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Best 5 strain for Depression

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
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First, medical cannabis can help alleviate people’s depressive and anxiety symptoms, according to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry. It is also associated with a general improvement in quality of life according to work carried out over four years. The research involved 368 participants who were cannabis users and 170 who were not (the control group). All participants reported anxiety or depression: many reported postpartum depression, dysthymia, and various disorders such as major depressive, premenstrual dysphoric, seasonal affective, generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, or agoraphobia.

A baseline survey found that the first group self-reported less depression, better sleep, less pain, and overall better quality of life. Significantly, participants who initiated medical cannabis use during the study follow-up period reported lower levels of anxiety and depression, compared to those who did not initiate cannabis use at all. The researchers further looked at these results in those using cannabis containing cannabidiol (CBD) and not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The authors of the paper clarify that future placebo-controlled studies are needed to replicate these findings and determine the route of administration, the dose, and the characteristics of the product formulation to optimize clinical results

Some terpene can help relieve depression

Cannabis contains different terpenes, some of which can also help alleviate the symptoms of depression. These terpenes are also found in many plants in addition to cannabis, they are responsible for giving the different varieties of cannabis their smell and flavor. Also, researchers have identified more than 100 terpenes in all strains of cannabis, although some are more prevalent than others. The second most common terpene is limonene, and it is known for its citrus aroma and flavor.

Some believe that limonene relieves both depression and anxiety. Known as the “lemon terpene” it can also help boost the immune system, clear up gastrointestinal issues, and fight tumors and infections. Meanwhile, preliminary evidence points to linalool ability to help with mental conditions. Linalool, which is a terpene known for its floral scent and is also found in mint and cinnamon, can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

weed strain for Depression

To determine which is the best variety of cannabis for depression depends on each case, therefore, to discover the appropriate genetics, it will be a constant test of trial and error. For example, sativa strains tend to produce uplifting effects, a characteristic that is very useful among users with depression. Therefore, some people need to consume different types of weed varieties, at different times of the day and according to the chart they show.

 On the other hand, the dosage is also important. For this reason, it is good to start with a low dose and take plenty of time between doses to see if the amount you have taken is effective. A negative reaction can have the patient, if the dose is too large or powerful, therefore it is good to act with caution.

The best ways to use the weed for depression

Now, it is good to know what is the best way to consume medical cannabis in case of depression. In this case, try to avoid consuming edibles high in THC because they can have the opposite effects. Some users recommend that the best way to use cannabis in people with depression topically. Cannabis products applied directly to the skin can have instant calming effects.

weed for depression

In the market you can find various products for topical use and you can also make them at home with the flowers and leaves of your harvest. Here we want to tell you that CBD cooling gels or CBD hot oils can naturally increase the feeling of well-being. Also, many topical cannabis products are scented or you can scent them with natural essences of plants, flowers and herbs helping people with aromatherapy as well.

The science, depression and cannabis

In the study “Cannabidiol (CBD) In ​​The Self Treatment of Depression Exploratory Study and a New Phenomenen of Concern Psychiatrists”.. We collected 90 correctly completed questionnaires from respondents. The study comprised a group of men and women of comparable size who did not differ significantly in age, education and type of occupation One person reported being non-binary and was excluded from the statistical analysis. The youngest respondent was 16 years old and the oldest 69. years old. A high school degree was the most common education (46%), the big city was the most popular place to live (33%), and the majority of respondents have a full-time job (53%).

Most of the respondents affirm that they trust or probably trust psychiatrists. There’s no difference in confidence in psychiatrists between groups. Most of the respondents were or still are treated by a psychiatrist (55%) and started using CBD for depressed patients mood (69%). The other most consumed psychoactives substance was caffeine (47%). Only 19% of those surveyed consulted a doctor or pharmacist about taking CBD, and most respondents (59%) consume CBD daily. Most of the respondents (57%) are currently under the supervision of a psychiatrist and a little more half (51%) do not inform their psychiatrists about their CBD use. Most respondents said they felt better after CBD treatment.

The science depression and cannabis

Women were more likely to be diagnosed or treated for a psychiatrist compared to men. Among the psychiatric disorders treated, men were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders. no significant difference it was found between genders for the other disorders. The women were significantly more likely than men to take CBD due to insomnia. Men were significantly more likely than women to use THC. Men were significantly more likely than women to learn about CBD from the internet, while women learned from friends and family. Respondents buy more

CBD frequently in online stores, and the The most common form of consumption by women was CBD oil. The older the individuals, the more frequently CBD was consumed. There were no significant differences between genders in frequency of use, number of doses taken or reported improvement in well-being after taking CBD.

Most respondents (53%) say that CBD made them feel better overall and 88% of respondents probably take more CBD than a drug prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Patients who did not receive psychiatric treatment were significantly less likely to consult a physician or pharmacist. There was no significant difference between groups in terms of: Frequency, dose and form of CBD use, age of respondents, reported improvement in wellbeing after taking CBD, use of alcohol, caffeine, psychostimulants and hallucinogens.

