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How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Hydroponically

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

There are several ways to grow marijuana including autoflowering varieties. In this article, we are going to tell you how to hydroponically grow your auto plants. In this type of cultivation, the nutrients found in the water are used, hence the name hydro. It may seem difficult to grow hydro for a beginning grower, however, it is not like that and it brings several comparative advantages.

Now, understanding how hydroponics works is a step towards obtaining the best potential from this type of system and from the marijuana plants you have in the garden. The hydroponic cultivation of cannabis plants is known to provide more productive and much more powerful specimens than those grown in soil. The technique consists of letting the autoflowering marijuana plants grow in water full of nutrients and oxygen. As there is no soil where the roots grow and the plants develop, all the necessary nutrients are obtained directly from the water.

This type of cultivation can provide autoflowering plants with the necessary nutrients for growth, such as nitrogen and oxygen, among others. It is also easier for the plant to absorb nutrients without the need to have roots that do double duty to grow and then colonize a substrate, as is the case when growing in soil.  Hydroponic cultivation also gives the grower control over all the variables that may be involved in growing. For this reason, when this cultivation technique is used, the plants grow notably faster and healthier. 

Differences between hydro cultivation and soil cultivation

We know the main differences between hydroponic cultivation and soil cultivation which helps to determine the advantages and disadvantages of how each cultivation system works. The soil is where nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus decompose and are absorbed by the plants when the water dissolves them in each type of irrigation.

  1. For the plant to adequately consume each of these nutrients, all of them must be proportionally balanced in the soil. However, this could be very difficult to do when growing in substrate as it is complex to measure the exact amount of nutrients found in the soil.
  2. When grown in soil, weed plants require more effort expanding their roots to the place where the best nutrients are found. Therefore, only when the nutrients dissolve in the soil, can the plant absorb them. Unlike with hydroponics, in the water, you can mix all the essential nutrients needed in a fair and practical amount and the plant does not require to work to find its food, as it does in the soil.
  3. By growing hydroponically, you have enough control over the growing area that this can generally reduce the risk of insects and other pests. This is very beneficial if your growing system is indoors. Fungi such as damping that are present with certain frequency in the soil are not found in hydro systems. This is perhaps one of the great benefits of hydro over the traditional soil cultivation system.

What does an autoflowering silver need to be grown in hydro?

At this point, we are going to talk about the essential things that autoflowering cannabis plants need to be grown in hydroponic systems. There are essential elements necessary for autoflowering plants to grow well when using hydroponic methods. With these compounds, we can guarantee strong stems and branches, healthy leaves, and heavy yields.



The water should have PH levels around 5 to 6. In this range, the plant can grow well and in a healthy way because it allows it to absorb the nutrients that are in the solution. To have control over the PH, we recommend that you use digital PH meters. There are also powders that dissolve in water to regulate the PH and can make it rise or fall. providing an optimal growing medium for your autoflowering cannabis plants.

Water Pump

Another essential item for the proper functioning of a hydroponic system is the pump with which the water is circulated within the pond where the weed plants grow.

It is also best to check the water flow, pump power, and any holes to avoid damaging the autoflowering plant or crop system.


There are currently various products on the market for special cultivation in hydroponics. To ensure that your plants have good nutrition, simply follow the cultivation programs of each product you use .Remember not to exceed the amount of fertilizers you apply, so as not to overfertilize the plants or cause their death. Also, it is good that the plant does not lack nutrients so that it does not suffer from deficiencies in any part of the growing cycle.


​​In the same way as a traditional soil cultivation, hydroponically grown autoflowering plants need a lighting system to grow and flourish in the most optimal way possible. Without good lighting, the entire cycle of the plant is diminished and it means that the plant does not develop and therefore, its harvest is bad or practically does not exist. We must be careful that the plants do not get too hot as it could be dangerous and affect the final harvest. To avoid this, a good distance between the grow lamps and the plants is essential. We recommend using LED lighting systems that do not emit too much heat to avoid the plants suffer from heat stress.

Tips for growing in hydroponics

From the beginning of this article, we have given you some information to make your hydroponic cultivation easier and more successful.

First, you do not require a substrate to put your autoflowering, germinated marijuana seeds. The above is done in rock wool which is the cheapest and fastest way to start the crop where the seed can develop its roots first thanks to the fact that rock wool allows good aeration and, therefore, the flow of water with nutrients that feed the nascent plant.

