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A Guide to BHO Extraction and Its Risks

Mike Wilson
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It can be hard to try new things with weed when you have a big love for buds, however extractions are a good place for any cannabis stoner to explore, especially butane extractions. Butan Hash Oil, known by its acronym BHO, is a super powerful weed extract. It contains high levels of THC and it can also contain large amounts of terpenes. In order to get this extract, it is necessary to carry out a process called BHO extraction.

Now, to move forward, you need to know that BHO is obtained by extracting the resin from cannabis plants. You can smoke the owl in a glass cup at a high temperature with a power torch or you can spread the extract on the paper that you are going to use to smoke your weed. Also, it should be mentioned that performing the extractions can be somewhat dangerous, although the process usually turns out to be easy. Be careful not to blow up your house because butane gas is needed to make this extract.

How to make BHO?

BHO extractions are defined as extracts that are obtained through the use of hydrocarbons as a solvent to extract the resin from the cannabis plant. This extraction process consists of utilizing a closed-loop hydrocarbon extractor, filling it with cannabis, and then passing the solvent through the cannabis. As we have already pointed out, butane is an essential component used to make BHO.

We highlight that butane is ideal for making BHO and is probably the most widely used gas. Importantly, butane gas has a low boiling point of 30.2°F (-1°C) which makes it relatively easy to remove the solvent from the concentrated solution after extraction. It is good to keep butane gas at a temperature of -40 °F (-40 °C) because it is generally used in liquid form. So, the butane gas in liquid state washes the plants in their raw state, managing to separate the cannabinoids from the plant. Also, propane is used in performing these extractions and has an even lower boiling point. The latter compound is often used to remove additional compounds (such as additional terpenes) from the plant. Then, from this work, the solution that is obtained is deposited in the collection container and the solvent is removed to leave the extract which can go through further processing to achieve the desired final product.

how Is the BHO extractor machine used?

We have already mentioned that a machine is needed to extract the BHO, so now we will explain to you what this equipment consists of. In general, the equipment includes closed-circuit hydrocarbon extractors, dewaxers, filtration columns, vacuum furnaces, and pressure vessels. It is unsafe to use an open system to perform BHO, so we recommend that you use a closed system. Despite that, it is good to have all the security measures in a closed system to avoid possible accidents. For this reason, it is best to carry out the entire process in a classified room, free of possible sources of ignition as hydrocarbon gases are highly flammable.

Step by Step Guide for making BHO:

1- The first step is simple and consists of gathering the necessary elements to make the BHO. You must have:

– 1/4 ounce of marijuana.

– 1 grinder.

– 2 cans (jars) of butane at least.

– 1 Pyrex glass plate.

– 1 double boiler.

– Razor blades.

– Parchment paper.

– 1 BHO extractor or BHO extraction tube.

2- For the second step, you must place a paper filter inside the lower lid and grind your herb, but avoid turning the buds into dust. In case you do not have experience making BHO, we recommend using 1/4 ounce of weed and also that you talk to a friend who has experience to have extra guidance.

3- The next step is to place the herb inside the butane extraction tube. Shake the extractor lightly to settle the pot, but do not pack it. The butane needs to saturate every bit of marijuana, so it should be pretty loose inside the tube.

4- At this point, you must insert the mouthpiece of a butane cylinder into the only hole in the upper part of the BHO extractor. Spray butane in the canister. A greenish-brown resin will ooze through the filter at the bottom of the extractor. Let this fall into the glass dish.

5- You must fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil. Continue by placing the pyrex dish on top of the cauldron. Let the water boil for at least an hour until all the liquid butane has evaporated. You will know that this part of the BHO extraction process is done when there are no more bubbles in the remaining resin.

6- Next, you must scrape the resin from the plates with the razor blades. Transfer the oil to small pieces of parchment paper, then fold those pieces over with the oil inside.

7-This is your final product: butane hash oil. Lastly, allow the oil to cool and then when it is hard, move it to a nonstick storage container. And there you have it – those are the steps for THC extraction. When it is done right, you can produce hash oil that produces a powerful and long-lasting high.

The main reason for making BHO

The high yields that can be achieved with BHO is one of the main reasons to make this type of extract as well as its power that motivates producers. Another important quality is the short time it takes to make this type of extrac. It also does not require large equipment or investment, therefore its low production cost is attractive.

In addition, we can add that the elimination of the solvents is easy to carry out because butane has a low boiling point and requires little heat. This is unlike Supercritical CO2 and ethanol extractions that require extensive post-processing to remove undesirable compounds which requires additional time, labor, and infrastructure and equipment costs.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that hydrocarbons are excellent for maintaining the desired plant profile in the final product. This occurs because the chemical composition of the solvent contains only hydrocarbon chains without hydroxyl groups which limits its propensity to extract waxes and chlorophyll, the most undesirable compounds in the plant. In addition to this, the process is carried out at extremely cold temperatures which allows selectivity when extracting the desired compounds and preserves the most volatile and sensitive compounds of the plant composition. These include terpenes and flavonoids which represent the flavor of the plant.

