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Best Tips for Growing Cannabis in Arizona

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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Medical cannabis is currently legal in Arizona thanks to a law approved in 2018 that benefits hundreds of thousands of users. More than 2,000 patients are authorized to grow legal medical marijuana while the vast majority are authorized to buy cannabis in the different legally authorized facilities.

The beneficiaries to be able to grow marijuana multiplied throughout Arizona because the regulations that govern the cultivation of marijuana have changed due to the approval of Proposition 207. This law says that adults over the age of twenty-one can now grow their weed plants as long as there are no more than six per person.

In the event that two or more adults live in a house, they can legally grow a maximum of 12 plants. Another important point is that the place of cultivation must be closed and must not allow access to any minor. Therefore, it must be inside a special growing room or cabinet. It is important to comply with this point of the law so as not to violate the regulation.

Tips for growing cannabis outdoors in Arizona

1- We already know that in order to legally grow marijuana in Arizona, it must be done indoors. However, that does not mean that it cannot be done outdoors. Complying with this rule, you can grow a covered crop in your backyard without it being visible to neighboring houses or to the street.

2- Regarding temperature, the best range is from 23º to 30ºC. This does not prevent the plants from being able to withstand lower temperatures that even reach 15ºC or a little lower during the night. For this reason, it is good to start cultivation in mid-spring so that in summer, the cannabis plants reach their maximum growth level with the highest temperatures and the longest days of sunlight. Then, when the summer starts to wind down, you can take full advantage of the drop in temperatures so that the buds produce large amounts of resin.

3- To ensure good growth, look for a place in your outdoor garden that has at least 6 hours of direct light and another 5 or 6 hours of indirect light. Because Arizona, like other places in North America, is located in the far north of planet earth, the best thing you can do is locate your grow facing south to maximize light output.

4- This point is important because the high temperatures of Arizona can cause some type of stress in the plants, specifically in their roots. For this reason, it is recommended to use abundant coconut fiber in the substrate to help control the temperature. Also, you can mix the substrate with perlite to help maintain moisture in the substrate. This mixture should be 70% soil and 30% perlite.

Growing Outdoor Arizona
Growing Outdoors in Arizona

Regarding the pots that can be used, we recommend that you use fabric containers because they allow better root growth. We also recommend pots with a capacity of 10 to 20 gallons to ensure the growth of a large plant. If you want a plant of mutant weed, then you can grow in a 100 gallon pot.

5- Now, if you want to maximize the yield and size of your plants, in order not to have problems with space, you should separate each by a distance of approximately 1.8m. This can be done in raised beds to ensure that the plants have an aerated, soft substrate that is ideal for the roots and their growth.

In this type of crop, sometimes more than one watering per day is necessary because the plants tend to consume a lot of water. This is an issue that you can regulate as your crop progresses and according to the weather and the environment. Some gardeners comment that their secret is to water at the time of maximum temperature which according to them causes the plant to consume all the water. Others divide the irrigation into 2 parts, that is, 1 dose of water in the morning and another in the middle of the day or afternoon to ensure that the plant is optimally hydrated.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in Arizona?

Through the Blimburn Seeds website, you can buy the seeds you want. We have hundreds of varieties of all different types such as feminized, fast blooming, regular, autoflowering, and fast flowering. At Blimburn Seeds, we have been working for more than 10 years on the creation of cannabis seeds of the highest quality, both in Europe and also in the USA. Our base of operations in San Francisco Bay is our great work center where we get the latest generation of high-quality seeds that we like so much.

At Blimburn Seeds, we not only promise you the best cannabis seeds for cultivation, but we also guarantee fast, discreet, and safe deliveries so that you can carry out your cultivation whenever and wherever you want. We also add our triple guarantee which provides greater security to each of your orders. Buy your weed seeds now at Blimburn Seeds!

The best marijuana seeds for cultivation in Arizona

The selection of the genetic ace is essential when cultivating. For this reason, we are going to present some of the strains that you can cultivate according to your level and knowledge. Also, we will recommend the variety of weed that best adapts to the climate and environment of Arizona, so pay attention!

Cannabis seeds
Blimburn Seeds Bank

South Africa

South Africa is a variety with medium internodes that grows prominently, living up to its name and ancestors, Africa x Princess88, that give it the sativa dominance that characterizes it.  The effect is balanced, euphoric, and is complemented by THC levels ranging from 19%-20%. This plant has somewhat fluffy buds that allow good air circulation.

South African
South African

We recommend this variety for places like Arizona, especially if you are going to grow in your garden or greenhouse because it adapts well to the local climate, withstanding the high summer temperatures. As we said, the internodes are medium and the buds are spongy. For the same reason, when you grow this plant, it allows air to circulate freely between its flowers, branches, and leaves.


With Strawberry Cough, you are going to have a high intensity trip that is typical of this sativa. It has THC levels of 19%-23% that guarantee potency. Now, when it comes to flowering, you will have to be patient because it takes between 9-11 weeks to produce the long tails that are typical of sativa genetics.

