How to Control the Smell of Marijuana Plants

Controlling the odor released by weed plants must be one of the most difficult tasks during cultivation. If you live in a building or buy a flat, it may be that your plants end up stinking the whole place, it can even leave your block or urbanization if your crop is large or the plants are too aromatic. So this can take you. to have problems with the law, with your neighbors, and obviously with those thieves who are looking for crops to steal from you.

That is why, in this Blimburn seeds guide, we are going to teach you the best tips and tricks on how to hide the smell of marijuana in your indoor grow. In the first place, and being the simplest advice, if you want your crop not to emit odors to the outside, you must install an air filtration system, or some method that inhibits the odor, eliminates it or filters it to the outside, that’s why here we will give you some of the best methods you can use to that the odors of your crop do not cause you problems.


Control smell marijuana plants indoors

Without a doubt, this is the best way to get rid of odor in an indoor growing since they eliminate the odors that the plants release into the air. Within any ventilation system for indoor cultivation, carbon filters are an essential part. This system works thanks to an air extractor that removes the air from the growing room by passing it through a filter that contains a layer of activated carbon, said filter has the ability to capture the smell of the plants between its pores.

There are many carbon filters on the market to make sure you are buying a quality one, you should look for one with a deep carbon bed, because the deeper the carbon bed, the more activated carbon there will be, that is, the filter can remove or conceal more and its useful life will also be longer.

Ozone Generators

These devices are called ozone generators to help you reduce odors by reacting with odorous chemicals, even terpenes can be inhibited by these machines. Ozone is created by breaking apart oxygen molecules, via ultraviolet radiation or electrical discharge, allowing individual atoms to bond with other O2 molecules.

Despite this explanation, there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of this system, which has not garnered much popularity in the weed and grower community.

Negative Pressure

Using a negative pressure technique for your grow room is one of the best ways to keep the air inside a grow room clean and avoid bad odors because more air leaves the grow room than enters. With this system, you can also better control the temperature and humidity in the grow room.

Extractor Air Marijuana

If you want to use this form of ventilation, you should use a less powerful intake fan so that it exhales less air, approximately 20 percent less air than it is extracting, with this you prevent the grow tent from being filled with bad smelling air and that can disturb your neighborhood.

Odor Neutralizers

Neutralizers have the ability to capture aromas in the air and obviously neutralize those annoying odors, they are made based on different plant extracts and chemical products. For this reason, many growers prefer it since, in addition, in some cases, they are used in conjunction with electronic devices that help heat the neutralizer, which can spray the entire grow room with the substance to control bad odors.

Odor Neutralizer Marijuana

There are also neutralizers based on essential oils from aromatic plants, which modify the stinky smell of weed, effectively covering good crop spaces, and respecting the original aroma of your plants, without damaging them. We would like to add some super important tips, before starting to cultivate it is necessary that you organize your entire cultivation system, including odor controls, in order to avoid problems and harvest in a calm way.

Control smell marijuana plants at home

It is important that you keep the grow room closed so that odors do not leak, some gardeners use systems to secure the doors, ceilings and walls of the grow rooms. You must be careful and watch out for possible leaks, as these will render inefficient any efforts you make to prevent odors from being improperly released.

Tent Growing Marijuana Plants

You can carry out an exhaustive control before the plants enter the flowering phase to have all possible odor problems covered, also remember that by having your tent or grow room 100% closed, you also prevent light from filtering in from inside, therefore it helps you maximize the performance of your lighting system and thus ensure a bountiful harvest with incredible flowers.

Control smell marijuana plants flowering

In the first place, we can say that sprays are great allies to hide the smell of a crop, they are mainly used for the areas that surround the crop, for example, the corridors of your house, the area outside the door of your cultivation room.

Odor spray Marijuana

Also, some gardeners use them to reduce the smell of marijuana from their clothes, so they spray the spray on their clothes and thus the smell of weed becomes more discreet, especially if they need to go outside.


Humidity and Heat control in flowering

The increase in temperature and humidity make the plants emit a much stronger smell during flowering, especially since the terpenes and resin of the weed plant is at its peak, since it is in full maturation. Second, it is important that moisture levels are kept low during flowering to prevent fungi from attacking the plant and damaging the crop entirely. That is why it is important to use fans as they help to circulate the air and also to diminish or placate the humid and hot sectors in the cultivation area that affect the plant.

Now, if the temperature of your indoor crop rises and you cannot control it, an issue that causes an increase in temperature, it is recommended that you look for other types of lighting, such as LEDs or try to lower the temperature of the lighting by injecting air into the grow room or tent, to cool them down. You must be careful if you use this technique so that you do not dirty or damage your lighting system, so do it carefully and always check the lighting.


