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Emerald Cup

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the finest organic cannabis, a showcase of innovation, and a gathering of like-minded enthusiasts and experts. Each year, participants and spectators converge to witness the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and culture. In this article, we delve into the history of the Emerald Cup, tracing its roots and highlighting the memorable moments from the past decade.

A Brief Overview

The event has established itself as one of the premier cannabis events globally, known for its strict adherence to organic standards and its celebration of purity and quality in cannabis cultivation. Originally held in the heart of Northern California’s cannabis culture, this event brings together growers, breeders, and enthusiasts to celebrate achievements in various categories of cannabis cultivation and product development.

Historical Roots

The Emerald Cup started as a small, community-driven event in Mendocino County, designed to promote local, organic cannabis farming and to provide a safe space for creators and cultivators to share their craft and passion. Over the years, it has grown in prominence and size, reflecting the evolution and increasing acceptance of cannabis in mainstream culture.

Emerald Cup 2024

The 2024 is poised to be a grand celebration of cannabis culture, set in the historic Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts in Oakland, California. Scheduled for August 17th and 18th, the Emerald Cup 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of this prestigious event, bringing together the best of California’s cannabis community.

Event Highlights of Emerald Cup 2024

Venue Insights: The choice of the Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts as the venue for the Emerald Cup 2024 adds a touch of historical significance, enhancing the cultural experience. The center is well-known for its architectural beauty and its pivotal role in Oakland’s arts and culture scene.

Activities and Entertainment: Attendees of the Emerald Cup 2024 can look forward to a variety of activities:

  • Live Music: The event will feature performances from top musical artists, providing a dynamic backdrop to the festivities.
  • Educational Panels: Industry experts will lead discussions on the latest in cannabis cultivation techniques, legal changes, and health benefits, enriching attendees’ understanding of the cannabis landscape.
  • Craft Cannabis Marketplace: This will be a key attraction at the Emerald Cup 2024, offering attendees the opportunity to purchase high-quality cannabis products directly from the producers.

The Heart of the Festival: Competitions and Awards

The Emerald Cup 2024 continues its tradition of hosting competitions across several categories including flowers, concentrates, and edibles. These competitions highlight the innovation and quality in the cannabis industry, with awards recognizing the very best in each category.

Furthering Cannabis Education and Networking

This event is not just about celebration but also education and networking. The event provides a platform for:

  • Networking Opportunities: Professionals from across the cannabis industry gather to share insights and forge connections.
  • Innovative Product Showcases: Exhibitors at the Emerald Cup 2024 will display the latest in cannabis technology and products, from cultivation supplies to consumer goods.

Practical Information for Attendees

Tickets and Admission: Tickets are available online, with options ranging from single-day passes to VIP experiences.

Travel and Accommodations: Partner hotels offer discounted rates for Emerald Cup attendees, with shuttle services available to and from the venue.

Safety Protocols: The Emerald Cup 2024 will enforce strict security measures, including ID checks and bag searches, to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

The Emerald Cup 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the cannabis community, offering a rich blend of cultural experiences, educational opportunities, and a celebration of cannabis excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a curious newcomer, the Emerald Cup 2024 promises to be an enlightening and enjoyable experience.

For more information on how to participate or attend, visit the official Emerald Cup website here.

Emerald Cup Winners

2023 to 2009

Emerald Cup 2023: Advancements in Sustainable Cultivation

The 2023 edition took a significant leap forward by emphasizing sustainable cultivation methods. This year’s competition showcased growers who implemented innovative techniques to reduce water and energy consumption. Entries featured organic, solar-powered farms that demonstrated the feasibility of eco-friendly cannabis cultivation without compromising on quality. The event also introduced a new award category for “Best Sustainable Cultivation Practice,” celebrating the growers who are leading the way in environmental responsibility.


Double OG Chem #1512023OUTDOOR
Venom OG22023OUTDOOR
Peppermint Sleigh Ride32023OUTDOOR
11:1122023OUTDOOR MIX
Florida Kush32023OUTDOOR MIX
Blue Face12023INDOOR
Gas Face22023INDOOR
Alpes franceses32023INDOOR
Bubble Bath12023GREENHOUSE 
Cre8’s Gelonade22023GREENHOUSE 
Mule Fuel32023GREENHOUSE 
Mountain Cultured Terp Blendz 24112023BEST FLOWER 
In The Pines22023BEST FLOWER 
Double OG Chem32023BEST FLOWER 
Terry T x Gelato 33 (2:1 CBD)12023ALTERNATIVE CANNABIS
Love Laughter Flower32023ALTERNATIVE CANNABIS
Godfather OG Auto12023CBD
Blue Meringue22023CBD
Abacus Diesel CBD Hemp Flower32023CBD

Emerald Cup 2022: Championing Small Farms

In 2022, put a spotlight on small-scale farmers who form the backbone of the traditional cannabis community. Amidst increasing commercialization, this edition focused on artisanal growers who maintain the heritage strains and cultivation methods that have defined Northern California’s cannabis culture. The event facilitated discussions on supporting these small farms against the competitive pressures from larger, corporate entities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining diversity within the cannabis industry.

