by closely observing the leaves. When looking closely, it is possible to see small bites on the leaves which are produced by the mites that nest on the underside of the leaves of marijuana plants.

Mites min

The damage of these pests is silent, therefore, they can go unnoticed until the gardener realizes the problem. In these cases, the leaves have a tendency to turn yellow. Mites prefer hot, dry weather, however, they may nest on a marijuana plant in hot, humid weather. To avoid this, we recommend excellent ventilation and cleaning in the growing area.

5 – Damping Off & Pythium Rot

Pythium is one of the pests that affect marijuana plants. This type of disease can manifest itself in “dead seeds”, which are soft and black seeds. It also affects the stem of the plants, weakening them until they fall. Damping attacks plants quickly and silently. For the same reason, if you see that one of your plants recovers, then eliminate it without hesitation as it can infect the rest of your garden.

Damping min

To avoid this type of fungus, good ventilation of the growing area is also necessary. In addition, take care of the substrate used because Damping also affects the roots, rotting them and causing a rotten smell that emanates from the substrate. Don’t forget to buy your 99% feminized cannabis seeds. They are easy to grow and perfect for beginning growers. With these 5 strains that we recommend, you can have heavy yields, delicious taste and amazing aromas.

Strains featured in this article:

Dani Walton

Dani Walton is a highly accomplished cannabis expert and entrepreneur hailing from the Bay Area. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Dani has amassed a wealth of experience in the cannabis industry. Her journey has taken her across the globe, as she traveled with the executive team of Harborside for more than 11 years, passionately advocating for the positive impacts of the cannabis plant.

During her tenure at Harborside, Dani excelled in managing wholesale and distribution for Harborside's farm, while also playing a pivotal role in the development of their in-house brand, Key. Following her departure from Harborside, Dani embarked on a new venture, co-founding NXTLVL, a women-owned concentrate delivery service that quickly gained recognition and Agris Farms. A beautiful 5 acre light dep farm located in Woodland, near Sacramento.

Her extensive knowledge encompasses the latest consumer trends, cannabis sales, extraction techniques, cultivation methods, new brands and products, as well as the evolving science of cannabis medicine. Recognized as a respected authority in the industry, Dani has served as a judge for esteemed cannabis competitions such as Chalice, High Times, Dab- A- Doo, The Organic Cup and The Emerald Cup. Her expertise and insights have been sought after by renowned publications and media outlets, including Forbes, The Guardian, The Independent, and many others.

With her remarkable background and unwavering commitment to advancing the cannabis industry, Dani Walton stands as a true pioneer and an influential figure in the field.

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