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Cannabis Concentrates 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Cannabis Concentrates 101 A Comprehensive Guide

Currently, cannabis concentrates are emerging as the fastest expanding sector of the industry. This is why we created this cannabis concentrates 101 guide. It is estimated that dispensaries have introduced over 300,000 new high-potency extracts this year alone, which is a staggering 600% increase.

This presents an excellent opportunity for brands to innovate and improve their annual sales. At the same time, brands should take advantage of this moment to educate consumers about how these products work.

Despite the industry’s progress, significant ambiguity persists regarding various aspects of cannabis concentrates, spanning from their potency and usage to the equipment required and safety concerns Let’s explore this subject in depth.

What are Cannabis Concentrates 101?

Cannabis concentrates 101 are highly concentrated collections of the plant trichomes, containing the greatest levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These resultant products usually have a THC content of 60% or higher and display variations in texture, appearance, terpene composition, and their effects. Manufacturers employ diverse extraction methods to produce cannabis concentrates, all falling into two primary categories: solventless and solvent-based.

What are Cannabis Concentrates

Solventless: This extraction method relies on agitation to separate resin heads from cannabis material. Subsequently, it employs low-temperature, high-pressure equipment to liquefy the trichomes into concentrated oils. Solventless extracts do not involve the use of chemicals during production and belong to the “rosin” family of concentrates. Rosin products encompass rosin fresh press, rosin badder, rosin jam, rosin dry sift, and 6-star hash.

Solvent-based: In contrast to rosin extracts, solvent-based extracts employ solvents to detach trichomes from the plant material. Common solvents include butane, ethanol, methanol, or CO2. After extraction, manufacturers must remove these solvents from the formulation to create a safe, pure final product.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Shatter Concentrates

Shatter is a type of wax concentrate that possesses a delicate, glass-like appearance, resembling hard candy. High-quality shatter boasts near-transparency and displays a distinctive amber hue.

The Glassy Attribute and Manufacturing Process: The production of shatter entails the use of butane, similar to wax extraction, yet it diverges by employing higher temperatures and gentler mixing during the final stages.

Creating shatter demands precision as the molecular arrangement must remain tightly aligned, permitting light to pass through, thereby resulting in its remarkable glassy quality. The meticulous filtration process further contributes to its consistency akin to hard candy.

Shatter Concentrates

Potency: Shatter typically retains an impressive THC potency ranging from 80% to 90%. In contrast to live resin, shatter possesses lower terpene content due to multiple purification and filtration steps that yield its flawless structure.

Terpene Content: High-quality shatter usually maintains a comparable terpene level of around 5.9%.

Usage: Shatter’s glass-like texture makes it more challenging to handle compared to other concentrates, such as wax. Nevertheless, it offers greater stability and an extended shelf life. Given its rigid and brittle nature, it requires consistently high temperatures for optimal effects, which can potentially harm standard vape pen equipment.

The two most prevalent methods for consuming shatter are through dabbing and vaporization. Vaporization entails placing the shatter in a container and heating the surrounding air to prevent direct burning.

Wax Concentrates

Wax concentrates are renowned for their unique attributes and is a type of cannabis concentrate 101. These concentrates possess a sticky wax-like texture, often dense and occasionally granular, with a distinct golden hue. Their reputation is primarily built on their remarkable aroma and rich flavors, which can vary significantly based on the specific cultivar used in their production.

Wax Concentrates

Butane Hash Oil

Butane hash oil extraction is the most prevalent method for producing cannabis wax. This process involves using butane to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the plant material, resulting in a concentrated, gooey resin. The low boiling point of butane is essential for preserving the original aromas and flavors of the plant.

Terpene Content: High-quality wax concentrates are derived from cured buds with a relatively high terpene content, typically around 5.9% when extracted carefully. This terpene level may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the strain of cannabis used.

Usage: When it comes to consuming wax concentrates, it’s important to choose the right method. Vape pens are not ideal for wax, as they may not handle it well. Directly lighting wax for smoking can also diminish the delicate terpenes due to high temperatures.

Most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts prefer using dab rigs, specialized bongs, or water pipes equipped with a nail for smoking dense wax concentrates through water vapor.

