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Study. How can marijuana help you study?

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
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There is a lot of talk that cannabis can help people study, for this reason today in this guide we are going to talk about this topic. In the following lines you will see general guidelines and some data that science gives us on how weed can help you, for this reason you must read each of the points with complete attention. We have to stress the importance of selecting the correct strain and dosage when it comes to using cannabis as a study aid. Be sure to choose a sativa, or a strain you already know that helps you stay focused, before diving into hours of study. Indica or indica-dominant strains are known for delivering mental and physical effects that can land you straight in bed.

This is not recommended if you want to get the most out of your studies. Also, a controlled dosage is always recommended to get the best concentration. For this reason, low-dose edibles (less than 10 mg depending on your tolerance), microdosing, or vaping are great management tools that can help you study. If you are prone to anxiety before an important exam, you may want to consider CBD or a CBD-dominant strain. This cannabinoid has been shown to help curb anxiety, while increasing alertness and concentration at low doses.

How does marijuana help you study?

The impact generated by cannabis in the long term is different than in the short term. In fact, there is a study by researchers from the University of Bonn, which states that THC can slow down the aging of our brain. In adult brains, marijuana could improve certain cognitive activities. However, if you are underage, you should not smoke marijuana to study. This is because the adolescent brain continues to develop during this stage of growth and this development could be affected by this exposure to cannabis.

Another investigation, from the University of Texas,concluded that marijuana is capable of increasing the number of neural connections in our brain. To demonstrate this, they took a sample of 48 adult marijuana users between the ages of 20 and 36 and compared them with a group of non-smokers with similar characteristics. After elaborating brain images of the subjects, through magnetic resonances, the images of the brains of THC users showed an increase in their general conductivity. This could bring about improvements in the results when studying or carrying out activities that require a lot of concentration.

Cannabis vs Pills

Now, in general terms, some scholars such as Andrei Derbenev, associate professor of physiology at the Tulane University School of Medicine, affirm that it is unlikely that a person who uses cannabis, to do any type of work, will be more focused or be more productive. This is also supported by John Salamone, a member of the Department of Psychopharmacology at the University of Connecticut, who postulates that cannabis users lose attention or focus in the development of general tasks, when they are high, he also adds that users lose motivation. However, the side effects that cannabis has cannot be ignored because, it is Derbenev himself who says that weed could potentially increase focus on some specific tasks and indirectly, since it has the potential to temporarily reduce physical or mental pain.

Focused effect

On the other hand, some research studies have shown that cannabis can be useful in helping to control the symptoms that accompany ADHD and even reducing the amount of medication needed. ADHD is not only common but also a huge barrier to effective study for many students. Cannabis helps reduce anxiety and stress, and in some cases even creates a tunnel vision effect that allows students to delve deeper into what they are trying to achieve while removing peripheral distractions.

Diagnosed anxiety can also be a barrier to study. Preparing for big exams comes with stress, of course, and managing that stress is crucial to being able to study effectively. For people with anxiety disorders, stress management can be challenging. Cannabis has been shown to mitigate the effects of anxiety, which then allows those whose stress is a distraction from their ability to process information to slow down and get back to work.

In the study entitled “Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Doses are Associated with Adult ADHD Status of Medical Cannabis Patients”. A small universe of 59 patients, who answered a questionnaire, were analyzed, where MC chemovar could be calculated for 27 (45%) of them. The high monthly dose MC (medIcal cannabis) group consumed higher levels of most of phytocannabinoids and terpenes, but this was not the case for all components of cannabis. High-dose users and those with a lower ASRS score reported a higher incidence of stopping all ADHD medications. In addition, there were an association between the lower ASRS score subgroup and lower anxiety scores.In addition, we found an association between a lower ASRS score and high-dose cannabinol (CBN) use, but not with Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The scientists of this investigation concluded that the consumption of higher doses of MC components (phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes) is associated with the reduction of ADHD medication. Additionally, high dose CBN was associated with a lower ASRS score. However, more studies are needed to fully understand whether cannabis and its components can be used to manage ADHD.

How to select the right cannabis strain?

Many times we wonder what is the right variety of cannabis to use while we do our daily tasks and even more so if we want to use it to study. For this reason, we are going to share some hacks with which you can start selecting your cannabis varieties in the correct way.

Marijuana Journal

1- You can create a cannabis diary, in which you can keep a record of what kind of marijuana you have consumed, detailing everything clearly. With this type of diary, you will be clear about issues such as the effect that cannabis has caused on you, which weed varieties have worked best for you and obviously determine which weed genetics not to use in the future, since you will not have benefited when you study.

You can also use your cannabis journal to help make recommendations to other people in your life. If a less experienced friend is looking for the perfect cannabis strain, you can show them the strains you’ve tried. Help them make a selection based on what you have enjoyed and why. Having more knowledge about how cannabis affects you is always the best.

2-  Strains for study, productivity and concentration are in high demand because many people are abandoning the pills prescribed in traditional medicine. It’s a viable option because certain strains of weed can actually give people energy, mental stimulation, and focus.

Another thing to consider when buying strains to study is the cannabinoid and terpene profile. Certain cannabinoids, like THCV, are energizing and great for concentration. Another cannabinoid that has been shown to work perfectly for studying and concentration is CBG. It helps you stay focused and calm, just like CBD, but it energizes you instead of making you sleepy. Similarly, certain terpenes, such as limonene and pinene, are known for their stimulating effects. However, it is important to look at the entire terpene profile of a strain. If a strain also has high levels of a sedative terpene like linalool, it may not be as energizing as you expect.

Sativa vs Indica

3- As you have already read, terpenes are essential when selecting a cannabis strain for the same reason, here we are going to recommend which terpenes the weed you want to grow and consume should have, so that you have some parameters before consuming it.


