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Growing Autoflower in Summer

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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Undoubtedly, the spring and summer season is usually the time of year preferred by growers because they can grow better, stronger, more productive cannabis plants outdoors and without the complications of indoor cultivation. For their part, lovers of feminized autoflowering strains take advantage of this time to grow them outdoors because they will be ready for harvest in 60-80 days from germination which allows different plantings to be carried out during the season, producing good harvests and buds.

In this article, we are going to show you the best tips for growing autoflowering varieties during the summer season so that you can achieve the best results with strong plants, amazing buds, and harvests that fill you with happiness. The objective is to be able to obtain the maximum yield with the cultivation of autoflowering strains during the summer time so that you can have a great crop or carry out different crops during a single season so you never run out of your precious flowers.

The best time for growing autoflowering weed

Summer is the best time of year to grow autoflowering female seeds outdoors because the climate is optimal, you don’t have problems with rain, low temperatures, and everything related to a bad environment that can affect your crop. In addition, the hours of direct sunlight are greater and allow autoflowering marijuana plants to develop optimally.

For this reason, in areas of the southern United States, planting can begin at the end of March while in territories further north, you should wait until mid-April or early May. It is important to emphasize that until the end of June, the days have more hours of daylight, beginning to shorten from this date until they balance in September between hours of light and darkness thanks to the arrival of autumn.

Tips for growing autoflowering weed outdoors in summer

It is good to point out that the cultivation of autoflowering feminized cannabis plants is very fast and requires more careful hands than growing feminized or regular varieties. You must comply with a schedule and with your responsibilities so that the garden can deliver good harvests. Here, we will tell you some tricks with which you can make a more effective crop filled with buds.

Tips for growing autoflowering plants outdoors in summer.

1- Select a good place for cultivation. It is necessary that the autoflowering plants that you are going to cultivate are always in the same place because they cannot be transplanted. If you move them from one place to another, they can suffer stress .

2- Many gardeners grow in summer on their balconies or terraces where heat and wind are two factors that can damage their crops. For this reason, they must be careful to ensure that the cannabis plants do not suffer from stress due to excess heat by putting up some mesh to filter the sun. Another detail is the wind which can be avoided if some type of windbreaker or similar is placed in the cultivation area.

3- Irrigation is also fundamental in all crops, even more so in summer when the soil tends to dry out more. Some gardeners who share their secrets point out that when growing outdoors in summer, it is good to water during the hottest hours because the plants tend to consume as much water as possible when they are “thirsty”.

4- Undoubtedly, the substrate and fertilizers are essential for every plant, especially for autoflowering weed plants who really enjoy organic food. For this reason, a substrate rich in macro and micronutrients is essential as is the use of fungi that help stimulate macrobiotic life.

5- Organic fertilizers are also excellent for an outdoor crops, especially if it is grown on wood because they are deposited in the substrate with all of their nutrients which are decomposed and carried to the plant by the microorganisms that are found in the substrate and work with those of the same nutrient.

6- We highlight the use of diatoms and mycorrhizae, fungi that will help to protect the roots of the plant from some fungi and pests that grow in the culture substrate. Secondly, the mycorrhizas help stimulate root growth, creating strong and forceful root systems that give the plant vigor and power.

7- Another important point is the type of pot in which the autoflowering female plants are grown because it is advisable to always keep the plants in the same pot to avoids stress. Autoflowering marijuana plants respond very well in 11L pots, developing in a good way and delivering good harvests. If you want to grow a good number of autoflowering feminized plants, it is also good to use 7L pots, allowing you to have 10 to 15 plants in a medium-sized space or filling a terrace with a number of plants similar to that using the SOG culture technique.

Growing guerrilla autoflowering marijuana

Also using terraces, balconies, indoors, or a mix, are guerrilla growers who are perhaps the most extreme growers of marijuana because they must make stealthy use of the growing space and also be careful not to lose their crops. It is possible to grow autoflowering weed plants in guerrilla crops. For this, the breeder must take into account some points to ensure the success of his cultivation. Here are some tips you can use to be a true champion of guerrilla growing autoflowering cannabis strains.

Autoflowering outdoor
Autoflowering outdoor

1- The cultivation territory must be a safe place that has space that is not visible to people from the outside to prevent the arrival of the typical end-of-season bud thieves. Many growers hide their guerrilla gardens with tree branches, leaves and sticks, building authentic fortresses that make the cultivation go unnoticed towards the outside so unwanted animals or unwelcome people will not enter.

2- Try to prepare the soil, especially if you grow on mother soil. You must remove part of the soil to fill it with substrate or compost suitable for growing cannabis. When growing in pots, what breeders use the most are black plastic pots (bag type) that allows the plants to grow in a good way and ensures that the roots are not damaged by the sun because the black color reflects the sun’s rays and prevents light stress on the plant.