Another popular option is a full-scale vaporizer, designed with coils capable of reaching the necessary temperatures for handling wax. These methods, such as dab rigs and vaporizers, transform wax into vapor, potentially reducing the risk of lung damage associated with traditional smoking methods. Additionally, they offer users a quick onset of effects.

Oil Concentrate

Oil Concentrate

Oil Concentrate or Cannabis oil, derived from cannabis extraction, possesses a thicker and transparent consistency akin to essential oils or cooking oil. Unlike wax, cannabis oils vary in density and viscosity but always remain in liquid form, in contrast to the solid nature of wax.

Most oils available at dispensaries are manufactured through chemical extraction, involving the use of solvents to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which are subsequently mixed with carriers like hemp oil or MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil.

However, CO2 extraction is gaining popularity as it yields oil that is devoid of any toxic residues that may occasionally result from chemical solvents. Furthermore, there are various types of cannabis oil, depending on the compounds they contain, such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabinoid) oil.

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates 101 present numerous advantages compared to other consumption methods. For instance, if you prefer a smoke-free experience, you can incorporate cannabis concentrates into various recipes, such as peanut butter and ghee.

For individuals concerned about the potential health risks associated with long-term vaping, cannabis concentrates may provide a safer alternative.

Due to their high THC content, cannabis concentrates can be highly effective for those seeking short-lived psychoactive effects. Additionally, the concentrated nature of these products means that only a small quantity is needed to produce a potent effect.

On the market you can found a diverse selection of edible CBD oils that are designed to reduce anxiety levels. 

Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

On the other hand, if you wish to make your own cannabis concentrates at home, you can certainly do so. Obviously, you must take the necessary precautions and care to avoid any danger, as making your own concentrates can involve certain risks.

So, if you’re ready to make your own weed concentrates at home, purchase the seeds for plant cultivation from, as they will provide you with excellent raw material to obtain the best 420 concentrates.

Pain Management

Pain management has become a hot topic in the world of medicine, with increasing focus on the use of cannabis concentrates as an effective and safe solution. Cannabis concentrates offer an appealing alternative for those seeking relief from chronic pain without the negative side effects associated with traditional painkillers.

These products, derived from cannabis strains rich in cannabinoids like CBD and THC, have demonstrated their effectiveness in alleviating a wide range of painful conditions, from arthritis to migraines. In this review, we will delve into how cannabis concentrates are revolutionizing pain management and providing patients with a promising option to enhance their quality of life.

Pain Management

In addition to providing effective pain relief, cannabis concentrates have also gained recognition for their ability to minimize unwanted side effects. This natural approach to pain management has gained popularity among patients looking for a safer and less addictive alternative to conventional medications.

Cannabis extracts offer a higher concentration of cannabinoids, allowing users to experience faster and longer-lasting relief. If you are seeking a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution for pain management, cannabis concentrates deserve your attention.

Discover how this promising option is changing the way we approach chronic pain and offering renewed hope to those seeking effective and sustainable relief.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility is essential for our well-being. “Relaxation and Stress Reduction” offers a comprehensive approach to achieving inner calm and peace in the midst of life’s daily chaos.

Our expert team of therapists and mindfulness practitioners guide you through proven techniques that empower you to release tension and conquer stress. From soothing meditation practices to rejuvenating spa therapies, our program is tailored to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Discover the profound benefits of prioritizing relaxation and stress reduction in your life. With “Relaxation and Stress Reduction,” you’ll unlock the gateway to a harmonious existence, allowing you to embrace each day with renewed vitality and serenity. Take the first step towards a stress-free life today and embark on your journey to inner peace.

Medicinal Applications

In the constant quest for effective treatments for a variety of medical conditions, cannabis concentrates have emerged as a promising option in the world of medicine. These potent extracts, rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, have opened new doors in the field of medical therapy. In this review, we will explore the various medicinal applications of cannabis concentrates and how they are revolutionizing the treatment of chronic diseases.

Medicinal Applications

Cannabis concentrates offer precise and rapid dosing of cannabinoids, making them an attractive option for patients seeking relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. Furthermore, their versatility allows for treatment customization to address specific needs. For instance, CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has shown effectiveness in managing seizures in patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

Ongoing scientific research supports the therapeutic potential of cannabis concentrates in areas such as oncology, neurology, and mental health. As stigmas surrounding medicinal cannabis are reduced, it is evident that these concentrates are playing a crucial role in improving the quality of life for numerous patients worldwide.

