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High Yields in Marijuana Fast Version Strains

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

Fast Version or Fast Blooming varieties are hybrids between a normal variety and an autoflowering variety. The first generation (F1) is the result of the cross between these two types of genetics, creating photoperiodic varieties or strains that depend on a light cycle of 18 hours of lighting and 6 hours of darkness when they grow. While they flower, they need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Following this, every gardener is sure to have a great harvest thanks to the robust plants that deliver these genetics. In this guide, we are going to review the best tips for growing great, heavy-yielding Fast Version plants.

Organizing plants For indoor cultivation

When you have selected the strains you will grow and they are vigorous seedlings in their first weeks of life, group them indoors according to their requirements. For example; varieties that do not require as much light should be left to the side of the indoor crop. In the center, join the plants that need more light.

You can do the same thing with fertilizers and irrigation as some plants will consume more nutrients than others. You can also do the same in the case of ventilation, puting plants that tend to get heat stressed or require a good amount of direct air closer to the fans. This will maximize the performance of your indoor crop and the resources you have such as space, fertilizers, lighting, water, etc. This will also help to enhance the plants in the best way possible.

The strain selection

To have large harvests with Fast Version or Fast Blooming varieties, the first advice we can give you is that you must make a good selection of the varieties you want to grow. We recommend looking through the entire Blimburn Seeds catalog and using the strain finder to find a fast flowering strain that will give you heavy harvests in a short cultivation time.

Here, we are going to select 3 varieties from our catalog that meet this requirement. These are strains that produce heavy harvests and are Fast Versions. Due to a DNA tendencies, varieties that have Skunk, Blueberry, Critical or OG Kush-type parents will have a tendency to be great producers.

Cinderella 99 x Blueberry Fast Version

Cinderella 99 x Blueberry is a super fast flowering variety that only needs about 49 days to flower and be harvested, delivering magnificent outdoor yields ranging from 450-500 gr/plant. Indoor growers obtain between 300-450 gr/m2 of buds. This strain responds well to cultivation techniques such as LST and apical-type pruning.

Other characteristics of this variety are its mostly sativa tendency and its THC levels that range from 15%-20%, producing intense effects with some relaxing influence. In addition, the buds of Cinderella99 x Blueberry usually have a sweet and fruity blueberry flavor because it is the terpenes of this strain that predominate.

Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fast Version

Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fast Version is an incredible fast-flowering variety that delivers great yields of 400-500 gr/m2 indoors. Without a doubt, outdoors is where it achieves its best yields with an amazing 500-500 gr/plant of buds that tend to have a skunky aroma with fruity and sweet undertones.  If you wish, you can apply apical-type pruning, cleaning in the lower part of the lateral branches, and even some type of lollipop to stimulate the production of the colas that are full of buds on its lateral branches which will tend to grow evenly. This strain produces a medium to large-sized specimen with a bushy shape.

It is important that the flowering of this plant is 55-60 days, delivering buds with skunk flavors, fruity notes, and touches of wood. The buds have a potency of 16%-20% THC and produce an effect at a mental level, delivering an excellent relaxation that is ideal to end a day full of stress or simply to be lying on the riverbank or on the beach.

Critical Fast Version

Critical Fast Version is probably one of the fastest editions of cannabis plants and also one of the most productive that exists, giving growers harvests of 500-600 gr/plant outdoors and for indoor breeders, a delicious 400-500 gr/m2 of buds full of resin. A good stretch of its arms with LST is perfect for this plant, stimulating flowering and the production of fat and compact buds because the light can better penetrate the flowers and therefore the plant produces better photosynthesis

When you apply cultivation techniques like the ones already mentioned, you also help the plant reach its maximum THC production levels which are between 18%-22%. Its buds can be harvested after 45-50 days of flowering. As we already know, the effects of this variety are relaxing and help to calm chronic pain or insomnia thanks to its terpenes that are mainly beta-pinene and alpha-pinene. That’s not all because the taste of the buds is a mixture of notes of wood, the aftertaste of citrus, and an exquisite taste of fruit.

Gorilla Glue #4 Fast Version CBD

Of the medicinal varieties that are rich in CBD, this is one of the most productive that exists in the market. We are talking about Gorilla Glue #4 Fast Version which produces great harvests of 1000-1200 gr/plant outdoors of buds that concentrate great levels of CBD that are between 12%-14%. Now, if you grow these genetics indoors, you can get between 500-600 gr/m2 of buds that also have low levels of THC between 5%-14%.

