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The Best Autoflower Light Indoor

Lighting is essential for indoor cultivation, since the lights are what replace the sun, for this reason the light spectrum is essential if you want good growth and excellent flowering of plants. The lights imitate the spectrum of the sun, for the same reason they must emit the spectrum that is most similar to sunlight and it is at this point where everything becomes more relevant, since if you do not use the correct lighting in your indoor cultivation, you will not achieve the results that you expect. you want.

It is always good to remember that autoflowering strains should receive 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness during their growth and 18 hours of light plus 6 hours of darkness during flowering, although some breeders prefer to keep the hours of light constant, in order to ensure a constant yield of la plantata and taking advantage of the fact that they are independent of lighting, as their name implies.

Light spectrum

The light spectrum is the various shades of color (also known as wavelength) that lights initially release, the calculation of illumination is done in nanometers and with the use of a nanometer who represents a band of light (a band of light is a segment in the color palette). This instrument is required, since people can only see part of the spectrum, from red to violet.

Light Spectrum for Marijuana Plants

For its part, the sun is a full-spectrum light source. In other words, its wavelength contains all the colors that are needed in a cannabis crop and that is why plants grown outdoors during the summer season with the sun at its maximum power also develop in a great way and produce hard buds , fat and heavy as a rock.

Now, we must differentiate between growth and flowering since in both periods the plants may need a different light spectrum. We say that in the growth stage, wild autoflowering plants use the blue hue of the sun to ensure the growth of their leaves and structure. When we grow autoflowering varieties indoors, we must ensure that they have as many leaves as possible, since that means that the autoflowering cannabis plant will absorb as much light as possible for the development of its leaves, branches and main stem, which can ensure a great flowering and subsequent harvest.

In the case of flowering autoflowering plants, wild varieties use the sun’s red spectrum to promote bud formation. For the same reason, if you want your autoflowering plants to produce fat and heavy buds, you should consider using an orange spectrum light, hence the use of sodium bulbs, since this also maximizes the amount of photosynthesis, promoting the production of buds. Despite these tips, we recommend using full spectrum lights as they are more efficient in terms of cost and tone. It emits different wavelengths throughout the cultivation process.

At this point, we are going to show you all the light spectrum that you can find in the light and of course, we recommend that if you want full spectrum lighting to have healthy plants, it is best to use LED lighting. These lighting systems can be more expensive than others, but that is compensated for as they consume much less electricity than traditional HPS lighting.

UV light: Contributes to improve the trichomes and also enhances the plant in the development of its structure.

Bluish Light: Helps plants with the green pigment or chlorophyll and with the size of the leaves.

Deep Blue Light: It is another extra help for the development of leaves and branches.

Green Light: Not used much.

Yellow: It is fundamental for the nutrition of the plant, since it helps with the retention of micronutrients.

Red light: It contributes during flowering because it helps in photosynthesis and in the production of buds.

Deep Red Light: Contributes to the improvement of the buds, therefore of the crops.

Light distance from plants

In the previous point, we talked about the light spectrum and we defined that it was best to use an LED lighting system with a white light spectrum since it concentrates the entire range of colors that the plant needs. However, an important issue is to know at what distance the lighting systems should be placed from the plants, this is because in many cases gardeners, especially novices, tend to put the lights very far away, causing the plants to spike or in other cases, very close, preventing the optimal growth of the plant, since they tend to be stressed, have coloration problems in their leaves or even, growth stagnates radically.

Light Distance for Marijuana Plants

A standard measurement of distance between seedlings and indoor LED grow lights should generally be between 24 and 36 inches above the top of the cannabis plant; this certainly depends on the power (wattage) of the lighting system you use. Position your LED grow lights at the farthest distance from the seedlings (~36″); this keeps heat and light intensity levels low and helps prevent seedlings from drying out. As the plant grows you can turn the light down, that happens after the second or third week.

In the vegetative stage, the LED lights should be 12-24 inches away from the top of the plant, requiring more light as growth progresses, so you can carefully move the light a little closer. As plants move into the flowering stage, they need less intense light. So, the light should be located between 18 and 24 inches from the top of the plant, remember that here the plants increase in height and in some cases thicken in size. It all depends on the power of the lights you use, in case its power is high, you do not need to change the distance between the plants and the lighting system.

Now when the plants are in bloom the LED Grow lights should be placed between 16 and 36 inches from the plant canopy. Bringing the grow light closer will increase the intensity of the light, which can maximize photosynthesis. However, if the grow lights are too close to the plants, they can cause more extensive and sprawling growth or even damage the plant.

Automatic cannabis seeds vs Fast Version seeds

At this point, we want to stop briefly to tell you that Fast Version or Fast Blooming strains require the same light as an autoflowering or feminized genetics, therefore it is good that you pay attention to the details in your lighting system and also to the stips. that we are going to give you in this guide, regarding this type of cannabis seeds.

The strain fast version, are the result of the crossing of an elite feminized photodependent variety and an autoflowering strain, however, unlike the latter, the fast varieties do depend on the number of hours of light received to growing, that is, they must receive 18 hours of light and another 6 hours of darkness. And in flowering it is important to change the cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

The advantage of the Fast Version and Fast Blooming varieties, compared to the Feminized strains, is their shorter flowering time, which is reduced by an average of two weeks, becoming ready to be harvested, the Fast Version cannabis plants, then of a flowering of 7-8 weeks. And regarding the autoflowering varieties, the advantage is that the harvests are larger, monster plants can be obtained and in a time similar to an automatic strain, for which they become irresistible for any gardener.

