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The Best Compost and Super Soil for Growing Marijuana

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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First of all, we want to tell you that the term “Super Soil” became popular in the world of cannabis since the acclaimed American breeder “SubCool”, a true legend among marijuana lovers, delivered his recipe intended to be used to grow cannabis. This type of substrate refers to a soil that has been prepared to contain all the nutrients that a weed plant requires during the growth period.

The acclaimed breeder just mentioned understood that when we grow marijuana, one of the most important parts is the soil or substrate in which it is grown. Therefore, most of a cannabis grower’s problems stem from problems with the soil. That is why in this guide, we are going to teach you how to make your own “Super Soil” so that you can grow your cannabis successfully.

This type of substrate, in addition to being probably the best for your plants, is also the best for the environment because it is 100% friendly and can be made with homemade organic products or purchased from your favorite grow store. It contains all the nutrients that a cannabis plant needs from seed to harvest, especially in the seedling phase and also during the growing phase.

The soil is prepared with completely organic components that contain living microorganisms that help create an ecosystem similar to the one found in nature which stimulates the plant in its development from the birth of its first roots to the end of flowering.

As it happens in nature and in other methods such as composting, super soil seeks to create and maintain beneficial microorganisms that work together in the soil. Perhaps it is the most natural way to increase the quality of your harvest without using synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides which are commonly used in agribusiness.

In addition to stimulating the life of beneficial microorganisms, the benefits of super soil in cannabis cultivation are surprising because it allows you to harvest completely organic marijuana, the PH is also natural, it improves the absorption of nutrients, and it helps with moisture retention. There is no accumulation of substances like when you use mineral-type fertilizers which tend to accumulate salts at the bottom of the pots. Therefore, the plant does not require root washing before being harvested.

Cons of Super Soil

Some points against this type of substrate are the high cost that it can have because it is designed for large cannabis crops, preferably commercial. For the same reason, if your crop is small, it can cost you more than necessary to acquire the basic products and maintain that type of substrate.

Roots Marijuana

In addition, it can be tiring to use this land because good physical work is required to mix the components, prepare the land, and other details that, in turn,  slow down the process. It can take between 70 and 80 days before it is ready to be used and the plant grows slower in super soil than a standard substrate with liquid fertilizer.

Make your own high-quality super soil Step by Step:

You must have all of these raw materials to be able to put together the final substrate in a good way.

Step 1: You must mix the following ingredients

In this step, it is important that growers distribute and mix the components in a proportional and homogeneous way in order to have a more optimal and balanced substrate for the plants. You can use a large container to hold this mixture or use a tarp to make a lump where each component is mixed.

3.5 Gallons of coco fiber

3.5 Gallons of perlite

3.5 Gallons of vermiculite

5.5 Gallons of bagged organic compost (made in-house)

Step 2: You must mix the material that you already have prepared with the other ingredients

To achieve this new function of ingredients, you must count and add certain fundamental elements in the process:

1 Cup of bat guano

1 Cup of algae flour

1 Cup of alfalfa flour

1 Cup of Dolomite Lime

1/4 Cup of mycorrhizae to ensure that the roots grow strong and healthy. In addition, they promote micro life in the substrate.

Step 3: Transplant your plant

Here, it is necessary to transplant the plants from their original pots to the super substrate. Keep in mind that this type of substrate is not designed for small plants, so you should wait between 1 and 1.5 months to transplant. At this time, cannabis plants have already developed a good root system as well as a structure solid enough to withstand transport and a super-powered substrate like this.

Step 4: Start watering without measuring PH

However, the plants can begin to thrive in their new home without measuring PH or EC because Dolomite Cal does its job by controlling the PH of the substrate in general and naturally. From this moment, you can water your plants without a pH meter or additional nutrients. In spite of that, if you like to have all the parameters well measured, you can control it with a PH meter, always looking to have these levels between 6.0 and 6.5 as the ideal figure.

Despite what we pointed out above, it is good to take into account the PH and EC with this type of substrate because in some cases, especially for novice growers, some problems may arise. For example, there is little irrigation done to the super soil, therefore microorganisms cannot correctly colonize the substrate. Here, we emphasize that the water must be as clean of contaminants as possible because if it has a PPM greater than 400 or is above 6.5 PH, the plants may be affected.

You need to protect the microbes, fungi, and other beneficial organisms in the growing medium so they can break down nutrients and deliver them to the roots of your cannabis plants just like they do in nature with large trees or small plants.

