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What Are Moonrocks and How Should You Use Them?

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Discover what moonrocks are and how they enhance your cannabis experience

Moonrocks refer to cannabis flower buds coated in extracts and coated with kief. They typically contain a high THC content, often exceeding 50%, and are highly valued for their potency.

Their appearance resembles lunar terrain, but their name likely stems from the exceptionally intense high they produce when smoked. Essentially, they consist of cannabis buds infused with concentrated extracts and further coated in kief. A variety of moon rock options are available in the market, including THC-free hemp varieties rich in CBD. Some brands replicate the moon rock experience by applying concentrates onto pre-rolled joints and coating them with kief. These infused pre-rolls offer the moon rock experience without the hassle of handling sticky substances.

What are moonrocks and what do they do?

Moon rocks, also known as cannabis caviar or infused flower, are a potent blend of marijuana flower, concentrate, and kief. The name is derived from its extremely high THC levels, which can induce a sensation akin to walking on the moon for some cannabis enthusiasts.

In recent times, Moon Rock products have diversified. For example, certain cannabis companies have introduced THC-free moon rocks with elevated CBD levels. Others cater to consumers seeking the moon rock experience through pre-rolls coated in concentrate and rolled in kief, eliminating the need for DIY preparation and associated mess.

how to use moonrocks

How to smoke Moonrocks

Experienced cannabis enthusiasts are recommended to explore the potency of moon rocks due to their robust effects. Preparation is key for this unique experience, so here are some essential tips to get ready for your moon rock adventure.

Essential Tools:

Before delving into smoking moon rocks, gather these essential tools:

  • Moon craters
  • Standard flower
  • Razor blade or scissors
  • Lighter
  • Glass object (bong, bubbler, pipe)

Preparing the Moon Rock:

It’s crucial to handle moon rocks delicately to avoid creating a mess or damaging your equipment. Rather than crushing them, use sharp scissors, a razor blade, or your fingertips to break the moon rock into manageable pieces.

Filling the Bowl:

Fill your chosen glass object with your preferred cannabis flower, leaving some space at the top for airflow.

Inserting the Moon Rock:

Place a few pieces of the cut-up moon rock on top of the packed bowl, ensuring they sit firmly when gently pressed down.

Burning with Caution:

Carefully ignite the moon rocks using a lighter or hemp wick, ensuring low heat to avoid rapid combustion. Like lighting a campfire, a slow and steady burn is preferred over a quick flare-up.

Inhaling Gently:

Once the bowl begins to burn, take slow, deep breaths to avoid overwhelming yourself with the potent effects of moon rocks.

Exhale and Repeat:

Exhale after briefly holding the smoke in your lungs, expecting a cough if it’s your first time with moon rocks. Embrace the experience and prepare for subsequent rounds.

For those interested in exploring different cannabis strains, consider reading our guide on delta-8 flowers.

How do you feel under Moonrock effect?

Smoking moon rocks offers an unconventional cannabis encounter, characterized by a powerful and long-lasting high attributed to the high THC content in these products. Individual reactions to moon rocks vary depending on factors such as consumption habits, ingredients, and personal cannabis tolerance. Users with lower tolerance levels typically experience more pronounced effects, which can be intensified with higher doses or potent strains of THC.

The moon rock high is often described as a whole-body sensation that starts in the head and permeates throughout, inducing feelings of euphoria, increased appetite, increased sociability, heightened senses, deep relaxation, pain relief. and occasional disorientation like feeling “spaced out.” outside’. Like consuming cannabis edibles, the effects of moon rocks are gradual but intense, typically occurring about 30 minutes after consumption and lasting from several hours to the next day.

Creating Homemade Moon Rocks: A Simple Guide

Moon rocks, a delightful cannabis concoction, are surprisingly easy to craft at home. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

Materials Needed:

To embark on your journey as a cannabis alchemist, gather these essential ingredients:

  • Dense cannabis buds
  • THC oil or concentrate
  • Kief

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Achieve moon rock mastery with these simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your Nug

Quality is key. Select a dense, high-potency cannabis nug, preferably of a strain like Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

Step 2: Coat Your Nug in Concentrate

Apply THC oil to your nug, either by rolling it in the oil or drizzling it over. Avoid soaking to prevent the formation of sun rocks.

