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Best 10 Horror Movies to Watch High Smoking Weed

Dani Walton
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Welcome to our horror and marijuana movies blog! If you are a fan of horror movies and like to smoke weed, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best horror movies to watch while smoking and we will give you some tips on which marijuana strains are the ideal ones to enjoy this experience.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that smoking marijuana can affect the way you experience horror movies. Some people may feel more relaxed and enjoy a heightened sense of fear, while others may feel more anxious or paranoid. It is also important to remember that marijuana use should always be done responsibly and legally in your area.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best horror movies to watch stoned! One of our favorites is “The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick. This classic movie is always a safe choice for those looking for an intense and disturbing horror experience. Another great classic is “The Exorcist”, which will take you through a terrifying and supernatural journey.

For those looking for something a little more modern, we recommend “It Follows” and “The Babadook”. These movies will keep you glued to the screen with their haunting atmosphere and disturbing characters. Now that we’ve covered some of the best horror movies to watch stoned, let’s talk about which strains of marijuana are the best to accompany this experience!

What horror movies speak about weed?

Although we have not seen horror movies that are 100% High, there are a good number of films that make references in more than one scene to the holy grass. Therefore, here we are going to share some of those movies and their moments so that you can see some of these weed moments in horror movies.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the 2003 remake of the classic and controversial Texas masterpiece Chainsaw Massacre, the main group of young adults, also known as the bait, have just gone to Mexico to buy weed. Though they successfully get her across the border into Texas, her good fortune ends there.

Sleepaway Camp II

In this sequel to the super troubled sleepover game Sleepaway Camp, the main antagonist, Angela, returns as the camp counselor, and she’s ready to make some noise. And by this we mean brutally murdering your fellow staff and campers. After catching twin sisters Jodi and Brooke smoking some ganja, Angela knocks them unconscious and burns them to death, saying “say no to drugs.” She should be a spokeswoman for D.A.R.E.


If you haven’t seen the Hereditary yet, stop reading immediately and go watch it. In the interest of reducing spoilers, suffice it to say that a main character in Hereditary smokes some weed at a party instead of fulfilling a responsibility he said he would. This relatively routine act of adolescent transgression unwittingly helps something far more sinister to happen.

Hansel and Gretel Get Baked

One of the first scenes in Hansel and Gretel Get Baked is, appropriately, of two young adults getting high. Gretel and her boyfriend Ashton smoke a joint called “Black Forest” that Ashton bought from an old woman who grows cannabis. After Ashton goes missing on his mission to buy more “Black Forest”, Gretel enlists the help of her brother Hansel to investigate.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods plays through and explores various horror movie archetypes, including The Stoner, The Geek, and The Final Girl. In the final scene, stoner and the final girl share a joint and patiently await their accepted fate.


If you haven’t seen this movie or even heard of it, let me tell you, “bizarre” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Antibirth tells the story of Lou, a young woman who has a fondness for every drug under the sun, including weed. Lou, played by the inimitable Natasha Lyonne, begins displaying symptoms that seem to indicate pregnancy, despite her insistence that there’s no way she’s pregnant. There are several scenes of Lou smoking marijuana, so we leave you with the trailer. And the knowledge that Chloë Sevigny is also in this movie.

What is the effect of look movies in a stoner state

Watching a movie under the influence of marijuana can have a number of effects on the person watching it. Some people may experience a greater sense of relaxation and enjoyment while viewing, while others may feel more distracted and less able to follow the plot of the movie. One of the main reasons why watching a movie under the influence of marijuana can be different from watching it sober is that marijuana can alter the mood and perception of the person who uses it.

This can make scenes in the movie feel more intense or emotional, or it can make the person feel more distant and less connected to what’s happening on the screen. Also, marijuana can affect short-term memory, which means a person may not remember all the details of the movie after watching it.

Another factor to keep in mind is that marijuana can affect a person’s ability to pay attention and follow the thread of a story. The person may feel more distracted and have more difficulty following the dialogue or plot of the movie. This can make the movie-watching experience less enjoyable for some people.

However, despite these possible negative effects, some people may also find watching a movie while high on marijuana to be a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. This may be especially true for those who often feel stressed or anxious while watching movies, as marijuana can help reduce stress and anxiety.

In short, watching a movie under the influence of marijuana can have a number of effects on the person watching it, and it can be different for each person. Some people may find the experience more enjoyable and relaxing, while others may feel more distracted and less able to follow the plot of the movie. It is important to note that, as with any substance, it is important to use marijuana responsibly and with caution.