3- Irrigation in a guerrilla crop is essential to keep the plants alive. You can use a drip irrigation system with a few gallons where you store the water and some irrigation pipes. Another technique is to irrigate by flooding if you cultivate in mother soil, although some gardeners do not recommend it because of the work it generates and the high consumption of water. They also say that often the water does not reach the entire plant.

4- As you are growing autoflowering and guerrilla varieties outdoors, you can feed your plants with solid nutrients because these stimulate the microbiotic life of the soil or substrate. Also, when they decompose, they force the plant to extend its roots in search of nutrients, growing the root networks that will then ensure strong plants with great harvests. It is good to keep in mind that solid nutrients must have a slower decomposition process, therefore, you must mix it beforehand so that they can fulfill their function correctly.

5- You must be careful with humidity when you grow outdoors and in guerrilla because that can affect your plants during the cultivation process, allowing fungi and pests to appear that will destroy your garden completely. So, we recommend that if your area or the place where you are going to grow suffers from high humidity, it is better to look for another sector, otherwise, you take the risk. Consider using non-harmful fungi to avoid the appearance of fungi. Also, ensure that the growing area has good natural air ventilation and water only when necessary.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

This is a special selection of our best autoflowering marijuana seeds for growing areas with short summers and medium and high humidity levels where you need to harvest your plants quickly. We are going to show you some of our strains that are perfect for this type of cultivation, including some that are mostly indica and others that are mostly sativa as well as some hybrid genetics, all of them autoflowering.

buy White LSD autoflowering strain online

This White LSD autoflowering is a hybrid variety that is delicious on the palate due to its citric pine flavor with notes of sour. It is perfect if you are looking for a refreshing taste in your mouth. In addition, its potency is between 20% to 24% THC with low levels of CBD. You can harvest it later, after 8-10 weeks of life, because it is super fast and easy to grow from sowing to harvest.


White Russian

In addition, this autoflowering version of White LSD is a good producer of buds with harvests of 100-150 gr/plant outdoors and about 300-400 gr/m2 indoors or in greenhouse crops, making it absolutely recommended for people who want fast crops with great results. Another point in favor of this strain is its effects that are presented in a creative way in the mind and with a balanced touch, making it ideal for carrying out the tasks of the day without feeling absolutely stuck.

buy Love Potion Autoflowering strain online

Love Potion autoflowering is a mostly sativa autoflowering that produces creative, energetic, and blissful effects. That’s not all because it is also fast, only taking 7-8 weeks for a complete cycle from germination to harvest and producing buds with THC percentages of 14% to 16%. 

Fans of sweet and fragrant fruits will find buds with flavors of berry, bubblegum, and mango in the flowers of Love Potion Auto. It provides guaranteed floral sweetness combined with an explosive resin that completely covers the fruits of the plant. Also, the harvests are very good, collecting 50-100 gr/plant for each plant outdoors and about 350-500 gr/m2 indoors, producing creative, happy buds that create energetic sessions in users. 


buy skunk #1 autoflowering strain online

A classic variety like Skunk #1 Autoflowering cannot be missing among the autoflowering strain recommendations to grow in summer. This strain is easy to grow, fast, and delivers great yields, ranging from 50-100 gr/plant outdoors and 250-300 gr/m2 indoors. Undoubtedly, you will obtain great results with this strain. It is mostly indica and is ready to be harvested in just 6-7 weeks of cultivation. For this reason, you will not have great problems with humidity, fungi, and pests if your climate is humid and hot in summer.


Skunk #1

A point to keep in mind that the effect remains relaxed and also creative and euphoric with THC levels of 10% – 15% which makes it a bearable strain. If we talk about flavors, it gives off an earthy taste with notes of pine and a background sweetness, making it delicious on the palate. Lovers of classic genetics will surely find something special in this variety that will make them fly.


buy Hindu Kush Autoflowering strain online

We clarify that all growers who want fast marijuana plants that do not cause many problems during cultivation should take into account a Kush-type variety for their next crop due to their ease of cultivation and also because they withstand pests and humidity very well. The above, because it can be harvested after 9-10 weeks of complete cultivation with yields ranging from 60-100 gr/plant outdoors and 400-450 gr/m2 indoors.


Hindu Kush seeds

Despite being an autoflowering variety, it hits hard because its THC levels range from 22%-24% and the effect it produces is intense and relaxing. Hindu Kush Auto buds are compact and heavy, giving off woody flavors with hints of pine and earthy aftertastes that are quite sweet.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you as we are sure that more than one of you will apply them. Remember to buy your cannabis seeds at Blimburn Seeds where you will find discreet and safe shipments and also the best strains of weed for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

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