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Tips for Maximizing the Smell and Taste of Cannabis Buds

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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First, we must say that the rich flavors and aromas of marijuana buds depend on the terpenes and trichomes that give these qualities to the cannabis plants. The aromas stand out mainly as the weed plants begin to flower, reaching their maximum point in the maturation of the plants. For its part, the flavor of the plants stands out when you try the buds in any of its formats, whether smoking or consuming edible weed, among others. At this point, we must say that the flavor of marijuana buds depends on several factors which we are going to highlight in this blog.


Now we will talk about terpenes, glands that are responsible for vegetables and plants having a diverse number of smells and flavors. We emphasize that the best thing you can do to make your weed plants have a great aroma and flavor is to stimulate terpenes from the beginning of flowering or even from the beginning of cultivation. It is good to point out that each plant has its own terpenes, therefore the aromas and flavors will depend on the genetics of each variety.


On the other side are the trichomes which are also glands that are located on the surface of the buds and give cannabis plants that “snow-like” appearance. The trichomes are also responsible for the production of terpenes and therefore, the more trichomes the plant has and the better their quality, the better the flavor and aroma of the weed plants will be.


There are various techniques to increase the flavor of cannabis plants and their buds. Here, we will detail some of the most used by gardeners to obtain extra tasty marijuana.

Ice irrigation

Watering the plants while flushing the roots with ice water and covering the substrate with ice increases the production of trichomes, therefore the terpenes can multiply throughout the buds of the plant. This process is done as follows: Two or three weeks before the cutting or harvesting of the weed plants, root flushing is normally done. This is a process in which the plants stop receiving nutrition with fertilizers. Normally, gardeners wash the roots with still water. In our case, we add another factor which is the ice.

Ice Irigation
Ice Irigation

Breeders can leave bottles of water in the freezer of their refrigerator and wait for it to freeze. After this, they must proceed to irrigate the plant with said water, letting all the dirty water drain out of the bottom of the pots where the plants are grown. At this point, and once the roots have been washed, you can put all the solid ice that comes out of the water on top of the substrate and you must wait for it to thaw until it becomes water.

This cold snap causes the plants to become stressed and produce a higher number of trichomes as a means of defense or the explosion of these glands, causing the buds to be filled with trichomes both outside and inside during the last phase of flowering inside.


If the buds of your plant do not taste like anything, that happens because perhaps your plants have not developed enough trichomes. For that, use the necessary and quality fertilizers to help.

We highlight molasses as one of the most traditional sweeteners to help plants with their flavor which comes from sweet processing of sugar that is rich in carbohydrates, calcium, iron, selenium, copper, and magnesium. We have discussed that microbiotic life is essential in cannabis plants and their cultivation. Well, it is the molasses that feeds the beneficial microbes in the soil and also the plants. To use molasses correctly, you should add 4-5ml per liter of warm water and apply 1-2 times a week during the vegetative phase. Then, when flowering begins, doses should be increased to 8-10ml with watering once a week so as not to overload the plant.


Plants obtain energy from amino acids and carry out the transport of nutrients and the synthesis of essential vitamins because they are the proteins they need. So, prior to flowering, it is recommended to spray weed plants with amino acids so that when flowering begins, the plants have enough energy to produce buds and also stimulate the creation of glands that stimulate the plant’s taste and smell.

Mycorrhizal and organic nutrition

Using mycorrhizal fungi and providing organic food to the cannabis plants helps to stimulate the microbiotic life of the soil in the crop also increases the level of terpenes in the weed plants. Breeders have verified this with lots of testing, trial and error. For this reason, we recommend using microrrhizas and beneficial fungi for cultivation because with them. you will be able to give your plant a better flavor and a greater quantity of trichome crystals.


Days of darkness

Terpenes can be increased in the last days of flowering by leaving the plants in complete darkness before harvesting which makes the trichomes explode, the smells increase, and the flavors become much better. Without a doubt, this is one of the simplest and most used tricks by gardeners to give you good results and a lot of happiness.

UV lights

This is a method that is not 100% proven, however, experienced gardeners say that using UV lights can cause stress in the plant which, as a defense, reacts by producing more trichomes and increases its taste and smell. If you want, you can apply additional UV lights to your indoor grow in a complementary way to enhance the production of trichomes in the weed plants you are growing.

Stop feeding the plants

Theoretically, in the community of growers, it is said that leaving cannabis plants without fertilizers during the later stages of flowering can enhance the flavor of the buds and even make them stand out. The idea is to prevent nutrients, such as nitrogen, from contaminating the flavor of your buds.

You can start doing this about 2 weeks before the harvest and you will see how the plants will begin to consume the last nutrients of the substrate. On the other hand, their leaves will turn yellow much faster because they will begin to consume the nutrients from the leaves.