“It: Chapter Two” (2019): This amazing horror film is the sequel to “It” (2017) and follows the adult characters facing their childhood fear and the monster known as “It.”

“A Quiet Place” (2018): This monster horror movie follows a family that must live in complete silence to avoid attracting deaf and deadly creatures.

“Annabelle: Creation” (2017): This supernatural horror film is a prequel to “Annabelle” (2014) and follows a group of guests who move into the house of a demon-possessed doll.

“The Conjuring 2” (2016): This movie is the sequel to “The Conjuring” (2013) and follows a married couple of paranormal investigators who travel to London to help a family suffering from demonic possession.

“Insidious: Chapter 3” (2015): This horror film is the prequel to “Insidious” (2010) and follows a young woman who communicates with evil spirits through a Ouija board.

The best cannabis seed for watched movies when smoked

We know that not everyone does well to watch movies when they are stoned. But surely you love to watch movies smoked and in the cloud 420 as high as possible. For this reason, here we are going to share some of the best recommendations for marijuana varieties that you can grow, so that you can later enjoy its fruits and watch movies in high mode.We select these genetics for their THC potency, also for the great yields they deliver, for their ease and speed of cultivation, the rich flavor they deliver, among other factors. Let’s start!.

Purple Thai Regular

It has a fruity, berry and sweet flavor and an effect that leaves you in a state of joy and relaxes you at the end. With the seeds of Purple Thai Regular from Blimburn Seeds you will get some great yields of up to 19 oz/plant in outdoor cultivation and 1.64 oz/ft2 for indoor cultivation and also, it is an excellent genetics to make clones, which tend to be strong and productive.

Purple Thai Strain

As this strain leaves you in a super focused state, you’ll be glued to your favorite horror movie, feeling every moment as if it were happening in real life. You will achieve this thanks to its great THC levels that are between 22%-24% and its low CBD levels. With a little patience you will be able to have a great plant because, in flowering, this variety requires 16-20 weeks.

Remember that if you grow this genetics indoors, you can do it with cultivation techniques such as SCROG and LST, as well as different pruning to control its size. And if you grow Purple Thai Regular outdoors, you must be careful to select a female and not a male, so that you do not lose the growing season since, as you know, both male and female plants can be born from regular seeds.

Pinkman Goo

Another great genetic choice is Pinkman Goo, which has a banana flavor with an intense, sweet taste and an earthy aftertaste reminiscent of tropical fruits. This genetics is known for its effect that makes people happy and leaves users with extra energy, stimulating their creativity and leaving them in a 420 bubble. When you watch horror movies under the effects of Pinkman Goo, you will be on another planet and you will surely be able to enter your TV or computer screen to experience each of the scenes in real time, since their THC levels are between 16%-18% allow it.

Pinkman Goo strain

Now, if we talk about the cultivation of Pinkman Goo, we tell you that you get up to 1.47 oz/ft2 indoors, a wonderful amount and outdoors up to 21 oz/plant, with which this variety mostly guarantees that it will deliver a terrifying harvest. In case you suffer from arthritis, insomnia or chronic pain, we tell you that Pinkman Goo will leave you in a high state where it will help you with each of those problems for the same reason, be careful not to consume more than necessary because you can leave lying on the sofa.

Jack Herer Fast Version

In just 49 days of flowering you will be able to harvest the Jack Herer Fast Version that will also flood you with a feeling of being focused, with extra energy and also a lot of creativity. On the other hand, the buds that this variety delivers have an intense lemon flavor with pine aftertastes and a skunk undertone, therefore, you will feel a somewhat spicy aroma in your nose when you are impregnated with the smell of this incredible genetics.

Jack Herer Fast Version

Keep in mind that the THC levels of Jack Herer Fast Version are between 15%-20% and you can collect up to 1.31 oz/ft2 of buds in indoor crops. For outdoor gardeners waiting for the growing season, get ready that you are going to harvest up to 35 oz/plant with Jack Herer Fast Version, complete madness! super heavy harvest. As we tell you in other blogs, if you are looking for heavy yields in a short cultivation time, then this Fast Versions variety is what you need and if you add to that the fact that you will be able to watch some scary horror movies under its effects, much better.

Watching horror movies while smoking weed can be a very fun and exciting experience for some people. However, it is important to remember that marijuana use can affect each person differently and can intensify the effects of the film differently for each person. It is important to be aware of this and adjust your marijuana dosage accordingly to avoid an unpleasant experience.In short, watching horror movies while smoking weed can be a fun and exciting experience, as long as it’s done responsibly. It is important to choose movies that are suitable for each person’s tolerance level and adjust the marijuana dose accordingly to avoid an unpleasant experience.

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