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Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Buds with seeds

No one likes to find seeds in their prized buds after a long harvest. Discovering hemp seeds in our grinder when breaking apart a bud, or even worse, when we taste it, is an indicator that something has slipped into our grow room. This can happen for various reasons, such as genetics or environmental factors, as well as some causes that are beyond our control.

The most prized marijuana is sinsemilla, which has not been pollinated by males. This is because this marijuana has focused all its energy on resin production and not seeds. A harvest of cannabis full of seeded buds is one of the worst feelings a grower can experience.

Seeds detract from the flavor and effects of marijuana. When smoked, they produce a very unpleasant taste and aroma, which can ruin the entire consumption experience. In today’s article, we will explain why we obtain marijuana with seeds. Additionally, we will provide a series of guidelines to avoid this problem as much as possible.

Sex plant – Buds with Seeds

Cannabis is a dioecious plant (with male and female specimens), and its sex cannot be determined until the plants reach sexual maturity. Occasionally, hermaphrodite specimens with both sexes can also be found. Pollination occurs when pollen from male flowers comes into contact with the stigmas of female flowers, resulting in seed formation.

Obtain seeds with a high concentration of cannabinoids, it is generally best to discard male and hermaphrodite specimens and keep the female plants free of pollen, unless seed production is desired.

Despite seed banks offering nearly 100% female plants, males or hermaphrodites can still appear due to genetic reasons or environmental causes. Accidental contamination can also occur, which is beyond our control. Nevertheless, we will try to prevent this from happening, or at least minimize the damage if it does.

Sex Plant
Sex Plant

The first step is to correctly differentiate male flowers from female flowers and quickly identify the so-called “bananas”. Once this is achieved, we can prevent our growing area from being contaminated with unwanted pollen through observation and appropriate practices. The presence of seeds in buds affects their quality in terms of both smell and taste.

The smell and taste of burnt seeds are very unpleasant. Additionally, pollinated female plants allocate most of their energy to seed production, rather than generating more and more resin. Marijuana with seeds can still be consumed, but we must separate them from the buds before smoking and keep in mind that the quality and quantity of trichomes will be lower since they have been pollinated.

Female – Buds with Seeds

Female flowers develop in small calyxes that consist of a green enclosing sepal or bract that contains an ovary with two white stigmas that sprout outward in a V-shape, known as pistils.

The flowers pile up and form floral clusters known as buds. Generally, they tend to be somewhat shorter than the male plant. They show their sex one or two weeks later, although this also largely depends on genetics. If the females do not receive pollen, they continue to produce more flowers and resin in an attempt to attract the pollen they are deprived of, so the buds will be larger and more resinous if not pollinated.

Male – Buds With Seeds

Only male plants are used for seed production. If we want to obtain high-quality buds without seeds, we must remove the males from the growing area as soon as they are distinguishable by their sex. Male flowers are recognized by the formation of small balls that produce pollen and hang down from the stem on a peduncle. Once the male flowers mature, they open and fertilize the female flowers.

A hermaphrodite plant has both male and female flowers. This can be due to genetic or environmental causes. If we discover them at the beginning of flowering, it is best to remove them from the growing area. If we find them when the buds are already forming, we must decide whether to remove a few male flowers with sterilized tweezers or to remove the entire plant if there are too many.


If we discover male flowers when they are about to be harvested, we should bring forward the cutting date as much as possible to avoid pollen contamination of the female flowers and the development of as few seeds as possible. Male flowers are easily distinguishable in the already formed buds by their characteristic yellow color and their banana shape, which is why they are popularly known as “bananas”.

Environmental Causes

Plant stress induced by various factors often leads to the formation of male flowers. We should avoid stressful situations such as transplant shock, excessive pruning, inappropriate light conditions, the use of phytotoxins, excessive use of fertilizers, as well as over- or under-watering.

All of this is especially important during the fruiting stage, where we should try to avoid any type of stress on the plants as much as possible. Avoiding insects from entering or carrying pollen on clothing after being in other gardens is easier indoors and can be achieved by simply changing clothes.

