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The most mold-resistant marijuana strains

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Mold is a common fungus. In marijuana plants, the fungal infection usually appears first on the leaves. At first, the mold looks like blisters or even small pimples on the leaves. From there, it gradually forms a white, powdery substance that will end up covering the entire plant.

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a grower is that the crops get moldy before harvest because that means you will have to lose some of or possibly the entire crop.  Mold can occur in indoor crops due to ventilation problems, increased temperatures, and humidity. Outdoors, it appears in areas where climates are usually hot and humid, especially in more tropical places. For their part, greenhouse gardeners must carefully take care of ventilation and humidity systems because having control over these factors will prevent the appearance of mold.

That is why it is good to be clear about what type of strain you are going to grow before starting in order to avoid risks and problems in the future. From here, we can tell you that the varieties that resist mold well are those that produce large amounts of resin. However, this is a preliminary preparation which we will cover in the following article where we show you the most resistant varieties to mold so that you can buy the best marijuana varieties for your growing area here at Blimburn Seeds.

Moby Dick

The famous Moby Dick is one of the recommended varieties because its resistance to mold is undeniable thanks to the fact that it has a mostly sativa tendency and delivers buds that, although they are compact, do not allow mold to occur. When you grow this strain, we recommend that you use cultivation techniques such as topping. This allows you to multiply the colas and also ensures that there is good aeration between the arms and their buds.

Moby Dick Seeds
Moby Dick Seeds

Now, if we talk about Moby Dick, we must take into account its great, monstrous harvests because outdoors, you can collect 1500 gr/plant of buds with sweet flavors and notes of pine and citrus. For its part, an indoor grower can collect up to 650 gr/m2 in just 65 days of flowering. Moby Dick is probably one of the most powerful strains on the market with THC levels of 24%-27% which generates effects that stimulate creativity and fill users with energy.


Panama is a practically pure sativa, coming from the tropics to your garden with its flavors of cough syrup, hints of lemon, and a potency of 11%-15% THC. We recommend this strain for crops in humid places because it resists mold. This is because it comes from Panama, a land with a warm climate and high levels of humidity. Therefore, resistance to fungi is inherent in its genetics.


To grow this variety, you must have a little patience because it takes between 9-12 weeks of flowering, delivering beautiful harvests of 400-500 gr/plant outdoors, making it perfect for the outdoor season. Meanwhile, indoor gardeners can collect between 300-400 gr/m2 and can use cultivation techniques such as SCROG to ensure the growth of uniform and robust apicals that are full of flowers.

Power Plant Fast Version

With a flowering time of only 6-8 weeks, Power Plant Fast Version is a perfect strain for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation in places where the growing season is short or the climate is humid. The above is because by having such a short flowering, you avoid suffering from the appearance of fungi such as mold that can damage your entire crop, although it is never too much to carry out inspections on the plants and their buds so as not to suffer problems.

Power plant Fast Version
Power plant Fast Version

Power Plant Fast Version also delivers harvests of 400-550 gr/m2 indoors where a good ventilation system will allow you to harvest healthy buds. On the other hand, if you grow outdoors, you can collect between 400-600 gr/plant of buds that give off flavors that have spicy notes with strong reminiscences of wood and earth.

The THC levels of this variety range from 16%-18% which is why its effects are usually energetic and stimulate your creativity, making it perfect for performing artistic tasks or looking for a bit of the inspiration you want.

Strawberry Gum Auto

Autoflowering varieties cannot be missing from this list such as Strawberry Gum Auto, a super fast variety that can be harvested after 9 to 10 weeks of cultivation from sowing. As we already know, autoflowering varieties can avoid problems such as humidity due to their short life, so we recommend these genetics.

Bubblegum Haze

Now, if we talk about Strawberry Gum Auto, we must say that it is a variety that has levels of 14%-20% THC with buds that are full of resin with flavors of strawberry and very sweet fruity tastes such as melon. When we talk about harvests, we must be clear that between 80-100 gr/plant can be obtained when this variety is grown outdoors, while indoors, you get 450-500 gr/m2.

For autoflowering varieties, it is recommended that cultivation techniques such as LST be used which allow your plants to have more uniform lateral branches and also better aeration of the buds to help you avoid problems with fungi and other types of evils that affect the plants. Don’t forget that the effects of Strawberry Gum Auto are creative, make you feel happy, and give you extra energy.

Candy Kush Regular

For fans of regular varieties, you can’t miss Candy Kush Regular which is perfect for more humid climates and low temperatures or short summers as it supports mold well and also produces fruity, dense, and sticky buds. The above is due to the fact that it originated from an OG Kush x Trainwreck cross which gives it qualities such as flowering that only takes 70 days.

Candy Kush Regular

We point out that the bud production of this strain is perfect because you get between 550-600 gr/plant outdoors and about 450-500 gr/m2 if you grow it indoors. As this is a mostly indica variety, using techniques such as LST is perfect for it and doing apical pruning gives it the possibility of developing robustly with tips full of dense buds.