Godfather OG12023CBD
Blue Meringue22023CBD
Abacus Diesel CBD Hemp Flower32023CBD
Lemon Sponge Cake12022OUTDOOR
Double OG Chem22022OUTDOOR
Georgia Pie32022OUTDOOR
Modified Grapes12022OUTDOOR MIX
Jealousy22022OUTDOOR MIX
Lemon Lava32022OUTDOOR MIX
Lemon Head OG x Zkittlez12022BREEDERS CUP
Animal Face12022INDOOR
Pablo’s Revenge22022INDOOR
Blue Face32022INDOOR
Holy Moly!12022BREEDERS CUP
Glass House Farms Waiting Game22022GREENHOUSE 
Ice Cream Cake32022GREENHOUSE 
Ohrangatang Titties12022BEST FLOWER 
Double OG Chem 422022BEST FLOWER 
Cheese32022BEST FLOWER 
Lemon Sponge Cake12022BEST FLOWER IN THE EVENT
erry T & Gelato 3312022ALTERNATIVE CANNABIS
Orange Glaze #3212022CBD

Emerald Cup 2021: Integration of Technology in Cultivation

The 2021 highlighted the role of technology in optimizing cannabis cultivation. This year saw a significant presence of tech-driven solutions, from automated nutrient systems to LED lighting innovations that mimic the solar spectrum. These advancements not only improve the efficiency of growing operations but also enhance the quality and consistency of cannabis products. The event provided a platform for tech startups to share their solutions with the community, fostering a fusion of technology and traditional growing practices.

Gorilla Snacks12021OUTDOOR
Ice Cream Cake12021OUTDOOR MIX
Tropical Sleigh Ride #112021BEST FLOWER 
Pink Boost Goddess32021OUTDOOR MIX
Sour Tangie32021OUTDOOR MIX
Citrus Gummies12021CBD
Canna Country #2612021BREEDERS CUP

Emerald Cup 2019: Emphasis on Medical Cannabis

The 2019 saw an increased emphasis on the therapeutic potential of cannabis. With the growing acceptance of cannabis in mainstream medicine, the event showcased high-CBD strains and innovative delivery methods tailored for medical users. Workshops and seminars focused on educating both consumers and healthcare providers about the benefits and proper use of medical cannabis, reflecting the event’s commitment to promoting health and wellness.

POG (guayaba naranja pasion)12019BREEDERS CUP
Holy Crunch12019CBD
Harle Bubba32019CBD
 LA Kush Cake12019BEST FLOWER 
“Skunky” Cookies22019BEST FLOWER 
Blackjack 32019BEST FLOWER 
 Ice Cream Cake 12019OUTDOOR MIX
Ridgeline Runtz12019OUTDOOR
POG (Guayaba naranja pasión) 22019OUTDOOR
White Runtz Humboldt32019OUTDOOR

Emerald Cup 2018: Broadening the Competition Categories

Reflecting the diversifying landscape of cannabis products, the 2018 expanded its competition categories to include extracts, edibles, and topicals. This change recognized the craftsmanship in non-traditional cannabis products and celebrated innovations in flavor, potency, and packaging. The expansion allowed a wider range of creators to participate and showcased the growing consumer demand for a variety of cannabis experiences.

 Double OG Chem #1522018BEST FLOWER  LICENSED
Double OG Chem #1512018BREEDERS CUP
Pink Lemonade12018OUTDOOR MIX
OG Kush Story22018OUTDOOR MIX
Peanut Butter Breath32018OUTDOOR MIX
Cherry Punch 1532018BEST FLOWER IN THE EVENT
Blueberry Banana Bread12018CBD
Dr. Fizz22018CBD
Mermelada de ajo32018CBD

Emerald Cup 2017: Focus on Compliance and Regulation

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, the 2017 placed a strong emphasis on compliance and regulation. This edition included workshops and panels discussing the new state laws, licensing procedures, and compliance challenges facing growers and retailers. It was a pivotal year for educating the community on navigating the legal landscape and ensuring the sustainability of their businesses under new regulations.