Another way that the crop can be split is with the use of jiffys, a place where the germinated seed is put and the small plant is made to grow until the roots cross the jiffy. Then, strong roots that take up all the jiffy can be passed to the new plant in the hydroponic system where it will begin to receive all the nutrients from the water and the system in question.

If you already have your system armed, you should know that a timer is necessary which regulates the work of the water pump and can make the pump turn off and on several times a day as required for its operation in the crop. It is good to have a stone inside the plant pond to help clean the water. The stones of fish tanks help a lot, are inexpensive, and are within the reach of most growers.

The 4 best Autoflowering strains for hydroponic growing

Mamba Negra Auto

The small giant, Mamba Negra auto, stands out for its large size when cultivated both in soil and even more so when it is cultivated in a hydroponic system. Its lateral branches are usually long and thick, allowing it to resist the heavy buds that are born when flowering.

This auto-flowering girl only takes 60 – 80 days from germination to harvest. It is super-fast, but has enough time to produce heavy yields ranging from 350gr – 400gr/m2 indoors. Imagine those harvests with a hydroponic system! The buds tend to be tight, hard, and are covered with an intense, very sticky resin.

When we talk about potency, Mamba Negra Auto has THC levels ranging from 8% – 15%. Its effect is powerful and users feel like going to sleep because it is relaxed and leads to a moment of intense tranquility. This strain is accompanied by a delicious, fruity flavor with earthy touches that is special for making hash.

Gelato Auto

Gelato auto is highlighted by various portals and communities specialized in cannabis as one of the varieties that best adapts and develops in hydroponic cultivation. Its development is strong with blunt, lateral branches and short internodes which give it a compact shape.

As we already pointed out, plants grow faster and stronger in hydroponics. This is also the case with Gelato auto that only needs 56 – 63 days in a complete cycle from planting to harvest. You can reach the maximum production with hydroponics indoors of 400gr – 500gr/m2.

The potency of this auto-flowering strain is expressed to the maximum in hydroponics with THC levels ranging from 19% to 21%. Also, it is good to note that the flavors of Gelato auto are unique when grown in this type of system because the sweetness and the fruity and fresh notes with hints of kush are felt in a unique way.

Pineapple Auto

First of all, it must be said that Pineapple Auto maintains unique qualities such as the exquisite fruity and sweet flavor that its terpenes give off and that stands out much more in hydroponic cultivation which is super attractive for terpene hunters. If you are a lover of extracts, this variety will make you dream because its organoleptic qualities are unique, managing to stand out in an incredible way in hydroponic crops.

Second but not least, is the speed of this variety because it completes its growing cycle in a time of 49 – 56 days in which you can harvest 450gr – 500gr/m2 indoors with a hydroponic system.

Another important point to highlight is that the power of Pineapple Auto. It is medium-high and ranges from 12% to 15% of THC. Therefore, its relaxing and bearable effect keeps you high for a good moment. 

Gorilla Glue #4 Auto

If you are looking for a monster auto-flowering cannabis plant, then Gorilla G#4 auto is what you must have in your garden because this girl grows and blooms monstrously, standing out for her gigantic size and also her high production. In indoor crops with hydroponics, you will be able to obtain the full potential of this variety with harvests of 400gr – 600gr/m2 of diabolical buds.

Gorilla G4 Auto - hydro

In addition to its great harvests, Gorilla G#4 auto also has an incredible potency that ranges from 18% – 24% THC which causes euphoric effects of happiness and of course an exquisite, bearable relaxation. All of the above is accompanied by a delicious, fruity flavor with notes of pine which will make you feel like you’re walking through a forest full of magical fruits.

When you want to grow Gorilla G#4 Auto in hydroponics and get the most out of it, we recommend using large pots from 4 gallons upwards to ensure a bountiful growth and harvest. In these cases, you must be patient with the plant and always try to be very careful. This will reward you after 8 – 9 weeks of cultivation because it is a fast and easy variety to cultivate.

There is no magic hydroponic system to obtain autoflowering cannabis plants of great size and production. Everything is a matter of work and dedication. However, we can assure you that these types of varieties can grow much taller and faster due to the constant supply of nutrients and water that this system provides.

Plants can produce buds with more terpenes than plants that grow in normal soil which results in a better quality of the weed you smoke. We invite you to try this cultivation system with our varieties of auto-flowering cannabis seeds because we know that if you do it well, you will be able to obtain much better results than cultivating in soil and thus maximize the performance of your plants.

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