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Perfect Light Times for Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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We all know that autoflowering strains are the fastest genetics to grow and are also photoperiod independent, unlike fast blooming, regular, fast version, or feminized genetics. The autoflowering varieties come from a strong genetic load from the ruderalis plants which are believed to originate from Siberia where the climate is cold and the hours of light are scarce compared to other areas of the planet where there are long hours of natural light.

The traits of the ruderalis genetics today are manifested in the new generation of autoflowering strains with strong plants that are characterized by their rapid flowering which begins after 4 weeks of growth or 30 days. Added to this is the remarkable power and production of current autoflowering varieties which amaze even the most expert gardeners.

This does not mean that autoflowering cannabis plants can be grown on their own. On the contrary, they still require care from growers in order to deliver good harvests with excellent potency. So, in order to have the best autoflowering plants, it is necessary to have the best possible lighting system and that is why in this guide, we are going to tell you about the best light cycles for autoflowering varieties so that you have great and delicious plants.

Cycle 24-0

One of the light cycles used for autoflowering cannabis plants is 24/0, that is, 24 hours of light and 0 hours of darkness. According to gardeners who experiment in this way, they say that autoflowering plants grow better and more powerful. If we analyze what science says, we can find that this theory is not far off because marijuana is a C₃-type plant that does not need rest but continues with photosynthesis as long as it receives light. Although some gardeners do not like this type of cycle, the main reason is the high energy cost of having the plants on a 24/0 cycle.

Cycle 18-6

In order for the plants to have healthy growth, a light cycle of 18/6 is used, meaning 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Of course, you will reduce the costs of electricity consumption because you will have the lights on for much less time. In order to carry out this cycle successfully, you need to use a timer in order to have good control over the hours of light they consume and respect the established schedules.

Cycle 20/4

Now, we will see the 20/4 light cycle which consists of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. This system is usually one of the busiest for growers of autoflowering varieties and also one of the most popular. This type of cycle allows the plants to grow healthier and stronger thanks to the 4 hours of darkness where they replenish energy.

Cycle 12/12

This type of cycle is mainly used for photoperiod plants, whether they are regular, fast blooming, feminized, or fast version. In addition, it can be used for autoflowering, although it is not very busy for growers because autoflowering plants generally remain small in size and their bud production is poor under these conditions.

Autoflowering growing outdoor

Autoflowering varieties can also be grown outdoors. In this case, we recommend doing it from mid-spring onwards until the end of summer or the first weeks of autumn. This is due to the fact that during the summer season, the plants receive more hours of light which means that the plants can grow stronger and have better bud production.

Growing autoflowering has different benefits such as producing more compact plants, making them more discreet than photoperiodic strains. Therefore, you can have them in a guerrilla crop without any problem. Of course, you must ensure that the flat plants have the necessary number of hours of direct light for their effective development which can be between 8 to 10 hours. In the event that your autoflowering plants cannot count on that number of hours of direct light, we recommend that you use a complementary light system to stimulate them. This will allow them to gain a few extra centimeters and bulk up their harvest.

Spectrum Light Type

In addition to the hours of light and the cycles, it is also necessary for the plants to receive certain light spectra that help optimal development which is why we will point out the two spectra that are perfect for cannabis plants.

The first of them is 6500k which is perfect during the growth phase as it promotes the growth of strong and well-defined plants. This spectrum is called the blue spectrum. In its counterpart, there is the red light of 2700 K which we use during flowering because it promotes the growth of the flowers and also allows a slight stretching of the weed plants, allowing the production of large and dense flowers.

The best autoflowering cannabis seeds for any cycle of light

We created this list of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds so that you can have them present in your next crop. Remember that you can find these auto weed seeds in our online store here at Blimburn Seeds where we guarantee a top quality cannabis strain, fresh seeds, and free shipping. Now, let’s go on with this fine selection of autoflowering weed seeds that you have been waiting for so long.

Chocolate Thai Auto

We bring you this auto strain called Chocolate Thai Autoflowering because it has a high potency due to its THC levels ranging from 21%-25%, proving that autoflowers can also hit hard and cause intense and relaxing effects. Chocolate Thai autoflowering is a variety of the new generation, therefore in just 8-9 weeks of cultivation, it can guarantee great harvests of 500-600 gr/m2 indoors for each crop.

Chocolate Thai Marijuana Plant

For this type of autoflowering variety that has a certain sativa tendency, we recommend excellent lighting as well as careful nutrition so that you can get the most out of the yield. You can also grow this strain outdoors and you will obtain between 60-80 gr/plant of buds with sweet flavors with tropical and lemon notes.

