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Buy Regular Seeds in Thailand

Cannabis plants growing with the Thailand national flag in the background

Buy Reguar Seeds in Thailand with Blimburn guarantee. Did you know that one of the typical questions of novice marijuana growers is to know if their cannabis plant is male or female, so here we bring you this guide where you can learn all about the sex of cannabis plants so you can learn to distinguish between males and females. Undoubtedly, this kind of questions may sound a bit basic for an average or advanced grower, but we should not let them pass since we all start growing marijuana from scratch, therefore, sharing this knowledge is always a good thing if we want the marijuana growers community to grow worldwide.

Regular cannabis seeds are obtained from the cross between a female plant and a male plant. It is a type of weed in which the male plant pollinates the flowers of the female plant thus contributing its genetics which can be X or Y. Giving rise to other seeds of XY male or XX female cells in which the sex is indeterminable until the moment of germination.

Also, regular marijuana seeds are all those that follow the usual reproduction process and have not been artificially or forcibly sexually modified. However, less and less regular seeds are being purchased due to the rise of feminized, autoflowering, fast flowering, CBD and CBG seeds that produce resinous flowers. These regular seeds are now used to preserve specimens or to create new strains.


Where can I find Regular Seeds in Thailand?

It’s easy to find regular seeds in thailand visit the best online site with the most marijuana strains. Buy regular seeds with a unique and genuine genetic certificate at Blimburnseeds.com. Look for the genetics you like the most, we have a wide catalog of female and male seeds with a germination ratio over 90%.

Where to buy Regular seeds online in Thailand

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The Best Regular Seeds for Sale in Thailand

Selection of the best Regular seeds online, easy to grow indoors and outdoors. Male marijuana plants, for novice and expert weed growers who want to create their own genetics or keep some marijuana strains. We recommend these five male strains with great genetic potential. Payment methods also easy from Blimburnseeds.com.

When buy regular seeds for sale Thailand online at Blimburn Seeds, we germination guarantee you the highest quality in each strain, with amazing genetics, so you won’t have any problems in your love growing cannabis. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe and fast shipping and with the best offers for you.

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