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What is Cross Faded?

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Navigating the Highs and Lows: Alcohol Plus Marijuana

When someone consumes alcohol and marijuana simultaneously, it leads to a cross-faded high. This typically occurs when alcohol is consumed first, followed by smoking weed, but it can also happen in the reverse order.

Experiencing a cross-faded state differs from being solely high on marijuana because each substance affects the body in distinct ways. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabinoid found in marijuana, directly interacts with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to induce cognitive effects.

In contrast, alcohol acts as a depressant that affects the central nervous system and impairs motor skills. Combining alcohol and weed may result in what some users describe as “ultimate euphoria.”

However, this represents an ideal scenario.

Simultaneous consumption of weed and alcohol can lead to severe impairment and intoxication, making it challenging to engage in normal activities like walking or driving.

What Is a Cross-faded High? Is It Risky?

There remains insufficient research on the combined effects of these two substances to formulate a comprehensive risk assessment. There is an elevated risk when the body absorbs double the usual amount of THC into the bloodstream, although fatally overdosing on THC is highly improbable. Nevertheless, heightened THC sensitivity results in more pronounced effects, impacting the individual.

THC primarily affects cognitive functions, such as perception of time and space, while alcohol targets the central nervous system, impacting mobility and coordination. Therefore, the mixed effects of these chemicals can be potentially calamitous.

Cross-Faded High Explained: Alcohol and Weed Interaction

Cross Faded health effect

This practice, referred to as “cross fading”, can lead to unique health effects due to the interaction of both substances in the body. Effects can range from amplifying one substance’s effects on the other to additional complications such as dehydration or decreased motor coordination. Understanding the risks associated with concurrent use of alcohol and cannabis is important for making informed decisions about the use of these substances.

Short-term health effects

Combining marijuana and alcohol can be relatively safe if individuals take measures to minimize risks. One approach is to ensure proper hydration.

Alcohol’s role as a diuretic heightens the risk of dehydration. Adding marijuana to the mix further elevates this risk, particularly if vomiting occurs during a “green out.” Conversely, consuming marijuana before alcohol can delay the effects of alcohol, potentially leading to excessive drinking. This increased alcohol consumption raises the risk of toxicity.

Moreover, if one consumes marijuana before alcohol, the likelihood of vomiting decreases since marijuana also acts as an antiemetic.  Moderating alcohol consumption during crossfading may also mitigate risks.

Long-term health effects

Excessive alcohol consumption alone increases the risk of alcohol dependency or alcoholism and is associated with liver damage, kidney damage, heart issues, and cognitive impairments.

Similarly, excessive cannabis use presents its own array of problems, including tolerance and dependence. Increased tolerance may prompt individuals to escalate their dosage, potentially reaching unsafe levels to achieve the desired high. Additionally, chronic marijuana smokers face the risk of lung damage over time.

Assessing the long-term health effects of crossfading is challenging due to limited research on marijuana’s impact on humans. The legalization of marijuana could facilitate better understanding of its health effects, as quality, purity, and consistency of purchase from reputable distributors are likely to improve.

Understanding the Cross-Faded High: Risks of Mixing Alcohol and Marijuana

How Long Does It Last?

Limited research exists regarding individuals who consume cannabis and alcohol concurrently. Determining the precise duration of a cross-faded high and its underlying causes proves challenging. Nevertheless, the duration of the cross-fade experience typically hinges on the quantities of alcohol consumed and marijuana smoked.

Many cannabis users advise moderation when crossfading, suggesting small doses of each substance. Even though a single bong hit may induce intoxication, the effects will likely be shorter compared to smoking an entire joint. Similarly, the volume of alcohol imbibed influences the cross-fade experience. Engaging in binge drinking may warrant avoiding marijuana altogether.

Managing Being Cross-faded

So, how can you handle being cross faded? There’s no magic solution except waiting it out. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more bearable.

Stay Hydrated

While water might not directly decrease the intensity of your high, it can help mitigate the effects of alcohol intoxication.

It’s important to stay hydrated while drinking because alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urination and leads to dehydration. This exacerbates the effects of alcohol and can result in a more severe hangover.

We recommend drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. Marijuana consumption also contributes to dehydration, causing dry mouth and eyes. Having plenty of fluids on hand can help alleviate these symptoms.

Keep Cool

Excessive alcohol consumption can raise your body temperature, potentially leading to nausea. Finding a cool environment to relax in can be beneficial. If you have shade in your backyard, take advantage of it and enjoy the breeze. If you’re indoors, use a fan to circulate air and keep windows open with curtains drawn to let in a refreshing breeze, which can prevent sweating.

Get Some Sleep

Sometimes, the best solution to being cross faded is simply to sleep it off. If you’re experiencing dizziness, find a bed or a comfortable surface to lie down on. With any luck, you’ll sleep through the remainder of your cross-faded state.

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