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The most popular canadian cannabis strain

We know that Canada is a land with a long cannabis history, that is why we want to miss this opportunity to introduce you to the most popular cannabis strains among growers and users of weed in the northern country. In this selection, which we have made following the main trends in the world of weed in Canada, you will find a wide variety of strains that stand out for different reasons.

Some of those reasons are  following: How easy these plants are to grow, their super fragrant aromas that can be, the intense or easygoing effects that their buds produce. We also rescue the strains that produce high amounts of resin, and that you can obtain and use to make extracts such as rosin, hashis, among others. Without further ado, we are going to get to know these cannabis strains that will surely blow your mind.

Blue cheese

Blue Cheese is a mostly indica feminized cannabis genetics that growers and smokers in Canada love because it has the main qualities of two weed legends Bluebber and UK Cheese. Yes, you are thinking of growing Blue Cheese, we tell you that this variety takes between 8-10 weeks to flower, although it can always finish a little earlier, that is, between 8 and 9 weeks, during which time it produces crops of between 1.64-1.82 oz. /ft2 indoor, meanwhile outdoor gardeners can pick up 21 oz/plant of buds.

Blue Cheese

Lovers of powerful strains can rest assured that Blue Cheese flowers generate between 16%-20% THC with buds that have an unparalleled Berry and Cheese flavor with sweet notes and spicy aftertastes. Also, the aroma of this appreciated strain stands out a few weeks after it begins to flower and it intensifies as the plant matures, this is due to its Cheese parent, which has a very intense aroma. The effect is rather relaxing and is felt both in the body and in the mind, therefore, you have to be careful not to exceed the doses you consume, since those dense buds covered with a thick layer of trichomes can tempt you. to go beyond the limits of your body and mind.

Lambs bread

Lambs Bread, also known as Lambs Breath, is much loved by growers in Canada for its sticky, greenish characteristics. These feminized cannabis seeds, of this mostly sativa strain, originate from Jamaica and are noted for their potency. Lam Bread plants produce THC levels of 16 to 21%, which does not mean that its effects are manifested with a good relaxation and feelings of happiness and some euphoria.

Lambs Bread Marijuana Plant

The Lamb’s Bread variety is said to have a citrus flavor, with herbal notes, and earthy aftertastes with some woody tones. regarding its aroma, we can tell you that it emits a strong herbal, earthy and citrus aroma. This weed strain is recognized among users for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Lamb Bread needs 8-10 weeks to flower, and outdoor gardeners should wait until early October to harvest. You will collect 1.31 oz/ft2 of buds indoor, using SCROG and LST to maximize yields, while outdoor you get between 25-31 oz/plant of amazing and delicious flowers.

Black Cherry Soda

This delicious weed genetics that Blimburn seeds can buy in feminized cannabis seed format, they called it Black Cherry Soda, precisely because of the cherry flavor, with deep notes of strawberry, it is a very sweet variety and also evokes those tropical flavors that you felt in some candy that you ate as a child. These weed seeds are of the hybrid type and are characterized by their incredible bud productions outdoor that range from 15-21 oz/plant while indoor you can get about 25-30g/ft2 in a flowering time of 8- 10 weeks.

Black Cherry Soda

The effects of Black Cherry Soda are very special since this weed induces its users in a trance state, generating a total fusion of mind and body without intense sedation and with a great euphoric and creative estate. Therefore you are not going to stay screwed to the sofa or in your bed, since this marijuana is good for day and night use.

The medicinal side of this variety stands out because it can help people who suffer from insomnia and also patients who have eating problems because it stimulates the appetite in a good way. For the cultivation of this variety, it is recommended to make SOG or SCROG indoor and outdoors, which allows maximizing the harvest of the plant as well, they can apply pruning to multiply the arms and mold the shape of the Black Cherry Soda plant to the taste of the breeder. .


The Oreoz marijuana variety is a very popular strain of weed in Canadian dispensaries, which is born from the cross between a Cookies x Cream x Secret Weapo, a mixture of genetics that gives life to mostly indica genetics. To talk about the flavors of Oreoz we must know that it is a combination of vanilla notes, a tobacco aftertaste and hints of diesel with some sweetness. The above, plays perfectly with its large dark and hard buds that are like rocks and with a whitish appearance and full of white resin remind us, which reminds of the famous Oreo chocolate cookies.

Oreoz marijuana seeds

This variety stands out for its great harvests that are between 1.15-1.47 oz/ft2 indoor and 14-21 oz/ft2 outdoors with a good amount of buds that are characterized by their thick white layer of resin that covers all their buds. and its attractive dark colors ranging from purple to black. And the THC levels are between 19%-23% for the same reason it is perfect for making extractions since in addition, the effects it produces are mental, very creative, active and produce sensations of happiness that will make you touch the clouds with the tip of your fingers.