Environmental Causes
Environmental Causes

In outdoor settings, contamination can occur because plants are too large to be effectively inspected, or because a neighbor is not able to correctly differentiate between the different sexes, leading to the wind carrying pollen from their male plants to ours.

Harvesting later than the optimal time also promotes the development of male flowers, as the plant senses the end of its life cycle and that it has not been fertilized, prompting it to develop male flowers as a survival mechanism for self-pollination and seed production.

What causes buds with seeds?

When the pollen from male marijuana plants comes into contact with the female plant’s stigma, it starts to form buds with seeds. Unless we’re looking to produce seeds for germination, we’ll need to discard male and hermaphrodite plants to get the highest concentration of cannabinoids in our marijuana.

What causes buds with seeds
What causes buds with seeds

This pollination can occur through various channels. The first is that the grower had male plants in the same cultivation space as the female plants, resulting in one pollinating the other. But pollen can travel for kilometers, given the right weather conditions.

This means that another grower planting male marijuana could affect our cultivation by pollinating it. Finally, plants can also self-pollinate. This process is known as hermaphroditism. It often occurs when a plant has experienced a lot of stress during the flowering stage, although it can also be a genetic factor.

How can you avoid buds with seeds?

The most effective way to avoid buds with seeds is to buy high quality cannabis from a reliable source. Make sure you buy cannabis from a legal and regulated store, or from a reputable grower who follows good cultivation practices.

You can also visually inspect the buds before you buy them. Buds with seeds are easy to identify, as they will have small brown or white bumps on their surface.

Although feminized seeds offer a 99% guarantee that female cannabis will germinate, mistakes will always happen and some male specimens may slip through. Therefore, it is important to conduct sexes and identify potential males.

Also, environmental factors can cause plants to adjust their gender to adapt to unfavorable environments. Special care should be taken during flowering, when cannabis begins to develop reproductive organs. The goal is to obtain primitive plants that devote all their energy to the production of resin, not seeds.

Why should you avoid buds with seeds?

First of all, buds with seeds can affect the quality of the cannabis you are smoking. Seeds can alter the taste, texture and potency of the cannabis, which can make the smoking experience less enjoyable.

In addition, buds with seeds can be less potent than buds without seeds, as some of the plant’s energy is directed to seed production rather than resin and THC production.

It is also important to note that seeds can explode when heated, which can make the smoking experience unpleasant and dangerous.

Avoid buds with seeds in a outdoor garden

In this case, we have less control over the environmental factors of the crops. Outside, the problem is that the plants are too large to be looked after effectively. Many times the elongation of the plant is such that some hermaphrodite or male cannabis plants can slip into the crop.

Neighbors may also not be able to effectively distinguish between the sexes of plants. This causes the pollen from the males to be carried by the wind to our females and pollinate them. This also results in sprouts with seeds.

The time of outdoor harvesting is also important. In this way, if we delay harvesting too much, we risk developing male plants that pollinate the female plants of our crops. This happens because the plant finds that it has reached the end of its life cycle and has not been fertilized, so it develops a survival method of self-pollination and guess what it produces a bud with a seed.

Avoid buds with seeds indoor growing
Avoid buds with seeds indoor growing

Avoid buds with seeds indoor growing

Judging by what we have seen in recent years, the mistakes most growers make are not only not distinguishing between the sexes of the plants, but also indoor light pollution, the importance of which is gradually being realized, especially during the flowering period, when almost all pruning is done. turn it off. the dark hours grew. It is important that all the light is not let in, so that we do not find seeds in the buds.

As for the general opinion of not using seeds that come out of a bag of grass or possibly hermaphrodite plants, I suggest that everyone evaluates what is risky and what is not.

Generally, seeds obtained from hermaphrodite plants tend to produce plants that also tend to produce hermaphrodite plants, though not in all cases, and you may be getting a new horizontal gene or the plant may just produce. You will be pleasantly surprised.

