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CBD is probably experiencing one of its best moments due to the popularity it has gained for its medicinal and therapeutic values. Testimonials from users and the latest studies have shown that this cannabinoid undoubtedly generates a contribution in some patients suffering from certain pathologies. This has led cannabis breeders to want to obtain plants that concentrate higher levels of CBD, changing the idea of ​​obtaining super-potency plants that are rich in THC for ones with a milder character, but powerful from a medicinal point of view.

High CBD Strains

One of the easiest ways to produce buds that are rich in CBD is by growing seeds with a high content of CBD. That is why we are going to recommend the best high CBD Strains from Blimburn Seeds. In our seed bank, we have worked for many years to obtain great strains designed for users who do not want to get high, but who are looking for extra medicinal help or who want to feel a gentle relaxation when consuming a strain that is rich in CBD.

Theory and techniques that can increase THC levels in your plants

Some breeders have investigated how CBD levels can be increased in plants and have come to certain conclusions. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this because conclusive evidence has not yet been obtained and this type of study is still new.

1- When the plant has a warm soil temperature, it can increase its CBD levels.

2- Another important point is that the ganja plants have a hot air temperature.

3- And also, lower levels of precipitation. If you grow outdoors, this can help your cannabis plants achieve higher levels of CBD.

Now, when it is grown indoors, it is different because you can manage temperature, humidity, and other factors such as air. So, you have to experiment and analyze each of the weed plants. You have to know how they have behaved and you can obtain higher levels of CBD.

Tips growing cbd plant

Tips for growing CBD-Rich marijuana

It is important to know some fundamental data on the best way to grow cannabis, especially if we are talking about marijuana plants that are rich in CBD. So, here are some tips that you can follow to optimize your cannabis cultivation.

Soil to grow a CBD plant.

1- First, the substrate that it occupies cannot be any type of soil, it must be a specific one for the cultivation of marijuana plants that are rich in CBD.

2- The soil must have good drainage so that the water flows well. In general, cannabis plants that are high in CBD do not like excess water or humidity.

3- The substrate must be compact so that the main root can be fixed, providing the plant and its entire structure with stability.

4- As has been said on other occasions, nutrient-rich soils are essential. Preferably, they should be organic soils and if you are going to feed with supplements or fertilizers which are also organic, the use of microorganisms here is essential for the plant to have optimal development together with a soil rich in macrobiotic life.

5- In general terms, this type of plant likes to maintain a pH that is within the following parameters: pH 5.9- 6.5 up to 7.5

Nutrients and fertilizers

For plants that are rich in CBD, nutrients are used in high doses in some cases. The classic NPK is concentrated at levels of NPK – 2:1:2. In the event that the substrate wears out as well as the nutrients, N is added one month before flowering begins. To avoid the leakage of nutrients, a green layer can be used as a vegetal cover and, in turn, when cultivated in industrial-type, large quantities, a fertigation system can be used.

Distance between plants

Rows of plants can be made 30 inches apart. In the event that a ground transplant is carried out, it is possible to put a distance of 1ft x 1ft up to a maximum of 6ft x 6ft. The distance between the plants is important for their optimal growth development and when flowering begins, the buds can obtain the necessary light to fatten and mature correctly.

Tips for growing CBD marijuana plants indoors

One of the basic things in indoor cultivation is pruning to prevent insects or fungi from appearing becuase it allows good air circulation. The use of techniques such as LST, Scrog, or Sog are essential at the time of indoor cultivation of plants that are rich in CBD, thus stimulating optimal cultivation.

Also, it is good to clean the lower part of the plants to remove the leaves and branches that do not reach the lighting or that do not get good ventilation. Thus, you ensure that your plants will develop properly. Indoor potassium levels should be maintained in the medium to high range > 250 ppm. You must be careful because in flowering, a greater absorption of potassium begins and the plant can demand more nutrients. 

We have already talked about the temperatures outdoors and the climate for cultivation. Indoors, external factors can influence if you do not have a 100% technified crop. Therefore, places with a more humid climate can be a challenge due to the emergence of powdery mildew, downy mildew, or botrytis. If we talk about insects and pests, we can use the oils, potassium and bicarbonate, to keep this type of problem under control.

