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Funny Shows to Watch High: Guide for Enhanced Enjoyment

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Funny Shows to Watch High

Funny Shows to Watch High: There’s something uniquely delightful about watching a comedy show while high. The heightened senses can turn a simple joke into a burst of laughter that feels like it won’t stop. This guide delves into some of the best funny shows to watch when you’re high, providing you with a perfect mix of classics, new hits, and undiscovered gems. So grab your favorite snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh like never before!

The Unique Appeal of Watching Comedy High

Watching comedies while high can transform the viewing experience. The relaxed state induced by cannabis often leads to greater empathy with characters and a heightened appreciation for timing and detail in comedy. This can make the shows feel more engaging and their comedic timing more impactful.

Funny Shows to Watch High: Classics That Never Get Old

Friends: The Go-To Comfort Show

“Friends” has been a beloved sitcom for decades, known for its charming characters and humorous situations. When high, the subtle jokes and expressions become more pronounced, enhancing the laughter and joy that the show is famous for. The episode where Ross gets high and tries to impress his girlfriend’s parents is a particular highlight, offering an extra layer of relatability for viewers enjoying the show under similar influences.

Funny Shows to Watch High The office

The Office: Awkward Humor at its Best

This mockumentary-style series is filled with awkward moments and deadpan humor, which can seem even funnier when you’re high. The peculiarities of characters like Michael Scott become more pronounced, and episodes like “Dinner Party” can turn into a hilarious spectacle where every glance and silent moment is filled with humor.

Seinfeld: Master of Everyday Humor

Another classic that shines when watched high is “Seinfeld,” often described as a show about nothing. The series takes everyday scenarios and turns them into hilarious adventures, making it ideal for enhanced viewing experiences. Episodes like “The Contest,” where each character tries to abstain from self-gratification, become even more riotous and amusing when you’re in a heightened state of relaxation and amusement. The absurdity of simple life observations, mixed with clever dialogue, makes “Seinfeld” a perfect pick among funny shows to watch high.

These timeless classics provide not only a healthy dose of nostalgia but also a uniquely enhanced comedic experience when paired with the right mood and setting. Each show, with its distinct style of humor and memorable characters, offers endless laughs and comfort, making them great choices to enjoy while high.

Funny Shows to Watch High: Animated Adventures for a High Viewer

When looking for funny shows to watch high, animated series offer a special appeal. Their vibrant visuals and often surreal storylines are particularly enhanced when your senses are elevated. Here’s a deeper dive into some must-watch animated shows that can make your high times even more enjoyable.

Rick and Morty: A Surreal Journey Through Space

“Rick and Morty” is a standout choice for those high watching sessions. Its blend of existential themes with absurd humor provides an unpredictable viewing experience. The episode “Total Rickall,” where the family deals with false memories implanted by alien parasites, turns into a hilarious and mind-bending adventure that’s particularly entertaining when high.

Adventure Time: Dive into a World of Color and Whimsy

“Adventure Time” follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in the mystical Land of Ooo. The show’s colorful animation and creative storytelling make it a delightful choice for enhanced viewing. Episodes like “King Worm” where reality is constantly shifting, offer a particularly psychedelic experience that resonates well when you’re high.

Bob’s Burgers: Quirky Family Fun

Another excellent series to add to your list of funny shows to watch high is “Bob’s Burgers.” This show revolves around Bob Belcher and his quirky family who run a hamburger restaurant. The humor is grounded in everyday situations that escalate into absurdity, which can seem even more hilarious and relatable when you’re high. Episodes like “Crawl Space,” where Bob becomes trapped in the walls of their home, showcase the show’s ability to turn mundane scenarios into comedic gold.

Gravity Falls: Mysteries and Mischief

“Gravity Falls” offers a blend of mystery and comedy, set in a small town filled with supernatural occurrences. The series follows the adventures of Dipper and Mabel Pines, twins who spend the summer with their eccentric Great Uncle Stan. The episode “Summerween” where the twins encounter a trickster spirit demanding candy is especially fun to watch high, as the mix of spooky themes and clever humor creates an engaging and visually captivating experience.

