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About us

Blimburn Seeds Bank since 2002

Founded by growers with more then fifteen years experience in the scene, Blimburn is well known for the high quality of its seeds. All Blimburn Seeds are completely unique and are the results of years of study, hard work and stabilisation 

Unique & Stable Genetics

The best genetics bred from mother plants with more than 20 years old. Our main objective, apart of create good-tasting genetic, good production and high psychoactive levels, is to achieve maximum stability of our strains. We believe that seeds are a better way to start new plants than working with a cutting from an old plant, as long as the seeds are of very high quality.

Cultivars with Character

We are breeders, and our genetics are unique because Blimburn Seeds do not repackage seeds, or produce for others. Blimburn Seeds will change the creation and distribution of cannabis seeds in this country and perhaps in the whole world.