As we have told you, making BHO extractions can become a disaster if you don’t take the necessary safety measures because butane gas is very volatile. If this compound is released into the room, it accumulates near the floor and even in very low percentages, it is considered a fire hazard and could ignite. You must correctly purge the residual butane after performing the extraction because if you do not do so, it can generate toxic levels of hydrocarbons in the final products. You should not use low-quality butane as it may contain toxic elements such as toluene and xylene that can affect the health of BHO users.

Some tips to make the best BHO

– Grind the grass smoothly, but do not turn it into a powder. Try to make it fit as if you were going to fill out a piece of paper to make a joint. This avoids losing the terpenes and the rich aromas and flavors of the weed.

– Do not leave the grass too loose inside the tube so that it does not jump. Lastly, we recommend leaving the weed until you feel the pressure so that the compounds are distributed and there is a better, more homogeneous absorption.

– It is very important to check if there are leaks. In case the column is leaking, you can make a mixture of soap and water to control this problem. Checking for leaks in the column by spraying water can save your life and is the best way to avoid later problems.

– A very relevant detail is the color of the BHO. At the beginning, it will begin to appear to be transparent yellow which will later begin to change to a more intense color. When the color of the BHO is clear, it means it is time to stop pumping solvent into the column.

-Trap the moisture in the bud by freezing it to prevent the water from acting as a solvent for water-soluble substances which can extract more undesirable chlorophyll compounds and make your extract taste bad. It is always good to use low temperatures to our advantage when making BHO at home.

The best cannabis strain for BHO

Orange Sherbet

Orange Sherbet is considered one of the best strains for making BHO and other extractions. Because it produces a majestic amount of resin and also has an incredible acid flavor, this makes it an essential weed variety for lovers of extractions such as BHO. The buds as well as the leaves of Orange Sherbert plants are bursting with trichomes.

Orange Sherbet

With THC levels that are between 18%-20%, Orange Sherbet has a powerful effect that produces feelings of happiness, stimulates the appetite, and induces intense relaxation. You can buy Orange Sherbet feminized seeds here at Blimurn Seeds where we guarantee the quality of this incredible variety that originated from an Orange Cream x Purple Urkle x Cherry Pie cross. This allows the flavors to stand out the most in this variety, featuring intense orange notes with sweet and sour aftertastes.

RotteN Zkittlez

Rotten Zkittlez is a perfect plant to make extracts like BHO because the return that this weed variety delivers is ideal, producing large amounts of trichomes that play perfectly with THC levels that are between 26%-30%. Rotten Zkittlez users know that they can feel euphoric high effects at the beginning of the flight that culminate in deep relaxation.

Rotten Zkittlez 1

This strain is a cross between Chemdog x Mandarine Sunset x Zkittlez Z3 F3. These parents come together to deliver delicious flavors that are distinguished in a great way in a BHO. It brings each user sweet notes with fruity aftertastes and touches of citrus that permeate the palate and fly through the noses until becoming a ball of smoke that floats in the air. Without a doubt, with the great yields of Rotten Zkittlez that reach up to 700 gr/plant outdoors and 450 gr/ft2 indoors, you will have the buds necessary to make an incredible BHO at home.

Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band

Cheese and Blueberry are perhaps two of the most recommended weed varieties to grow if you plan to make BHO. For this reason, here at Blimburn, we suggest that you buy Exodus Cheese x Blue Head Band seeds. With this strain, not only will you have great returns due to the large amount of trichomes it produces, but you will also get buds with incredible flavors and good potency that will blow your mind when you smoke the BHO.

Exodus Cheese x Blueberry Head Band delivers the delicious flavors of Blueberry mixed with earthy notes and intense cheese aftertastes. To this, you must add that the potency of this variety is between 14%-18% THC which leaves no one unsatisfied. Also, its flower production is remarkable, producing up to 28 oz/plant outdoors and a maximum of 15 oz/ft2 in indoor cultivation which are amounts that guarantee a great return.

We hope that this guide will be useful to you and will serve as a starting point for you to enter into the league of cannabis extractions. Remember, follow our step by step guide and consult our expert team if you need help to make your own BHO at home. Don’t forget the recommendations of weed varieties that we have shared with you because they will be of great help if you want to grow plants to make cannabis extracts such as BHO. See you on the next blog! Always remember to keep up to date with the latest news and growing tips from Blimburn Seeds.

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