These animated series each provide unique flavors of humor and adventure, making them perfect choices for funny shows to watch high. Their imaginative plots and lively animations enhance the sensory experience, ensuring that your viewing session is as enjoyable as it is memorable. Whether you’re laughing along with the interdimensional escapades of “Rick and Morty,” the surreal adventures in “Adventure Time,” the family antics in “Bob’s Burgers,” or uncovering mysteries in “Gravity Falls,” these shows are sure to amplify your high with their creative storytelling and distinctive humor.

Funny Shows to Watch High: Sitcoms That Hit Different When High

Sitcoms have a unique way of transforming ordinary life scenarios into extraordinary bouts of laughter, especially when you’re in the right mood and being high can certainly enhance that mood. Here are some classic and contemporary sitcoms that are particularly enjoyable to watch while high, each offering its own brand of humor that resonates deeply when you’re looking to relax and have a good laugh.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Laugh Out Loud with Every Episode

Set in the chaotic yet charming environment of a New York City police precinct, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cleverly combines crime and comedy. The chemistry among the cast, led by Andy Samberg’s lovable goofiness, shines brighter when you’re high, making the punchlines hit harder and the absurdities of police work seem even more hilarious. Notable episodes to watch while high include any featuring the Halloween heists, where the playful competitiveness of the precinct comes to full, glorious life.

Parks and Recreation: Quirky and Endearing

The small-town antics of Pawnee, Indiana, are brought to life by a cast of endearingly quirky characters in “Parks and Recreation.” Each episode is filled with optimistic and bizarre endeavors led by the ever-enthusiastic Leslie Knope. Watching this show while high can make the characters’ eccentricities seem even more charming and the comedic timing more profound. The episode “The Fight” is particularly hilarious, as it features the entire cast letting loose at a nightclub, resulting in some of the most memorable drunk scenes in sitcom history.

That ’70s Show: A Nostalgic Trip

“That ’70s Show” takes viewers back to the laid-back era of the 1970s, seen through the eyes of a group of Wisconsin teenagers.

Viewers who are high resonate particularly well with the show’s iconic circle scenes, where the characters sit in Eric’s basement and pass around a joint (though the smoking is only implied), thanks to the hazy, dreamlike filming style and the characters’ spaced-out discussions.

Episodes like “Garage Sale,” where Hyde concocts “special brownies,” offer a hilarious perspective on teenage experimentation and the era’s subculture, making it a perfect watch for a chill night in.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: From Philly to Bel-Air

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” showcases Will Smith’s charismatic and often hilarious transition from the streets of Philadelphia to the mansions of Bel-Air. Watching this show high can bring a new appreciation for the show’s clever humor and sharp social commentary, wrapped in a feel-good family setting. The cultural clashes and witty comebacks, especially from characters like Uncle Phil and Geoffrey the butler, become even more impactful. An episode to watch while high is “Papa’s Got a Brand New Excuse,” where Will’s humor and emotional depth are showcased simultaneously, making for a memorable viewing experience.

Funny shows to watch high often include those where the humor is immediate and the settings are relatable. These sitcoms not only provide laughter but also a comforting sense of nostalgia and escapism, perfect for enhancing the relaxed vibes that come with being high. Whether you’re revisiting these classics or discovering them for the first time, each episode promises to be better when enjoyed with a heightened sense of joy and amusement.

Funny Shows to Watch High: Sketch Comedy Shows


Saturday Night Live: A Comedy Staple

“Saturday Night Live” (SNL) has long been a mainstay of American television, offering a mix of satire, celebrity impressions, and musical performances. Watching SNL while high can amplify the hilarity of its live, unpredictable nature. For instance, sketches that lampoon political figures or spoof commercials can seem even more absurd and entertaining. The off-the-cuff bloopers and cast breakouts, where performers like Pete Davidson or Cecily Strong barely hold back their laughter, become contagiously funny.

