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Why Bubble Hash is the Cannabis Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss This Year!

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Man in a modern kitchen examining a spoonful of powdered bubble hash.

Few things in the world of cannabis can match the sights and aromas generated by applying a touch of completely melted bubble hash. Often overshadowed by the consumption of the flavorful concentrates themselves, the formation and disappearance of these tiny bubbles serve as a hallmark of consumption of the highest quality product available.

Full melt bubble hash is today the pinnacle of solvent-free cannabis, favored by rosin presses for its exceptional properties. However, not all strains are on par due to several factors, such as growing methods, genetic strength, terpene profiles, etc. Even strains capable of producing a complete fusion may not always translate into elite bubble hash, posing challenges even for seasoned connoisseurs. However, both established names and aspiring extractors in both commercial and domestic settings persist in their pursuit of excellence within this category. To reach that level, it is crucial to understand the key elements involved in creating top-notch ice-water bubble hash.

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash stands out as a marijuana extract distinguished by its solvent-free, entirely natural composition. Its unique name stems from the tiny bubbles that emerge when heating the final liquid product. For those seeking potent aromas and flavors, Bubble Hash is sure to impress. Extracted at low temperatures, it retains nearly all its terpenes, making it an absolute delight to consume.

A close-up of a spoonful of bubble hash, highlighting its rich texture

Why the Terpenes are important in Bubble Hash

Take terpenes into account. These compounds provide distinctive aromas to the plant, but some studies propose that they could also influence its cannabinoids, potentially modifying the overall impact. Hence, they are crucial for extracts like Bubble Hash because the terpenes help the extracts have a great flavor, and you can feel the taste of the herb in its maximum splendor. In addition, they also enhance the effects that you think when you consume these extracts.

How to make Bubble Hash

To make Bubble Hash, you need the following essential elements: Pay attention to each component used in making the extract, Bubble Hash, since without them, you cannot obtain this great Hash.

Ice and water: Ice and water are fundamental in the bubble hash manufacturing process because they help to cool and agitate the mixture, facilitating the separation of cannabis plant trichomes. A cold water system can be an effective alternative to ice, providing the right temperature without adding additional elements. 

Cured or fresh-frozen cannabis: The quality of bubble hash largely depends on the quality of the raw material, which is the cannabis used. Both cured and fresh-frozen cannabis can be used in the process, although some preferences and results may vary depending on the choice. Fresh-frozen cannabis may retain more terpenes, while cured cannabis may have a more concentrated cannabinoid profile. 

A washing container: The container used for washing the cannabis is essential for containing the mixture and facilitating the agitation process. It can be a simple bucket or a clean trash can for household use or a commercial hash washing machine for larger-scale operations. The choice of container will depend on the batch size and available infrastructure. 

An agitation tool: An effective agitation tool is needed to separate the cannabis trichomes. This can be a paddle, a kitchen whisk, or any tool that allows for uniform and consistent mixing of the mixture. Agitation is crucial to ensure optimal extraction of trichomes without damaging the plant material. 

A set of mesh washing bags: Mesh washing bags, also known as bubble bags, are key components in separating trichomes from water and cannabis. These bags come in different mesh sizes to filter particles of various sizes, allowing for the collection of higher-quality and purer trichomes. 

Reverse osmosis system: Using a reverse osmosis system is crucial for producing clean and high-quality bubble hash. This system helps to remove impurities and contaminants from water, ensuring that the water used in the extraction process is as pure as possible, contributing to the purity and quality of the final product.

Sunlit kitchen scene with a hand holding a spoon over a container of bubble hash

5 Steps for Making Bubble Hash in House

Step 1: Prepare Your Equipment Begin by arranging the screens in your bucket. Start with the finest screen at the bottom, then the remaining screens, and finish with the largest screen on top. This setup enables you to sift the plant material through multiple layers of screens to capture all the agitated trichomes effectively.

Step 2: Combine Flower, Ice, and Water. Select your preferred strain of flower and decarboxylate it first. You can achieve this by placing parchment paper on a cookie sheet, loading it with flowers, and then putting it in the oven at the lowest temperature.

Step 3: Stirring Create space in your freezer and submerge your cannabis jar. Once a day, remove the jar and give it a thorough shake before returning it to the freezer. Repeat this process for two weeks for optimal results.

Step 4: Remove Screen Bags Upon completion of stirring, remove the flower and ice, and begin extracting your screen bags. You’ll notice the trichomes collected in each bag. Gently scoop out the trichomes from the bags and set them aside. Repeat the washing process as desired to ensure a thorough collection of trichomes from your flower.

Step 5: Pressing into Hash Once done, place your moist trichomes into a hash press. This step removes excess water and forms a compact tile of bubble hash suitable for dabbing, infusing into a pre-roll, or adding to a bowl for consumption.

Open golden tin filled with premium bubble hash chunks

Why Bubble Hash is a Cannabis Trend in 2024

Here are 7 reasons why Bubble Hash is so Popular. Don’t miss any, because surely, with these reasons, you will understand why Bubble Hash is considered one of the cannabis trends of 2024.

The ice water extraction technique offers the simplest route to producing top-tier Hash, ranging from 5-star to 6-star full-melt varieties, which are highly sought after for dabbing.

Compared to other extraction methods that rely on volatile solvents, the ice water method is notably safer. It uses only water, ice, and filtration, minimizing potential hazards.

This method results in a more concentrated product due to less cannabis plant matter, yielding a potent hash with THC levels reaching up to 60%, appealing to consumers seeking high-quality concentrates.

