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Buy Hybrid seeds in USA

Cannabis plants in full bloom with the American flag behind them.

Hybrid seeds are created by crossing two different varieties of the same plant. Crossing involves taking pollen from the male flower of one plant and transferring it to the female flower parts of a different plant. Once the ovary of the female flower is pollinated, it begins to swell and form a fruit. The seeds that develop inside that fruit are hybrid seeds. Pure regular genetics, that is, those that have not been hybridized, can be traced back to indigenous ancestors found all over the world, from the mountains of India to the warm areas of Central and South America, as well as the mountains, valleys and coasts of Africa.

Some breeders believe that feminized hybrid seeds are of better quality than feminized indica or sativa seeds. The truth is that when two F1 strains are crossed and we obtain an F2 strain.

The F2 seeds are the result of crossing two F1 strains. The plants coming from these seeds are more heterogeneous because they have characteristics of the father, the mother and both simultaneously. These plants lose the hybrid vigor of the first generation.

Where can I find Hybrid Seeds in USA?

Feminized hybrid seeds bring the best of the parental genetics. Although a hybrid strain provides us with a balanced and balanced state, it usually always results in a state of relaxation.

People who live in USA and are looking for feminized hybrid cannabis seeds can buy them from our website. All our strains have detailed information on aromas, flavors, effects, terpenes and most importantly their genetic cross where we strive for the preservation of good weed.

Where to buy Hybrid seeds online in USA

Canadians can now grow up to four marijuana plants legally in their homes. Buy feminized hybrid seeds is easy from our website blimburnseeds.com with an amazing catalog of cannabis seeds.

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The Best Hybrid Seeds for Sale in USA

You know that F1 strains are hybrid seeds, as opposed to open pollinated (OP) types. Open-pollinated seeds are the result of a simple exchange of pollen between two similar parent plants.

To obtain new cannabis strains, breeders cross the varieties and record their results over and over again until a formula emerges that produces consistently excellent results. This process can take years. It involves extracting the best genetic traits from both parent plants and combining them into a hybrid seed. 

Hybrid marijuana strains often have traits such as disease resistance, improved taste or productivity, earlier maturity, etc. Different traits are desirable for different types of crops. In very general terms, more can be expected from hybrid seeds than from their open-pollinated alternatives. That said, some open-pollinated varieties are so prized for their flavor or other traits that their seeds are saved from generation to generation and become native seeds.

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