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The percentage of THC in marijuana plants varies between different strains and even within the same strain. There are many factors that can alter the final percentage of THC in our seeds.
THC is a resin produced by the trichomes of the marijuana plant to defend itself against herbivorous animals. It is mainly found in the buds of female marijuana plants. Did you know that the amount of THC in marijuana depends both on the variety of the plant and the conditions in which it has been grown (temperature, humidity, fertilizers, substrate, etc.). In addition, there must be a process so that the marijuana plant which has created THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and which is in acid form and in order for it to become THC has to go through a decarboxylation process.
This process is carried out at a high temperature, this is why when marijuana is smoked or vaporized the cannabinoids it contains are activated. It also happens if we bake our resinous buds.
The Best Low THC seeds for sale on our website where you will find autoflowering Low THC seeds, Low cbd low THC seeds, autoflowering Low THC seeds, easy to grow Low THC cannabis seeds. Find unique and stable genetics Low quality seeds. Discreet and fast shipping. Remember to buy low thc seeds online if you are just starting to smoke this weed or if you need low thc strains to take on a day to day basis.

LOW THC Marijuana Seeds

There are many strains that contain hardly any THC and other Sativa varieties that can exceed 30%. This proportion has been increased in the last years due to the manipulation of the human being in the cultivation creating a more potent marijuana.
When consuming low THC or high THC, we must keep in mind that just as it has beneficial properties our body can also suffer some undesirable effects. One of the ways we have to counteract these unpleasant sensations is to consume marijuana with a lower percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol and that the strain also contains another cannabinoid such as CBD (cannabidiol) as this has the ability to regulate the impact of THC.
It is important to buy marijuana seeds from a reliable supplier, otherwise you may get some unwanted surprises. Our experience in growing marijuana, creating new strains and research in developing new seeds makes growing seeds from unique. We also offer numerous payment methods, bank transfer, credit card or you can even pay with your bitcoins.
You will find the best Low THC marijuana seeds at because we have a catalog with more than 700 varieties, certified, unique.

Best LOW THC Seeds for Sale

Growing Low THC weed indoors or outdoors has never been easier. Although growing cannabis strains indoors is the best option as we keep our crops controlled against pests, unwanted insects and a better day to day observation of our weed. However, it is not the best way to give cannabis the light it needs. Instead, look for outdoor growing to get the most THC possible.
Marijuana is a plant like any other that needs to be nourished by sunlight. Even the best indoor marijuana grow lights can’t compare. Receiving light directly from pure sunlight gives plants the energy and time they need to maintain the big buds and Low THC levels you’re looking for. Remember, growing marijuana outdoors leads to a Lower THC content in your weed. Nowadays there are also nutrients that boost the THC in our plants obtaining buds with resinous trichomes.

Buy Cannatonic Strain Online

Cannatonic hybrid strain was created by Resin Seeds and is a balanced hybrid. It has a first class parentage as it is a cross of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. It has been suggested that this strain initiated the entire CBD movement in Europe. We have no idea if that is true, but it is a very popular medicinal strain there. Cannatonic has also won Cannabis Cup awards around the world for Best Concentrate and Best CBD Plant.

Buy Northern Lights Autoflower Strain Online

Northern Lights Autoflower is undoubtedly the most reputable indica strain of cannabis. Its popularity is unmatched and every day it attracts new fans who are continually surprised by this strain.
Beginner and advanced growers appreciate this version of Northern Lights because of how easily and quickly it grows.
This strain is mostly indica and comes from crossing the classic Northern Lights and any Lowryder of the first generation. It is the “Lowryder” who contributes the autoflowering characteristic to this new version. The potency of these genetics ranges from 10% – 14% THC. For its part, CBD is super low at only 0.5%.
Without a doubt, this Northern Lights Autoflower is a delicious indica, characterized by its compact, rock-hard and plump flowers. These genetics are unmatched, creating one of the autoflowering champions of this type of strain.

Buy Critical Auto Strain Online

The origin of our Critical Autoflowering feminized seeds stems from the conservation of true clones of Critical Mass, a strain that has won numerous awards and has been used for multitudes of hybridizations. It is a cannabis plant known to the world for having large buds that are capable of splitting its branches and provide a high yield.
The true origin of this quality strain, born from the cross between the genetics of Afghani and Skunk #1, resulted in a strain called Big Bud. After cultivating and selecting the best phenotypes, Big Bud became Critical Mass.
Finally, to get an autoflowering plant, Blimburn Seeds Bank used the best Lowryder selection which is the first auto flowering strain.

Buy Tangie Auto Strain Online

Tangie Autoflower It is an autoflowering strain that is mainly Sativa. It pays homage to a popular strain in its day that won multiple awards at the Cannabis Cups, one time even winning 10 prizes in 10 months. Tangerine Dream marks a before and after in the cannabis market. It is a cross between a Skunk strain and California Orange. Our Tangie Auto is a strain that has been created primarily through the best selection of clones of the Tangerine Dream with a real Lowryder. Once the first specimens were obtained, they were crossed again using another regular Tangie Auto and finally achieved a desired result.

Buy Critical Mass Auto Strain Online

Like the original Critical Mass feminized seeds, the autoflowering version is making waves in the medical cannabis scene. It is a popular therapeutic alternative to medication and is said to relax nerves and muscles as well as potentially appeasing various psychological concerns.
Critical Mass Autoflower is a perfect plant for rookies. It is a very pest, mold and disease resistant plant. It promises massive harvests even when grown in less than ideal environments and growers only have to wait 10 to 11 weeks for the seedlings to mature and provide ripe buds. Ideal for indoor growing, this plant grows up to one to one and a half meters tall, so it doesn’t need much space or care. To increase yields, use 6 to 7 liters of soil and use a SOG system with a light cycle of 18 to 24 hours. When it’s time to harvest, you’ll get between 1.31 and 1.47 ounces of fresh buds per square foot.

LOW THC Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Buy LOW THC seeds online! Home growers choose to grow their own marijuana to get a wide variety of seeds. However, not everyone takes the risk of buying male seeds since it requires expert hands in the cultivation of marijuana, but at we make it easy for you with information about each variety, genetics, flavors, effects, terpenes and a blog with numerous articles for you to become a master of cannabis cultivation.
If you want to buy cannabis seeds, with Low THC levels, from our website in our main menu you will find VARIETY and in its drop down you will find cannabis seeds with Low THC. Also, our best sativa, indica, hybrid and medical strains.
Remember, always buy Low Low THC seeds at with different payment methods such as credit card. We also have 24/7 customer service and the best stealth shipping for feminized, Low regular seeds, Low fast version seeds, Low THC autoflower seeds, Low CBD seeds or Low CBG female seeds. You choose if you want a sativa, indica or hybrid strain with unique flavors and effects for all tastes, fruity, citrus, lemon, orange, tropical, etc.

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