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The best strains for making hashish

Every day it is more common for growers to look for weed varieties made to obtain cannabis extracts such as hashish. This is also due to the popularity that marijuana concentrates and resin extractions have achieved. Regardless of whether the crop is small, inside a closet or a large outdoor garden, it is always best to be as efficient and effective as possible, and that means obtaining the best performance in terms of quality and quantity with respect to time, money and effort. invested in farming.

In this blog we are going to browse, among the best cannabis strains to make hashish this 2022, since you are surely preparing your indoor or outdoor cultivation and you are dreaming of obtaining excellent extracts such as hashish, to delight yourself with your friends.

What types of hashish are there?

Before discovering what types of hashish exist, we are going to tell you that hashish is an extraction from the marijuana resin glands, where by different techniques the trichomes are separated from the plant part of the marijuana buds. Hashish usually has a very high concentration of cannabionoids such as THC or CBD.

This is because during the extraction these cannabinoids, among other substances, are separated from the buds and come together in a single compound. In this way they reach concentrations of up to 99% THC or CBD. They also accumulate a great flavor and aroma, since these organoleptic characteristics are found in the resin glands. Depending on how hashish is made and its type of extraction, different concentrations, colors and textures are achieved. Now, it depends on the technique used to extract the hashish from the marijuana buds, it can have various names, powers, flavors, colors, and textures. We are now going to review what are all the types of hashish that we can find.


This is the first hashish extraction that took place in history, and it also continues to be one of the best hashishes, one of the most powerful and tasty. However, its extraction method is not comfortable and that is why today it is almost in disuse.To extract charas hashish, the buds are rubbed still on the marijuana plant or freshly cut, with their hands so that the resin glands remain attached to the hand. Today gloves are used to avoid dirtying your hands, but in ancient times this process was done with bare hands. Once a good layer of resin was achieved, they rubbed their hands to loosen the precious pollen from their hands.

charas india

You may think that charas is hashish of a specific variety, but no, all hashish extracted from the oldest extraction methodology of the cannabis plant is called charas. The charas comes from India and Pakistan, although its putative origin (speculative origin, not proven) is in the Himalayas. Hindus have used charas for rituals and cultural festivities for thousands of years. Especially the Shivas use it a lot, these are the Hindus who worship the god Shiva. This god is supreme for them and it is said that he has a special devotion to this plant, so smoking charas is a way to worship him. What’s more, at the moment that they are producing the charas they sing their different names that they have had throughout the entire religion.

The main place of production for thousands of years has been the valleys of Privati ​​and Kashmir. In these valleys the cannabis plant grows freely everywhere. It is currently one of the main products of the area in terms of trade. In the past it was also traded alongside opium in the early days of the British Empire. To smoke the traditional charas, it is done with a conical pipe made of clay or wood, this conical pipe is called a chillum. Although if you don’t have this type of pipe or you don’t like to smoke a pipe, you can always make a joint, joint, mai or whatever they call it in your area. Of course, make a long joint and quilt it both above and below with tobacco, making it stay in the center, since if the charas is in direct contact with the paper, you will get a long nail.

Dry Hash

Secondly, we find dry hashish, which is one of the simplest and fastest techniques for making a cannabis concentrate at home. It is a full spectrum product since it is possible to extract most of the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant by removing the entire head of the trichome instead of dissolving them as occurs in other extractions in which chemical solvents are used.

dry hashish

It is the oldest method of producing concentrates and, although its origin has not been determined despite the multiple investigations carried out, everything points to the Asian continent, specifically Persia, a country that has been the leading exporter of hashish since the mid-1950s. 60 years. In the dry hashish extraction, no solvent or other type of product that alters the trichomes of the plant must be used, which is why it is said to be carried out “dry”. Instead, tools that work with movement are used, such as sieves or meshes of different microns.

With this extraction technique it is important to freeze the marijuana beforehand to achieve better results. In this way the resin glands are broken at their base and it is easier to separate them from the plant matter. This method of extracting hashish can be put against the fact that when doing it by friction and hitting it, very small pieces of vegetable matter are also released that filter and join with the pollen. This increases the quantity, but decreases the quality since it is not only resin that we finally collect.

Bubble Hash

Thirdly, there is the Bubble hash, an extraction that refers to a specific type of hashish made with a process that involves ice water. Like traditional hashish, bubble hashish is a solid concentration of cannabis resin glands or trichomes. It can vary in color from light blonde to dark brown. Bubble hash gets its name from its tendency to bubble when placed under a lighter flame.


Among the different qualities of Bubble Hash that can be obtained the “full melt” is considered the highest quality bubble hash. The ultra-refined full melt tends to bubble heavily when smoked or smoked, leaving little material behind. You can also see the hash rated on a scale of one to six, with six star hash being the most refined and desirable.These highest quality hash is made using extremely fine mesh sieves that prevent plant material from passing through, only the tiny heads of trichomes.

