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Autoflowering indica dominant. Mamba Negra auto produces loads of resin, beware of getting couchlocked.

Purchase this item and get 32-492 Blimcoins - a worth of $ 1,60-$ 24,60
Purchase this item and get 32-492 Blimcoins - a worth of $ 1,60-$ 24,60
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Mamba Negra Auto Seeds

Enjoy and live a unique experience when buying Mamba Negra Auto feminized cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds Bank. It is a hybrid variety mainly sativa and champion lineage.

Our seeds are alive, fresh and ready to germinate. Follow our Germination guide and get the best results.





This auto-flowering girl is genetics worthy of any grower. The harvests are bountiful because outdoor growers can harvest 80 – 120 gr/plant, while indoor gardeners are rewarded with 350 – 400 gr / m2.

If you are looking for genetics with medium THC levels, then this is the one for you. The above, because Mamba Negra Auto concentrates 8% – 15% THC. That is, percentages that do not leave anyone indifferent and that cannabis connoisseurs fall in love with.


Growing information

f you are an anxious grower, with this variety you should only wait between 70 – 80 days since its cultivation cycle is super fast. On the other hand, outdoor gardeners can make their plants bloom from April to September in the patio or garden outside of their houses. You must be careful about the size since the Mamba Negra Auto copies are XXL. Experienced growers can grow 1.2m – 1.4m plants outdoors, we have even received reports of up to 2m. Indoors, you get 0.9m – 1.4m plants.


This is a hardy plant during cultivation. Therefore, we recommend cultivation techniques such as LST, to stretch your arms and achieve a more uniform plant. Outdoor gardeners can take their Mamba Negra Auto outdoors from April to October.

Although we recommend growing them outside, when temperatures are high and the plant can have the most daylight hours, that is, during the summer. It is genetics that likes good nutrition. That is why we recommend you maintain good levels of PH and EC, so that the plant absorbs in a good way, each nutrient that you give it. The size of the pot is important for this beauty because she prefers pots from 11L to 20L. In these pots, you get a robust plant, and high production, typical of the XXL auto-flowering.


Flavor and Effect

Lovers of fruity and citrus flavors find this strain an incredible reward, as these are the flavors that dominate in Mamba Negra Auto. The citrus side is manifested with lemon tones, while the fruity stands out, thanks to its berry nuances. If you are one of those who like to be glued to the sofa, then Mamba Negra Auto is for you, because it will leave you paralyzed. Your head will feel heavy and your eyes will too, for the same reason they will close on their own.

This indica autoflowering, preserves the character of its feminized mother and therefore produces the same effects as her. Therefore, its use at night is recommended, after a long day at the office. Also, it is highly desired by medicinal users. Some of the pathologies that you can alleviate are insomnia, stress, chronic pain, migraines, among others. This variety will be of great help to you.



Additional Information:

Outdoor production:80 – 120 gr/plant
Indoor production:350 – 400 gr/m2
Outdoor flowering:April to September
Indoor flowering:70 – 80 days
Type:Mostly Indica
Genetics:Mamba negra x Tangie Auto
Effect:Calming, Relaxing, Sleepy
Height:Indoor: 0,9 – 1 m / Outdoor: 1,2 m – 1,4 m
THC:8 – 15%
Flavor:Sweet, Earthy, Fruity


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