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Natural Tips to Increase the Trichomes of Weed Plants

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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The trichomes are the cornerstones in the cultivation of cannabis because the psychoactivity of the plants depends on them and also the production of other components such as terpenes which are responsible for attributing a certain aroma to the cannabis plants and its buds.

Today, due to the popularity of cannabis extracts for both medicinal and recreational use, the search for plants that produce more trichomes, that is, more resin, has become vital for many weed plant breeders. Therefore, we created this guide to stimulate your curiosity in cultivation with the aim of obtaining more trichomes in the buds of your cannabis plants.

Trichome type in cannabis plants

There is a diversity of trichomes which manifests itself in different stages of the plant with each one giving certain attributes to the specimens in the garden. In this group, we can find the unicellular trichomes which appear in the first weeks of plant growth. Their purpose is to regulate the evaporation of water and the perspiration of the leaves which is why they are called “thermoregulators”.

Another type is cystolytic trichomes which are characterized by having a roughness that is believed to be used as a possible defense against invading insects. Also, within this group, we find the bulbous trichomes that are throughout the plant, including the stem, and are characterized by their small size which is 10-20 microns with a rounded shape at the top.

Here, we can find the Sessile Trichomes which are the second largest thanks to their 25 micron diameter and their rounded shape. They can be found throughout the leaves of the plant and do not have a stem. Lastly, there are the Notched Glandular Trichomes which are the maximum producers of terpenes and cannabinoids inside. For every grower, they are of vital importance because if we enhance them in the right way, we will have buds with better psychoactive and more powerful effects with more delicious flavors as well as the aroma that increases and becomes more intense. It is said that these types of trichomes exist as protectors of the plant and the seeds it produces in its buds during flowering, therefore they become a barrier to insects, fungi, and other types of invaders that can damage it.

Tricks to increase trichomes in cannabis plants

We have already seen the main qualities and types of trichomes, so now we are going to review the most fundamental tricks to help boost the production of trichomes in cannabis plants.

Lower the temperatures in your crop

When you grow indoors, lighting, outside ambient temperatures, and the fact that plants are enclosed in a grow room or tent cause temperatures to rise. Therefore, always try to keep the temperature of the crop at its lowest level so that the plants produce a greater amount of trichomes.

Avoid contact with the buds and trichomes

You should avoid physical contact with the buds and therefore with the trichomes because they are very fragile and any extreme movement or touch can damage them. It is best to avoid touching the buds so that the trichomes are not exposed to damage.

Tricks to increase trichomes in cannabis plants

Lower the humidity

By lowering the humidity to about 30%, you generate a little stress in the plant and you also prevent fungi from damaging the buds, therefore wasting the harvest. For this reason, using this technique is great not only to stimulate the production of trichomes but also to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Illumination with UV lights

The different studies and experiments carried out by growers and cannabis specialists have shown that using UV lights stimulates the plant to produce higher levels of THC as well as improving the performance of the specimens in the production of trichomes. This is because plants associate UV lights as if they were sunlight which has a much broader spectrum of colors that is emulated by these UV lights.

ilumination ligths

Exposes plants to lower than normal temperatures

If you grow in a mixed way, that is, combining indoor with outdoor, you can expose your plants to slightly lower temperatures than normal which will stimulate the creation of trichomes. For example; You can put the plants outside for 3 to 4 hours which will cause the plants to produce more trichomes on their leaves and buds.

Decrease irrigation the last days of cultivation

During the last days of cultivation, you can increase water stress on the plants, that is, stop watering your cannabis plants before harvest. The number of days with water stress depends on the size of the pot in which it is grown, the substrate, the temperature, and humidity to which the plants are exposed, among other factors. Although generally, it is estimated that a plant begins to urgently need water after 5 or 6 days without being watered. You must be careful if you apply this technique and be attentive to your plants, taking care of them and analyzing them carefully.

Select the right strain of cannabis

This is perhaps the most important point within the tips in this guide in order to have harvests high in trichomes and full of resin. The basis of any harvest that is abundant in trichomes is precisely the variety or genetics that we select because there are strains that do not produce large amounts of crystals, unlike others that do produce large volumes of trichomes from the beginning of flowering. That is why below, we present you different strains that are great when it comes to producing resin. These can be feminized, autoflowering, or fast flowering. All of them have been selected so that you have the best cultivation experience possible.

Cinderella 99 x Taskenti

This crossing of Cinderella99 x Taskenti is perfect if what you are looking for is tons of resin. You will find a variety that is rich in terpenes like Cinderella 99 and you also have Taskenti in front of you, a typical variety from the mountains of Uzbekistan that is recognized for being a trichome and resin producing machine.