What can you do with the seeds that are born in the buds?

Just because our plant shoots contain seeds does not mean that our entire harvest is useless. We only need to remove the shoots from the seeds, we do not recommend using them. One of the best ways to avoid seed buds is to use cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds, we guarantee the high genetic quality of our seeds. At Blimburn Seeds, we guarantee the highest quality genetic selection process, resulting in healthy specimens with less androgynous tendencies.

What can you do with the seeds that are born in the buds
What can you do with the seeds that are born in the buds

After purchasing your cannabis seeds from Bliburn Seeds, just count on our fast shipping to get them to your home or your desired destination and from there continue to pamper your seeds from germination to plant growth throughout their growing cycle.

Yes, in your garden the plants develop seeds, you can plant them, but keep in mind that perhaps other irregular specimens may be born, where their genetics are not stabilized, this may be that the plants are deformed, do not have enough capacity to develop and stagnate. , they can be female or male plants and even hermaphrodites, among a series of variables that you do not want to experiment in your garden.

What to do if you already have buds with seeds?

If you already have buds with seeds, you can still enjoy cannabis, but you will need to take some precautions. First, be sure to remove the seeds before smoking the buds. You can do this manually by carefully cutting the seeds with a pair of scissors.

You can also consider using a mesh or strainer to separate the seeds from the buds before smoking.

Here we are going to recommend 2 perfect genetics for cultivation, both are feminized therefore you have guaranteed mother plants. On the other hand, these two genetics, which come below, stand out for their incredible yields, as well as for their potency, without forgetting the delicious flavor and aroma that their incredible flowers give off.

Orange Cookies

The Orange Cookies strain features moderately sized, hairy buds that exhibit the dense structure by the indica side, like a good hybrid strain. Its leaves are a vivid green color, interspersed with shades of purple caused by anthocyanin pigments reacting to colder temperatures during growth.

This strain’s orange pistils provide a vivid contrast against the colorful flowers. The high resin content of Orange Cookies is evident through the presence of milky-white trichomes that make it quite sticky and challenging to break up by hand. Its aroma is also distinctive, emitting a strong and zesty citrus scent that could remind some cannabis enthusiasts of Tangie, a pungent sativa strain.

Orange Cookies
Orange Cookies

Upon breaking the buds, a peppery herbal note is also noticeable along with the aroma of orange zest. The flowers burn smoothly and produce a sugary-sweet taste on exhale with a hint of funk, despite the strain’s purple coloration not affecting its flavor profile with grape or berry notes.

Orange Cookies is a strain that produces a rapid and invigorating head buzz, followed by a calming body high that isn’t overly weighty or immobilizing. As the effects settle in, users may feel more thoughtful and motivated than usual, while the indica high keeps them grounded and prevents any paranoid or overly cerebral experiences. Buy Orange Cookies seeds here at Blimburn Seeds, where we guarantee stable genetic seeds of the highest quality.

Moonshine Cookies

Moonshine Cookies develops a beautiful plant that flowers quickly and grows without causing any special problems. Its flowers and leaves are completely covered in very aromatic resin. It is a resistant plant suitable for indoor or outdoor crops where it will be ready to harvest at the end of September (outdoor).

Moonshine Cookies has an unmistakable aroma of cookie cookies and an intense sweet flavor. The effect is powerful because THC levels range from 30%-33% managing to stimulate your creativity, and generating states of euphoria, being a very sociable genetics.

Moonshine Cookies Auto
Moonshine Cookies Auto

This hybrid-type genetics produces a tremendous amount of buds since indoor yields range from 1.63-1.96 oz/ft2 and outdoors you can get up to 28 oz/plant. So, for outdoor cultivation and to prevent the flowers from producing seeds, we recommend that you do not have male plants near it and see that in the area you grow, there are no males in the vicinity.

Other qualities of Moonshine Cookies are its berry flavor with sweet tones and citrus aftertastes, which are perfect for making extracts if you want to combat diseases such as arthritis, fatigue or depression.

Strains featured in this article:

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