For a climate like that of Arizona, sativa cannabis strains like this one are perfect because they take better advantage of daylight hours, high temperatures, and everything that nature gives them if grown outdoors. Both indoors and outdoors, you will harvest about 400gr of buds that give off earthy flavors with a mixture of flowers and notes of sweetness.

Durban Poison Fast Version

We have developed this Fast Version of the famous Durban Poison at Blimburn Seeds to provide you with great yields of buds covered in intense resin that multiply indoors, reaching between 450gr-650gr/m2 and about 400gr. -700gr/plant for outdoor gardeners.

Durban Poison Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Now, outdoor growers in Arizona benefit the most from this variety because Durban Poison Fast Version rewards them with great harvests in a record time of only 7 weeks of flowering with sweet and citrus flavored buds. The effect of this mostly sativa strain is active, appetite stimulating, and downright cerebral which is perfect for THC levels ranging from 12%-14%.

Skywalker Auto

Yes, we are talking about fast crops, so we must also mention this Skywalker Auto. Gardeners who want abundant harvests in a short time love this strain. It is perfect for harvesting between 80gr-120gr/plant outdoors and indoors, 350gr-450gr/m2 in a cycle of only 9-10 weeks from germination to harvest.

As it is a mostly indica variety, Skywalker Auto produces relaxing effects and its flavors are earthy with sweet notes and refreshing pine fragrances. Regarding potency, the Skywalker Auto buds will surprise you because they have high percentages of THC that range from 18%-22%, guaranteeing potency. Don’t forget, autoflowering strains are perfect for outdoor growing in places like Arizona from mid-spring through the summer.

Strawberry Banana Auto

We add Strawberry Banana Auto to this selection because there is no doubt that Banana genetics are a powerful trend  among growers’ gardens around the world, especially in the US and Canada. Strawberry Banana Auto is a mostly indica strain that stimulates your creativity, generating states of euphoria and finishing with a great relaxation at the end of the flight.

Both outdoor growers in Arizona harvesting between 80g-100g/plant and indoor gardeners harvesting 550g-600g/m2 will be rewarded with sweet flavored buds with fruity notes and even some hints of diesel and herbal notes. If you are looking for potency, Strawberry Banana Auto is perfect because it has super high THC levels, ranging from 22%-24% with buds that can be harvested in just 10-12 weeks from seed germination to the end of the cycle.

Growing cannabis outdoors in Arizona Step by Step:

1- We have already shown you some varieties that you can select for your outdoor grow in Arizona. This is important because much of the success of your garden depends on the type of seed you grow. So, now that you know what this part of the process is like, we recommend you go to Blimburn Seeds and buy the best cannabis seeds for your cultivation in Arizona.

2- When the plants have reached considerable development after 1.5 months of growth in their initial pot, they can be transplanted to a larger pot and then grown directly in soil or in a bed of soil. Before transplanting, analyze whether the plant has a good root structure. It is important to look at its physical structure because it requires a solid stem with strong and resistant lateral branches.

3-​​ A cultivation technique that serves to strengthen plants outdoors is to start taking the plants to the cultivation area such as a backgarden little by little. With this, the weed plants get used to the sun, its light, and also to other factors such as wind and humidity or dryness of the environment. For example: you have your plants and you take them out in natural light for 5 or 6 hours a day and then move indoors. When that specimen is ready, you can continue with your 100% outdoor cultivation.

4- Perform pruning on plants from when their structure is defined until the middle of the vegetative phase. This causes the plant to adapt to a more dense structure and also enjoy better ventilation, thinking about flowering and the importance of good ventilation in this phase.

5- Outdoors, plants are more likely to be affected by pests and insects, so we recommend the following. If you grow in direct soil or in a pot, you can use diatoms as an upper layer of the substrate to prevent the proliferation of fungi and their respective spores in the crop.

Also, the use of mycorrhizae can help the roots of the plants to be more powerful. Other types of products, such as those used to reduce plant stress are necessary in outdoor crops as they make our weed plants stronger. You can put rosemary plants and sibulat, among others to prevent the arrival of insects. But that’s not all because you can also use bio controllers such as ladybugs to control insects that damage your crop. In case you see some buds damaged by fungi or insects, remove those buds or even the entire arms of the crop so that they do not continue damaging the plant or the other plants of the same crop.

Let’s get down to work and start cultivating the best weed! Always carefully read the tips that we leave you with in these guides from the Blimburn Seeds blog. We wish you the best cultivation and also the best harvests so that you can enjoy strong buds that are full of resin from which you can obtain great extractions in Arizona.

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Mike Wilson

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With a unique perspective on cannabis culture and a focus on sustainability and quality, Mike generously shares his valuable tips and tricks on this platform. Through his posts, he will guide you on the exciting journey of cannabis cultivation, providing expert insights and practical experiences to help you achieve success in your own cultivation endeavors. Join Mike on his journey through the world of cannabis and discover how to cultivate responsibly and achieve exceptional harvests. Become part of his community and unlock the secrets of a true cannabis master!

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