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Why Won’t My Cannabis Seeds Germinate?

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In this article, we are going to talk about why some cannabis seeds are more difficult to germinate than others and we are also going to give you some tips and tricks so that you can successfully germinate the weed seeds that you want to grow. The marijuana seed is a living organism that reacts in one way or another depending on the environmental conditions. This factor directly influences the development of the seed, so when they are ready to germinate, they will have to be able to control the environment perfectly. Any sudden change can bring fatal consequences and we must understand why the seeds do not germinate.

The seed must also have characteristics that indicate that it is well-formed. It must have a well-marked ass or base and the color can be light gray, light brown, whitish, and may contain a brown tone formed by random black lines. They should avoid seeds that are pale white or yellowish in color without good formation of their parts and that lack mottling. A poorly formed seed is easy to identify. The size in this case is also important. When seeds are too small, it is very easy for them not to germinate or to have poor development. In this case, little can be done by the grower. Seeds that are too large may have a shell or perianth that is too thick which can prevent water from penetrating the interior of the seed and starting the germination process.

Reasons why your cannabis seeds do not germinate

1- To germinate weed seeds correctly, a temperature of 16-25°C and humidity that exceeds 80% at all times is required. If, for example, the humidity or temperature is lower, it is highly likely that the weed seeds will not germinate.

2- If the medium in which you germinate the seeds, either in a jiffy or on paper napkins and in the substrate, is found with excess moisture, it can cause the seed to suffocate or rot. Increasing the temperature excessively can generate the appearance of fungi.

Reasons why your cannabis seeds do not germinate

3- We just said that if the temperatures drop, the seeds will not germinate. This is due to the fact that a low temperature paralyzes the normal development of the embryo and can inhibit the germination potential.

4- We know that water is required to be able to germinate the seeds, whether the strain is germinated in a jiffy, on napkins on plates, or in a plastic pot. Using poor quality water with high percentages of heavy metals, toxic substances, and too high or low PH (-5.5 PH and + 6.5 PH) negatively influences germination.

The correct state of weed seeds

We must clarify that the recently harvested seeds are not in perfect conditions for germination because they have not yet reached their maximum development. This is because the seeds need to form perfectly inside and outside in order to germinate strongly. For this reason, we do not recommend growing very young seeds. On the contrary, it is better to wait until 1 to 2 months for the seed to mature correctly and thus deliver strong and robust cannabis plants.

Now, when we talk about old seeds which are those that are more than 3 years old from harvest, they still have a good germination capacity, although they do not have the same strength to be able to do so. For this reason, specific products such as gel are usually used to increase the germination rate.

The correct state of weed seeds

Do not worry if you notice that the seed takes a while to germinate as it can take up to 15 days with the success rate dropping between 60% and 70%. Even so, the weed plants that are born from this type of germinated seeds can have stunted or very slow and weak development, so special care must be taken and try to keep them in perfect condition once they have germinated.

The seeds that are perfect to be germinated have a form already described at the beginning of this article and also usually open the shell and show the main root very quickly and easily without the need for extra help. Today, the seeds that can be purchased at have a high standard control which ensures that the seeds are fresh and ready to be germinated and grown in your garden.

Damping-off the fungus that damages the seeds

Damping-off is a phenomenon caused by fungi that have a special predilection for cannabis seeds and small seedlings. They usually rot the base of the little plant, causing it to bend and fall. They can also attack seeds, preventing their germination.

The appearance of these fungi is usually a consequence of:

1- Poor water quality

2- Excess temperature

3- Lack of ventilation or aeration

4- Relative humidity that is too high

Although it is important to maintain constant humidity and temperature levels, if you want to avoid the appearance of fungi, you must ensure good air renewal in the germination space. Therefore, it is important that when germinating the seeds that you give them some aeration time. For example: opening the dishes or the airtight pot used to germinate.

Tricks to germinate weed seeds successfully

Patience: For the inexperienced, there are a number of vital tips to successfully accomplish this task. The lack of patience is what leads many to give up before their time. It is not a quick process and requires a lot of attention and experience from the operators. Don’t make the mistake of touching the absorbent paper every day and pulling it aside to see if the seeds have sprouted yet. The light and sudden movements could kill some and waste money. Wait a couple of days before checking if they have all germinated. Of course, do not forget to remove the lid from time to time to air the interior and control the level of humidity.

Dark space: The seeds want darkness. If you use a damp cloth to germinate, cover the seeds with another damp cloth. If you use jiffys, germinate in a pot or directly in the ground and bury the seeds from a half centimeter to a centimeter down. Once the seeds appear, they already require light. Plants are not allergic to the sun, so don’t worry about giving them as much sun as possible. From the second week of growth, make sure they never lack water. Although, large plants manage to withstand water stress perfectly, seedlings can die in a few minutes if the substrate dehydrates due to lack of attention.

