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Why Choose Fast Version Seeds in Summer?

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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Fast Flowering seeds, also called Fast Blooming, are those that despite being photodependent like the feminized ones, have a shorter flowering time. They are harvested early, making them ideal for growers who live in areas with short summers who want to grow outdoors and avoid the rains, the bad weather of the first weeks of autumn, among other problems such as the typical diseases suffered by cannabis plants when they are not grown properly.

This type of variety is the result of crossing an elite feminized photoperiod-dependent variety and an autoflowering strain. However, unlike the latter, fast varieties depend on the number of hours of light the flowers receive; that is, they must go from the light period of 18/6 to a cycle of 12 hours of light and another 12 hours of darkness when flowering begins.

This means that the grower can extend the vegetative period of the cannabis plant if he wants to have real monsters in his garden. Because they depend on the hours of light and only with the change of cycle will they go on to flowering, unlike an autoflowering strain, these varieties do not decrease bud production and you can achieve great yields just like a feminized or regular variety.

The cultivation of the Fast Flowering varieties entails a series of benefits for the grower. One main benefit is that because it can be harvested earlier, problems caused by autumn rains are avoided, especially in climates where the summer is very short. When it rains, this excess humidity can cause the appearance of fungus and mold which is a danger to the health of the plants.

In addition, Fast Flowering or Fast Blooming preserves the aroma and flavor of the genetics of their parents, so all the nuances and organoleptic qualities of the original strains can be appreciated. Another advantage of the Fast Flowering strain is their vigor and productivity which is comparable to that of traditional photoperiod-dependent varieties. With proper care, a high yield can be obtained thanks to their shorter growing cycle.

You can also control its height and regulate its production. If you grow outdoors, you just have to lengthen the vegetative phase by germinating the seeds before. In the event that it is an indoor crop, the secret is to prolong the growth photoperiod until they reach the height you want. If you want to make a mother plant to obtain cuttings from a Fast Version, you will not have any problem unlike what happens with autoflowering strains which are only accessible through seeds.

Main AdvantaGes of Fast Version Strains

First, as they are strains that depend on the photoperiod, that is, the hours of light they receive, they will not go independently to flowering as occurs with the autoflowering strains. Therefore, you should not worry that it will start to flower on its own because it will only change to flowering when you change the light cycle to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light.

With the Fast Version or Fast Blooming varieties, it is the gardener who determines the size of the plant because you can have a compact-sized specimen with only 4 weeks of growth or you can grow it with a lighting cycle of 12 hours of light and another 12 hours of darkness from the beginning. This is a good thing if you want to grow in a small space or in a discreet outdoor grow.

Techniques like LST can be applied to stretch your side arms to increase production. Also, it is possible to prune the tips to multiply the arms. It is also possible to subject the Fast Version to super cropping when you want to control the central stem, that is, bending this part of the plant horizontally to the substrate or soil.

Another advantage of this type of strain is that mother plants can be selected, meaning clones can be obtained with which you can preserve a certain variety over time. As this type of strain has a faster flowering, it is recommended to carry out pruning to extract clones during the first week of flowering (when the first stigmas have already shown) because that is the point at which you will obtain stronger clones and that in the end, they give you better and more abundant harvests.

Tips for growing Fast Version Strains

These types of varieties are very similar to cultivating feminized or regular strains, therefore, the first thing you should know and carefully analyze is what type of cannabis variety you want to cultivate in relation to the place where you are going to breed them. If you grow indoors, you should not worry so much about this detail.

The second thing is that a substrate or soil that is rich in nutrients, especially in micronutrients, is essential for the plants to develop in the best way and flourish with large colas full of buds. Organic feeding is essential, therefore, we recommend using soils that are rich in humus with good aeration, coco coir, perlite, and also mycorrhizae from the first phase to ensure powerful roots.

Avoid causing stress to Fast Version plants by keeping the humidity and temperature controlled. This will promote good growth and excellent flowering of the specimens and will also prevent you from having problems with harmful fungi that can spoil your harvest. In more humid areas with short summers or with summers where there is rain, try to grow your plants in a greenhouse. This will prevent you from losing the crops and your plants will thank you by delivering wonderful crops.

The best strain recommendations for growing in summer

It is always good to be clear about which varieties are the best to grow, depending on their difficulty in cultivation, their yields, and adaptability, among other factors that condition a cannabis crop, whether indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the best Fast Flowering cannabis strains for you to grow in summer.

Santa Muerte Fast Blooming

Santa Muerte Fast Blooming is one of our most emblematic sativas and now you have it in its Fast Blooming version, maintaining the flavor, effect, and aroma qualities of its original mother but also adding a shorter flowering period compared to the feminized version. This super fast strain contains THC levels of 17%-20% with buds that give off flavors of fruit, herbs, and wood, highlighting soft citrus notes after the weed is cured for at least 4 or 6 weeks.