If you are a grower who likes to create your own genetics, then Candy Kush Regular is perfect because with the selection of a good male of this variety, you can obtain excellent pollen to develop your own new cannabis variety.

Super Silver Haze Auto

We understand that speed of cultivation is one of the great factors that allows us to avoid problems with mold. For the same reason, we recommend Super Silver Haze Auto because in just 56-63 days from planting to harvest, you will have the delicious buds that this variety delivers, featuring fresh flavors of fruits and citrus notes.

Super Silver Haze Auto
Super Silver Haze Auto

Silver Surfer Haze Auto is perfect for beginning growers in high humidity conditions because it is easy to grow and has minimal requirements. However, you should not forget to carry out daily reviews of the plant’s buds to avoid surprises and maintain healthy specimens. The potency of this variety ranges from 15%-17% THC and delivers yields of 120-170 gr/plant outdoors and about 250gr-300gr/m2 if you grow it indoors. Therefore, we can summarize that it is an ideal strain for hot, humid climates or short growing seasons.

Green Crack Fast Version

Green Crack Fast Version is another super fast flowering variety that can’t be missing in your garden. It is ready after 45-50 days of flowering, delivering great harvests of up to 1200 gr/plant outdoors and is a true bud-producing beast. Therefore, if you grow it outdoors, we recommend using vertical SCROG to ensure that the lateral branches expand and have enough air as well as cleaning the lower parts to extract excess branches and leaves to stimulate the tips.

Green Crack Fast Version Marijuana Plant

If you grow indoors, you can collect a great amount of buds between 400-600 gr/m2 which will grow healthier if you apply a SCROG and LST. If we talk about flavor, we can say that the flowers of Green Crack Fast Version give off citrus tastes with notes of earth and tropical aftertastes that cause a fresh sensation on your palate. Regarding potency, it maintains THC levels of 12%-18% which stimulate people’s appetites, help control pain, and relieve stress and fatigue.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue is added to this list of recommended varieties because with only 8-9 weeks of flowering, it is perfect for the most humid places where mold can lurk. If you grow indoors, you can be sure that you will get between 500-600 gr/m2 of buds that are perfect for their cheese flavor with notes of chocolate and skunk. Due to the large size that it can reach, we recommend that you clean the lower and middle parts of the plant as well as prune it to maximize its yield.

Chocolate Fondue Marijuana Plant

Undoubtedly, outdoors or in a greenhouse is where you can see the full potential of this variety with harvests of 600-700 gr/plant. Being a daughter of an Exodus UK Cheese x Chocolopez cross, the effects it produces remain creative and generate electrifying sensations in users that fill them with energy. It is also noted that the THC levels, ranging from 15%-20%, make it perfect for use during the day.

Diesel Regular

Diesel is a classic variety and we are presenting its regular version because as we have already mentioned in other articles, regular varieties are usually more robust, stronger, and also more resistant, qualities that this variety already has but multiply in its regular version.

Diesel Regular

You will have to wait between 65-75 days for the flowering of your Regular Diesel plants which deliver yields of 600-1000 gr/plant when grown outdoors or in a greenhouse. Indoors, the harvests are not less, on the contrary, you can collect between 450-500 gr/m2 of buds that have THC levels between 16%-21%. If we talk about the flavor of this plant, it obviously has notes of Sour with hints of pine and wood and causes energizing effects that motivate your day and fill you with joy.

Cindirella 99 x Amnesia Haze

Not recommending this variety is almost a crime because we have 2 super resistant legends, Cinderella 99 and Amnesia Haze, in a single cannabis variety that is twice as powerful and strong as its parents. This Cindirella99 x Amnesia Haze cross resists mold and humidity very well, but you must be careful and check the crop daily because the buds can become very compact thanks to its Cinderella 99 parent.

Cinderella 99 x Amnesia Haze
Cinderella 99 x Amnesia Haze

On the other hand, if we talk about how to grow it outdoors and indoors, you can apply SCROG to help the lateral branches and enhance the tips and apicals. Ensure good ventilation indoors and in the greenhouse to avoid problems with fungi. It is essential to have extraction systems, fans, and air intractors plus filters and good humidity and temperature meters in the crop to keep everything under control.

In just 65-70 days, you can collect 550-600 gr/plant outdoors and if you grow indoors, about 450-500 gr/m2. The buds develop a potency of 15%-20% THC with diesel flavors and sweet notes. Furthermore, the effects are typical of mostly sativa strains, that is, energizing, motivating, and powerful.

Now that you have all of these great recommendations for the varieties of your next crop, buy them here at Blimburn Seeds. Remember that we have fast, safe, and discreet shipping. Buy the best weed seeds for indoor cultivation or for outdoor or greenhouse breeding here at Blimburn Seeds!

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