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How to make the best homemade pipe

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
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It is always disappointing when you cannot taste the wonders that a delicious weed offers you. However, you can make your own pipe at home in case you run out of rolling papers, break your glass bong, or have lost the classic pipe that goes with you on every 420 adventure. Despite the fact that it is easy to make a pipe at home, few people venture out or know how to make a pipe at home. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to make a pipe so that you can enjoy the weed that you like so much.

When you buy your cannabis seeds here at Blimburn Seeds, you can get super high with genetics that are rich in THC or use your weed for medicinal purposes if you buy cannabis strains that are high in CBD. No matter which strain you choose, you can consume it in any of the homemade pipes that you will learn to make with this guide that we have put together for you. Let’s get started.

Marijuana pipe with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil pipes are often used for smoking marijuana or in emergency situations when no other pipe is handy. However, this type of pipe should be used with caution. Aluminum foil pipes are safe for only one or two uses. Over time, the material degrades and is dangerous to your health. If they are only used temporarily, they are a great option to get by. If you want to know how to make a pipe out of aluminum foil, read the following step by step guide.

Step 1: Take a large, 12″ (30.5 cm) square piece of aluminum foil. The foil should be clean and not degraded by contact with water. It should also be as smooth as possible.

Step 2: Fold the square of aluminum foil in half, being careful not to crease or tear it.

Step 3: Fold it in half again. You will end up with a square that is about 6″ (15.25 cm) wide and 4 layers thick. This thickness will help prevent the pipe from overheating, wrinkling, and marring after the first use.

Step 4: Form a cone. Roll the square into a tube that is slightly flared at one end (like a very narrow cone). The narrower end will be the end you will smoke through. If you want, use a pencil or pen to roll the foil around the end. This will keep the tube open and you can smoke comfortably from the rounded end.

Step 5: Find the beginning of the bowl. Measure about 1″ (2.5 cm) from the wide end of the pipe. This is where the end of the pipe bowl will be.

Step 6: Form the bowl. Using a credit card, crease at the 1″ mark and fold the end up to form the bowl. Be careful not to crease the tube when you do this. Using a pencil inside the tube to do this can help.

Step 7: Add your favorite marijuana. Introduce the smokable material you want in the bowl. You can include (or not) an aluminum foil filter before introducing the material. You can make a filter to hold the material in place by cutting a very small square of aluminum foil, holding it in place with a needle, and plugging the entrance to the pipe tube with it.

Pipe with soda can

Perhaps this is one of the most common pipes in some places because finding a can of soda is as easy as buying a soda at any store in your neighborhood or at any vending machine near your home. Also, making a pipe out of a soda can is easy as it doesn’t require a lot of work and they are also cheap.

Step 1: A typical 12-ounce (350 ml) can of soda works well as does a larger 24-ounce (700 ml) can. Make sure all the soda or beer is out of the can and rinse it with clean water. Let it dry before continuing with the process.

Step 2: Get a needle, pin, or other pointed object. The next step is to poke holes in the center of the sides of the can. A pencil or pen can help you make them. You can even use a medium-sized nail to make the hole. If you don’t have anything available, consider breaking the tab of the can in half and using the sharp point to create a series of small holes.

Step 3: Make a thumb-sized notch in one side of the can. Since you’ll want to place what you’re smoking on the other side of the hole you’ll be smoking through, do so on the opposite side of the mouth of the can. Use your thumb to press a deep notch.

Step 4: Drill small holes. Use your needle, pin, or other piercing instrument to make a pattern of holes over the bowl formed by the notch. They don’t have to be big, but the more you make, the better. Create a grid-like pattern.

Step 5: Poke a large hole in the side. Choose the spot that feels most natural to cover with a finger or thumb while you smoke. Then, use a sharp pencil or pen to pierce the can.

Step 6: Remove the tab from the can. Move it back and forth on the can until the metal holding it weakens and breaks. Be careful when doing this to prevent it from accidentally falling into the can.

Step 7: Condition the pipe by heating the smoking area and the adjacent area of ​​the can. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, the general idea is that this will vaporize the chemicals used to coat the inside of the can before it ignites. You can also sand the paint from the indentation and the surrounding area. This is believed to remove much of the potentially harmful material that could be vaporized while smoking. You can use the end of what you used to poke holes in or some sandpaper if you have it handy.

Step 8: To smoke, place the marijuana in the notch. Bring your mouth close to the drinking hole of the can and cover the hole with your thumb. Inhale to fill the canister with smoke and release the smoke when you are ready to inhale.

You should be aware of the health risks. Heating and inhaling aluminum is commonly believed to be linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. While it’s true that it’s difficult to heat aluminum to a high enough vaporization point with a simple Bic lighter, it’s also inefficient and probably best not to use.

Studies are inconclusive on whether aluminum cans cause Alzheimer’s. With this in mind, the plastics used in paint and interior trim may contain BPA and it’s unclear whether heating the can or sanding it will remove enough of these plastics. If they are smoked, they may increase the risk of developing cancer.

Homemade Water Pipe

Have there been times where you have wanted to make a homemade bong and not known how or it has not worked for you? Have you been left with the desire to smoke in bongs because you did not have money for one or the grow shops were closed and the online ones wouldn’t deliver fast enough? Perhaps that has discouraged you. However, you should not give up because in this guide, we are going to teach you how to make your own hookah at home.

Step 1: First of all, we are going to start by making a small rounded hole in the bottle, right in the middle more or less. Do not go overboard with the hole. It is better that you first make it smaller and if necessary, enlarge it because it has to be just the straw or pen.

