What is The Best Clone or Seeds?

We will start by saying that many gardeners have the question if it is better to grow marijuana plants from seed or from clones. The trut is, this question does not have a simple answer, there are easy ways to compare the two options. So the best way to grow or the one that works best for you, only works best for you and only you can determine. However, some growers in their experience say that seeds produce better cannabis plants, despite the attractiveness of clones.

The seeds are natural and they are also predictable, because at Blimburn seeds bank, where you can buy great quality marijuana seeds, we can offer you guidance on how your plant will develop and what level of quality you can expect, both during cultivation and as well. , when you can already enjoy the flowers.

In some cases, clones, despite being exact replicas, often have a lot of unexpected problems that make it impossible to predict the harvest. There is no better way to guarantee a good harvest than to use real seeds from a world-renowned seed bank such as Blimburn seeds bank. At Blimburn seeds bank we can guarantee you 100% feminized seeds, so you can obtain female plants. Yes, you want to make a selection of females and males too, we have regular seeds. All of this is relevant, since they are feminized seeds, you reduce the hassle of producing male cannabis plants.

Here we point out that a fundamental characteristic of weed seeds is that they do not suffer from the classic problems to which a clone can be exposed. The purity of the seeds can be guaranteed, so there is no risk of spreading harmful diseases to other plants or wasting time with a plant that is damaged due to pests and other problems that can arise when using clones.

There is a tendency to say that the first generation of cannabis seeds is stronger and more fertile than any clone on the market, while the following generations tend to lose their potency, that is why here at Blimburn seeds bank, we focus on developing the seeds under high standards to ensure strong and resistant marijuana plants.

Differences between clones and seeds

First of all, we must say that cuttings or clones are fragments of a mature plant separated to reproduce the characteristics of the mother plant once replanted. Its popular use, however, can give a lot of headaches to beginners in cannabis cultivation since you need more knowledge and skills when it comes to being cultivated, especially in the first phase when you are making the cutting and it begins to root. It is good to point out that one of the greatest advantages to starting your marijuana crop with cuttings is that the clone is identical to the plant from which it comes, so it retains its same characteristics. If it comes from a female plant, you can be sure that your cutting is too. Likewise, it will have the same growth and production traits; and similar abilities to resist pests and diseases

Blimburn Seeds Bank

Another super important quality is that those clones that have already taken root will take less time to reach the adult stage of the plant and flower. However, although it seems that starting your crops with clones is easier, nothing is further from the truth. The fact that its characteristics are identical to those of the mother and that it is always known what it can give of itself (aroma, flavor, expected effects…), can, however, play against you. We point out the above because the weaknesses and tolerance or resistance to pests will also be part of its characteristics, as stated at the beginning of this article. This generally means that a cutting, moreover, is usually very weak at the time of planting and requires careful care during its consolidation as a plant. The light and nutrients to apply at this early stage will be essential for its survival.


Gorilla G4 from seed of Blimburn Seeds Bank

Another important point when we talk about the drawbacks that affect clones is that, after carrying out this process in generations and generations of the same plant, in the long run its potency will be reduced. Thus, those who opt for this crop are forced from time to time to look for a new mother plant from which to extract them if they want to preserve the purity of the result. The time of year is important for the same reason, if you are thinking of starting to grow your own marijuana plants, the arrival of spring is the right time. In the old days it was said that the planting season would start from the first full moon in March, but everything will depend on the climate where you live. If your plants were born from a seed, they need to have adequate growth and germination. For this reason, it is good to avoid the cold days that can still arrive in April and delay the cultivation for a few weeks. Some people start it in May. This way you will prevent the plant from suffering from the rigors of the weather and with it the appearance of diseases and pests. The hours of light necessary for outdoor cultivation will be essential when it comes to growing healthy plants that give heavy yields.

However, with some cuttings outdoors, we have to wait until the days are really long, starting in mid-May, because if we plant them before they begin to flower prematurely, and then enter a revegetation process that slows down their development. Before the appearance of feminized seeds on the market, clones also had the advantage of avoiding waiting for the plant to show its pre-flowers to know if it was male or female. However, with the popularization of this class of seeds, its competitive advantage disappears. Thus, at the time of making the decision about what type of crop to start, either cutting or seed, it should be weighed whether the time that a clone could shorten is worth the inconveniences that it would entail. And always bearing in mind that plants from seed grow faster than cuttings, and if we add to this that we can start earlier with seed, the difference in plant size will be notable in favor of seeds. The thickness of the buds at the main tips of a plant from seed is also greater than that of cuttings. In short, if you grow with seeds, the production will be greater than compared to a cultivation of cuttings.


