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What are the best 5 fast feminized seeds?

Hard work and dedication are the precursors of our brand. Also, it has also led to the new line created by Blimburn Seeds.

We understand that growers are looking for faster flowering strains every day. Moreover, that they keep their flavors, effects and genetic qualities. In other words, Fast Blooming is the new line of super fast flowering.

After this, we present you our new catalog. Also, as growers and breeders, we are very proud to present you these five strains that are revolutionizing the cannabis market.

Gelato Fast Blooming

We developed this version of Gelato with a high-quality and super-fast variety in mind.

We know that Gelato is one of the most popular varieties of the moment, that is why we wanted to give gardeners to be able to grow a Fast Blooming Gelato so that they can enjoy first quality fruits.

Gelato Fast Blooming, born from the crossing of Thin Mint x Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert. With this, we seek to balance the effects so that the users could have a balanced effect between feelings of relaxation and also, fun and creativity.

Our Fast Blooming Gelato delivers exotic plants which, when ripe, will take on purple colors in their leaves, the flavor of the fruits is sweet and with citrus touches, the aroma is intensely fresh, and extra sugary.

The potency of Gelato Fast Blooming reaches 22% THC and its flowering process takes just 55 days, where you can harvest up to 550 g / m2 indoors and up to 600 g /plant outdoors.



Mamba Negra Fast Blooming

Mamba Negra which is our most respected and acclaimed strain now has its own Fast Blooming version.

The  Mamba Negra now blooms at the speed of light in just 50 days, thanks to the Mamba Negra Fast Blooming, which maintains the high production levels of its feminized version, delivering up to 600g / plant in outdoor crops or 500 gr / m2 in indoor crops.

This fast blooming from Mamba Negra continues to maintain its mostly indica trend, as well as its relaxing and sedative effect with THC levels ranging from 15% to 19%.

If in your garden you are looking for high production, with citrus, wood, and fruit flavors, then Mamba Negra Fast Blooming is the genetics that meets all the requirements that your garden needs.


Bruce Banner Fast Blooming

Our Bruce Banner has become a success and you gardeners have rewarded it by growing it in large quantities.

As a thank you to all growers, we decided to make this Fast Blooming version of our Bruce Banner, so you can enjoy amazing genetics in a shorter growing time.

Bruce Banner Fast Blooming is a magnificent cross of only field varieties such as OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, which we decided to cross with a secret hybrid to accelerate its flowering time to a maximum of 60 days indoors.

If you are looking for high yields in a short time, then Bruce Banner Fast Blooming is for you, as you can get up to 500gr/m2 indoors and 500g/plant outdoors, of flowers that will take you on a journey of balanced, cerebral, euphoric and creative effects, thanks to its high THC levels that reach up to 23%.



Santa Muerte Fast Blooming

One of our favorite sativas is Santa Muerte, a strain that has Mexican ancestry and has earned the respect of cannabis fans.

We want to present you with a new version, Santa Muerte Fast Blooming, a variety that is born from the crossing of our Santa Muerte by a secret hybrid who gives a unique vigor to this new genetics.

Santa Muerte Fast Blooming is probably one of the fastest sativa varieties on the planet since it only needs 55 days of flowering indoors. For outdoors it will be ready at the end of September in the northern hemisphere, that is, at the end of April in the southern hemisphere.

High production is maintained with Santa Muerte Fast Blooming as gardeners will be able to harvest up to 450g / m2 indoors and up to 550g / plant outdoors. Also, it maintains its sativa traits with euphoric, social, and cerebral effects.

The level of this variety is high and ranges from 17% to 20% delivering flowers with fruit, herbal, and wood flavors.

We waste more time and grow one of the best and fastest sativas on the market, Santa Muerte Fast Blooming.


Gorilla G4 Fast Blooming

We respect the legacy of the jungle, for the same reason we obtained a new revelation of Gorilla Glue 4 Fast Blooming version, which maintains its sativa power with yields of 600 g / m2 indoors and 550 g / plant outdoors.

This beautiful Gorilla Gue 4 Fast Blooming blooms in a record time of just 55 days, concentrating THC levels of 19% to 22%. The flowers of this variety will take you on a walk of brain states between Euphoria and creativity.

To achieve these wonderful genetics, we take our Gorilla Glue 4 and cross it with a secret hybrid, who gives all the speed to a plant that retains its original characteristics such as its low level of CBD that is only 0.8% and that delicious flavor of humid land that characterizes it.

In your next crop, you should have Gorilla Glue 4 Fast Blooming, surely your acidity for trying those nuggets will thank you.