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Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of outdoor autoflower seeds? If you’re searching for Outdoor autoflower seeds 2023, you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about outdoor autoflower seeds and how they can help you grow your own cannabis garden. Get ready to unlock the secrets of successful cultivation!

What are Outdoor Autoflower Seeds?

Outdoor autoflower seeds are a special type of cannabis seeds that offer a convenient and efficient way to grow your own marijuana plants. These seeds are genetically designed to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically, regardless of the light cycle. This unique trait makes them ideal for outdoor cultivation, as they eliminate the need for strict light control.

The Benefits of Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

Why should you consider choosing outdoor autoflower seeds in 2023? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:

  1. Ease of Cultivation: Outdoor autoflower seeds are perfect for beginners and seasoned growers alike. They require minimal effort and expertise, making them a hassle-free option for anyone interested in cultivating their own cannabis.
  2. Fast Growth: These seeds have a rapid life cycle, allowing you to enjoy your homegrown cannabis in no time. Most outdoor autoflower strains can go from seed to harvest in just 8 to 10 weeks, providing you with quick results.
  3. Outdoor Versatility: Outdoor autoflower seeds are well-suited for outdoor environments. They can withstand various weather conditions and thrive in gardens, balconies, or any other suitable outdoor space.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

When selecting the best outdoor autoflower seeds for 2023, consider the following factors:

  1. Genetics and Breeding: Look for reputable seed banks or breeders that offer high-quality outdoor autoflower strains. Check for reliable genetics and stable varieties to ensure successful cultivation.
  2. THC Content: If you’re seeking potent effects from your cannabis, consider outdoor autoflower seeds with high THC levels. This will ensure you can enjoy the desired psychoactive experience.
  3. Yield Potential: If maximizing your harvest is a priority, opt for outdoor autoflower seeds known for their high yield potential. This way, you can make the most of your gardening efforts.

Purple Sunset Auto – Outdoor Autoflower Seeds

Purple Sunset Auto is a very distinctive strain, with origins from a Purple Punch and the famous Sunset Sherbet, which was optimized with a special ruderalis genetics. This autoflowering variety has been developed to have a high resin production capacity and the distinct purple hues that are characteristic of some strains.

It has also been endowed with a great capacity to produce buds, with outdoor yields reaching up to 17 oz/plant. When it comes to the taste of Purple Sunset Auto, it has a sweet/caramel flavor with subtle notes of red fruits, providing a sweet and sour bouquet that will conquer anyone’s palate.

It is characterized by an exotic pastry aroma with a floral/earthy base and a faint diesel flavor.

Purple Sunset Auto
Purple Sunset Auto

Outdoor growers and extraction enthusiasts will enjoy Sunset Purple Auto the most, as it will display even more vibrant hues in its flowers and offer the highest resin levels, especially in areas where temperatures drop sharply at night. The quality of its harvests is unbeatable.

We will have it ready to harvest in 8-9 weeks after germinating the seed, delivering incredible yields. In terms of its effects, Sunset Purple Auto produces a completely relaxing sensation, making it perfect for bedtime and relaxing while watching TV, although it can be a bit heavy to consume in the morning. It also has high medicinal properties, even helping people with migraines.

Its resin is perfect for making ointments or salves, especially to relieve muscular pain.

Strawberry Pie Auto

A true delight with an impressive 24%-26% THC content and an exquisite aroma. This sweet strain boasts unique colors and smells like red berries and cookie dough, making your mouth water. This super-indica dominant producer will be fully ripe in approximately 8-10 weeks and can yield up to 1.80 oz/ft2 of flowers indoors.

The Strawberry Pie Auto buds are thick and dense, with a light green color and hints of pink, purple, and red, complemented by long orange pistils, making it an incredibly attractive strain that’s perfect for commercial growers. It’s a fantastic choice for those seeking a relaxing effect with a fruity twist.

Strawberry Pie Auto
Strawberry Pie Auto

 The effects of Strawberry Pie Auto will leave you focused and centered without feeling sedated or sleepy. It grows well both indoors and outdoors and is highly resistant to all elements, making it an excellent option for outdoor growers who can benefit from its high yields and colorful buds.