With an increasing focus on research and regulation, the future of medicinal applications of cannabis concentrates is promising and exciting. If you are seeking natural therapeutic alternatives, consider exploring this innovative option in consultation with a healthcare professional.

How to Choose the Right Concentration

First of all, you should take your experience level into account when selecting the ideal cannabis concentrate. For this reason, we recommend that you start with a low-potency extract. Let’s remember that cannabis concentrates usually contain THC levels that range between 60% and 80%, which is very powerful.

If you are an experienced user, you can lean towards a shatter or live resin with THC levels higher than 80%. These concentrates produce a more powerful high, but may be overkill for novice users.

You should also evaluate whether the concentrates are rich in THC or CBD since extracts rich in THC can induce you on a trip of euphoria or intense relaxation (depending on the genetics with which they were made).

On the other hand, extracts high in CBD can generate states of drowsiness, and significantly relieve muscle and bone pain. For this reason it is good to be clear about what type of effects you want to obtain.

Factors Influencing Concentrate Potency

Choosing the right cannabis concentration is essential to ensure an optimal and safe experience. When it comes to selecting the right product, it’s crucial to consider several key factors.

First and foremost, assess your level of experience with cannabis: beginners often benefit from lower THC concentrations, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, to avoid unwanted side effects.

Additionally, consider your personal goals, whether it’s relieving pain, improving sleep, or simply enjoying the euphoric effect. Consulting with a healthcare professional or a qualified budtender can provide further guidance in finding the ideal concentration that suits your individual needs.

Factors Influencing Concentrate Potency

Furthermore, the source and quality of the product are also crucial factors to consider when selecting the cannabis concentration. Opting for products from reputable and high-quality sources ensures a more predictable and safe experience.

Finally, remember to start with low doses and increase gradually if necessary, as tolerance and sensitivity vary from person to person. By following these tips, you will be able to make informed decisions and select the cannabis concentration that best fits your personal requirements.

Strain Selection Tips

To select the right weed genetics for extractions like the ones we’ve already seen, certain selection parameters must be followed. Here are the details to ensure you have a successful experience. First, trichomes, those tiny resin glands that cover the surface of a cannabis plant, are a crucial part of genetics selection for cultivation and extraction.

These microscopic structures are like natural chemical factories that produce a rich amalgamation of bioactive compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The quantity of trichomes and the density of resin a plant produces are closely related to the quality and potency of the resulting herb.

The more abundant the trichomes, the richer the cannabinoid content, translating to a more potent and effective experience for the consumer.

But the importance of trichomes isn’t limited to potency alone. Terpenes, compounds responsible for the characteristic aroma and flavor of each strain, are also found in higher concentrations in these small glands.

The unique combination of terpenes in a plant determines its olfactory and gustatory profile, significantly influencing user preferences. Therefore, when selecting cannabis genetics for cultivation and extraction, you’re not only looking for the quantity of trichomes and resin but also the diversity and balance of terpenes to achieve exceptional flavors and aromas.

Stay right here because we’ll recommend the best and most popular cannabis strains for making fantastic herb extracts that will captivate your senses and provide you with a unique experience.

Methods of Consumption

Cannabis concentrates can be used in different ways. Here we are going to tell you about 3 different ways to consume your weed concentrates, these are: Vaping, Edibles and Dabbing.

Dabbing Concentrates

Dabbing is estimated to be one of the most effective ways to consume Dabbing. To consume with the Dabbin method you need extracts such as BHO or CO2, as well as products such as rosin and live resin. You also need to have a dab rig, a quartz nail or banger, a blowtorch, a dab tool, a carburetor cap and a gram of concentrates.

To start consuming, you should take a small amount of concentrate with your dab, apply it to the base of your firecracker and seal it with the carburetor cap. Next, you will use the blowtorch to apply heat until the concentrate vaporizes and then inhale the vapor through the dab rig.