Lemon Crush12017BEST FLOWER 
Reserva privada OG32017BEST FLOWER 
Edens White Fire12017INDOOR
Silver OG32017INDOOR

Emerald Cup 2016: Celebrating Craft Cannabis

The 2016 this cup celebrated the art and science of craft cannabis cultivation. This year highlighted growers who prioritized quality and complexity in their strains over yield. The competition recognized the finest examples of cannabis flowers with rich aromas, complex terpene profiles, and superior potency, all cultivated under ethical and sustainable practices.

Zskittles12016BEST FLOWER 
Purple Candy Kane22016BEST FLOWER 
Strain #832016BEST FLOWER 
Rainbow Gummeez12016CBD
CDB Nordle 22016CBD
Tropical Punch32016CBD

Emerald Cup 2015: Advancing Cannabis Education

Education took center stage at the 2015, with an array of seminars and workshops aimed at both new and experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Topics covered advancements in cultivation techniques, the latest research in cannabis genetics, and the evolving legal environment. This focus on education underscored the event’s role as a knowledge hub for the cannabis community.

Cherry Limeade12015BEST FLOWER 
Lemonhead OG 22015BEST FLOWER 
Purple Candy Cane32015BEST FLOWER 
Critical Mass CBD12015CBD
Love ‘n Hope 32015CBD

Emerald Cup 2014: Organic Practices and Purity

The 2014 this event returned to its roots by emphasizing organic cultivation practices. This edition celebrated growers who adhered strictly to natural methods, showcasing the purity and potency achievable without synthetic additives. The event stressed the importance of clean cannabis and the health benefits associated with organic cultivation practices.

Diesel x Ogre.12014BEST FLOWER 
Oil Can x NL x Lime Afgani x PK x Chemdawg SR.22014BEST FLOWER 
Girl Scout’s Cheese32014BEST FLOWER 
ACDC x Purple Legend12014CBD
Sour Tsunami x Harlequin 22014CBD

Emerald Cup 2013: Advocacy and Legalization Efforts

The 2013 this event served not only as a competition but also as a platform for advocacy. Amidst a changing political landscape, the event hosted speakers and panels that discussed the importance of cannabis legalization and regulation. It became a rallying point for activists and provided a forum for sharing strategies and stories from the front lines of the legalization movement.

Lemon Skunk12013BEST FLOWER 
Cherry Cola 22013BEST FLOWER 
Jigga’s GSC32013BEST FLOWER 

Emerald Cup 2012: Community and Collaboration

The 2012 edition of this event focused on community and collaboration among cannabis growers and enthusiasts. This year emphasized the communal roots of the event, with growers sharing techniques, genetics, and experiences. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and collective progress, aiming to elevate the entire community through shared knowledge and mutual support.

ChemDawg12012BEST FLOWER 
Cry Baby OG 22012BEST FLOWER 
In The Pines32012BEST FLOWER 

Emerald Cup 2010: The Rise of Cannabis Edibles

The 2010 Emerald Cup marked a significant year with the rise of cannabis-infused edibles as a mainstream product category. This year showcased the culinary creativity within the cannabis industry, with entries ranging from chocolates and gummies to savory snacks, all judged on potency, flavor, and innovation.

Sour Best Shit Ever12010BEST FLOWER 
Cheese22010BEST FLOWER 
In the Pines Pineapple32010BEST FLOWER 

Emerald Cup 2009: Setting the Stage for Excellence

Looking back to 2009, the Emerald Cup was in its earlier stages of setting the high standards it is known for today. This foundational year laid the groundwork for what would become a globally recognized event in the cannabis industry, focusing on celebrating the natural, organic cultivation of cannabis and fostering a community that values authenticity and quality above all.

Cotton Candy Kush12009BEST FLOWER 
In The Pines22009BEST FLOWER 

Strains featured in this article:

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is a passionate cannabis cultivator with over a decade of experience in the California cannabis industry. Born and raised in the heart of the West Coast, Mike has dedicated his life to honing his skills as a cultivator, becoming a true master of the plant. His love for cannabis and profound knowledge of its cultivation have led him to explore every facet of this captivating plant, from classic strains to the latest trends in cultivation and advanced techniques.

With a unique perspective on cannabis culture and a focus on sustainability and quality, Mike generously shares his valuable tips and tricks on this platform. Through his posts, he will guide you on the exciting journey of cannabis cultivation, providing expert insights and practical experiences to help you achieve success in your own cultivation endeavors. Join Mike on his journey through the world of cannabis and discover how to cultivate responsibly and achieve exceptional harvests. Become part of his community and unlock the secrets of a true cannabis master!

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