It’s an absolute dream strain for extractors and hash makers, especially due to the incredible amount of trichomes it produces.

Despite being capable of growing up to 1 meter tall, this strain remains very compact and can yield up to 5.29 oz/plant in outdoor grows. It’s best to ensure that it reaches flowering during days with maximum temperatures and natural sunlight or summer sun.

It grows with a tall main cola and large, thick fan leaves, typical of Indica strains, and very symmetrical side branches that are covered in beautiful buds. The buds can develop reddish tones mixed with pink and purple, while filling up with crystals, becoming fully coated in trichomes and smelling like strawberries at the time of harvest.

Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto

Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto is the perfect addition for any home grower. This strain not only smells, tastes, and feels great, but it is also loaded with first-class American genetics and is a joy to grow, both indoors and outdoors.

Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto is an interesting cross between two super-famous and respected strains in the USA, offering exquisite flavors and aromas, and THC levels ranging from 20%-22%, providing a balanced high with certain flashes of euphoria, ultimately leading to a good relaxation.

If you cultivate this strain outdoors in places with colder climates or where temperatures drop rapidly when summer ends, you can expect a high resin production and an exceptional yield, perfect for making extractions.

Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto
Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto

It’s worth noting that indoor yields for Pink Rozay x Gelato Auto range from 1.31-1.47 oz/ft2 while outdoor yields can give you a higher yield of 4.23-8.46 oz/plant, with compact and hard buds that release a delightful sweet, earthy aroma.

In places with warmer and drier climates, this strain requires extra hydration, so be careful not to let the substrate dry out too much. On the other hand, start growing this strain around two weeks into spring so that your plants can take advantage of the longest hours of sunlight and the best temperatures for growth during the early days of summer, where the sun is intense.

Critical x Mazar Auto

Smoking a joint of Critical x Mazar Auto releases a strong aroma that smells of damp soil and citrus notes. The flavor becomes more refined as it reaches the tongue due to the dominant citrus taste. This mostly Indica autoflowering strain is good for enhancing creativity and also induces a cheerful effect.

Critical x Mazar Auto takes between 9-10 weeks for complete cultivation from seed to harvest. Upon completing its flowering period, it yields up to 1.64 oz/ft2 in indoor cultivation and up to 21 oz/plant when grown outdoors.

Critical x Mazar Auto
Critical x Mazar Auto

On the other hand, the potency of this strain ranges from 18%-20% and is perfect for outdoor cultivation in places with short summers and where rains start hastily once the summer is over. Being an autoflowering strain, we recommend growing it directly in the soil or in large pots from the outset to avoid stressing the plant.

If the climate in your cultivation area is very humid, we suggest growing it in a greenhouse with necessary measures such as fans and air extractors to reduce humidity levels and prevent the appearance of fungi on the plant buds.

Watermelon OG Auto

Watermelon OG Auto is a predominantly Indica cannabis plant that thrives outdoors and can reach a height of up to 150 cm. It’s an ideal plant for beginners due to its ease of cultivation and resilience to various climates. When grown outdoors, Watermelon OG Auto produces dense buds similar to those of Kush, with an impressive amount of trichomes and light purple tones.

The outdoor yield ranges from 3.52-4.23 oz/plant. Keep in mind that outdoor plants may need extra time to mature, especially if they are germinated out of season. It’s recommended to give them an additional 1 to 2 weeks of growth to ensure optimal bud maturation.

Auto Watermelon is the result of crossing Melon Purple and Black OG with ruderalis genetics, resulting in plants with purple and black hues on their leaves, as well as a watermelon aroma with a Kush undertone.

Watermelon OG Auto
Watermelon OG Auto

The effects of Watermelon OG are very comprehensive, keeping the mind alert and focused with THC levels ranging from 22%-25%. Its predominantly Indica genetics also provide intense physical relaxation, which improves rest and even reduces certain types of pain. It’s a perfect strain to use during the evening or night as it allows for a more peaceful and restful sleep.

