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¿Es seguro consumir CBD durante el embarazo?

Is it safe to consume CBD during pregnancy?

The potential of cannabidiol as a medicinal resource to relieve pain, stress or promote sleep is well known, but there are still few studies on whether or not it can be harmful to consume CBD during pregnancy.
lubricante con cbd para mejorar las relaciones sexuales

CBD-infused lube will improve your sexual relations

Cannabidiol is the star product of cannabis derivatives. There are oils, creams ... and now also a CBD-infused lubricant to improve sexual relations. If you want to experiment, go for it and try one of the many products based on CBD that will help you boost your feelings.
beneficios cbd dolor cabeza migraña cannabis medicinal

Do you suffer from migraines? CBD might be your salvation

CBD is the cannabis component that has the healing properties. In addition to counteracting the effects of THC, it regulates the body and fight pain and multiple diseases. Also headaches or migraines, which chase the sufferer throughout life.
cbd aceite cannabis pomada cannabis

CBD to take care of your skin

CBD or Cannabidiol can be applied to the entire body. There are many products with this cannabinoid intended to reduce pain, moisturize the skin or generate a relaxing sensation. Among them, cannabis oil, hair mask or ointment for pain.
cannabis alto cbd marihuana light

High CBD cannabis, the light marijuana

In 2017, Switzerland legalized high CBD cannabis with a minimum percentage of THC. Thus, little by little, marijuana is becoming part of societies around the world, ending the stigma of prohibited substance.
OMS cbd thc marihuana

WHO defines CBD as “safe” and “non-addictive”

WHO declares that CBD is a safe substance and potentially useful as a medicinal remedy. However, THC is the psychoactive ingredient responsible for generating cannabis addiction.

Mexico holds the First Latin American Symposium on Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals

Mexico holds the First Latin American Symposium on Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals The event will take place in the city of Guadalajara on June 2 and 3   The Ministry of Health of Jalisco (Mexico) organizes...
El CBD combate la epilepsia, según un estudio de la Universidad de Nueva York

CBD fights epilepsy, a NYU study finds

The Langone Medical Center, at the University of New York, has conducted an experiment with CBD in patients with Dravet syndrome, a very aggressive type of epilepsy. Although more studies are still needed, patients saw their number of seizures reduced considerably.
maihuana estrés postraumático cannabis medicinal

Marijuana, a remedy for post-traumatic stress

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a disease that can occur in people who have been through a traumatic situation, and whose symptoms can be treated with antidepressants, anxiolytics or sleeping pills. Also with medical marijuana.

Harmony, CBD products presentation in the Arcview Group Barcelona, #420weedTV PROGRAM 162

Harmony, CBD products presentation in the Arcview Group Barcelona. In the last Arcview group investors pitch forum we had the chance to see the presentation of Harmony. Voted with the 1st prize from audience....
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