Santa Muerte Fast Blooming Marijuana Plant

If we talk about the harvests, you can get between 500gr-550gr/plant when growing outdoors or in a greenhouse and around 400gr-450gr/m2 if you grow indoors after a short flowering period of only 50 to 55 days. The buds will produce an incredibly electrifying effect that is very cerebral and super social with euphoric touches.

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

A mostly sativa variety like Amnesia Lemon Fast Version cannot be missing from these recommendations because thanks to its incredible levels of THC that can range from 20%-22%, it amazes its fans as it generates energetic effects that are very social and conclude with a nice relaxation.

This variety is ready after 50-60 days of flowering indoors, while outdoors, you must wait until the beginning of October to harvest it, achieving between 550gr-650gr/plant. On the other hand, if you grow it indoors, you collect about 400gr/m2 of buds that have a sour flavor with notes of lemon and citrus, highlighting a sweet and fresh background.

Bruce Banner Fast Blooming

Another cannabis gem that we take to the next level is Bruce Banner Fast Blooming which in addition to having a very short flowering time in relation to the feminized edition, boasts unique qualities such as great harvests of 500gr/plant grown outdoors and about 400gr-500gr/m2 indoors. The harvests are obtained after 55-60 days of flowering which is a very short time for a plant with a high production of buds.

On the other hand, the potency of Bruce Banner Fast Blooming remains between 19%-23% THC, generating effects that, although balanced, have a certain tendency towards relaxation and also towards cerebral sensations. Outdoor gardeners or those who grow in greenhouses in the northern hemisphere or Europe can harvest it at the end of September or beginning of October to obtain buds with very sweet flavors, some earthy notes, and also diesel aftertastes.

Alien OG Fast Version

Alien OG Fast Version is unique because despite being very fast in flowering, only taking 60 to 65 days, it gives you harvests of 450gr-500gr/m2 indoors and about 500gr-600gr/plant outdoors of compact buds. For the same reason, you must be careful and inspect your plants to avoid pests and fungi, especially at the end of flowering.

Alien OG Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Alien OG Fast Version gives off flavors of pepper with citrus and herbal notes, making each smoke an elevation full of freshness thanks also to its THC levels that are between 14%-16%. The effect of this strain is relaxing like the classic indica with certain moments of joy and even euphoria. It is recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain as it usually counteracts it.

OG Kush Fast Version

On this list, a classic such as OG Kush Fast Version cannot be missing. In its super fast version, it stands out for its production of 1000gr/plant of succulent buds when grown outdoors. If you breed it indoors, you can get an incredible 550gr/plant. In addition, with this variety, you can grow SOG-type crops if you do it indoors or in a greenhouse, maximizing the growing space with plants that are ready to be harvested after 55-60 days of flowering.

As Og Kush Fast Version is mostly indica, it grows compact with short internodes. For this reason, LST or stretching techniques can be applied so that the air circulates well and it does not have problems with humidity and ventilation. This is important because the buds of this strain are usually compact and hard, so you should inspect it to avoid problems with diseases that damage the harvest. This strain gives off flavors of a mild diesel with fruity and citrus notes.

Trainwreck Fast Version

Trainwreck Fast Version stimulates your creativity because it is a completely social variety that brings happiness in each smoke, ending with a delicious relaxation. This is combined with the flavors it exudes which are sweet with spicy hints and notes of wood and pine, making each smoke a refreshing and uplifting experience.

This strain delivers lush yields of 500gr-600gr/plant if you grow it outdoors, especially for summer or also in a greenhouse. You can obtain about 350gr-400gr when you grow it indoors. You can use cultivation techniques such as SCROG for Trainwreck Fast Version because its arms can be extended throughout a mesh to achieve more homogeneous plants indoors. In the case of outdoor cultivation, vertical SCROG can also be used, achieving support for the lateral arms. This produces abundant buds and also allows good ventilation and light while avoiding pests and producing denser and heavier flowers.

Skunk Fast Version

known for its fat and dense buds, Skunk Fast Version is a more than recommended variety that belongs to the weed hall of fame. In this edition, its flowering is much shorter, taking only 50-55 days to deliver harvests of 400gr-500gr/plant when grown outdoors or in a greenhouse and about 500gr/m2 if grown indoors.

Skunk Fast Version delivers the classic fat and round buds that are full of resin, especially at the end of flowering. On the other hand, they tend to be fairly compact and have an intense “Skunk” aroma that can cover the entire growing space. Therefore, we recommend having a good ventilation system if you grow indoors. In addition, it maintains the original Skunk flavor which you can taste in each puff and you can also distinguish earthy aftertastes and sweet notes that spread through your mouth.  Many gardeners prefer Skunk Fast Version because it is easy to grow and obviously because of its relaxing effect that leaves you in a super chill state.

We are going to get to work and grow some incredible Fast Version or Fast Blooming cannabis plants in the garden this summer season because we know their benefits and advantages. These strain will undoubtedly take you on galactic trips through the space of your mind and body. We look forward to seeing you on the next blog and don’t forget that at Blimburn Seeds, you can buy the best cannabis seeds for your crop.

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