Sweet Island roots, plant in the 7 week of growing.

Today feminized seeds are an economical option that saves space, time and money for all growers. In the first place, because it does not come from a mother plant, you can be sure that it does not contain any pests, that is, you start its cultivation completely clean. With the seeds, in addition, we find a greater variety of plant types than with the cuttings, since the sale of the latter is not allowed, while the seeds are totally legal.

The ease of buying cannabis seeds at Blimburn seeds bank is another of the points in favor of this type of cultivation: because we guarantee that the cannabi culturist will cultivate and find the type of plant he wants, according to the qualities of the cannabis you want to grow. Taste, smell, potency, effects. All the characteristics of the plant to be harvested can be evaluated before acquiring the seeds. If before we said of the clones that in their first stage they are weak, with the seeds exactly the opposite happens. By germinating directly in the ground, its roots are much more powerful and create a healthier and more lustrous plant thanks to its root system. Seed plants have a powerful taproot capable of penetrating deeper into the substrate, giving it access to subsoil moisture. The cutting has secondary roots but does not have a tap root.

To this is added that the seeds germinate outdoors without any problem, while the clones usually come from indoor plants and it is difficult for them to acclimatize to sunlight, since they do not have defenses against ultraviolet rays, so if we do not progressive acclimatization we will lose quite a few leaves due to burns caused by sunlight. Another reason to opt for seeds is the pleasures and satisfactions they give to those who grow them. Planting a cutting is not the same as growing something from a full start. Taking care of the plants that you have seen grow from a simple seed is a hobby to which you dedicate time and effort and that, if done correctly, will end in an abundant harvest.

In the months that the process lasts until the maturation stage of the weed plants, growers will have to fight against possible pests or fungi, provide adequate light, check the substrate, and fight against water stress. If with the cuttings the care is as much or more and, as we have seen, the complications too, the satisfaction of seeing a plant grow from the seed and harvesting what one has worked for oneself has no comparison. Given the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cultivation, now you only have to decide how you will start your new cannabis cultivation.

The 3 Best Weed to Grow from seed

Sweet Island

If we talk about a mostly sativa variety of the new generation, we cannot leave out Sweet Island, a strain that dazzles with its great harvests both indoors and outdoors and obviously with its great vigour. Sweet Island reaches levels of 19% THC and produces an active, mental and relaxed pro-bearable effect on the body.

sweet island marijuana plant

Now, growers looking for a strain that delivers heavy yields on Sweet Island will find just that, because it delivers yields of 1000 gr/plant outdoors and for indoor gardeners, 600gr/m2. When you are looking for your cannabis seeds for the next grow, you are surely looking for some good fast strain, Sweet Island only takes 8-10 weeks to flower, so it is a fast genetic that rewards you with beautiful buds.


California Haze

In other posts we have talked about sativa strains and well, in this case we are referring to California Haze, a mostly sativa strain that will make you float through the air. We highlight this genetics, because being more sativa, it has a tendency to show great power, both in growth and in flowering.

If you like sativa genetics with an intense punch, then California Haze is for you, because this girl takes 12 – 14 weeks to flower, which is why her buds are powerful, since the longer a variety takes to mature, the more it will develop its potency. The foregoing is supported by the 22% to 24% of THC that this strain concentrates and its effects of happiness and extreme euphoria, typical of super-potent sativa strains.

Sour Diesel

Another of the strains that cannot be missing is Sour Diesel because, in addition to ensuring a great production that is 700g/plant outdoors and 500g/m2 if you grow indoors. As we said in this article, the vigor of the plants that are born from feminized marijuana seeds is relevant, an issue that can be seen in this mostly sativa genetics. But that’s not all, because Sour Diesel also packs a punch thanks to its potency ranging from 22% – 25% THC producing energetic, creative and super cerebral effects like good sativa strain. When you grow this genetics outdoors you have to wait until October to harvest it and get incredible buds, full of resin, on the other hand, if you have this girl indoors, you only have to wait between 70 and 75 days to collect the harvest.

Sour Diesel Marijuana Plant Indoor

In short, today growing with cannabis seeds is much easier than you might think for the same reason, we recommend you start with this. Buy your cannabis seeds here at Blimburn Seeds bank, where you have guaranteed high quality genetics that will make you happy with giant plants and heavy yields.

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