Now you know everything you can know about how to maximize CBD levels in your cannabis plants and we wish you the best crops. Remember that at Blimburn Seeds, you can buy the best cannabis seeds with fast, safe, and discreet shipments.  In addition, all the information that we have given you will allow you to grow your CBD plants in a great way, preventing pests and fungi that damage the harvest to have a clean and safe crop. Don’t forget to buy your CBD-rich cannabis seeds here at Blimburn Seeds where we have the best medical cannabis seeds.

The first thing is to prepare the substrate or soil for cultivation. In the previous points, we already talked about that and we made it clear that it is vital to have a good substrate for plant life. We recommend doing this process 1 or 2 weeks before because if you mix your substrate with fungi and solid fertilizers, you can ensure that they decompose in time to start growing.

For its part, germination takes between 24 and 72 hours depending on each seed. A main root will appear from which the seedling begins to be born in its first phase of growth. Remember that in this part of the crop, having between 60–70% humidity and temperatures between 19–25°C are optimal levels with which the weed plant feels comfortable.

CBD Carmagnola

This strain is a cross between Carmagnola CBD x Kush CBD and is rich in CBD with levels of 9%-12% and low in THC. This strain provides medicinal buds guaranteed in as little as 7-9 weeks of flowering. Now, if we talk about the medicinal effects of Carmagnola CBD, we must point out that this variety is perfect for controlling chronic pain, stress, and also the anxiety of those medicinal users.

It is also highlighted that the sedative effects help to induce sleep in those who suffer from insomnia and sleeping problems. It is also a great help to those undergoing treatment for cancer or HIV because it helps with appetite, nausea, and control of ill being produced by therapies.

CBD Sugar (1:25)

CBD Sugar (1:25) is another of the super powerful strains that are rich in CBD as it contains 25 parts of CBD and only 1 of THC, that is, it concentrates levels of 16%-20% of CBD. This strain is mostly indica and originated from a cross between Sugar Black Rose x Caramelo x CBD and is ready to be harvested after 7-10 weeks of flowering.

The buds of CBD Sugar (1:25) provide sweet, lavender, and fruit flavors and outdoor harvests of this strain are ridiculously heavy, ranging from 800g to 1000g/plant. These qualities make this strain perfect for making medicinal extracts or oils because it also relieves patients’ chronic pain, controls stress, and relaxes the body.

CBD Fire Kush (1:30)

The wonderful CBD Fires Kush is super rich in CBD because it has a ratio of 1:30, that is, its percentages range from 8%-10% with low levels of TCH, giving it the medicinal value that characterizes it. In addition, the flavors are herbal and spicy with earthy touches that are typical of its Kush parents. It causes creative, relaxing and, at the same time, active effects.

For people who want to use it medicinally, CBD Fire Kush provides great medical value because it relieves pain, induces deep relaxation at the body level, and helps patients with insomnia or who are unable to sleep. Thanks to its incredible yields, this medicinal variety has become very popular among growers who prefer varieties that are rich in CBD because it delivers yields ranging from 550gr-600gr outdoors and from 450gr-500gr indoors.

CBD Diesel x Gorilla

A great hybrid strain is CBD Diesel x Gorilla that amazes medical cannabis users with its CBD percentages ranging from 10%-14% with super low levels of THC, making it ideal for making medicinal extracts. The buds of this strain can be harvested after 8-10 weeks of flowering with yields ranging from 450gr-550gr indoors and from 600gr-800gr outdoors.

When people suffer from problems such as controlling spasms, body pain, or even relaxing due to high levels of stress, CBD Sour Diesel x Gorilla Glue #4 is perfect because it produces an effect of deep sedation in the brain and body. The flavors are rich with hints of diesel and also spicy notes. Meanwhile, the aroma is similar to gas, penetrating the nose of people who dare to smell it. This can be attributed to the parentals of Sour Diesel  and Gorilla Glue #4 who provide these phenomenal terpenes. 


This wonderful strain is mostly sativa and is rich in CBD with a 1:1 ratio, that is, 1 part of CBD and 1 part of THC. Therefore, we can point out that its CBD levels are 8% and the THC levels are another 8%. CBD Supreme Durban is a cross of the famous Durban Poison with Carmen, a well-known medicinal strain and delivers incredible yields of 600gr-700gr/plant outdoors and 450gr-500gr/m2 for indoor growers.

This mostly sativa variety’s effects are creative which is why it is recommended for use by those who are looking for a little extra energy and also a bit of relaxation after a long day of work. The taste of this strain is also great because it combines sweet notes with spicy touches, bringing a mix of rich flavors to any user’s mouth.

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