Stimulants to increase sugar

Using stimulants to increase plant sugars is essential. For this, you can use the products that are sold in grow shops, especially those that contain high levels of amino acids and sugars such as sugar cane or beets. Also, there are stimulants that help in this process and that are rich in seaweed. For the same reason, you can find a wide variety of products and brands which will help you fatten your buds to have heavier flowers and to increase the trichome crystals to stimulate the good flavor of the flowers.

Dry and cure the buds

After a period of 7-15 days, you can have your marijuana ready and dry. This process is done so that the buds lose excess water as they are mostly made up of water. By releasing the water, you prevent the moisture from damaging the flowers, preventing fungus, mold, and other types of parasites from forming that completely damage the crop. It is important to utilize a space with low humidity and good ventilation so that you avoid problems.

The last and very important step is the curing of the buds which gives a good flavor to the flowers. To carry out the curing, you can fill glass jars to 3/4 of their capacity with a humidity control. Be careful not to fill the jar with too many flowers. Leave room so that they have good air circulation between them and thus avoiding fungi appearing and spoiling the harvest. The next step is to store the jars in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 21°C for a period of 3 to 6 weeks, opening the glass jars every day for 1 hour to let out the stale air and allow new air to enter.

The strain with best flavor

It is also necessary to select the varieties with the richest possible flavors in order to have delicious buds. Without a doubt, this is perhaps one of the most fundamental steps when it comes to harvesting buds with better flavors and great aromas.

Bubblegum Haze

Bubblegum Haze is recommended for growers looking for sativa-type varieties with sweet flavors and more intense notes of Haze. The aroma is a mix between sweetness and gas-like essences. Plus, the buds will be ready to be harvested after 65-75 days of flowering.  The harvests are abundant, producing 450-500 gr/m2 indoors, while outdoor gardeners harvest between 500-600 gr/plant with buds that have a potency of 17%-20% THC.

Cream Candy Auto

Cream Candy Autoflower is mostly indica, autoflowering, and super fast because its entire cultivation cycle is 45 to 55 days. In addition, it is important to emphasize that it concentrates delicious flavors of earth with very sweet notes that are complemented by THC levels that range from 19%-24%.

Cream Candy Auto yields range from 60-100 gr/plant outdoors and indoor gardeners can yield between 400-500 gr/m2, optimizing their grow with techniques like SOG. Also, remember that autoflowering strains can reach their maximum yield in hydroponic cultivation.

Cherry AK Fast Version

Cherry AK Fast Version brings us a lot of sweetness in its flavor with floral and fruity notes as well as hints of mint. This variety is mostly sativa and has a fast flowering time of 60 days. For its part, the harvests are 450-500 gr/m2 indoors, with outdoor growers being the great beneficiaries of harvests of 600 gr/plant which deliver buds with THC levels of 18%-21%.

Cherry AK Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Also, the effects caused by Cherry AK Fast Version are interesting, taking you on a euphoric trip at first to later produce a good state of happiness and end with a state of relaxation. We think this strain is perfect for growers looking for big yields, super potent buds, and delicious flavors in record flowering time.

Chocolope Candy Regular

We highlight this strain called Chocolope Candy Regular because its flavor is sweet with notes of chocolate and earth. It provides a delicious taste on the palate that is combined with the power of its buds which have THC levels of 18%-24%. Another of the relevant points that despite its power, the effect caused by this mostly sativa variety is balanced, inducing a gentle relaxation that manifests itself at the cerebral level.

The flowering of this variety takes a time of 70 days from the appearance of the first stigmas until the harvest. Each gardener can achieve between 500-600 gr/plant when grown outdoors. On the other hand, indoor growers can collect between 450-600 gr/m2. It is also possible to cultivate them with cultivation techniques such as LST to ensure uniform arms or SCROG with which completely homogeneous plants are obtained in growth and further enhanced in flowering.

Grizzly Purple Kush

It never hurts to recommend one of our jewels known as Grizzly Purple Kush which growers fall in love with for its great sweet and earthy flavors that are combined with floral notes. Also, its potency stands out, giving it a relaxing and bearable effect that produces a certain drowsiness with THC levels ranging from 15%-20%.

Another important point is the harvests that range from 500-600 gr/plant for outdoor growers. If you grow indoors, you will collect 550 gr/m2 in a short time of only 55-65 days of flowering, making it a perfect strain for growers looking for fast and abundant harvests.

Grizzly purple kush auto

You already have everything you need and now you know how to use each of these tips to improve harvests and obtain buds with more intense flavors and smoke with more delicious aromas. See you on the next blog!

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