Black Jack Auto

We recommend Black Jack Autoflowering because it is one of the highest bud-producing cannabis strains you can grow. So, if you are looking for high production, you should select this weed variety. We say the above because with Black Jack Autoflowering,  you are going to harvest between 400-550 gr/m2 indoors and even more so if you use techniques such as SOG where with a 1 m2 crop of only Black Jack Autoflowering plants, you can achieve those succulent harvests.

Growing this variety outdoors during the summer is best for seasonal gardeners because they will be able to harvest between 20-250 gr/plant of compact buds covered in resin. We recommend that the nutrition is always organic so that the plants have maximized growth and abundant flowering.

Other characteristics that make Black Jack Autoflowering perfect include its rapid cultivation cycle that only takes between 42-49 days, during which time it produces buds that have a potency of 17%-19% THC that give off intense flavors and aromas.

Sweet Zombie Auto

When we talk about super fast autoflowering varieties, we must mention Sweet Zombie Auto, a variety that only takes between 6-7 weeks in its complete cultivation cycle, making it one of the fastest genetics that exist on the market.  In this time, you can harvest between 100-120 gr/plant if you grow outdoors and the harvest indoors is much larger where you will obtain between 350-450 gr/m2 of buds that tend to be compact, hard, and very resinous.

Sweet Zombie

In addition to the speed of these plants, you can also enjoy good levels of THC between 18%-20%. This is added to the delicious flavors that are released which are sweet and fruity and are combined with effects that are powerful, inducing a mildly euphoric state that ends with a good relaxation of the body.

Northern Lights x Cream Auto

The flavors of this Northern Lights x Cream Auto will surprise you because they are a mix between earthy notes and also very sweet and fruity. On the other hand, the harvests are not bad at all with this autoflowering variety because you get between 100-150 gr/plant when you grow outdoors. If we talk about speed, this strain also stands out for that, only taking between 49-56 days in the entire cycle to produce buds that have levels of 14%-18% THC.

Now, if you grow indoors, about 450 gr/m2 of delicious buds are waiting for you. They are typically hard as rocks and covered in trichomes, becoming very sticky. As Northern Lights x Cream Auto is a mostly indica strain, it tends to have a more compact structure which is why we recommend that you use LST-type cultivation techniques to allow air circulation and also the uniform formation of the lateral arms, thus developing thicker, more compact and productive buds at the tips.

Blue Gorilla Auto

We also recommend that you grow Blue Gorilla Auto because of its sweet flavors with fruity notes of berries and also some pineapple aftertaste. Thanks to its “Berry” side, all the sweetness is combined with a euphoric effect with happy sensations that end with a soft relaxation.

Blue Gorilla Auto

The production of Blue Gorilla Auto buds cannot be underestimated, delivering harvests that are between 80-100 gr/plant outdoors. On the other hand, indoor gardeners can collect a sum of 450-500 gr/m2 of flowers that are characterized by being covered with an intense resin thanks to the great trichomes it generates. The complete cultivation cycle is 9-10 weeks to deliver flowers with a potency of 18%-20% THC which is considerable potency for an autoflowering variety.

LSD Auto

An inevitable one is LSD Auto, a variety that needs between 6 and 7 weeks in its cultivation cycle to produce a great harvest of 400-600 gr/m2 indoors, while outdoors, you collect 200-400 gr/plant. We recommend that you do LST to the plants of this variety and that you try to use mycorrhizae, and an organic nutrition, to optimize the crop and have the maximum possible yield.

THC levels are 23%-25%, guaranteeing potency in each smoke from which earthy flavors are released with notable hints of skunk and a deep sweetness. The terpenes produce euphoric effects that culminate in a body relaxation that makes you fly on an intense “trip” as if it were a real LSD.

Banana Kush Auto

Banana strains have taken the cannabis scene by storm in recent years and our Banana Kush Auto is present in these recommendations, so you should definitely grow it in your next project. This strain is mostly indica and ready to be harvested after 70 days of cultivation.

The harvests produce 120-200 gr/plant outdoors, so you can collect a good amount of buds with sweet flavors like bananas with notes of tropical fruits. The effect is intense and feels like a body heaviness which makes users stay glued to the chair. That is why it is perfect for a day when you have nothing to do but be absolutely relaxed.

An important piece of information for the cultivation of Banana Kush Auto is that it is good to apply cultivation techniques such as Scrog because its elongated arms allow you to complete the space of a mesh. Therefore, if you have several Banana Kush Auto plants, you can use this technique to surely help you maximize the performance of the plants.

You are now ready to grow the best autoflowering seeds with all the tips, information, and details that we give you in this guide. Do not forget that here at Blimburn Seeds, you will find the best cannabis seeds with fast, discreet, and safe shipments.

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