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Gelato FBV

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One of the most famous strains in America, with faster flowering and amazingly sweet fruity flavor.

THC: 19  – 22%
Phenotype: Fast Flowering
Flavor: Sweet, Earthy, Sour
Day to Flower: 45 – 55 days
Get 58-885 Blimcoins with this purchase
Get 58-885 Blimcoins with this purchase
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19  – 22%





Gelato x Secret Hybrid

Type of Seed



Medium Yield

Yield Indoor

1.64 – 1.82 oz/ft² | 500 – 550 gr/m²

Yield Outdoor

22 – 24 oz/plant | 650 – 700 gr/plant


4.92 ft | 1.5 m

Flowering Time

8 – 10 weeks

Harvest Month

All Season


For Beginners


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Gelato FBV Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Enjoy a unique experience when you purchase Gelato FastBlooming feminized cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. It is one of the most demanded Hybrid strains with Indica dominance in the United States.

Our seeds are fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide for best results!

Origins of Gelato FBV Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The origin of feminized Gelato seeds began with Sunset Sherbert, a cannabis plant distinguished by its medium to big flowers that are held together in a dense, indica-typical structure. This strain is mostly indica cross between Girl Scout Cookies and the exotic Pink Panties, said to be derived from Blackberry Kush.

Finally, these incredible genetics were crossed with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a phenotype that emerged from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, a low maintenance and vigorously growing strain.

However, to achieve this fast growing version, we have mixed in a hybrid strain that we cannot reveal.

Growing Gelato FBV Hybrid marijuana strains

Gelato FastBlooming is a high-yield cannabis plant that adapts to any growing environment. Producing about 500-550 gr/m2 indoors and 550-600 gr/plant outdoors. Its buds are ready for harvest within 45-55 weeks of flowering or at the end of September. Its buds end up fully loaded with trichomes, making it it an excellent option for lovers of resin extraction such as dry hash, Rosin or the BHO, among others.

Blimburn Seeds Bank advises practicing “topping” when growing these plants, which consists of trimming the wide leaves at the top of the plant to allow the light to reach the lower stems to produce as many buds as possible.

Fast Blooming Gelato is a strain with immediate visual appeal. Its lush green leaves area accentuated by intense violet tones. Its flavors will remind you of a sweet and humid walk through a fruity forest with beautiful berries and peachy citrus notes.

If you plan to grow our feminized seeds outdoors, we have developed a grow guide for optimal cultivation in any area of the world.

Gelato FBV Hybrid Weed Flavors and Effects

Gelato is one of the most famous varieties in America for its intense, sweet and fruity flavor and powerful, balanced effect. This strain will bring you to a euphoric state that awakens your creative side and tricks you into total relaxation. Its THC range is 19% – 22% with 1% in CBD.

It is a high-quality strain with indica lineage, but at Blimburn Seeds Bank, we have worked hard to obtain balanced effects that will allow you to work all day in the company of this marvel. This strain provides a state of relaxation and creative stimulation. It is perfect for people who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, and problems with eating disorders.

Final Thoughts

So, you have chosen to grow some Gelato FBV Hybrid marijuana seeds of your own? It is one of the most famous strains in America, with faster flowering and amazingly sweet fruity flavor. Now you just need to know where to buy weed seeds online Gelato FBV Hybrid. The answer to that quandary is simple. Blimburn Seeds is the most trusted online resource for the highest-quality weed seeds you’ll find anywhere in the world. Our talented pool of seed genetic specialists work day in and day out to bring you the best possible cannabis seeds in nearly every strain known to man. We back all of our seeds with our industry-leading germination guarantee. Our friendly customer care team is just a quick call away or you can visit our online cannabis seed bank by clicking any of the links above. At Blimburn Seeds Bank Store, we are as passionate about home-grown cannabis as you are. We look forward to helping novice growers get started and join experienced cultivators in achieving better crops with better strains!

20 reviews for Gelato FBV

John Dunn

Having just received my seeds and have them now in small pots, they are under LED lights with a heat matt beneath. These plants will be grown outdoors on Vancouver Island Canada where our climate is mild being able to plant outdoors come May. They will be grown completely organic using compost teas and sprayed with KNF ferments. They will be in 100 gallon black fabric bags 2 feet high filled with good organic living soil with no bottom to allow the tap roots to go deep into the alluvial tilth. The soil is amended every winter with the add-on of compost , Fish bone meal , green sand , Alfalfa pellets for slow release [ livestock feed] Bovine manure, the addition of wild salmon timings from the smokehouse, a fresh herring placed under each plant at planting time for that added boost, etc with a top dressing of fresh Alginates Kelp, Sea cabbage , ell grass etc, collected from the local beach toped with Straw bedding from my neighbours Ducks. I apply fermented Bovine manure with wood ash yeast and molasses in March to re mineralise the soil and apply again mid summer. I expect that they will grow to their full potential and will I hope get to harvest them by mid to late September before we get the dreaded mould though some years we get a wet first two weeks of September which can bring the mould early. They will be watered with stream water as needed. Usually I get very little bug problems and if so I spray with Rosemary and Peppermint soap which seems to work real good. I will give updates as the season progresses. Thank you Blimburn for your good customer service.

Steve Campbell

Reviewing purchase and hatch. Will update with final result in 3 months or so.
Transaction was absolutely flawless and faster than stated. Shipping a bit pricey but better than watching your precious languishing for 2 weeks in some airport.
Arrived in A+ condition.

All three hatched after 5 days, within 12 hours of one another and are growing very uniformly, so seem good and stable. I expect I’ll be back.

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