This mostly indica strain is also characterized by a super short flowering of only 60-65 days, after which you can harvest between 400-500 gr/m2 of buds when you grow indoors and about 600 gr/plant if you grow outdoors. Cinderella 99 x Taskenti provides buds with a rich, sweet flavor with fruity and herbal notes as well as great THC levels ranging from 15%-21%.

Pink Runtz Autoflowering

Pink Runtz autoflowering is a hybrid variety that originated from the crossing of Gelato x Zkittlez x Ruderalis. It is characterized by being a magnificent producer of trichomes in a short time, only taking 7-9 weeks for the entire crop from sowing to harvest. You are witnessing one of the varieties with the highest return of resin if we talk about automatic strains as it is widely used for the production of extracts such as Shetter.

Pink Runtz Auto

These extracts are highly desired by its followers because Pink Runtz Autoflowering has exquisite flavors that are a mixture of fruits with sweet notes of candy, cherry, and soft reminiscences of sour, creating a delicious cocktail on the palate. It should also be taken into account that the bud production of this auto variety is remarkable, reaching harvests of 120-140 gr/plant outdoors and about 400-500 gr/m2 indoors with flowers that reach THC levels of 20%-24%.

Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush

Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush is another strain that produces large amounts of resin thanks to its parents which are recognized because they are normally used to create extractions. For example, in the American market, it is easy to find Live Resin made with Skywalker Ghost. Something similar happens with Triangle Kush, a variety widely used in the USA and Canada to make extracts such as Wax thanks to its great yield of trichomes.

Without a doubt, this combination of Skywalker Ghost x Triangle Kush is a great opportunity to grow a mostly Indica variety that is rich in trichomes thanks to the buds that only take between 65-75 days from pre-flowering to harvest. Another point in favor of this cross is its high potency as it contains THC levels between 22%-29% in its buds, delivering earthy flavors with fruity and citrus notes.

Somango Fast Flowering

This version called Somango Fast Flowering is just like its feminized mother in terms of resin and trichome production, a quality that has made it famous among growers looking for varieties that are producers of white crystals for the production of their extracts. Somango Fast Version also delivers great yields that can go from 500-600 gr/plant in outdoor crops and 350-450 gr/m2 indoors in a shorter time than its feminized version, only taking 60-70 days of flowering.

Somango Fast Version Marijuana Plant

What stands out about this variety is that its flavor is obviously sweet and fruity with hints of tropical fruits such as mango, hence its name. This characteristic makes it a gourmet strain for all weed connoisseurs. To finish, we tell you that the effects are relaxing and are felt in a medium to intense way thanks to the potency of the buds that goes from 16% to an incredible 28% of THC.

Crystal Candy Autoflowering

Crystal Candy Autoflowering is one of those autoflowering strains that make you fall in love with its delicious aroma during flowering and then captivate you with its delicious flavor once the buds are harvested, giving off sweet flavors with notes of strawberry and fruit like melon. However, that is not the most important thing! The amount of resin it produces is recognized for being a great producer of crystals, hence it was baptized as Crystal Candy. Its short cultivation process is also very positive and only takes 8-9 weeks from sowing to harvest.

When we talk about the harvests of this strain, we must remain calm because you can get between 50-300 gr/m2 in outdoor cultivation and about 400-600 gr/m2 if you grow indoors. For this reason, delicious buds are guaranteed! The potency should not be left out, reaching THC levels that range from 14%-20%, a great quantity if you plan to make extractions such as rosin with the magnificent trichomes that it delivers.

White Russian Fast Flowering

White Russian Fast Version is recognized for being an incredible producer of trichomes thanks to its White Russian mother who takes all the attention when it comes to resin. This is because the buds concentain incredible terpenes that have sweet notes with hints of wood with an intense smoothness guaranteed.

White Rusian Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Also, the bud production of White Russian Fast Flowering stands out because outdoors, you get about 400 gr/plant of flowers. Indoors, you can get the heaviest harvests that range from 400-500 gr/m2. We mention that the effects of this strain are fun and can induce a relaxation that stimulates creativity and frees users from stress at the end of each flight. Last but not least, the flowering of this strain is super fast because it only needs 50 days to fully flower. This strain is without a doubt a great variety to have in your garden.

Now that you know the main tips to obtain more trichomes, that is, resin in your crops, you are ready to continue to the next level in your cultivation and thus obtain magnificent harvests that will leave you flying high. It’s up to you to get those white trichome covered buds that together make a thick, super sticky resin that leaves your fingers black. Don’t forget that we have many more blogs where you can learn more about growing cannabis. At Blimburn Seeds, you can buy the best marijuana seeds with free, discreet, and secure shipping as well as the highest quality.

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