Select the right strain

Also, we can say that there are varieties with softer aromas that do not permeate the cultivation area so strongly and that, therefore, are more discreet to cultivate. Now we are going to recommend some of these strains that you can grow without having problems with the odors that may emanate.

Pay close attention, as you will see that some of the most recommended strains are those that have parents of some of the most legendary weed strains, such as Jack Herer, Cream Caramel, White Widow, Black Domina, Deimos, among others.

Cream Auto

Cream autoflowering is a mostly indica variety of weed, which grows and flowers very quickly since it only needs 65-75 days in its complete life cycle. To the above, we must add that the production of buds range from 80-110 gr/plant outdoors and from 350-500 gr/m2 indoors, which makes it a great option for cultivation.

Cream Auto Blimburn Seeds

Regarding the aroma, thanks to its parents, which are Cream Caramel x Deimos autoflowering, the smells they emit are softer and obviously with super sweet notes. For its part, the flavor is sweet and also contains earthy notes that make it an incredible variety for its cultivation because it is discreet with the smell and also has a delicious flavor.

White Rhino

White Rhino is not only the champion of the 1996 High Times weed Cup, but it is also a strain that has been classified among the 10 with the most discreet smell in the select weed world. The characteristics of White Rhino in terms of aroma must be unique since terpenes such as myrcene predominate, which in turn provides earth-type flavors, or pinene, which gives notes of dry wood.

In general, the aroma that weed plants emit depends on the parents of the variety, in this case, this strain is a mythical cross between White Widow x North American Indica. These parents give White Rhino those characteristics of discretion and also excellent yields with 900 gr/m2 indoors and an incredible 1200 gr/plant outdoors.

Black Domina x Afghan Kush

Thanks to its feminized Black Domina x Afghan Kush parents, it is also considered a discreet variety in terms of its smell because it does not emit powerful or extreme fragrances, on the contrary, it is rather stealthy. This does not prevent it from delivering heavy yields of 500 gr/m2 indoors and an exuberant 900 gr/plant outdoors.

Candy Kush x Do-Si-Dos Marijuana Plant

Its flavors are also remarkable because you concentrate notes of fruits, citrus and earthy and incinerated aftertastes must be added that are inherited both from its Black Domina side and from the Afghan Kush parent. Other notable qualities are its intense and relaxing effect, of good medicinal value for those users who suffer from insomnia, stress or chronic pain.

Nicole Kush

Nicole Kush is a dominant indica that has a discreet aroma and flavors that make you hallucinate since they are earthy with notes of moss and cover your entire palate with the dense smoke caused by each puff. This variety comes from a cross between Kosher Kush x Nicole and is one of the latest generation strains that has stood out the most in recent times, both for its potency and its flavor and, obviously, for the great harvests it delivers in each crop.

Nicole Kush Marijuana Plant

High THC in Nicole Kush range from 18%-25% THC with a flowering time that is short, taking only 7-9 weeks, at which point it produces compact, fat buds covered in trichomes. Yields are large and you can harvest 400-550 g/m2 indoors, while outdoor gardeners can harvest up to 600 g/plant.


This is a mostly indica variety that was baptized as Mango because it has tropical aromas and flavors that evoke the famous fruit that grows in the tropics. It concentrates between 20%-22% of THC matter, which makes it quite powerful and causes effects that relax you and leave you in a state of deep tranquility.

Mango Marijuana Plant Outdoor

Mango is discreet with its aroma since its Jack Herer x Big Skunk parents give it these characteristics, but without a doubt, it is always good to have a good ventilation system in your room growing. We say this because when you grow Mango, you must be careful with excess humidity and high temperatures because it can be affected by fungi or insects, especially those that are born in the substrate, hence prevention is essential.

Northern Light x Cream Autoflowering

Northern Lights x Cream autoflowering, is a strain with a more indica tendency that is characterized by the fact that it gives off a strong smell when flowering, on the contrary, it is quite discreet. This strain has a very short life cycle that does not exceed 60 days, therefore you can harvest your crops quickly and without fear of having problems due to the smells that the plant gives off.

Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower Seeds

Here we talk about the discretion of the aroma of this autoflowering strain because its two parents are very discreet in this regard. On the one hand, Northern Light is recognized for this characteristic, while Cream autoflowering stands out for its discreet aroma and its exquisite flavor.

We have already given you the main tips to grow your plants without having problems with the smell, now it’s up to you to get the best version of the gardener that you are to have the best performance. Remember that you can continue learning more about this magical plant or about weed seeds, and cultivation techniques, among other topics on our blog.

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