These organisms are the vehicle that transports the food that your marijuana plants need from the root, so if you try to take care of the soil ecosystem, you will almost never have to worry about the pH in your cannabis cultivation.

Step 5: Care and analysis of the plants

This is the last step in this process and perhaps one of the most relevant because after the transplant, it is necessary to start caring for the plants accordingly, including their respective inspections and analysis. If it is your first time growing with super soil, we recommend that you take into account the characteristics of each variety so that you can know how each of them will progress. You must bear in mind that some genetics may take a little longer and others may have faster and more explosive growth and flowering, all of which will depend on the type of genetics you are growing.

To distinguish if your cannabis plants adapt well to super soil, we leave you some tips that can help you:

  • When the leaves are raised and erect towards the light, it means that the conditions of the plant are healthy and that it is consuming all the light or sun that it receives.
  • If the cannabis plant is growing rapidly and develops a strong central stem and strong lateral branches that support its weight, it means that the plant is in a healthy growing condition.

On the other hand, if the above does not happen and the following signs are shown in the plants, it means that your crop is in trouble:

  • Many times, the plants and the tips of the leaves are burned or curved inwards or outwards like a claw. This means that the cannabis plant is not experiencing optimal development and it can burn due to excess nutrients from the super substrate or it suffers from a nutritional imbalance and is not receiving the nutrients as it should.

For this reason, it is good to know which cannabis varieties are the most suitable for growing in super soil. Here is our list:

Sweet Island

The glorious Sweet Island by Blimburn Seeds adapts excellently to super soil, also called Organic Soil. This mostly sativa girl only needs 8-10 weeks of flowering and you can harvest between 600gr -100gr. The effect is remarkable, a mix between euphoric creativity and relaxation which, combined with its sweet flavor with notes of skunk and grape, make a real bomb.

Sweet Island Indoor

This variety adapts well to high temperatures and controls must always be carried out to prevent it from being affected by high humidity because it is prone to being attacked by fungi such as mold or powdery mildew. In spite of that, if you use trichodermas, microrrhizas, and non-pathogenic fungi in your super soil that help fight harmful fungi, your Sweet Island will surely behave in the best way and you will have a great harvest.

Gorilla Glue

In the photo, beautiful Gorilla Glue shows its growth potential in this type of substrate with a strong central stem and thick lateral branches that begin to see the first pre-flowers (this variety is in the third week of flowering). As you can see, these cannabis plants are 100% healthy in their substrate with erect leaves seeking the light of indoor cultivation with a beautiful color. They do not suffer from any type of deficiency at first sight.

Gorilla Glue G4 Indoor

If you fix the Gorilla Glue plant well, in addition to adapting to the super soil, it also responds in a great way to the LST training that the gardener gave it. Its lateral branches are tied, allowing the plant to absorb light more homogeneously, producing larger buds that are thicker and heavier in different parts of the plant.

Bruce Banner

Another specimen from Blimburn Seeds grown in soil is a large Bruce Banner that is in her flowering phase during week 8 with only a few days to harvest. The development of the buds look strong, fat, and powerful and are already beginning to show maturing signs.

Bruce Banner Indoor

This is another example of the healthy plants that grow and flourish in a good super soil which can be enhanced for flowering with some powdered flower stimulant which works together with bat guano and microorganisms so that so the plant receives the nutrition it deserves.

Grandaddy Purple

The acclaimed Grandaddy Purple shows us incredible development with a magnificent color on its leaves, reflecting its good condition thanks to being cultivated in soil. The abundance of its foliage is a clear sign that Grandaddy Purple feels incredible growing in that substrate. Now, it waits for flowering as this plant is only in its third week of flowering.

Grandaddy Purple Indoor

This famous strain ia mostly indica and is special to grow in super soil because its flowering is fast, only taking 60-65 days and it also rewards gardeners with great crops of 500 gr/plant outdoors and about 450-500 gr/m2 indoors. In other words, it takes advantage of each nutrient of the super soil in a perfect way.


In short, growing in super soil can be a great experience for any breeder, especially for those who seek the best from their plants in an organic and natural way. Without a doubt, if you start working on your super soil, you can use this guide to have the necessary knowledge. You can also consult other tutorials in order to obtain optimal knowledge.

Now, you just have to get down to work to start making the best super soil of all and obtain heavy yields with mutant marijuana plants that are full of great flowers with an exquisite flavor, great smoke, and memorable hits. Whether they are your indica genetics, sativas or rudelarys, remember that at Blimburn Seeds, you can buy the best marijuana seeds in order to have an incredible crop.

Strains featured in this article:

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