Gorilla Glue Fast Version Marijuana Plant

In addition to the great harvests that Gorilla Glue #4 Fast Version CBD delivers, it’s rapid flowering also stands out which is between 42-49 days from the start of pre-flowering to harvest. Despite being a variety that is rich in CBD, this strain produces euphoric-type effects that end with a good relaxation that helps people who suffer from insomnia.

Mamba negra fast blooming

Our most precious joy in the catalog cannot be missing from this list. We are talking about Mamba Negra Fast Blooming, an edition that maintains the qualities of its original mother such as high production and also an intense punch. Between 400-500 gr/plant can be harvested from this variety when grown outdoors. The fat and heavy buds are completely covered with resin from the inside out. Indoors, you can get from 500 to 600 gr/m2. The SOG type cultivation will maximize the harvests and allow you to collect more compact and heavy buds.


If we talk about speed, this variety is ready after 8-10 weeks of flowering. For the same reason, it is also perfect for cultivation in climates with short summers. Although, you must be careful if your cultivation area is humid because you must avoid problems with fungi. Regarding the effect, it is usually intense and relaxing, especially for people with insomnia or stress problems. This is accompanied by flavors that combine woody aftertastes with sweet and citrus fruity notes.

Maximize harvests with cultivation techniques

Using some cultivation techniques, you can maximize the yields of the crops of the plants. Here, we are going to review some of the most famous cultivation techniques with which you are going to get larger and heavier harvests. LST, organic nutrition, SOG, Scrog, and others will allow you to raise large plants that are robust with great bud production.

Cultivated Plants with Pruning and SCROG:

LST: In both indoor and outdoor cultivation, the stretching of the lateral arms is essential to ensure that the strains grow uniformly and with convincing buds. Therefore, LST Fast Version cannabis plants are essential in all types of cultivation.

Lollipop: In outdoor crops where these plants can reach heights of up to 2 meters or even a little more, you can make Lollipop by bending the central stem of the plant so that the lateral arms grow as central. In addition, the central stem will come back much stronger when folded.

Pruning: To control the size and multiply the colas, you can do apical or fine pruning or whichever will make your plant more robust and even give it a more rubbery shape.

Super Cropping: Now, we go with super cropping, a favorite technique of both indoor and outdoor gardeners. This technique consists of bending the branches of cannabis plants and gently breaking them to increase yields by up to 20%. This cultivation technique is considered to be one of high stress.

Pruning that can be done to plants:

Plant cleaning: Both during growth and flowering, you can clean cannabis plants in the lower and middle areas. With this, you will help the plant to concentrate its energy in the fundamental areas. For example: during growth, we want the plant to develop a strong stem with strong lateral branches that support the weight of the buds. In flowering, we want the plants to produce large colas that are full of buds covered in great resin.

Organic nutrition: Remember that plants love organic nutrition and it is also proven that it is the best nutrition for growing cannabis as it helps increase yields. Organic nutrition is made up of the substrate or organic soil which you can do at home with compost or the standard type with perlite, humus, and coconut fiber. Also, there is nutrition thanks to organic fertilizers which are usually liquid for growth or solid earthworm humus and in flowering, bird guano or mucielago, to name two of the most basic and used nutrients.

Microbiotic life: Activates the life of the microbes in the substrate and helps the plant receive nutrients because they tend to move nutrients from the soil to the roots. On the other hand, they enhance the growth of strong roots which usually extend throughout the substratum, generating a network that supports the plant and ensures a beautiful flowering later.

Keeping the growing medium moist can help stimulate microbes. It is also important that the soil has good drainage as it allows microorganisms to move through the soil. For these reasons, prevent the substrate from compacting. Use substrate super soil or we also recommend that you make your own compost. This way, you will have an organic substrate that is rich in nutrients in which the microorganisms will thank you by making your plants grow big and strong.

Light cycles

Although the Fast Version or Fast Blooming varieties are faster in flowering than a feminized or regular genetics, saving growers up to 2 weeks, they are also photodependentl. This means they need a light cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness when growing and another 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness when they are in bloom.

For these reasons, we recommend that you always maintain a constant light cycle. We also suggest that you use regulators, whether manual or digital, to control the time. In the event that you grow outdoors or in a greenhouse and the plants cannot have 18 hours of growth, then it is good to complement it with a lighting system. This can be LED or low consumption as they are the most recommended in this type of situation for its low power consumption and also because it prevents temperatures from rising.

Now, you have everything you need to grow your fast version cannabis plants big to obtain large harvests of buds that will make you fly. Remember to follow this step-by-step guide and you will get the best results. In addition, do not forget to review all of our cultivation blogs to learn more about the cultivation of this incredible plant and become a high-level gardener.

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