CBD Tangie strain

With CBD Tangie you can make the oils either topical or also, to consume, rich in CBD and low in THC. In case you want to use it to treat depression, try to do it under the protection of your treating doctor. CBD Tangie is a hybrid type genetics that contains low THC levels of only 0.1%-0.2% and on the contrary, it is super rich in CBD since it has between 12%-14% cannabidiol. On the other hand, its flavor is citrus with strong notes of fruit, therefore, you will feel a delicious taste on your palate if you make medicinal extracts.

CBD Tangie strain

You must have a little patience when growing CBD Tangie because its flowering lasts between 10-12 weeks, although any wait has its reward since you will be able to harvest up to 21 oz/plant of medicinal buds outdoor and up to 1.47 oz/ft2 indoor, that is, it delivers very heavy yields. Among the terpenes that stand out in this variety, Delta-Limonene stands out, which gives it that citric flavor, Pinene, Terpineol and Cedrene that give it some qualities of its fruity side.

Auto CBD Lemon Haze strain

This mostly sativa genetics called Auto CBD Lemon Haze is ready to be harvested after 60-70 days of life, since as a good autoflowering its life cycle is very fast and you can harvest it before the end of summer and the first rains fall. We recommend this genetics to make medicinal extracts such as topical oils since among its predominant terpenes, there is also Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linalool, which contribute not only to the flavor but also to the sensations that the person experiences since they users can be motivated, to end a bearable relaxation in a space full of comfort.

Auto CBD Lemon Haze strain

Auto CBD Lemon Haze has a citrus flavor, loaded with notes of herbs and aftertastes of lemon and skunk, for the same reason its flavor penetrates the mouth strongly with each puff. As you already know, this variety is rich in CBD, maintaining a 1:1 ratio, that is, it has levels of 5%-8% CBD and on the other hand, THC levels of 5%-8%, this makes consumers feel balanced when they taste Auto CBD Lemon Haze. Regarding yields, you can get up to 1.47 oz/ft2 indoors and outdoors you will get up to 21 oz/plant.

Amnesia Fast Version CBD strain

With CBD levels of 8%-10% Amnesia Fast Version CBD, it is postulated as ideal for people suffering from depression since it is mostly sativa and has super low THC levels that are only between 6%-8%. . In addition, it should be noted that its citrus flavor is mixed with floral notes that give it a soft sweetness. The users of Amnesia Fast Version CBD will feel on a cloud at the end of the flight, which starts with a lot of activity that raises the mood of the users and also stimulates creativity, that is, it is very good for people who suffer from depression.

Amnesia Fast Version CBD strain

Up to 15 oz/plant you can harvest with this variety in outdoor and indoor grows, you can get up to 1.82 oz/ft2 of buds after a flowering period of 8-10 weeks (on average it can only be 8-9 weeks). To obtain the maximum yields it is good to grow it outdoors, with techniques such as LST and indoors, Scrog. Amnesia Fast Version CBD is not only good for people who suffer from depression, but also for those patients who are treating their anxiety or people who need help to sleep due to annoying insomnia, which does not allow them to live normally.

CBD Sour Lemon strain

Descending from a cross between California Sour x Lemon OG x Undiscloused CBD, this mostly sativa strain is perfect for medical users who want to combat depression. The flowering time of CBD Sour Lemon feminized marijuana plants is approximately 10-12 weeks. The CBD levels are very high and are between 6%-8%, while THC has the same levels because it is a strain with a 1:1 ratio.

Regarding the harvest, in indoor cultivation you can obtain around 1.32 oz/ft2 while in outdoor cultivation you can harvest up to 21 oz/plant. CBD Sour Lemon buds typically have a lemon flavor with aftertastes of apple, lime, and sweet undertones.

Chocolate Thai Marijuana Plant

The effects that they produce in users can include a feeling of relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety, in addition, it helps to relieve the weight that causes depression.  Buy your CBD Sour Lemon seeds now here at Blimburn Seeds, so you can grow your own medicine at home. In this variety you will find terpenes such as limonene, cedrene and borneol, which give it those medicinal qualities and also flavor and aroma that we already told you about.

Auto CBD Haze Strain

Auto CBD Haze marijuana seeds produce plants with a short cultivation time compared to other cannabis plants, since they begin to flower when they reach the ripening stage instead of depending on changes in light to flower. In general, growing time for these plants is approximately 8-10 weeks from germination to harvest.

Auto CBD Haze strain

In indoor cultivation, around 1.64 oz/ft2 can be obtained from Autoflowering CBD Haze marijuana plants. Grown outdoors, up to 24 oz/plant can be achieved. Auto CBD Haze marijuana buds have an aroma and flavor of berry marijuana with notes of sweetness and tropical fruits due to the presence of terpenes such as limonene, cineole and myrcene.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog about CBD-rich cannabis seeds and their medicinal use for depression. Although CBD is still being researched and has not been shown to have these effects in everyone, there is evidence that it may be beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety and improving sleep. If you are considering trying CBD or any other CBD-containing product to treat depression or any other health condition, it is important to speak to your doctor or health professional for further information and advice.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this information useful. If you have additional questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section. Until next time!

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