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the 10 most highest yielding cannabis strains

Growing quality marijuana is a great challenge if you are a novice grower and even if you are an experienced gardener, because you will want to increase your cultivation level with each plant you have. In this article you will be able to find and choose between some of the best cannabis strains for growers, experts and beginners, as we want new growers to start successfully surfing this green wave of weed.

Here, you will not only see the most productive genetics but also those that are super easy to grow and that will give you heavy yields, so you can enjoy the wonders of those incredible buds. So, from now on we anticipate that in this ranking you will find strains of cannabis rich in citrus or fruit terpenes, cannabis seeds, also feminized, auto-flowering as well, fast version and regular genetics, that you can buy here in Blimburn Seeds. Let`s Start.

Moby x DO SI DOS

This cross brings together the killer whale Moby Dick with one of the revelation varieties of recent years, DO-SI-DOS. The result is a feminized strain of cannabis called Moby x DO-SI-DOS  that has a high THC content of 20%-24% and produces excessively mental and psychoactive effects that make you hallucinate and stimulate your creativity to its maximum capacity. On the other hand, the fragrance of this herb can be compared to that of incense, since terpenes dominate, such as alpha phellandrene, alpha humulene, and alpha-pinene, among others.

Moby x Do-Si-Dos Marijuana Plant

This leads to a woody flavor with hints of pine and subtle hints of incense. You who are looking for a crazy production, this is your genetics because you are going to harvest between 35-141 oz/plant with this beautiful genetics and indoor, it will not disappoint you with its 1.64 oz/ft2 that will surely take you through the air. Attention, with Moby x DO-SI-DOS you are going to have to apply cultivation techniques such as SCROG, pruning and LST indoor to prevent it from becoming a monster that occupies your entire grow room and outdoors, you are going to need the help of tutors and meshes in the environment of the plant to support its arms that are full of heavy and fat buds, very compact and sticky with resin.

Black Jack Auto

Black Jack Auto is probably one of the most productive autoflowering genetics, and is born from the cross between Black Jack x Rudelarys, the latter genetics being the one that gives it autoflowering qualities This strain offers very good buds with a robust and very compact appearance, which are covered with resin when the plant finishes maturing, which also maintains certain qualities of its original mother, such as the incense flavor and sweet notes.

Black Jack AUTO

And the most important thing is that the harvests in this autoflowering are excellent, you can harvest about 8.8 oz/plant outdoor, an amount that is not negligible as well, and indoor you collect between 1.31-1.82 oz/ft2 of buds that produce physical effects, very relaxing and with certain moments of euphoria. For those gardeners who want fast plants, we recommend this variety of weeds because it only needs between 8-10 weeks of life, from sowing to harvest, a more than short time for cultivation. Black Jack autoflowering has a good medical use because helps people with muscle and body pain.

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies Seeds

Peyote Cookies is a cross between Peyote Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. If you are looking for an indica with fast flowering (8-10 weeks) and heavy yields of purple flowers, this is an excellent selection. Peyote Cookies also, with just a couple of puffs, deeply and slowly relaxes you. You can harvest between 40-50g/ft2 indoor and about 31-31g/plant outdoor. You can grow this variety indoors or outdoor and apply cultivation techniques such as LST to stretch her side arms and maximize her yields, which give off delicious fruity and sweet aromas with flavors of lemon, fruit, and earth.

Star Killer Regular

Now, you will meet this beast called, Star Killer, in its regular version, that is, with these mostly indica weed seeds you will find male and female plants, the former being the ones that will give you heavy yields and the males, a amazing pollen for creating your own marijuana genetics at home. Star killer arises from a cross between Skywalker OG and Triangle Kush, a cross that generates plants that produce super dense buds covered in trichomes, with purple tones and obviously with an intense Kush flavor, which is mixed with notes of refreshing lemon, more some fruity aftertastes.

Star Killer

This variety fully lives up to its name, as its effect is that of a true Killer, and it expresses itself in a super relaxing way, even with some sleepy sensations that can send you to sleep. Despite its compact size, Star Killer gives you super heavy yields of 17-19 oz/plant outdoor, and yes, if you breed these genetics indoor you reap between 1.31-1.64 oz/ft2. This indica will take between 8-10 weeks of flowering to be ready, generating buds that enjoy THC levels between 15%-20%, levels high enough to leave you lying on the couch or stuck watching a series.

Gorilla Lemon Fire

Gorilla Lemon Fire is an exquisite creation that results from the crossing of Gorilla glue #4 x Lemon Pie x Skittlez, each of these genetics contributes a specific quality to the final result of this wonderful creation that cannabis gives us. This variety has a beautiful structure and is also easy to grow, highlighting the high yields of its crops which are 21 oz/plant outdoor, and massive yields for a variety of weed. Indoor you can harvest up to 45g/ft2 inflated yield for a houseplant.

Gorilla Lemon Fire Regular

Yes, we are talking about power, the high THC content is between 21%-24%, causing very powerful effects that fill you with energy and take you to a euphoric state that you have never felt before. We cannot forget the additional touch of intense lemon flavors with fruity notes, hints of hashish, and refreshing aftertastes of pine.