You will continue to inhale until the platform is clean, after which you can clean any remaining residue with alcohol and a cotton swab. This method is preferred by many due to its discreet nature and the powerful, long-lasting effects it offers.

Vaping Concentrates

Vaping concentrates is one of the most discreet and safest ways to dab. Today on the market you can find a wide range of Vaporizers designed to consume Dabbing. To vape concentrates, you just have to put the product in the Vaporizer chamber, wait for it to heat up and then inhale gently.

Edibles and Tinctures

Using concentrates in cannabis edibles is a perfect way to make use of these products. For your part, distillates are some of the best for making cannabis edibles. You should keep in mind that cannabis edibles have effects that last up to 8 hours.

To ingest cannabis tinctures you just have to put a drop of the concentrate on the underside of your tongue and wait a few minutes until it has been completely absorbed. After 90 minutes of consuming the tincture you will feel the maximum effect, although the first sensations explode between the first 15 to 45 minutes.

Cannabis tinctures can also be consumed through food by adding them to tea, smoothies and juices, including juices or milk.

The Extraction Process

The extraction process to make cannabis extracts is divided into 2 large groups. Firstly we have the solvent extracts, which are those that are so popular in North America for their incredible potency. And in second place are the extracts made by means without solvents, which have been among us for centuries, since they are made by ancient societies and cultures.

The Extraction Process

Solvent-Based Extraction

Today it is one of the most popular techniques in the USA and Canada. This way of making extracts consists of using a chemical solvent, such as propane, butane, hexane, ethanol or carbon dioxide, to generate a solution by dissolving organic matter. After the solution is obtained, the desired terpenes and cannabinoids for the extract are isolated.

Solventless Extraction

This is one of the most ancient techniques when it comes to making extracts and consists of physically removing the trichome heads (microscopic mushroom-like protuberances found on the flower and containing hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) from the plant. Mechanical extraction results in solvent-free concentrates such as hash, dry sieve and resin.

Storing Concentrates

We are clear that cannabis concentrates are available in various formats and styles. Additionally, the purity of each concentrate depends on how they were made and the techniques used. The world of concentrates covers the following: live resin, hash oils, rosin, crumble, shatter and others.

While these concentrates are commonly grouped under the term “dabs,” they have several characteristics. In short, knowing what the optimal method for storing dabs is very relevant.

Best Practices for Concentrate Storage

Best Practices for Concentrate Storage

Not all concentrates are stored in the same way since there are chemical and technical differences between them. For example: The most effective method to preserve wax concentrate is to place it in an airtight container that protects it from exposure to light.

Wax can be stored cold like a refrigerator as long as they are protected from deterioration factors through the use of accessories such as matte black glass containers designed for concentrates.

In the case of Cannabis Oil the most suitable storage solution for these cannabis extracts is tincture bottles. It is essential that these containers are tightly closed and kept in a cool, dark place to ensure that your products maintain their optimal condition for a long period of time.

Now the Shatter and to maintain its quality, it is advisable to store the shatter in an airtight container protected from light. Since shatter tends to become sticky when touched with bare hands, it is wise to wrap it in parchment paper for rubbing.

In general, and as we can see, cannabis concentrates maintain their quality and category when they are protected from excess moisture or moisture leaks. Also, you should keep in mind to avoid exposing them to light and excessive or very high temperatures that could damage them. Taking these 3 fundamental points into account, you can store concentrates well.

Shelf Life Considerations

Both weed buds and concentrates can deteriorate and expire. Concentrates can expire much sooner than the buds and they do so by emitting a strong smell of natural cannabis. This does not affect the concentration of cannabinoids in the concentrate itself, but it does give the concentrate a bad taste in the mouth.

Concentrates last between 6 and 8 months in good condition before they expire, and if they are stored properly. Despite that, they can continue to occupy themselves, but with greater concern.

The concentrates stop through a process called nucleation, that is, the substance crystallizes. Marijuana concentrates that have been nucleated will have a sugary, crystalline appearance, although this does not mean they cannot be smoked.

However, the lipids used to make marijuana concentrates could be harmful if smoked after nucleation. As these lipids bind and solidify, they can be harmful when inhaled. They are usually identifiable because they have a white or off-white appearance.