We started with the Limonene terpene, not only because it is better known but also, for producing an effect of mental clarity and for its antidepressant properties, some studies suggest that it is also suitable for reducing anxiety. A study conducted on mice in 2013 concluded that Limonene has great potential to alleviate anxiety symptoms through aromatherapy. The same conclusion was obtained in another study carried out in 2019 in which this terpene was used to reduce stress (a factor closely linked to anxiety), in a group of mice.

Limonene is a natural cyclic monoterpene belonging to the group of limonoids along with alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and eucalyptol among other components of this broad class of antioxidant foods and phytonutrients. For this reason, for its commercial extraction, other vegetable sources that have a higher concentration of it are usually used, for example the peels of various citrus species. The chemical structure of Limonene has an asymmetric carbon that allows the existence of two optical isomers: the dextrorotatory R-Limonene (D-Limonene) with a lemon odor and the left-handed S-Limonene (L-Limonene) with a fresh citrus odor, which reminds rather of pine. Given the prevalence of D-Limonene with respect to the other isomer and its similarities, we will refer generically to both with the term Limonene.

Limonene terpene

In the cannabis bouquet we can find a correlation between a greater presence of Limonene in the terpene profiles corresponding to each variety of cannabis and the predominance of citrus aromas and flavors but which mutate towards menthol, pine, grape tones and a wide range of results when combined. with the rest of the terpenes present in each case, taking into account that their concentrations will also affect the overall result.

Limonene is one of the main terpenes in cannabis, both for its almost constant presence in laboratory analyzes and for its ability to activate different synergistic effects when interacting with other terpenes and cannabinoids present in the plant. It is known to interact or synergize with various cannabinoids and other terpenes such as linalool and beta-caryophyllene.


Another of the terpenes is Pineno, whom we find as alpha-pinene, which smells like pine resin, and also as beta-pinene, which maintains an aromatic base of pine but also presents aromas of wood and white spirit, even nuances of dill. parsley and basil. In addition, the flavors that this terpene delivers coincide with the aromas, with pine predominating over hints of wood, solvent and turpentine.

Pinene terpene

In the plant kingdom, beta-pinene is usually found in lower proportions than its counterpart, but in the specific case of cannabis species (especially in sativa-dominant varieties) it is common to find similar high levels of beta-pinene and sometimes even superior to those of alpha-pinene. Attention, the important thing for us about this terpene is that it contributes to improve and elevate the state of mind, therefore, when people study or carry out a task, they will feel more motivated or predisposed to carry out these tasks.


As its name indicates, this monoterpene is characterized by its fresh flavor of eucalyptus, camphor and mint. Other sources highlight the aroma of camphor above the rest, with a fresh and even spicy flavor. As can be guessed from this terpene, in addition to cannabis, it is commonly found in the leaves of different species of eucalyptus, serving as the main source for obtaining essential oil, whose main component is eucalyptol.

Eucalyptol terpene

In marijuana we usually find concentrations that vary between <1% and 5% of the total % of terpenes, with the highest figures in the predominantly sativa varieties and the lowest in those with an indica majority. Studies on this correlation should be studied in depth to be able to determine if the fit of eucalyptol in the different terpene profiles (corresponding to sativas, hybrids and indicas) and its interaction with the cannabinoids present, leads to specific synergistic effects such as the energizing sensation in sativas due to its higher concentration but also as an analgesic and enhancer of the psychotropic effect in the rest.

Sour Lemon

As its name says, Sour Lemon is a genetic rich in the limonene terpene, since it is a mostly citrus variety, as well as being a mostly sativa genetic, which encourages users to be in constant focus, promoting the performance of the tasks that have in the day and also to those you want to study. Its THC levels that are between 15%-17% are perfect to avoid going on a bad trip, but you should always be careful not to abuse consumption, since what you want to do is help to be 100% focused on studies.

Sour lemon strain

Regarding the yields, Sour Lemon also stands out since you can harvest up to 18 oz/plant outdoors and a wonderful 1.15 oz/ft2 when grown indoor. Obviously the flavor of this variety and sun mixes lemon with intense citrus notes and lime, however it is in the aroma where you can hallucinate with a balanced gas fragrance, typical of its diesel side with marked notes of a penetrating lemon.

Doug´s Varin

If you are looking for a genetics rich in terpene Pinene, you should select Doug’s Varin since this sativa at high THC levels that are between 22%-24% produces effects that stimulate your creativity, give you a little extra energy and give you It can lead to a euphoric state if you raise consumption levels. For this reason, we recommend using this variety of weed in small quantities, so that you can be focused studying and doing the tasks of the day.

Dougs Varin Strain
Dougs Varin

But don’t stay with that alone, as Doug’s Varin yields are really high outdoor, being between 17-24 oz/plant and indoor it reaches between 1.64-1.97 oz/ft2. These crops deliver buds with flavors of pine-like wood, thanks to the terpene pinene, and also concentrate strong citrus notes, with an earthy aftertaste and spicy aftertastes.

Super Silver Haze

Our Super Silver Haze, is a cross between Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, which is characterized by being mostly sativa and concentrating good levels of the Eucalyptol terpene. In addition, it contains high levels of terpinolene, with myrcene and caryophyllene as the other two main terpenes, which causes it to generate sensations that stimulate your creativity, lift you up with extra energy and immerse you in a great state of happiness.

Super Silver Haze
Super Silver Haze

Small doses of Eucalyptol will allow you to focus on the tasks you want to do during the day, including studying, but do not increase the level of consumption, since that can make you lose focus due to the high THC levels that are between 22%-24%. But that’s not all, since this legendary genetics also has great yields that reach up to 14 oz/plant outdoors and between 1.64-2.14 oz/ft2 for indoor crops.

Strains featured in this article:

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