The best cannabis strain for making hashs

At this point we are going to talk about the best cannabis strains with which you can make hash. As we have already pointed out, terpenes are essential for making hashish, therefore it is always good to have weed genetics that have an excellent organoleptic spectrum and a good range of terpenes, if you want to obtain flavors that will delight your palate and that will delight you. make them fly into space.

best cannabis strain

But do not settle for only those qualities, as it is also good to look at weed genetics that contain a wide spectrum of cannabinoids, and obviously those varieties that are impressive producers of trichomes. An important detail is that the trichomes, or resin glands that contain potent amounts of THC, must be light, golden, and amber in color that reflects light and have oily, greasy, sticky, and stable consistencies. Those are the trichomes that are ready to be extracted and hashed.

Tangie Kush Regular

These days most gardeners want feminized genetics however here at Blimburn Seeds we recommend this Tangie Kush Regular strain to make an incredible hash due to its incredible spectrum of terpenes. It is not difficult to distinguish that Tangie Kush Regular has terpenes such as alpha pinene, which delivers flavors and aromas of pine and wood, typical of Kush varieties, and also, the mirceno terpene is present, which provides that taste of herbs and mountains (earth), very refreshing and that awakens the senses in the users.

Gorilla x Tangie Regular

In addition to its great spectrum of terpenes, Tangie Kush Regular  also stands out for its heavy yields that are between 1.31-1.64 oz/ft2 when grown indoor and even outdoor, reaching 19 oz/plant, perfect for making an incredible hashish in any of the formats that we show you at the beginning of this guide.  Recently, we talked about terpenes, which are responsible for the fruity flavor with earthy and orange notes, as well as an aftertaste of sweetness, something that marijuana connoisseurs appreciate because with each puff of the hash made with Tangie Kush Regular, you will to obtain not only a great effect on your mind and body, but also a magnificent flavor on your palate, which will travel through your nose and expand through your mind.

Ice Cream Cake x SFV OG Feminized

Ice Cream Cake x SFV OG is one of those crosses of the new generation that comes like a roaring drum to shake up the cannabis landscape since it is a genetic, mostly high potency indica with THC levels that are between 20%- 24% and that produce sensations that stimulate your appetite, make you feel like you are floating in an aura full of happiness and finally, they relax you intensely. On the other hand, the wonderful plants of this genetics produce up to 19 oz/plant of compact and rock-hard flowers outdoor and a marvelous 1.47 oz/ft2 of buds full of trichomes indoors.

Ice Cream x SFV OG

Terpenes such as limonene stand out in this genetics, which delivers refreshing notes and from there, the citric flavor of this cross, it is also possible to distinguish the linalool terpene which provides the earthy taste and causes those sensations of relaxation at the end of the flight. So, when making Ice Cream Cake x SFV OG hash, you will obtain an extraction with diverse flavors and powerful effects. For this reason, we recommend making a hash of the highest purity possible so that you obtain the best qualities of this variety of weed, both in the flavors like the aroma and also, in the punch that will make you float between heaven and earth where no one will see you.

Dark Star Fast Version

If you are looking for a hash of intense earthy flavors with sweet notes and piney and skunky aftertastes, Dark Star Fast Version should be selected for that purpose as those are the flavors that the flowers of this genetic give off, producing dreamy yields that reach up to 22 oz/plant outdoor and up to 1.96 oz/ft2 indoor. On the other hand, there is the power of this genetics that has THC levels that are between 18%-20%.

Purple Haze

This Dark Star Fast Version, besides being perfect for producing hash, is also very fast in flowering, therefore, it can be grown in large amounts or monoculture in case you want to make large amounts of extract, that is the best way to obtain a high quality product that will elevate you to supreme levels as a producer of extracts. As for the effects produced by this fast flowering genetics, one can distinguish an intense relaxation, the activation of the appetite and obviously the sensations of deep drowsiness. And in relation to the terpenes that predominate in this genetics, you will notice that the mycerne terpene is one of them, which stands out thanks to the intense earthy aroma that Dark Star Fast Version releases, but it is not the only terpene, since it can also be detect the humelene terpene that provides the refreshing side and the spicy notes in this weed genetics. Finally, all that remains is to tell you that you already know what hashish is, and you know the main types of hashish such as charas, bubble hash and dry hash. We cannot fail to mention that part of the history of this weed extract was shared with you in this guide, as well as the ways to use this mythical substance, without forgetting that you get the best cannabis strain recommendations to make the best hashish at home See you in the next blog and don’t forget to buy your high quality marijuana seeds here at Blimburn seeds.

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