Step 2: We will introduce the straw through the hole until it touches the base of the bottle.

Step 3: We will seal the straw and the hole of the bottle with the seal or with what we have on hand. It is important that it is well sealed so that no air enters or smoke escapes.

Step 4: We will then make another hole that is much smaller to use it as a carburetor.

Step 5: We remove the cap and fill the water bottle halfway.

Step 6: We place the weed in the straw and light it by covering the mouth of the bottle.

Step 7: When the bottle fills with smoke, we will inhale that precious smoke.

How to make an apple pipe

Pipes made with apples are probably the best known and most classic model in the world. Thousands of smokers all over the planet have resorted to this exquisite pipe that delights not only because it allows you to smoke weed but also because it gives you a refreshing and rich flavor with each puff. Now, let’s see how to make this type of pipe.

Step 1: With a knife, we create a hole in the apple, being very careful not to pierce the bottom of the fruit.

Step 2: Now, we must nail the plastic stem of a pen to the side of our apple pipe. This tube allows you to absorb the smoke from the weed when you are smoking. For the same reason, you must remove any remains of apple that are trapped in the tube.

Step 3: In the upper hole of the apple, you must place a piece of aluminum foil. Then, you need to carefully pierce the paper, without tearing it. And finally, leave the weed on the aluminum foil and proceed to smoke it. Now, you can enjoy your homemade apple pipe made with your own hands.

Great weed strains for smoking in homemade pipes

Possibly any marijuana genetics are good to smoke in a homemade pipe, but what we are sure of is that no variety of weed is perfect to be smoked in a homemade pipe. For this reason, we are going to leave you with some recommendations of the best strains of weed that you can smoke in your home pipe that we have selected for how easy they are to grow, for their incredible taste, and for the incredible trip that they can take you on.

Yumbolt Banana Auto

For all lovers of autoflowering genetics and also for those who like weed strains from the Banana family, this variety is mostly indica and is ready to be harvested after 8 to 10 weeks of life. Yumboldt Banana Auto brings authentic banana flavors with sweet fruity notes and a berry aftertaste to your homemade pipe.

Yumbolt Banana

On the other hand, if you are concerned about production, we tell you that Yumbolt Banana Auto delivers yields of up to 1.80 oz/ft2 indoors which is why it is a great option to grow with SOG or hydroponic systems. In the event that you grow these genetics outdoors, you will obtain a harvest of up to 4.23 oz/plant. Do not forget that this variety is easy to grow and also has high THC levels that are between 20%-24% THC.

Lemon OG Fast Version

If what you are looking for is high bud production in a short time, then Lemon OG Fast Version is for you because you will get a maximum of 28 oz/plant outdoors and an incredible 2.14 oz/ft2 for indoor cultivation. If you want to smoke this herb in your homemade pipe, rest assured that you will taste some delicious flavors with earthy notes, skunky aftertastes, and an unmistakable, penetrating and intense taste of lemon-like citrus.

Lemon OG Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Regarding potency, Lemon Og Fast Version stands out because it has THC levels of 14%-18%, generating effects that begin with an energetic high and then become fun and culminate in a good relaxation. For this reason, it is perfect to share with friends during a day where you are doing nothing. Added to all of this is the fact that it is an easy-to-grow plant that can be raised by expert and novice gardeners who will be able to harvest it faster than the traditional feminized version.

Mochi Gelato

You will not believe us if we tell you that with each puff you smoke from Mochi Gelato‘s flowers in your homemade pipe, you will be sent on a flight full of energy with lots of laughter and euphoria. Also, it stands out for its flowering that is probably a little longer because it requires 9-11 weeks to be harvested. However, that waiting time is rewarded with incredible buds of galactic flavors that intermingle with flavors of earth with notes of grass and hints of sweetness.

Mochi Gelato

As a good representative of the new school of cannabis, these Mochi Gelato weed seeds are easy to grow and deliver great yields of up to 1.96 oz/ft2 indoors. This strain is ideal for SCROG cultivation because their arms can be extended in length and width over all of the mesh. Outdoors, we recommend using supports such as meshes to hold the weight of its arms that are full of buds and become very heavy as Mochi Gelato delivers yields of up to 28 oz/plant.

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Dani Walton

Dani Walton is a highly accomplished cannabis expert and entrepreneur hailing from the Bay Area. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, Dani has amassed a wealth of experience in the cannabis industry. Her journey has taken her across the globe, as she traveled with the executive team of Harborside for more than 11 years, passionately advocating for the positive impacts of the cannabis plant.

During her tenure at Harborside, Dani excelled in managing wholesale and distribution for Harborside's farm, while also playing a pivotal role in the development of their in-house brand, Key. Following her departure from Harborside, Dani embarked on a new venture, co-founding NXTLVL, a women-owned concentrate delivery service that quickly gained recognition and Agris Farms. A beautiful 5 acre light dep farm located in Woodland, near Sacramento.

Her extensive knowledge encompasses the latest consumer trends, cannabis sales, extraction techniques, cultivation methods, new brands and products, as well as the evolving science of cannabis medicine. Recognized as a respected authority in the industry, Dani has served as a judge for esteemed cannabis competitions such as Chalice, High Times, Dab- A- Doo, The Organic Cup and The Emerald Cup. Her expertise and insights have been sought after by renowned publications and media outlets, including Forbes, The Guardian, The Independent, and many others.

With her remarkable background and unwavering commitment to advancing the cannabis industry, Dani Walton stands as a true pioneer and an influential figure in the field.

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