Another of the varieties that cannot be missing from this list is the famous MK ULTRA which has gained worldwide popularity and especially among the Canadian public, who do not stop growing and smoking it. This mostly indica genetics is a gem of weed who enjoys size small, and branches out in a christmas tree shape as it grows, which makes it perfect for growing indoor or in small spaces, it is recommended to use the SOG technique to maximize your yields.

MK Ultra

After a flowering period of 8-10 weeks you will be rewarded with 40-50g/ft2 of buds, if you grow this plant indoor, and outdoor you will get 28-35oz/plant of very compact flowers from the beginning which are full of large amounts of resin crystals that permeate the entire plant giving it a very bright appearance. The power of MK ULTRA flowers is also striking, ranging from 17%-20% THC, which, with their relaxing effect, cause a state of absolute calm and also help control chronic pain in medicinal users. . Do not forget that this genetics also has a great flavor that recalls its ancestors with notes of earthy-kush, and spicy touches.

Apple and Bananas

Apple and Banana is a variety of feminized seeds of the hybrid type, which we at Blimburn Seeds bring to you so you can have it in your garden. This weed strain is born from the crossing of Platinum Cookies x Grandaddy Purple and a Blue Power male, obtaining a result which was crossed again with a Gelatti selection.  In this incredible variety of weed of the new generation, they stand out mainly the aromas of sweet fruits and some spices. It tastes like Bananas and Apples with certain sweet and earthy aftertastes.

Apple and Banana marijuana seeds

This genetics is highly appreciated in Canada among fans of the sweetest marijuana and also by those looking for large outdoor crops such as those delivered by Apple and Banana, which range from 17-21 oz/plant, while an indoor gardener collects between 0.82-1.15oz/ft2 of sticky, resin-filled buds after a flowering cycle of 8-10 weeks. Novice users beware because the potency is very high and is between 23%-30% THC, which is not recommended for novice users, since the effects they produce are euphoric, very cheerful and happy, which can be overwhelming if you are a new user.

Kush Mints

Kush Mints may be one of the most famous cannabis strains on the Canadian and American cannabis scene today, as it is a cross between two of the most powerful genetics of this era, such as Animal Mints and Bubba Kush, which concentrates high levels of THC that are between 25%-27% with high power effects, very energetic at the beginning of the flight and that culminate with a great relaxation when landing little by little. Some of the medicinal qualities of this genetic is that it helps people with depression and insomnia.

Kush Mints

The exuberant Kush Mint flowers in their flavor, feeling their notes of intense mint with hints of pine and wood, the bouquet can be said to taste just like it smells. Another great thing is the yields of this weed strain that are between 45-60g/ft2 indoor, with outdoor grows delivering between 19-21oz/plant, a completely colossal yield. This genetics is special to make a great SOG indoor since you will be able to get the maximum oz of buds with this cultivation technique in your garden. If you grow it outdoor, you will obtain a tree with large arms full of buds that you can help with some supports or with lateral meshes to support its weight and further improve its production.


Shishkaberry is a mostly indica feminized cannabis seed that is characterized by delivering plants short in stature, with a very resistant and branched structure. Its growth is very vigorous, producing a large central cola well protected by numerous branches. Is variety is very easy to grow, ideal for beginners with little experience and stands out for its short flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, although sometimes it only needs 8 weeks to be harvested, and to the above is added its high resistance to mold, which makes this weed strain a must in any garden, especially if you are a lover of indica genetics.

In flowering Shishkaberry produces harvests of 1.64-1.97oz/ft2 indoor and 24-28 oz/plant outdoor, highlighting that the branches of the plants are loaded with tight and dense buds with a delicious and very aromatic resin. If you want to maximize the harvest of this strain, then use LST moorings and try to feed it an organic type as well, we recommend using anti-odor filters, especially in recent weeks, since its fragrance tends to spread throughout the area. of cultivation.  As you can imagine, Shishkaberry has an intense Berry flavor and its effect is rather creative and relaxing at the end of the flight.


Yes, you got here because you are definitely going to grow at least 1 of all the genetics that we have presented to you and that are among the most popular in Canada. Now, it is the turn of the mythical LSD, weed genetics that is mostly indica, which was developed through a Mazar Sherif x Skunk #1 cross. This cross generated a variety of cannabis that offers a relaxing effect but with a great stimulation to the senses, so it will be perfect to consume with friends, since it will offer us the most crazy and interesting conversations that you can imagine.


LSD can be grown both indoor where you have 1.97oz/ft2 and outdoor where you pick heavy yields os 21-28 oz/plant, being in this last place where you must control its size with ties on the lateral branches and help it with some supports such as lateral mesh so that the weight of the buds does not carry the silver down. Indoor, the ideal is to make SOG, to maximize yield by enhancing the flowering of the central bud of the plant y maximize  the THC level que está entre 19%-24%.  All this is accompanied by some galactic flavors that mix notes of kush with very sweet touches and aftertastes of skunk.

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