As we already noted, cannabis extracts are abundant in terpenes, offer a lush and fragrant profile, and provide a fresh sensory encounter when consumed through a dab rig, bong or pipe. Plus, they exceed the potency of conventional smoking, making them ideal for cannabis enthusiasts or seasoned connoisseurs.

If all this discussion about cannabis concentrates has piqued your interest and you’re eager to try them, the following strains are perfect for creating your own concentrate.

Blue Dream Concentrate

Blue Dream is a Sativa hybrid genetics, therefore its main impact is cerebral and uplifting. Anticipate a quick onset of euphoria. It keeps you in a positive and energetic state. According to consumers, the effects of the Blue Dream strain are predominantly toning.

It is ideal when you need extra energy and motivation during the day, Blue Dream will come to the rescue. Concentrates like Shatter, made from  Blue Dream (Sativa), are the ideal option for those looking for an extra hit. This is an exceptionally potent cannabis concentrate, producing only the most powerful and long-lasting effects.

According to users who have Shattered with Blue Dream, this product can help people suffering from mild to moderate depression, mood disorders, ADHD, chronic pain, and sleep disorders such as insomnia. The above is supported because Blue Dream has a variety of terpenes, the most notable being:

Blue Dream

Myrcene: This terpene gives Blue Dream its distinctive musky, earthy aroma and has sedative effects. In addition, myrcene enhances the relaxing and analgesic properties of the strain.

Limonene: Responsible for the citrus and fruity aroma of the Blue Dream variety, limonene is also known for its uplifting and energetic effects, which can counteract the sedative effects of myrcene.

Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene gives Blue Dream its spicy, woody aroma and adds anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to the strain. The Blue Dream marijuana strain offers a wide range of incredible recreational and medicinal benefits. Some of these therapeutic effects include:

Recreational benefits of the Blue Dream variety:

Relaxation: Blue Dream is known for its relaxation-inducing properties and helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Euphoria: With its high THC content, Blue Dream can induce feelings of euphoria and happiness, improving mood and overall well-being.

Energy Boost: Despite its relaxing characteristics, Blue Dream also provides an energizing and uplifting experience, encouraging creativity and motivation.

Improved Mood: The combination of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in Blue Dream can improve mood and cultivate feelings of happiness and joy.

OG Kush  Concentrate

The OG KUSH is yet another iconic figure hailing from the west coast of California! This classic variety emerged in the early 90s in Northern California.

Og Kush

OG Kush terpene profile offers a multifaceted flavor profile, combining a gasoline flavor with woody and earthy undertones, all underlined by a dominant presence of myrcene. The herbaceous, citrus and slightly spicy notes of OG Kush not only relieve stress but also provide a calm experience.

For these reasons, making concentrates with this genetics is very good since you can achieve a state of well-being accompanied by a rich flavor and good aromas. On the other hand, the effects that we usually describe in OG Kush, which are relaxing and tend to relieve pain, give that medicinal character that is attributed to this genetics.

Concentrates vs. Other Products

As we already know, concentrates come in different types of formats and styles to be consumed. We also understand that the power of a concentrate can often be overwhelming.

On the other hand, the expression of terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis concentrates is absolutely superior to other ways of consuming cannabis. For this reason we will delve deeper into the topic and analyze what cannabis concentrates are like in relation to buds and edibles.

Concentrates vs. Cannabis Flowers

The fundamental difference between concentrates and cannabis flowers is the potency of each product. This power that dominates the concentrates is due to, as we already mentioned, because they are made in isolation, that is, the terpenes and cannabinoids are separated from the plant matter. The remarkable potency of the extracts makes the effects feel stronger when consumed.

Another notable difference is that cannabis concentrates are available in various forms, such as oils, waxes, shatters, resins, rosins, and more. Unlike the buds, which are only the flower, that is, they are presented in a single format.

Many users or even people who do not know about the subject, ask which is better, concentrates or flowers. This choice corresponds more to the person’s taste, since some people may look for more power in each flight, but others only want a gentle moment of activity or relaxation.

Some users want to be in the clouds for a long time thanks to the concentrates, while others just want a direct and passenger flight.