If you want to obtain more powerful plants, with a stronger development and high production, you just have to extend the hours of growth lighting, 1 or 2 weeks more than normal and thus, you will get a more robust Fast Version plant and with incredible bud production. You already have a general idea, regarding the Fast Version strain, now we are going to see which are the best autoflowering varieties.

Best varieties autoflower

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to tell you which are the best autoflowering strains for indoor or outdoor cultivation in 2022. We made this selection thinking of breeders who want heavy yields too, for those who want high thc level  or rich flavors. We also do not leave out the lovers of mostly indica or sativa varieties, so that you can grow autoflower marijuana plants, regardless of the light cycle.

San Fernando Valley Auto

San Fernando Valley Auto is mostly indica, very fast with a life cycle from seed to harvest of 8-9 weeks, thanks to the fact that it is a cross of SFV OG x Afghani x Ruderalis. If we talk about potency, the THC that it concentrates goes from 14%-20% with plants that reach up to 1.50m, for this reason it is compact and discreet, special to be cultivated in small spaces or in outdoor crops that want to go unnoticed.


San Fernando Valley Kush Seeds

On the other hand, you will feel a fresh air in each puff, thanks to the fact that the flavors are pine with high citrus notes, which you can also feel in a great way through the nose. In addition, outdoor harvests are between 100gr-150gr/plant, being perfect to be cultivated in pots of up to 2.5 gallon or 10L, for indoor growers we recommend doing a SOG type cultivation with which to maximize harvest yields, and reach 250gr-300gr/m2 in each crop

Devil XXL

Devil XXL brings together two authentic cannabis classics in their autoflowering versions, such as Big Devil #2 and Auto Jack Herer, who give the XXL size to this strain, which you can grow in a great way outdoors, indoors and also being, the one indicated for greenhouse cultivation because it is easy to grow.


Auto Devil XXL Seeds

It is important to emphasize that, being an autoflowering variety of XXL size, it tends to have a slightly larger size, above the average of other automatic strains, therefore certain cultivation techniques such as LST training can be applied, with which more uniform plants, by stretching their lateral branches and more forceful central buds because the light penetrates better. Using cultivation techniques, you obtain the maximum yield in the crop with 450gr-500gr/m2 indoors and about 60gr-200gr/plant outdoors with buds that concentrate spicy and citrus flavors.

Blueberry x Lemon Haze Auto

This genetics that comes from a cross of Blueberry x Lemon Haze Auto is mostly sativa with flavors that evoke notes of hashish, fruit and obviously citrus. This strain is mostly sativa for the same reason, the best thing for outdoor cultivation is to cultivate it during the summer season, so that it has the greatest number of daylight hours and takes advantage of the warmer temperatures.


Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Seeds

If you grow Blueberry x Lemon Haze Auto indoors, make sure it has the best lighting possible so that it reaches its best development and bud production. This variety is highly adaptable to LED lighting and also to HPS, being the 400w or 600w sodium bulbs the ones that give it the possibility of reaching its maximum harvest of 250gr/m2. The large size of this autoflowering plant it can reach if grown indoors with hydroponics systems stands out, where it will obtain long arms and a central tail that is covered with sticky flowers, which shine thanks to the large volume of resin it produces and the high levels of THC ranging from 16% to 22%.

Critical x AK47 Auto

First, it is good to point out that Critical x Ak47 Auto is a hybrid genetics for the same reason you can find some large specimens, due to its 50% sativa side, which generates medium-sized plants of up to 1.50m, with medium-distance internodes. and rather round fat flowers with 16%-20% THC level.


Critical x AK47 Auto is perfect for doing some type of LST training or for mass cultivation in small 7L or 2 gallon pots, which can harvest large amounts of buds that are 450gr-550gr/m2 indoors. The cycle of this variety is short only 9-10 weeks, and gives buds with flavor as vanilla, earthy and noths sweet  and tropical.


This dominant indica called Triple XL Auto is a high quality strain perfect for growing with the SOG technique as you can get indoor yields of 800gr – 1000gr/m2 in a 1m x 1m space with high quality lighting and power that covers each cultivation space such as 400w or 600w sodium lighting or, alternatively, state-of-the-art LED lights that have the widest possible light spectrum. If you grow Triple XL Auto outdoors, we recommend that you do it at the end of spring so that in summer you can have the greatest number of light hours of the season for the production of buds that range from 20gr-200gr/plant.


Auto Triple XL seeds

In this type of plant, organic nutrients are good because the plants have greater growth and also flowering. The XL size of Triple XL Auto  is thanks to its parents since it is a cross of Northern Light #5 x Big Bud x Green Crack, which also gives it a productive character with abundant harvests and sticky and heavy buds.

You have everything to make a great crop of autoflowering strains, because you already know which are the best strains for indoors too, you know how to use lights and the basic fundamentals during cultivation. Remember that the best lighting system for your marijuana cultivation will be the one that best suits your budget and also, the one that is appropriate according to your cultivation area because each space has its own requirements to cultivate the best weed that you can imagine

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