Key & Peele: Masters of Sketch Comedy

“Key & Peele” showcases a range of societal and racial issues with a comedic twist that’s both insightful and hilarious. The duo’s chemistry and timing, seen in sketches like the overly enthusiastic substitute teacher or the valet attendants obsessed with Liam Neeson, are heightened by the relaxed inhibitions of being high, making the punchlines hit harder and the pauses more pregnant with humor.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Surreal and Innovative

British sketch comedy at its finest, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” introduced a blend of surrealism and smart, absurd humor that remains influential. The Python crew’s sketches, such as “The Ministry of Silly Walks” or “Dead Parrot,” can seem even more bizarre and laugh-out-loud funny when you’re high. The show’s clever wordplay and unexpected turns—hallmarks of Monty Python—take on a new level of enjoyment with an elevated perspective.

Portlandia: The Quirks of Portland Amplified

“Portlandia” taps into the cultural peculiarities of Portland, Oregon, with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein playing a variety of characters, all exaggerated yet oddly believable. The show’s sketches, like the feminist bookstore or the “put a bird on it” art craze, become even more amusing when watched high. The show’s gentle mockery of hipster culture and societal norms plays well with an enhanced state of mind, making the subtleties and absurdities particularly enjoyable.

Each of these shows offers a unique take on sketch comedy that seems tailor-made for watching while high. Whether it’s the live sketch madness of “Saturday Night Live,” the precise cultural critiques of “Key & Peele,” the bizarre British humor of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” or the hipster satire of “Portlandia,” these funny shows to watch high will keep you entertained and laughing throughout.

Funny Shows to Watch High: British Humour for the High Viewer

British humor, with its unique blend of irony, understatement, and wit, can be particularly delightful when you’re enjoying some of the best funny shows to watch high. The nuanced jokes and clever dialogues often take on a new life, allowing you to appreciate the subtleties of British comedy more deeply. Here are some iconic British series that are perfect for enhancing your high with a good laugh.

The IT Crowd: Geeky and Goofy

Set in the basement of a nondescript building, “The IT Crowd” revolves around the shenanigans of three staff members of an IT department. Known for its quirky characters and surreal humor, the show thrives on the absurdities of tech support and office culture. Episodes like “The Work Outing” highlight the show’s ability to escalate simple situations into ludicrously funny scenarios, which can seem even more hilarious when watched high.

Peep Show: Through the Eyes of the Odd Couple

“Peep Show” employs a unique point-of-view shot that puts you inside the minds of the main characters, Mark and Jeremy, two flatmates with drastically different lives and outlooks. This series shines a light on their inner thoughts and the awkwardness of their day-to-day interactions, making their misadventures and social faux pas even more painfully funny when you’re high. The intense internal monologues and bizarre situations, like Mark trying to impress his crush while being utterly inept, are comedy gold.

Absolutely Fabulous: Outrageously Glamorous

“Absolutely Fabulous” follows the lives of Edina, a fashion PR agent, and her best friend Patsy, who live a life of excessive drinking and glamour chasing. Their attempts to stay young and hip despite their advancing ages result in a series of comedic escapades. The show’s over-the-top scenarios, like inadvertently finding themselves on a deserted island, and their absurd vanity, become even more amusing under the influence. The bright visuals and rapid-fire wit make it a fantastic choice for light-hearted, high viewing.

Blackadder: Clever and Cynical

“Blackadder” is a pseudo-historical sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson, who plays different members of the Blackadder dynasty throughout the ages. Each series is set in a different historical period, with Blackadder usually portrayed as the clever, deadpan character surrounded by fools. The sharp, satirical humor and elaborate wordplay are especially enjoyable when high, as the historical settings and clever scripts offer a humorously distorted reflection of our own world. The episode “Beer,” where Blackadder attempts to host a sober dinner party while simultaneously entertaining his rowdy drinking friends, is a standout for its clever plot twists.

These shows exemplify the best of British humor with their unique storytelling, eccentric characters, and witty dialogues. Watching these funny shows to watch high not only guarantees a good laugh but also an appreciation for the craft of British comedy.

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Finding the right show to watch while high can significantly enhance your viewing experience. Whether you prefer the absurdity of animated adventures or the relatable scenarios of classic sitcoms, this guide offers a comprehensive look at the best funny shows to watch high. So next time you’re ready to light up and tune in, consider one of these hilarious options for an unforgettable viewing session. Happy watching!

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