Tricks to germinate weed seeds successfully

Maximum care: You must protect not only the seeds but also the seedlings that will be born from them. Where you germinate, always anticipate any type of accident. Be pessimistic because it will be the best way to avoid risky situations. Do not place the container where you have the seeds in unstable places within the reach of pets or clumsy people. Outdoors, prevent the attack of birds, snails, and all kinds of field critters. A transparent and inverted glass jar as a greenhouse or a mesh with fine holes are some of the simplest options. Of course, do not leave your pots on a window sill on a windy day.

High-quality seeds: Do not buy seeds of dubious origin, especially when your harvest will depend solely on them. If you have several plants, it is okay to try some seeds found in a bud, but using them exclusively for one crop is not a very good idea. You will not have references for how it will behave, so it can become a hermaphrodite and in the end you will waste time and money on its care for nothing. A seed can guarantee you more than 500 grams of dry buds without much care. That is why we recommend Blimburn Seeds cannabis seeds that you can buy here on our website and with a high-quality guarantee.

We have already said that it is always good to select quality cannabis seeds to have powerful and robust weed plants. This will allow you to produce heavy yields of rock-hard buds full of sticky resin that are always good for making extracts. The time has come for us to recommend some of our best genetics which are also easy to grow and will make you fly through the air on psychedelic trips. These strains are full of rich flavors, great effects, and delicious cannabis aromas.

Critical Nicky Kush

Critical Nicky Kush Marijuana Plant

Critical Nicky Kush is a cross of new generation genetics. The seeds are easy and quick to germinate and the cannabis plants they produce are medium to large in size, especially outdoors or in a greenhouse. We also highlight that you can harvest between 350-400 gr/m2 of resin-covered buds indoors in a flowering period that can be 56-90 days.

Users highlight its effects, pointing out that it is really good for night use to sleep well. This is because it is a mostly Indica variety that induces relaxation in a good way. On the other hand, the THC levels range from 18%-23% which are combined in a great way with its rich flavor that is a mix between earthy and spicy notes that are expressed in each puff of smoke that you release. Thanks to its Critical parent, you will see how the buds multiply on each branch and especially on the central stem which is loaded with flowers from the tip to the bottom. The Nicky Kush parent also contributes its own, helping to give the weed plant a compact shape with buds that are typical of Kush varieties with a compact and firm structure.

Blackberry Moonrocks

Blackberry Moonrocks Marijuana Plant

If you are a lover of high potency weed strains, then Blackberry Moonrocks is for you because this girl contains THC levels ranging from 26%-33% with buds that are ready to be harvested after 8-9 weeks of flowering. Another important detail is that the yields are great, producing about 550 gr/m2 for indoor gardeners. If you grow outdoors, you will collect about 750 gr/plant of buds that give off lavender and blueberry flavors with a rock-hard structure and soggy in resin that often have a bluish-purple sheen or even a black color.

In addition, Blackberry Moonrocks’ journey is very particular for a mostly Indica variety like this as it produces feelings of happiness and always creates a good vibe. But that’s not all, because terpenes such as Linalool and Nerolidol also stand out in this weed variety which fulfills different types of functions. For example, the first one can help users of Blackberry Moonrocks with its potential anti-inflammatory contributions. While the second is of great help if what you want is to achieve a sedative effect with this variety.

G13 x Nebula

G13 x Nebula

G13 x Nebula is also one of the weed strains that we recommend because, despite having mostly sativa genetics, it is easy to grow and is ready to be harvested after 8-9 weeks of a fast flowering, producing buds with levels of high THC that are between 20%-24%. But, that’s not all because the effects they produce are balanced with noticeable euphoria that lifts you through the air with extra energy.

When we talk about heavy yields, we must refer to G13 x Nebula as this strain delivers harvests of 550-600 gr/plant outdoors and 450-500 gr/m2 indoors with buds that give off flavors of sweet fruit with earthy and honey notes. Buy the best sativa seeds online with this variety of cannabis in its feminized seed format.

You already know everything you need to know to understand why some of the cannabis seeds are difficult to germinate and we hope that the guidance that we give you here will help you to achieve greater success in the germination of your cannabis seeds.

When buying feminized seeds for sale in Canada at, we guarantee the highest quality in each variety with stabilized genetics so you do not have any problems in your crop with a germination rate of over 90%. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe, and fast shipping with the best offers for you.

You can choose the seeds that we have in our catalog of more than 750 strains. Buy the best feminized seeds on our website,, now. Your seeds will arrive in a few days in discreet packaging.

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