Concentrates vs. Edibles

Some essential differences between cannabis edibles and concentrates are as follows. When consuming edibles, it is not clear what dosage of cannabis we are consuming in each piece. Unlike concentrates, they offer several consumption methods, such as using them in the form of tinctures or drops under the tongue, that is, there is a more controlled dosage.

With concentrates you feel the potency of the cannabinoids stronger than with edibles. After 15 minutes of consuming the concentrate you feel the effects and it can last several hours, you may even feel some residual effects up to 24 hours later.

Unlike cannabis edibles, their effects last up to 12 hours, although you may also feel residual effects 24 hours later.

In brief, edibles and concentrates are unquestionably two efficient methods for cannabis consumption. However, they yield differing effects owing to the duration it takes for the cannabis compound to engage with the bloodstream.

Concentrates and Health

Concentrates and Health

Mental Health Benefits

Currently, cannabis concentrates such as CBD oil can help in the treatment of mental health problems. Various scientific studies suggest that cannabis, by connecting with the endocannabinoid system, can help various disorders, including mental disorders.

For example: Many people have reported feeling a significant decrease in anxiety and stress after taking CBD oil regularly. Also, the potential that CBD oil has to relieve depression and stress has been investigated.

 Although more research is needed to reach final conclusions, it has also been estimated that CBD oil helps people who suffer from sleep disorder problems, which helps alleviate the mental health discomforts that occur. evidence linked to sleep disorder.

Physical Health Considerations

There are various impacts from consuming cannabis, whether in flower or concentrates. Now we tell you what are some of the most common impacts on people’s physical health.

Increased risk of bronchitis when smoking.

High production of phlegm in smokers.

Lung irritation caused by irritants, including certain carcinogens, such as accidental burns to the mouth or throat from smoking.

It is preliminarily said that the immune system is weakened by the effects of (THC). The heart rate changes as the heart speeds up in some people from 20 to 50 beats per minute. And obviously bloodshot eyes due to increased blood flow are a symptom of consumption.

Regarding the positive effects of cannabis, if it is consumed as a concentrate (Oil or Tinctures) there is the

Pain relief also includes relief from vomiting and nausea.

There are cases in which it has been used for

Temporary relief of glaucoma symptoms.

Relieve pain associated with specific medical conditions.

Helps reduce inflammation.

In the case of people with cancer, it helps relieve nausea.

Physical Health

Concentrates in Pain Management

There is evidence that cannabis or CBD may offer limited benefits in managing chronic pain.

While there is some evidence that CBD can help with pain management, the conclusions are still not definitive.

A 2020 review study suggests that CBD may help relieve chronic pain, sleep problems, and reduce inflammation. Despite this, it is still believed that the effects of cannabis depend mainly on the condition.

Concentrates for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are two common illnesses today. An important detail is that clinical depression is characterized by persistent low moods and various symptoms. Today the use of cannabis for these two diseases is being studied, which may have a solution thanks to the endocannabinoid system.

It is understood that the THC and CBD that make up cannabis concentrates can help relieve pain with smaller amounts, making them cost-effective for managing daily anxiety and depression. In order not to suffer from the anxiety caused by THC, the use of cannabis concentrates balanced in THC and CBD is promoted.

Patience is key to knowing what is the necessary dose for each patient as well as the genetics that can be used by patients in the creation of your cannabis concentrates.

Concentrates vs. Traditional Medications

Traditional medicine and cannabis concentrates are two different ways to deal with an illness. On the one hand, traditional medicine treatments are based on decades of research into standardized drugs and treatments.

From the front sidewalk, the use of cannabis accumulates ancient practices, including for medicinal use. Now, regarding cannabis concentrates, as we already know, they help relieve chronic pain, illnesses and also reduce stress and anxiety.

However, many questions arise about using them for medicinal purposes, because traditional research still does not reach decisive conclusions. In turn, traditional medicine relies on rigorous clinical trials and government regulations to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of medicines.

The choice between cannabis concentrates and traditional medicine ultimately depends on the medical condition, patient preferences, and the availability of treatment options in your region.

Common Myths Debunked

There are several myths that are common regarding cannabis extracts. At this point we are going to explain two of the most common myths that are attributed to weed concentrates and that are not true. Pay attention.