Candy Kush Fast Version

For growers who go faster, we present Candy Kush Fast Flowering also called Candy Kush Express, which is a mostly Indica genetics which is born from a crossing of Sweet Special x OG Kush and shows a fast flowering that produces strong buds. As its name says, sweetness is essential in this genetics and is felt from the first puff, becoming a delicious flavor that remains in the mouth and is accompanied by a balanced high, which will flood the body and mind simultaneously, causing a state of sedation and absolute relaxation.

Candy Kush Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Candy Kush Fast Version responds excellently, both indoors and outdoors, developing greatly in places with milder climates and medium temperatures, where you will get a heavy harvest.  26-29 oz/plant loaded with buds. When you grow these genetics indoor, you collect between 45-50g/ft2 with plants that you can LST stretch and multiply their arms with some pruning to multiply your yield. Although the most recommended is to grow Candy Kush Fast Version with a SOG system indoor, the way in which you will maximize the harvest is much more.

Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz variety is a hybrid type weed strain. It is presumed to have originated from a Pink Panties x Rainbow Sherbet cross, but without a doubt, the phenotypes of the feminized strains that you can buy here at Blimburn seeds show a perfect balance of hybrid and deliciously potent cannabinoids. Pink Runtz is full of qualities such as: its effect that is energetic, which leaves you elevated in an atmosphere of pure joy, together with its delicious flavor that is very sweet and originally fruity.

Pink Runtz Seeds

The feminized seeds of Pink Runtz are easy to grow and their plants respond well to novice and expert growers, therefore, this genetics always rewards you with giant harvests since outdoor you can get between 15-35oz/plant but if you are an indoor grower you will receive 30-35g/ft2 amount which you can maximize using the SCROG technique. Also, you can apply other cultivation techniques such as LST and pruning to control the size since it tends to spike and takes a good height.

Alaska Thunderfuck

You may have heard about the autoflowering Thunderfuck, well, here we present its mother, the Alaska Thunderfuck plant, which, according to expert gardeners, grows small and compact, therefore it is suitable for small spaces, so it is a great candidate to be planted in house. Despite that, its growth is explosive and it produces good yields that go from 15-22 oz/plant outdoor, that is, it is a monster and indoors you get 40 gr/m2 of great buds. The flavors are sweet in its buds and very sharp with marked earthy notes that will travel through your nose and palate until rising in a dense cloud of smoke.

Matanuska Tundra

As Alaskas Thunderfuck is a mostly sativa genetics to which you can apply SCROG indoors to maximize yields and obtain uniform colas full of buds loaded with a very sticky dense resin, especially for making extracts. Its flowering time is 8-10 weeks in which you will harvest buds that produce THC levels of 18% and generate happy and relaxing effects, especially for people who suffer from insomnia, stress, or chronic pain.

Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Flowering

It is always necessary to show Fast Version genetics because there are growers who want fast harvests, worse with the production and potency of a regular or feminized cannabis strain. So, here we present to you Skunk x Northern Lights Fas Version which produces between 1.47-1.82oz/ft2 indoor and another wonderful 28oz/plant outdoor, where you will get the maximum yield and with 2 weeks less flowering compared to the feminized version.

This genetics is mostly indica therefore its effects will be relaxing and physical, starting from head to toe. Its flavors are sweet with notes of pine and also some earthy aftertastes, refreshing touches of skunk which are combined with the terpenes that dominate this variety, which are alpha pinene and beta caryophyllene, which give it those aromas that explode when you open those buds. cured and full of resin, fresh from the jar.

Grapefruit Auto

Grapefruit Auto is a mostly sativa, autoflowering and feminized hybrid, very productive and powerful, born from a cross between a Grapefruit and a Ruderalis. The result is a fast-growing strain with a high THC potential that is between 16%-19% and that delivers yields of 1.64oz/ft2 in indoor cultivation, being very positive to grow it with LST. Now, if you develop an organic crop with a good number of plants of this variety, you will obtain about 17 oz/plant of beautiful buds with an exquisite aroma.

Grapefruit AUTO

The cultivation time is very fast, from germination to harvest it takes only 8 to 10 weeks. Where it develops as a compact plant that can flood the growing area with its scent. For this reason, we recommend using filters so that the aroma of Grapefruit Auto does not flood your entire neighborhood, since we are clear that it will fill your palate with its rich flavor and your mind with its prolonged effects.

Black Water Purple OG Cheese a phenomenal crossing of three different strains such as OG Kush x Purple x Cheese, which generates a complex and challenging flavor profile, where it is difficult to decipher the flavors and aromas. This genetics is indicated for those smokers and growers who are cannabis connoisseurs since it is necessary to distinguish between tastes as diverse as berries, sweet tones that merge with fresh pine tints and aftertastes of earth and wood.

After traveling through that sea of ​​cannabis seeds that provide plants of different types, including feminized, autoflowering, fast version and also regular, you should already know which genetics to stay with for your next crop. Remember that the selection of the correct weed seeds can be a difficult decision, therefore we share this guide where you can analyze the panorama, to select the correct strain of weed.

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