Utilizing fresh frozen cannabis enables the production of live bubble hash, preserving much of the terpene profile, a feature difficult to achieve with other hash-making techniques.

Ice water extraction significantly reduces the risk of contamination, as the entire concentrate remains submerged in water during the process.

The prestige associated with “full melt bubble hash” contributes to its market value. The name signifies exceptional quality, attracting buyers willing to pay a premium for a superior dabbing or smoking experience.

High-quality cannabis is essential for producing premium bubble hash, emphasizing the importance of starting with superior raw materials to maintain product value.

Bubble hash serves as an ideal precursor for rosin pressing. It facilitates the extraction of hash rosin, renowned for its purity, streamlining the subsequent extraction steps.

The increasing demand for solventless concentrates, evidenced by a substantial surge in interest, aligns perfectly with the rising popularity of bubble hash, positioning it as a favored choice within this evolving market trend.

A jar of handcrafted bubble hash being extracted with a dab tool

Can Bubble Hash improve your experience?

Bubble hash, undeniably, stands out as one of the most refined extraction methods available. While it may not boast the highest concentration, it undoubtedly ranks among the most potent extracts due to its diverse terpene profile.

So, how does bubble hash enhance your cannabis experience?

Here are some advantages:

1 – Aromatic and Flavorful

As low temperatures are utilized in the extraction process to preserve terpenes, bubble hash exhibits a robust aroma and flavor profile. Indulge in this distinctive experience with your preferred strain.

2 – Elevating Effects

Since it lacks solvents, bubble hash offers a more euphoric experience than many strains. Additionally, some users note feeling no adverse effects the following day after consuming bubble hash, in contrast to experiencing hangover-like symptoms with other cannabis forms. This is attributed to its predominant THC content and absence of solvent residue.

3- User-Friendly

Crafting bubble hash at home is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort. All you need are a bucket, ice, dried cannabis flowers, bags, and an electric drill mixer. Simply follow the aforementioned steps, and you’ll be capable of producing your bubble hash with ease.

The 3 best ways to smoke Bubble Hash

Smoking bubble hash enhances the enjoyment of its flavors and aromas. Typically, there are three primary methods through which cannabis enthusiasts indulge in bubble hash:

  1. Dabbing: This method reigns as the most popular among bubble hash consumers. It involves using a dab rig or dab pen, where the bubble hash is placed onto a hot nail and the resulting vapor is inhaled.
  2. Infusing a pre-roll: Whether rolling your joint or opting for pre-rolls, bubble hash can be added to enhance the experience. Many cannabis enthusiasts prefer to dip the tip of their pre-roll into bubble hash before lighting it.
  3. Mixing with flower: For those who enjoy smoking flowers from a hand pipe or water pipe, bubble hash can still be incorporated. Add a small amount of bubble hash to the ground flower in the bowl, light it, and enjoy.
Close-up of a hand holding a spoon of bubble hash above a metal container

How do you know if Bubble Hash is of good quality?

Bubble hash is typically evaluated based on its bubbling capability. “Full melt” bubble hash bubbles the most effectively until it’s wholly liquefied and is regarded as the pinnacle standard for bubble hash. It leaves behind white ash and can fully bubble away until liquefied or evaporated. Any residual plant material in the bubble hash may hinder its ability to bubble fully, diminishing its overall rating. Hash is assessed on a six-star scale, with six stars representing the absolute “best.” Bubble hash with high ratings likely originates from the finest microns and is crafted from top-quality flower and/or resinous trim.

Larger micron sizes might permit some plant matter to pass through but also allow the largest trichomes to pass intact. As the micron size decreases, smaller trichomes and trichome fragments are sifted, with individual trichome heads and stalks falling through. This implies that while finer microns produce better bubbles due to the absence of plant material, it doesn’t necessarily mean they yield a more potent product.

Once the moisture has evaporated from the sifted and collected hashish and after it has been cured, bubble hash is often consumed simultaneously with the flower. A popular method of consumption is rolling the Hash into small balls and placing them atop a bowl of cannabis. The concentrate only requires a gentle flame to enjoy its enjoyable bubbles and intoxicating high. It can also be dabbed.

Bubble hash is typically evaluated based on its bubbling capabilities. The highest quality bubble hash, known as “full melt,” exhibits the best bubbling performance until it is completely liquefied or evaporated, earning it the status of the gold standard in bubble hash. It leaves behind white ash and can fully bubble away until it becomes completely liquid or evaporates. The presence of any residual plant material in the bubble hash may diminish its bubbling ability, consequently lowering its overall rating. Bubble hash is rated on a six-star scale, with six stars representing the pinnacle of quality. Bubble hash with high ratings is usually sourced from the finest microns and crafted from premium flower and/or resinous trim.

While larger-sized microns may allow some plant matter to pass through, they also permit the largest trichomes to pass in their entirety. As the micron size decreases, smaller trichomes and fragments are sifted, with individual trichome heads and stalks falling through. Thus, while finer microns produce superior bubbles due to the absence of plant material, it does not necessarily translate to a more potent final product.

Once the moisture has evaporated from the sifted and collected hashish, and after it has undergone curing, bubble hash is often consumed alongside flowers. A popular method of consumption involves rolling the Hash into small balls and placing them atop a bowl of cannabis. The concentrate only needs to be lightly touched by a flame to enjoy its delightful bubbles and intoxicating effects. It can also be dabbed.

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