Watermelon OG has a potent fruity and earthy aroma that becomes particularly noticeable during the final flowering and fruiting stages. When tasted, a refreshing watermelon flavor can be enjoyed, with a slight earthy undertone reminiscent of the best Kush varieties.

Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto

Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto is a highly sought-after strain due to its potent THC levels, classic lineage, and easy-to-manage growth. This variety is a cross between Tropicana Cookies x OG Kush Auto and is predominantly Indica, making it perfect for daytime use. As for growing, it thrives indoors or outdoors with relatively medium heights.

In outdoor growing, you can get up to 15 oz/plant of thick and heavy buds covered in intense resin. Keep in mind that the months from June to October are the best for Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto if grown outdoors. This strain prefers hot climates with full days of sunshine, ensuring maximum plant development.

Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto
Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto

When it comes to the aroma, flavors, and appearance of Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto, we can say that it captivates with its magnificent colors. The strain glimmers like a rainbow whether under the sun or artificial light, exhibiting a range of green, yellow, and purple hues. Additionally, the buds sparkle with a sticky layer of trichomes that resemble crystals.

The fragrance of Tropicana Cookies Purple Auto is equally pleasing and sweet, with a strong scent of sweet berries that carries a subtle earthy hashish note. As the strain matures, it fills the grow space with aromas reminiscent of a freshly harvested vineyard or orchard, along with fruity scents such as grapes, apples, and citrus.

Banana Kush Auto

Banana Kush Auto is a latest-generation autoflowering strain that yields large harvests. It boasts excellent stability, a wonderful and intense banana aroma, and tremendous potential. This Indica-dominant strain was created by crossing an amazing (Banana x OG Kush x White Widow x Ruderalis).

Regarding the cultivation of this variety, we can tell you that growing Banana Kush Auto in soil will accentuate its sweet banana aroma, while hydroponic cultivation will maximize the yield. Thanks to its vigorous growth, it will thrive in both growing mediums.

Banana Kush AUTO
Banana Kush AUTO

The growth time is rapid, taking only 49-56 days from seed, which means you won’t have to wait all summer to have this well-known herb. Outdoors, you can have two harvests and get up to 4 oz/plan. Indoors, the yield can reach up to 1.80 oz/ft2 per harvest. It’s an optimal choice for both novice and experienced cultivators.

The aroma and flavor are intense and reminiscent of fresh sweet bananas. The effects are very physical and calming for the mind. The high starts quickly, with a clear-headed buzz and continues to progress into a very pleasant bodily sensation of heaviness. It’s no coincidence that Banana Kush Auto is one of the most popular strains in US marijuana dispensaries.

It’s not just for patients, but for those who already know it, Banana Kush Auto becomes an absolute necessity. Purchase now, the incredible Banana Kush Auto seeds here at Blimburn Seeds.

Mimosa XXL Autoflower

Mimosa XXL Auto is a high-yielding autoflowering strain whose genetics have become one of the most sought-after in the United States in recent years.

This hybrid, a product of the Clementine x Skunk cross, stands out for many attributes, including the beautiful visual effect of its plant, thanks to a combination of red and purple colors in both its leaves and flowers.

These flowers also feature prominent orange pistils, which provide an incredible finishing touch. The best aesthetic properties of Mimosa XL Auto can be appreciated in outdoor cultivation, where a beautiful mix of colors predominating purple tones is manifested.

mimosa xxl autoflower
mimosa xxl autoflower

 It is recommended that it be grown in large pots to promote its root development and growth. The use of tutors that support the buds during flowering can also improve its result.

Mimosa XL Auto can be cultivated year-round in temperate climates, although its yield will always depend on a good amount of hours and the intensity of the sun. Its outdoor harvest can reach up to 21 oz/plant.

Mimosa XL Auto awakens intense sensations such as joy and vitality. It also stimulates imagination and creativity, two essential components for those dedicated to artistic activities, as well as for people working in constantly creation-related themes.

Strains featured in this article:

Mike Wilson

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