Step 3: Roll Your Nug in Kief

Roll the oil-coated nug in kief, ensuring even coverage for maximum potency. Use a plate or paper to avoid a sticky situation.

Step 4: Allow Your Moon Rocks to Dry

Patience is crucial. Wait for the oil to dry and absorb fully into the nug, a process that may take hours to days depending on size and oil amount.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Moon Rocks

Once dry, your moon rocks are ready to shine. Whether smoked through a pipe or bong, follow these steps for an optimal experience.

Crafting moon rocks at home is not only a rewarding endeavor but also a great way to utilize your stash of kief. Experiment with different strains and techniques to find your perfect blend. Happy crafting and happy smoking!

Uncover the secrets of moonrocks

Pros and Cons of Moonrocks

Moon rocks, a potent cannabis product, offer a unique experience but may not suit everyone. Consider the following pros and cons to determine if they’re right for you:


  1. Potency: Moon rocks deliver a strong, enduring high thanks to the blend of cannabis flower, concentrate, and kief.
  2. Flavor and aroma: Homemade moon rocks boast a rich, nuanced flavor and scent that many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy. However, dispensary-sold products may vary in quality due to packaging and storage.
  3. Efficient use of kief: Moon rocks provide an effective way to utilize the kief accumulated in your grinder.


  1. Potency: While a pro for some, the high potency of moon rocks can overwhelm inexperienced users or those with low THC tolerance, potentially leading to adverse effects like anxiety, paranoia, or dizziness.
  2. Price: Moon rocks are generally pricier than regular cannabis due to the combination of flower, concentrate, and kief.
  3. Preparation and consumption: Smoking or vaporizing moon rocks requires extra caution as they can be challenging to break apart, may not burn evenly, and can cause clogs in smoking devices.
  4. Inconsistency: Moon rocks’ potency varies based on the quality and proportions of cannabis flower, concentrate, and kief used, making effects harder to predict.

What’s the difference between weed and Moonrock?

The main difference between marijuana (weed) and Moonrock lies in its composition and potency level. Marijuana commonly refers to the dried and crushed flowers of the Cannabis plant, which contain different levels of cannabinoids such as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Depending on the variety of the plant and how it is grown, marijuana can vary in its potency and effects.

On the other hand, Moonrock, also known as “Moonrocks” or “Caviar”, is a more potent and concentrated form of cannabis. Moonrock is made by coating marijuana buds with cannabis oil and then coating them with kief (trichomes of the plant). This process significantly increases the THC content, resulting in an extremely potent product that can contain up to 50-60% THC or more.

In short, while marijuana refers to the dried flowers of the Cannabis plant in its natural form, Moonrock is a highly concentrated form of cannabis that has been treated to increase its potency by the addition of cannabis oil and kief. Therefore, Moonrock is considerably more potent than traditional marijuana.

Marijuana Moon Rocks Potency and Precautions

This instance contributes to the increasing body of evidence suggesting that cannabis usage might pose a risk factor for seizures alongside its more widely recognized association with psychosis. Particularly, attention is drawn to the link between the THC content in cannabis and its adverse consequences. “Moon rock” cannabis, a recently developed and exceptionally potent form of cannabis with a THC concentration exceeding that naturally found in the plant, is of particular concern.

The utilization of “moon rocks” and synthetic derivatives of cannabis raises concerning implications for neurology and psychiatric disorders. The impact of cannabis and THC on seizure pathology is not thoroughly understood and warrants additional research for making clinical suggestions. These were the conclusions obtained in the study “Moon Rock Cannabis-Induced Psychosis and New-Onset Seizures in a 20-Year-Old Male” where cases of people under the effects of this powerful marijuana derivative were analyzed.

3 Cannabis strain perfect for make Moon Rocks in home.

Now we are going to get to know these 3 cannabis genetics that apparently were made with Moonrocks at home in mind. These 3 genetics that we have selected for you stand out for both flavor and aroma. But the most important thing is that their potency is colossal, and they are also great producers of resin and trichomes. Therefore, you will obtain incredible moonrocks with majestic punches with magical flavors and unique aromas. Let’s get started.