Common Myths Debunked

Concentrates Are Always Stronger

Although concentrates have good potency and are recognized by them, not all of these products have that sole purpose. Just remember that tinctures can produce lighter effects on people and topical creams may not produce any type of psychoactive effect on people because they are applied to the skin.

So, we cannot say that concentrates are always super potent or that all concentrates have extreme potency or psychoactive effects, since concentrates rich in CBD and those without psychoactive effects are also counted.

Concentrates Are Unsafe

It is generally thought that cannabis concentrates can only be consumed as dabbing, but this is not the case. However, with the use of vaporizers this risk can be reduced. Furthermore, as we already saw, there are concentrates that can be consumed sublingually such as tinctures or by dosing drops such as cannabis oils.

If you think that the risk of some concentrates is their high potency, then the safest way to consume them is in minimal proportions that do not lead to a bad trip or unwanted side effects.

Sustainability in Concentrate Production

When it comes to producing sustainable concentrates, solventless extractions have the inherent advantage of refraining from the use of potentially harmful hydrocarbon solvents. Some specialists conclude that solvent-free concentrates offer the simplest method to purge the product of any solvent, chemical or similar compound.

Sustainability in Concentrate Production

If we look at other examples, dry sieving has been a traditional method of cannabis processing for millennia, which only requires manual stirring without the need for solvents (Moroccan Hashis). Now, it is in today’s commercial environment where solventless extractions often require ice water.

So, this is where we pay attention since the use of hydrocarbons and also the large quantities of water used to make extracts industrially can mean that these products are not especially eco-friendly.

Now, with the advancement of the marijuana market worldwide and the development of new technologies, it is likely that in the near future we will see new forms of extraction that are more sustainable than the current ones.

Sustainable Cultivation Techniques

Organic cultivation is the main option to make an environmentally friendly home or commercial crop. When we think about organic crops, we automatically imagine large plants in mother soil, receiving sunlight in complete freedom.

Growing marijuana organically means essentially growing crops without excessive tillage, harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial substances. There are a number of benefits when growing and consuming organically grown products.

First we avoid soil erosion by growing organically. It highlights the absence of chemical contamination, less pressure on energy resources and, through innovative water recovery techniques, minimization of water waste.

Sustainable Cultivation Techniques

Some techniques for growing indoors or outdoors organically are the following:

  • Use a homemade substrate with organic matter or compost.
  • Create your own organic fertilizers for growth and flowering. You can make compost tea that is rich in growing nutrients. For flowering you can use guano from birds such as chickens solidly in the substrate.
  • You can make homemade and organic insecticides to avoid pests or insects such as Onion, Garlic, Ortega Tea insecticides, among others. You can also use biocontrollers like ladybugs.
  • Grow with beneficial fungi for the plant that help protect the roots and keep the plant healthy.

Eco-Friendly Extraction Methods

Eco-Friendly Extraction Methods

CO2 extraction is a safe and eco-conscious technique for isolating cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. This extraction process leaves no residual toxins and finds applications in various industries such as:

  1. Brewing (Beer)
  2. Coffee production
  3. Extracting fruit essences
  4. Tea production

In this process, supercritical CO2 is heated and directed through cannabis flower buds. The resulting liquid is then separated to remove CO2 gas from the trichomes and terpenes.

As an environmentally responsible method, the gas is subsequently passed through a condenser, where it reverts to a liquid state, making it recyclable for future extraction processes.

While precise equipment is necessary for CO2 extraction, it proves highly effective in producing waxes and oils.

Tips for a Positive Concentrate Experience

Tips for a Positive Concentrate Experience

Start by consuming small amounts. The dosages of cannabis concentrates should be smaller to ensure a good experience.

If you are new to using weed, only consume medicinal-type concentrates such as cannabis oil or tinctures. If you use oils or tinctures with THC, prefer those that are balanced with CBD.

Consume concentrates made at home by yourself or from a recognized brand. Be careful with the quality of the cannabis concentrates you use, prefer high quality products.

If you grow to make your weed concentrates, prefer to grow organically so that your concentrates are as pure as possible.

When selecting the concentrate you want to consume, prefer those made with genetics with medium or low levels of THC that are between 8% to 15% maximum. With this you will avoid having a bad trip and you will enjoy the trip better.

Strains featured in this article:

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