Blue Moonrocks

Blue Moonrocks cannabis genetics are a highly potent strain appreciated in the cannabis community for its ability to produce Moonrocks weed of exceptional quality. This strain is known for its extremely high THC content, typically ranging between 25% and 30%, making it one of the most potent strains available on the market. What sets Blue Moonrocks apart as an excellent genetic for Moonrocks weed production is its unique combination of genetic traits that contribute to its potency and bud quality. This strain is a hybrid that results from crossing Blue Moo, itself a variant of Blueberry, with a special selection of Bog Bubble.

The high concentration of trichomes and terpenes in Blue Moonrocks buds makes it an ideal choice for kief and rosin extraction. Extracts produced from this strain typically have intense terpene profiles and pleasant flavors, contributing to a unique and satisfying drinking experience. As for the effects, Blue Moonrocks users typically experience an intense feeling of euphoria and happiness, followed by deep, bodily relaxation. This strain is known for its ability to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety, while inducing a state of total relaxation.

In terms of cultivation, Blue Moonrocks is a strain that flowers quickly and produces generous yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it flowers in approximately 8-10 weeks, while outdoors it can be ready for harvest in mid to late September, depending on weather conditions.

Blackberry Moonstone

Blackberry Moonstone is a cannabis strain known for its distinctive fruity flavor and powerful, relaxing effect. This hybrid strain is the result of crossing Blue Moonrocks x male Blackberry Kush and Ruderalis, giving it a balance between indica and sativa. With a THC content typically around 26-33%, Blackberry Moonstone  is prized for its ability to induce a feeling of euphoria and happiness, followed by deep physical relaxation. Users report that it is ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as stimulating appetite.

Blackberry Moonstone buds are usually dense and compact, with a typically indica structure. They are covered in a sticky layer of terpene-rich resin, making it an excellent option for making extractions such as wax, shatter, or essential oils. The high concentration of trichomes makes this strain especially suitable for producing high-quality concentrated products.

Additionally, Blackberry Moonstone is a great choice for creating cannabis moonrocks, a combination of buds coated in cannabis oil and then coated in kief. The combination of fruity flavors and high THC content make this variety ideal for this purpose, offering a powerful and aromatic experience.

Growing Blackberry Moonstone outdoors during the growing season, especially in summer, can be beneficial due to its resistance to weather conditions and its ability to produce generous yields. Indoors, this strain adapts well to different growing methods, such as SOG (sea of ​​green) or SCROG (screen of green), and flowers in approximately 8-9 weeks.

Moonshine Cookies

Moonshine Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain that embodies the perfect harmony between potency, flavor and aroma. Its cultivation, both outdoors and indoors, offers exceptional results. Outdoors, it prefers warm, Mediterranean climates, thriving in a sunny environment with stable temperatures and well-drained soils. Indoors, it blooms well under LED or sodium lights, allowing precise control of the environment to maximize its performance.

The effects of Moonshine Cookies are a delight for users. Its indica-dominant profile induces deep, calming relaxation, perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. At the same time, its sativa component provides an energizing brain boost that promotes creativity and focus. This balanced combination of effects makes it a versatile option for any time of the day.

When it comes to resin production, Moonshine Cookies is a true champion. Her buds are densely covered in trichomes, making her an ideal choice for making high-quality extractions such as Wax, Rosin, and Kief. The quantity and quality of the resin it produces guarantee exceptional performance in these processes, providing powerful and aromatic concentrates. Moonshine Cookies genetics make it especially suitable for creating Moonrocks. Its compact, resinous buds are perfect for being coated with extracts and then rolled in kief, creating an intensely potent and aromatic drinking experience.

Regarding the structure and shape of its buds, Moonshine Cookies produces compact and dense buds, with a thick layer of trichomes that give it a resinous and shiny appearance. Its colors range between green and purple tones, with orange pistils that contrast beautifully. The shape of the buds tends to be conical, with a density that suggests its power and quality.

Strains featured in this article:

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